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Apr 13, 2015
Shingeki no Kyojin: No Regrets/Kuinaku Sentaku is a spin-off of the ever popular Attack on Titan on which our beloved supporting character Levi finally gets a main role. This shows the flashback of Levi before joining the Survey Corps. You don't really need to watch AOT first if you want to watch this.

The story leads to Levi, Isabel and Farlan living in an underground city in which serves as the Capital's dump. Levi and his friends are criminals who steals food, money, etc. using a 3D Maneuver gear. Not much I can say 'bout the story since it's already written in the read more
Mar 17, 2015
What does it have to take an anime to be a perfect ten or masterpiece? A wonderful plot? A unexceptionally good art? A beautiful soundtrack? Characters that are lovable? An enjoyable anime that gives you unforgettable and happy moments which makes your ass laugh off? Want to find out? Then if you have time, try continue reading this review but if not, then it's okay of you skipped my review.

Hunter x Hunter (2011) is the completed and alternative version of the series HxH back in 1998 with better quality. The story is all about the adventures of four friends, I think you all know all read more
Jan 17, 2015
Scarlet (Manga) add (All reviews)
( Based IMO, minor spoilers ahead )

Scarlet. A dramatic yaoi manga that made me cry quickly just by reading the first chapter.
The story was intriguing so I read it. And boy, this manga is REALLY GOOD. All in all, this manga has 3 wonderful couples:

The first one is all about best friends who became lovers. This is the main couple and it only has 2 chapters in the manga. Here we have a cool ( for me ) uke and a clingy seme, which is a crybaby. I was really amazed how only ONE chapter is like a whole 5 chapter manga shortened it to read more
Jan 2, 2015
[Contains only minor spoilers]

If you don't like the younger one being a seme, please go find a different yaoi manga.

Kazuhiko Mishima-sensei has done it again! Another great piece of work!
Using a student as a seme and a teacher as an uke is not really easy to find, and with a great story, too. I didn't expect that some curse and magic will happen here. I was really dumbfounded when a boy harem surrounds a male teacher, haven't seen a manga that was like this, I am truly amazed on how the art is outstanding and the character development was really nice to begin with. read more
Aug 21, 2014

Hey, Uta no Prince-sama fans, this may be the right anime for you. Like idols singing and dancing? Idols with beautiful faces? We'll you have come to the right anime. Shounen Hollywood: Holly Stage for 49 is right for you! You'll be experiencing songs, and dances in some of the episodes!

It's about boys trying to be idols so they'll be known worldwide. So far, each episode is telling their lives before they joined the idol group "SHONEN HOLLYWOOD" and random stuffs happen each episode.

The art is a bit realistic. But there are mistakes or other drawings that I don't like because it doesn't read more