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Wrath Jul 16, 2014 11:47 AM
No problem :D

I cried so hard at the last episode. It was such a surprise to me that practically the entirety of the series was one huge plot twist - it seemed to me that Lelouch had the whole thing planned out from the very beginning (or at least the end result). I literally just had to lay down and think for a few hours after that.

I really need to discuss this though, I am so fucking confused D:

So, in the end it looked like Suzaku, Jeremiah, & possibly Lloyd, Cecile, Nina, etc. were in on the plan?
Obviously Suzaku. I thought it was bittersweet that in the end Suzaku & Lelouch were friends again and that Lelouch wasn't the only one giving up his entire life for the world's interests.
But when Suzaku jumped over Jeremiah, he (Jeremiah) didn't really put up a fight and he had this smile on his face so that makes me think that he was in on it.
As for Lloyd, Cecile, and the rest of the crew, yaknow when Lelouch told them to execute that plan where they were to set the hostages free and lie? It makes me think they might've been in on the plan to some extent.
Was it just me or did Kallen seem suspicious of Lelouch's true intentions in the end?

& then Nunally saw his memories and cried by his death bed (floor?) as everyone else was cheering at his death. That part was a heartbreaker.

But it seems that the writers actually left his fate up to the viewers opinion. Yaknow in the very last scene where C.C. was on top of that wagon? It's speculated that the driver was Lelouch.

Here's why:

- Charles killed V.V., supposedly making him immortal, & then Lelouch killed Charles, so though it was never officially stated, it's possible that Lelouch is immortal as well, just like C.C. - which would make sense seeing as a lot of people want a happy endings for at least romance, & since C.C. is immortal & Lelouch's primary love interest, it would make a bittersweet ending for Lelouch to be immortal as well.
^ C.C. also said before that Lelouch is the only one who can make her smile and she smiled in that last scene. Though she could have just been thinking of him.

- Throughout the series paper cranes are commonly associated with Nunally, & in the very end there's a paper crane near the driver on that wagon. There would be no reason for C.C. to have a paper crane.

I think there was more reasons but I can't remember, what do you think?

Also, which girl do you prefer for Lelouch? I kinda like Kallen. C.C. is just really monotonous (though I admit she has her reasons and is quite complex), & Shirley just seemed a tad typical & plain. Though when she died I did actually get kinda sad :c I heard Milly's in love with Lelouch as well lol xD
Wrath Jul 13, 2014 11:42 AM
Renji x Ichigo is also definitely a good ship c:

I'll check it out once my internet stops being an ass (loading takes forever and a fucking day).

No problem. I'm pretty nocturnal as well lol.

The colossal & armored titans identities are revealed around chapter 42 of the manga (I think), but if you look closely enough in the anime you can see subtle hints at who they are around Annie.
So far the basement hasn't been covered yet. I think that's something the author's trying to put off until the very end, like it could be something that would easily wrap up the war if it were found. Currently they're trying to overthrow the government and then they're supposedly going to travel to Eren's old house in Wall Maria to get in the basement.

You watched Code Geass right? I finished it the other day and I cried :c
Wrath Jul 12, 2014 12:19 PM
I haven't met Grimmjow yet (so far awayyyyy :c) but I've heard about him and seen pictures of him & oh hot damn. I've also heard Grimmjow x Ichi is the #1 yaoi ship, but I kinda of rank the #1 ship from the amount of fics and fan art I see of them tbh so I could be mistaken lol.
I enjoy Rukia as well but I don't particularly ship them. But, if Rukia, Orihime, & Ichi were genderbent, I would love M!Orihime x F!Ichigo. I feel like Orihime's personality on a dude would be adorable lol. Don't ship either of the two ships in normal form though (as per usual).

Oh Dohoon :c I love the little love triangley angst~ But that poor boy finally got to fuck the man he loves, thinking Ewon wanted to be with him instead of Mookyul, only to find out the next day that he was rebounding on everyone! D: I can't even imagine that pain. I hope I never have to go through that. Though the sadist side of me wants to do that to someone I dunno what you're talking about I said nothing.
Yes, Jiho's new boo-thang would've been interesting to see :D

Japanese & Western cultures are just so different, what're we gonna do? :c
I do kind of like it though when a brother/sister/father/mother is protective of a family member when they get a lover, just not when it's bordering possessiveness & jealousy for wanting to fuck the family member themselves.

Ooooo, what kind of manga is this? :D

If you want, the full schedule is:

I had the schedule open in another tab anyways lol.
Wrath Jul 9, 2014 2:59 PM
Let's just steal all the hot guys, lock them up in a basement, and make them do dirty things to Ichi- I mean each other share them :D *shifty eyes*

I know exactly what you mean. Every male protagonist I like always becomes one of my ultimate absolute ukes (basically I never let them top in their otps :D). I enjoy Ichigo, a little bit of Eren Yeager (SnK), Allen Walker (for-motherfucking-ever[DGM]), Natsu, etc. as ukes. What's your Bleach OTP? So far I really like Kenpachi x Ichigo with Chad x Ichigo in second place. But I'm also not that far in so xD

Yea, I felt really unfulfilled with the main series tbh. But everything that I felt agitated about in TC was wrapped up in the Last Episode. While I enjoyed the mass amounts of angst (I love me some angst~), I felt so bleh at the end that I can't bring myself to fave it :c I kinda wish that the author had just kept the epilogue with the main series rather than separating them :I The dj's were awesome too :D I like 'em a lot for the fact that we got to see Mookyul x Ewon explicit buttsmecks for once c;
In the end: I loved the main series angst, loved the Last Episode's closure, & loved the dj's lemony goodness~
I feel so bad for Dohoon though D:

Overly possessive siblings seem common with bro&sis cons from what I've seen. Actually, what I don't understand, is why are the Japanese so obsessed with ruining a good series with stupid and utterly random sibling complexes? I see them so much now and it's irritating, from what I've seen they're not even damn incest series either! *grumble grumble* so irritating :c
Again, sorry if I accidentally offend you with anything I say xD I have next to no mouth filter.

Speaking of brother complexes though, do you know of any good series that revolve around twincest? :o The only twincest I've seen are the Hitachiin twins.

Well, drama usually goes hand in hand with angst, so I might check that stuff out if I remember :D (tbh I usually don't remember hehe~)

If you want, Space Dandy season 2 is premiering every Saturday night on Toonami (Cartoon Network/Adult Swim) at 12:30am (so technically Sunday morning) right after they premiere the next episode of the Bleach english dub at midnight, and then SnK at 11:30pm.

Lol I just gave you the schedule backwards. The 2nd episode of season 2 will be this Saturday if you wanna check it out.
Wrath Jul 7, 2014 6:35 PM
Yea, same here. I'm trying to wrap up FT before I get back to my Bleach marathon, and hopefully after I finish TC I can get back to Soul Eater (I might just put it on hold) or Ao no Exorcist - man I wanna read that so bad right now but I'm trying to hold back and finish my other manga's :c

imo Lenalee's a bit annoying for multiple reasons, though they can be countered reasonably for the most part.

What game was this? :D I've heard a lot about games that crossover a bunch of characters from separate series but I can never find them~

Toshi is the cutest c: Let's see, how about we break into the Bleach universe together using some hi-tech... sciencey... whatchamacallit, and I'll help you steal Toshi if you help me steal Chad :D or maybe Ichi... or everyone Hisagi. Kenpachi? Hmm... Gin. Nah, let's stick with everyone Chad.

For the most part I'm satisfied with all the hints at cannon pairings in FT. I ship Jerza, Gruvia, and GaLe for the win, but I'm not too big on NaLu. I just find main female x main male relationships kinda cliche. I don't hate them though :D Though, for some damn reason, whenever the main male and female are genderbent, I start to ship them a little. So basically what I'm saying is that I kinda ship Male!Lucy x Female!Natsu, but not normal NaLu. Is that weird? xD -- I like seme!Gray x Natsu more than seme!Natsu, but I can roll both ways.

I might finish TC before I fall asleep tonight to be honest. It's almost 9:30 here and I usually don't fall asleep until about 3am (bad habit I need to fix), so I have plenty of time xD Yea, the big man/Mook's sugar daddy is a tad bit on the creepy side. I'm hopeful that in the end they'll lose connection/Mookyul will go off on his own/idk what I'm saying to be honest.
Yea, Father/Son incest relationships (whether blood or not) is kinda creepy to me. I mean, to me the most cringe-worthy is Father/Daughter and the most enjoyable one is Twincest. Though I don't really have anything wrong with incest (in general) in other people's lives or as a series' main plot. I'm all for whatever floats a persons boat, yaknow?

Pfft, I didn't even realize manwha was Korean manga until I looked it up earlier XD It explains why it's read from L to R. I've heard lots of good things about Korean dramas, what's the hype?
A-wan, aw that's so cute :D I thought it was just Oh-when, which I really hate the name Owen tbh.

Space Dandy is a really light-hearted series with stand alone episodes for the most part. It kind of reminds me of Pokemon in the aspect that Dandy (main chara) has a band of dumbasses on his ass all the time (though Dandy & co. never realize it) that always fail at catching him. It also has a shit ton of aliens (which in Pokemon would be the pokemon), the classic companions, comedic adventures, and crack. Lot's and lot's of crack. In the first episode they die, then a few episode's later the entire universe is zombified. But everything's all good the next episode.

The second season's pilot was by far my favorite episode. If it continues like this, the 2nd season might just go on my favorites list. It was damn hilarious. I suggest it if you're looking for some fun and easy to watch highly innapropiate comedy.
Wrath Jul 7, 2014 9:31 AM
Took me longer than desired to reply, sorry about that. My internet kinda "broke," so I was relying on the 4G on my phone to update my list, but I really dislike typing on it so I decided to wait until my brother fixed the wifi xD

I just finished Fairy Tail series 1 the other day actually :D I finished D.Gray-man a long time ago too, but if you're liking DGM so far then I'd suggest you read the manga because more than half of the anime is filler and it stops after the first major arcs (one big one, one smallish one), so you would get more from the manga. But I'm also getting distracted from Bleach xD I planned on sitting down on the very first day of my summer (about 3 weeks ago) and having a huge Bleach marathon as long as it took, but then I kept getting sidetracked by wrapping up my other animes.

I know what you mean about being picky about main female characters. To me, they all seem the same (the main guys a little bit too but yaknow~) and it bugs the crap out of me. I prefer unique or completely original characters that are't archetypes and surprise a person, yaknow? The one female character that really gets on my nerves is Lenalee from DGM. Which, how far have you gotten into that anime?

I haven't gotten past chapter 4 in Naruto so I haven't seen enough of Sakura to make my final judgement on her character (that sounds kinda mean lol), but I just love her hair. Sorry sorry I just can't it's so cute. I've heard of Pain, and I'm not gonna lie I thought he was like a Dark Naruto for the first few times I saw him xD He looks majorly badass.

Another reason I dislike harem is because I'm a little bit possessive of characters I love and I really just want to keep them all to myself~ Like with Jerza; I ship the hell out of Jellal & Erza, but at the same time I'm a little jealous because I just want to keep them both for myself. xD & they just have one of those super cute romances that I prefer reading. I'm ok with reading harem/romance in a novel (not so much a manga), but not watching it. I think it's because a novel leaves more up to the reader's imagination rather than setting everything in stone.

Yea, I hate it when there's only one or two male characters surrounded by a fuck ton of (usually fanservice & archetype) female characters. But, that's shounen for ya~

I started TC after my internet broke down last night, & oh my dear mother of all that is holy, this is the shit. The ANGST, oh how I love me some angst~ I started it a little after midnight and had to force myself to put it down when the clock hit 3:30am :c But holy shit what the fuck is happening, what is that old pedo doing to Mookyul?
So, what did you dislike about it?

For some reason I really love to make the main male protagonist an uke in every single shounen I watch lol, so I have a lot of uke's Ewon needs to compete with xD By the way, how the bloody hell does one pronounce Ewon & Mookyul?
Wrath Jul 6, 2014 12:53 PM
I heard that Franky's some type of cyborg (which would explain his appearance in the pictures I've seen), so that's exciting imo. I read a little bit about why the skeleton guy is a skeleton as well but I won't spoil it :D well, it's not a big spoiler but yea... I'll leave it be for now xD

I really wanna finish SE before I get back to Ao no Exorcist (which I'm so excited to continue reading), but I just can't get back into it and I don't know if I just wanna put it on hold for now or what to do :/ & then just last night I had nothing to do so I just had to start another manga like a dumbass.

The one thing about Naruto that caught my eye was Kakashi's appearance lol. Yaknow, the one with the face mask and white hair~ Oh how I just love the mysterious ones *creepy snickering* :D Same goes for Mystogan from FT.

Yea, it seems that yaoi animes don't show you all of the details that would happen in the manga - they more-or-less retract the lemony scenes and make it near a shounen-ai. Plus, when you're reading it, you get extra time to stare at the man on man hotness;D

I love Hikaru x Kaoru, though it's kind of depressing that it's not completely cannon. As for OHSHC, I liked that anime, but harem isn't really my cup of tea. It was the first anime I watched seriously though lol. Back in Jan. I watched the premier of Space Dandy and decided "hey, anime's really freakin' popular, why not watch something on Netflix," & now here we are.

I heard SAO kinda sucks, what do you think of it so far?

Personally I'm kind of wary to watch NGNL because from what I've researched (I'm such a dork lol) it seems there's a subplot of harem. Which, if it's just a subplot I probably won't care that much, but I just find it kind of annoying when a series that's based on anything not slice of life or romance have a harem. Fanservice or hints at future pairings is one thing, but a harem centered around only the main hero bugs me.

Sorry for that mini rant lol. I don't even know what you think of harem so I could've just insulted you with that w/o realizing, I apologize if I did! I'm just really wary with romance~

I see you've read Totally Captivated. I'm thinking of reading it, what did you think of it?
Wrath Jul 6, 2014 9:47 AM
Lelouch does have a pretty awesome laugh xD

But I'm all about spoilers~ Spoil away if you'd like. It's possibly something I've already spoiled for myself anyway lol.

So are they still in Grand Line? I can't particularly remember how many arcs are in GL, just that there's around 100 chapters to capture all of the arcs or some shit. My brother also says there's some sort of (cliche) time skip after GL but that it's around chapter 500 and I am so confused.

I think I'm about to meet Robin actually, but I've heard of the rest of the crew and I'm honestly really excited to meet that skeleton guy (forgot his name) but I'm kinda sad that I have to wait a long time :c

I watch anime before the manga a lot of the time too, but if I'm near 100% sure I'll like it enough to read the manga, or if I'm paranoid enough to try reading the manga beforehand so I won't have to read through all the stuff that happened in the anime, I try to read it. Currently I'm reading One Piece, Ao no Exorcist, have Naruto on hold, and am trying to finish Soul Eater (I'm kind of uninterested after the anime to be honest haha). The rest I'm reading is stuff I don't plan to watch (i.e. I prefer to read yaoi/shounen-ai over watch it), or am watching currently (SnK).
Wrath Jul 5, 2014 11:32 AM
Johnny Yong Bosch does indeed have an awesome voice XD I especially loved him as Vash, though I dunno how I feel about him as Lelouch, I just never expected his character to have such a deep voice for some reason. Dunno why~ But did you know JYB sings in a band? I think it's called Eyeshine.

I know what you mean about having a lot of awesome characters. To me, a big thing for me to be able to enjoy a series is the characters, & Bleach definitely has one of the biggest, most unique casts I've ever seen:) Even people who dislike the series can agree on that!

Though, I'm curious, why do you dislike Aizen? I haven't seen much of him yet (I'm in the middle of the Bount arc and taking a break to finish Fairy Tail), but he seems alright to me. He has nice hair at least ;D

The fight scenes are indeed gorgeous. I love the Zanpakuto's as well, they're all so different and fun to see and learn about~ If you can't tell, I love unique fantasy stuff:)

How far are you in One Piece? I haven't watched the anime yet (I saw an episode of the 4Kids dub on accident because I couldn't find the normal one and immediately regretted it) but I'm about 100+ chapters into the manga, so... hmm, I think it was called the Whiskey Peak arc that I finished.
Wrath Jul 4, 2014 11:05 PM
Hello there c: I know this is very random, but I just so happened to come across your profile and after reading through it, it seems that we have a lot in common XD Favorite characters, favorite anime, series preferences, VA's, etc. Though our anime compatibility is only at medium:)

So, your list says you're almost done with Bleach. I'm only about 80 episodes in but I can tell I'm gonna love it (same for the Blue Exorcist manga to be honest haha), what are you thinking of it? :D

Sorry for the random drop-by, no need to reply if you don't wanna:)