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Seitokai Yakuindomo* OVA
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Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?
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Zettai Karen Children
Aug 16, 2:01 PM
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Moon_Willow Aug 11, 10:06 AM
Amazing, right? But I am also not fond of carbonated drinks. I hardly ever drink them, and would also go for a cola than some fruity flavour. So, no interest in trying it... until now, that is :) So it’s not worth it, huh? Maybe for the heck of it I will ;) Being a 'tourist' island, and more American-influenced, it's pretty common to see at the bigger supermarkets, but not the smaller ones since locals seem to go for our local sodas or Coca Cola… not you, Pepsi… Rum and Coke, after all :P As you mention it, I think there was also a time here when we just stop seeing Dr. Pepper... huh, interesting. I don't like cherry flavours btw, too sweet and I think it tastes like cough medicine. I do like actual raw cherries, and would love a cherry compote, but not those Maraschino cherries they use as cocktail garnishes yuck. I am always giving those away to people who can do cool tricks like tie the stems into a knot with their tongue >.< Omg, did you know Dr. Pepper’s made up of 23 flavours?! Good grief! I’m copy-pasting them: cola, cherry, licorice, amaretto, almond, vanilla, blackberry, apricot, blackberry, caramel, pepper, anise, sarsaparilla, ginger, molasses, lemon, plum, orange, nutmeg, cardamom, all spice, coriander, juniper, birch and prickly ash. WOW! And of course there are many variants of it. It sounds like alchemy. No wonder it was banned! Because THAT’S how you summon a demon lord! XD Oho, a pharmacist made it! They were called alchemists back in the day, weren’t they? :P But a cola named after Lake Baikal sounds lovely :) That place is on my bucket list btw, for obvious reasons ;) Imagine, we're so used to writing each other now, we don't even bother with an 'opening' paragraph... we just kinda get right to content lol. I should say my obligatory… ‘Hi, how the heck are ya? Holding everything together with a shoestring?’ Same, same ;)

Yup, they’re all part of the mustard/cabbage plant family. I was surprised myself. You know, I have never had an affinity for sweet even as a kid. I was bitter-sour from the start :) For freshly brewed coffee I can totally be a purist. Who needs this sugar and milk stuff? ;) I can almost smell it... Damn, now I feel for a cup! >.< Especially as I haven't had in... omg, a year?! :'( Ha, yes tea is a multiple daily occurrence… having my 3rd cup right now… cinnamon-turmeric-ginger made from the raw cinnamon bark and grated fresh ginger & turmeric roots :) Do you know turmeric? Bergamot... ha, well I’m not deserving 'food master'. My knowledge is very limited, especially international foods. But bergamot I did know of ;) It's supposed to be a hybrid of bitter (sour) orange and lemon (lime). I'm surprised you'd still want to try it in raw form :) I heard it tastes less sour than lemon, but more bitter than grapefruit. I’m up for this challenge :) If they allow it :/ Put on your bucket list for when you visit southern Italy! I knew of it not as a food product, but as a scent (oils and cosmetics as you say).

Holy hell, 1000 IBU? A neophyte like me isn't worthy! Btw, I couldn't open the uptappd link, but I was able to find it on 'Rate My Beer'. Hmm, that would make you the 'craft beer master'? Beer connoisseur (sommelier)?. When you say they can't distinguish a taste when it's 100+ IBU, do you mean they won't distinguish a bitter taste? Or maybe they're just so used to tasting higher IBUs, they've grown desensitized to lower IBU? We locals are not cultured in the art of beer tasting. Our little Stag beer, which would not even make the cut in the world of IBUs, is actually called a 'man's beer’ for its ‘bitterness’ XD
Lol, well at least the message was decent. I admit I did edit out a few expletives before sending lol :P Ha no I'm not that tolerant at all. You are right. The beer was only 0.275l and 5.5% alco ;) And it's rare I would even get to 12. Usually after about 8, I just lose the taste for it :) I remember seeing the beer at the grocery and suddenly feeling in the mood. Then remembered, 'oh yeah and bad weather's coming too, win-win!' :) I doubt it's something I'd do every time. But bet your last dollar if there’s an actual storm or hurricane due, forget beer, I am buying whiskey!!! XD Btw, about two whiskey double neat would probably finish me off… and I actually sip slowly on those. See? I'm not tolerant at all ;)

I understand completely. I'm cheering you on for the next two months to just hold it together until the blessed vacation starts. I would definitely not be able to survive without my weekend recovery time as even these days are not enough. Oh believe me, I was anxious. In the last few months, they’ve sent home around 20 people at the end of their contract. Some kind of culling maybe? It’s all politics :( You just keep a backup plan or look for ways to supplement your income. Anyway, here’s a visual escape for whatever it’s worth (1080p or higher) :) Except for the last few minutes, it’s all Tobago :)

The Russian word for the berry is much nicer :) Same meaning here: water, berries, sugar and spices if needed. I do this compote with blueberries when I make pancakes... hmm, now I feel for pancakes! XD Aww froze to death! Poor little plant! Ha, well every foreign guy who hears about that particular concoction wants to try it.... poor turtles. (Btw, was it a snake you said was in that souvenir alco? :O) In fact, they often want to try all of the local 'health' crap. We have many. These local men are particularly proud of their virility. Foreign women actively seek out them out for this reason. No lie. But that myth can be filed with loch ness monsters, bigfoot and alien probing XD Hmm, imagine I started off talking about blueberries XD

Speaking of myths, when you said medusa, I thought you were just kidding... meaning the snake-haired lady-monster from mythology. I didn't realize you meant an actual sea creature. So jellyfish? Very interesting (and kinda cool) that that's the Russian word for it. In English, you'd only ever hear a biologist refer to them as medusas. Us peasants know them commonly as jellyfish :D Lol, no that won't offend me even if I was a medusa lover. I mean, I don't hate them, but stay clear of them in the water. I'd quicker run out of the water for them than a stingray. In fact, I’ve done just that if the water was swarming with them. Sadly, because of warmer sea temperatures their numbers are increasing. See why we need to leave turtle alone so they can eat the medusas and procreate more medusa-eaters? :) We have many species of medusas here. Being stung feels like getting lashed with a burning whip. Remember that Friends scene at the beach? I’ve never tried that ‘remedy’ XD Most are harmless, but some a quite deadly. Like the Portuguese man-of-war (looks like one jellyfish but is in fact a whole colony, and the tentacles can reach over 100ft) or box jellyfish (the toxin is considered one of the deadliest in the world). And unless it’s something like the man-of-war which floats on the surface, how can you tell deadly or harmless if you can’t see them underwater? How did you figure it was a medusa and not some sea kelp or something? That would freak me out too. The most that happened to me while bathing at night was something nibbling my toes. Hopefully it was fish >.< But for night-bathing, we choose a beach where there’s light reflecting on the water from the shore… hotels, streetlights, so it’s clear enough to see the bottom once you don’t go out too far :) Some of our reefs are right on the shore, but it’s fun snorkeling with the sea creatures :) Just remember ‘don’t touch anything!’. Of course, if you scuba, you’ll see even more. (You don’t have to watch the whole thing)
It’s no surprise that at one point, I wanted to be a marine biologist :)
‘Something of their own… like land’ haha. I can’t imagine living somewhere without a natural water body either. Even deserts have oases.

Look at those temp fluctuations… 28 then down to 8? You need a heater in summer… can you even call that a real summer? ;) We have steadily increasing temperatures as our ‘summer’ progresses. We haven’t reached the scorching +40s of Europe, but two weeks ago it was +29, now this week it’s +36. The heat wave warnings are already out. Imagine Japan also has a heat wave with similar temp and already 57 people have already died :O No hot springs for us. We only have need of ice cold waterfalls :) Standing under a waterfall and having that freezing water cascade on you after a hike through the forest? Priceless! :D The forests are cooler too. But I’d actively seek out hot springs if it’s somewhere cold though. Actually, we do have a hot spring at a salt water volcano in Trinidad, but I’ve never been. Those hot springs in Budapest weren’t overcrowded? :)

So, you’ve ordered hits on trees like a mafia boss, ‘take him down, and his whole family too!’ Who knew your job was so brutal and ruthless? :P Did you know we have the oldest legally protected forest reserve in the Western Hemisphere? Almost 250 years now. Thank goodness that happened because these bastards would rip that place up in no time. That’s the price of progress. I’d appreciate countries that put effort into preserving their green spaces, like those parks you mentioned. At least Russia has huge forests still, and parks on top of that.

Even though I want to experience the Saharan Desert, the Middle-East was not on my radar because of all that craziness going on there. Dubai seems the most stable choice (with the cheapest tickets). Well in Dubai, it will be the Arabian desert, which is an extension of the Sahara, but close enough :) Egypt is a more appealing place for me, with a chance to see the Nile and Pyramids, but I’d be more afraid to solo travel there. Dubai does seem very opulent and excessive though, and you know I am not into those built up kinds of places. But I also want to experience the Burj Khalifa. Too bad you didn’t have enough time on your layover. And imagine being cold in the desert. All hot places crank their a/c’s way down, even here. And in general, airports are the worst when it comes to cold a/c’s. I often wonder if it’s a hygiene/safety measure with the daily volume of people, since cold slows down the spread of bacteria/disease. That’s why we keep our hospital A&E so cold. Probably has no relation. Anyway, I remember you said about those high buildings :) You’ve been on a good many too! When your skyscraper is done, go with the second wave of visitors, just to make sure the first wave of people survive :)

Ha yes, we are doomed for mispronunciation since the foreigners coming here outnumber the actual population. Maybe we are the ones saying it wrong all along all this time :) Ah well, might as well accept our fate. I tried to listen to the Russian word for Tobago… sound like ‘tobaggan’ Yup, we’re doomed XD

But reaping is the best part of gardening :) It sure was a shock but it prepared me for the cruelty of life from early on. Might as well get a head start on the carnage. Look at me now, seeing disease and death every day and still being able to go on with my day. Last week, I saw a patient with something called toxic epidermal necrolysis. It looked like someone flayed his entire torso, face, back, and legs. His skin was literally falling off exposing raw flesh. He couldn’t eat or even swallow (the reason I needed to see him). Sadly he didn’t make it (90% mortality rate). But it was the most extreme thing I’ve seen or even read about to date. I needed that kind of initiation back in the day. Too dark, huh? Now I’ve just talked about gardening and death in one paragraph XD See why I’m no fun sober? XD

Nah, you’d survive just fine on a deserted tropical island. All you need a good sharp cutlass. Everything else is provided for you! Have you ever watched Castaway or Swiss Family Robinson or read Robinson Crusoe? ;) Btw, Swiss Family Robinson was actually filmed right here in Tobaggan XD Anyway, there’s only one tropical fruit here that is actually trying to kill you (Manchinnel – remember our ‘little apple of death’?), but all the others are rooting for you to live! ;) Okay, maybe the tropical sea monsters will get you XD More than a day, if you don’t go for a swim? ;) YOLO :P

I look forward to seeing those sunset captures :) Oh, meant to mention a long time ago, there was one from back in April… a tower/skyscraper, sun orb and perfect reflection on the water. It was so amazing :) I wanted to write something on the post, but was feeling a little shy that day, then it was too late to write anything after :P I feel the same way about my little island :) It’s nice when people compliment it, especially knowing there are so many even amazing places around the world than our miniscule strip of land :)

Why anti-factory though? Is there a negative association with factory? Ah yes, we have bar hopping too. It’s much more fun to have a drink or two then move on to the next places… mix up the ambiance a little :) For the most it’s 3 or 4 bars for us as well. Coming to think of it, I don’t think there’s ever been a time I’ve gone to just one bar for the whole night! :) Is it only during summer nights the bridges are drawn? More ships/boats on the waterways than cars on the drawbridges during summer nights? They’re pretty structures, makes the aesthetic look quite magical. Must be nice to observe them being drawn. Do you need to pay a toll when crossing the bridges? But midnight is very Cinderella-ish though. SPb really has this fairy tale look to it :) We go straight into the wee hours of the morning since there are no drawbridges stopping us :) Oh, I also got a look at your metro… the architecture is gorgeous! :O

It was hard indeed working years without a vacation. There were many sick days because after a while of doing that, your body screams for more rest, especially with these mentally challenging jobs. When I worked in environment, it was more a physical. I was out in the field, in the rainforest or coastal surveying. That job felt… refreshing? Like my brain got to take a break, and being outside around nature every day was rejuvenating. Why did I have to go be a thinker? :P True, I’ve dialed back my work efforts down to minimal. Contract delays, overloaded schedule, cutting vacation days, no payment of gratuities are not motivating. I still give my all when I’m on the clock, because it’s my patients I care about. But when it comes to extra duties? To heck with that! And I rarely work overtime as I am not paid nor given time back for it. Employers forget that it’s an exchange of services. I give you my precious time and expertise, you pay me for it. Instead they act as they’re doing us favors. And sadly when you have bank commitments, bills, kids to feed and educate, or for people who never had the opportunity or money to develop their skills to become more marketable, it becomes this unbalanced relationship. So yes, why bother mentally triple jumping for those inflexible bastards? No thanks. They’re getting enough of my life energy as it is. Man, I can’t even lighten up here… wait… “A bus station is where the bus stops. A train station is where the train stops. On my desk I have a work station…” ;)

Oh, I went dark? Ha, well it’s no wonder. At the grocery, me struggling to get a product from the top shelf, this guy (looked about 19 years) gets it for me, saying, ‘Here, let me help you, Mom’ !!! !!! !!! MOM?! He called me ‘Mom’ XD True, I could have been a mom already. And true, it didn’t help when I responded, ‘Thank you, dear. You’re so kind’ XD But no need to rub it in! XD Lol. But, then at the crosswalk, the pedestrian light turned green and this older guy waiting alongside me says, ‘Come baby girl, it’s clear’ XD Thank goodness there’s balance in the universe haha XD
Well, you sound like one who embraces living in the here and now. A realist :) It’s the whims of romanticism and wistfulness why I wonder on the past or the future from time to time. And again the benefits of being a pragmatic and logical person like you is that you keep your thoughts grounded ;) Lol, not a weird paragraph at all, I understood every wise word you said, sensei :) I even took some notes ;)
Heh, you’re darn right! :D I just can’t keep up with being this good and proper citizen doing everything by the book. Book? What book? How did you even know about this tax nonsense? No-one told me I had to be doing this crap. Did they teach this in school? Where was the memo? Your Honor, I plead insanity! XD I still haven’t gotten around to the taxes btw :P

How’s your roommate? :P Give him a snuggle for me XD He was already big, how much bigger could he get?! Well, hope you men play nice and have fun :P Lol @ hairy :D Imagine sinking your face in that warm, hairy tum tum… hmmm, heaven! <3

Lol, well I hear you. I think animals in zoo are like us in offices. I’ll feel bad for them for the both of us :) I’m not PETA level fanaticism about animal treatment, but I won’t want to support somewhere where the animals are not well treated. And I don’t like seeing animals suffer by our hands. Most zoos do a good job though. Well if you choose to visit a zoo or aquarium, you kinda already know what you’re getting into :) Lol, I think the fish do more than float around but in their vast ocean and habitat is best :) Man, that was a tough paragraph… poor useless animals >.< You’re so hardcore lol

So Portugal! Nice! You know we have a local citrus called portugal? :P Did your ‘spanish’ blood lead you there? ;) I mean, it’s not Spain, but close enough :) Of course, I wish you the best of luck! And you’ll get to a white sandy beach and turquoise waters! Sounds fun! :D Is it the same group of friends you went to S. Korea with? Patriot guy’s in the mix? :P Ugh, visa crap. Hope you got it sorted by now :(

Yes, I hear about your country almost every day. From faceoffs with S. Korea’s fighter planes over the Sea of Japan, to some big protest in Moscow over some election thing. Then there’s the Instagram ‘influencer’ was murder and stuffed in a suitcase. And I think back in June, a long-dormant volcano in Kamchatka (:D!!!) became active. Remember I don’t even read the news, but that’s social media for you. Ha, no I wouldn’t expect people to know much about us :) As they say, ‘no news is good news’, so no news about us is good :) That doesn’t mean things are good here though. So, like yourself, I also enjoy hearing more positive reviews from people who visit us
Btw, I totally believe what you said about those people from Georgia, US! Not only the poor quality news, but also preexisting prejudice about any country not their own, especially yours!

Yep, that’s kismet :) Now you might come across that word all the time :) Yes, of course I’d let you know way in advance. Kismet would be an appropriate word to use when talking about destiny. I don’t know what I believe either. Life is strange. Sometimes things line up in this exact way and timing for something to happen, which makes the coincidence seem like… well, kismet :D Being a realist I wouldn’t expect you to believe in destiny. It’s like nothing is within your control in your life from time you’re born? How sad is that? But another theory is that it’s not just one path but many different paths that lead to certain milestones (probably not the right word to use) in your life as was written in your destiny. Well, whatever it is, my destiny is to die at some point, but hope I get to live much more before then :) Btw, a more appropriate word for patriot’s guy meeting of uber-patriot guy would be ‘karma’ :D Haha, I doubt you were the third-wheel, more like the stabilizer :) The fulcrum, if you will ;)

I do pass for Spanish here. They call me ‘Spanish’ or ‘Reds (what they call women with Spanish blood). I should brush up on my Spanish for real :P Ha, this branch of the family tree seems like it would end with me, and that name in the book will be long forgotten. Remember the dusty part of the library we talked about early on? ;) It was kinda cool though, even if they spelled my name wrong :/ lol

Yes, keeping up with the updates on my list is becoming harder with how busy I’ve been. Actually, I start or read in full a new manga almost every day. The problem is I don’t seem to choose the ‘normal’ ones. I don’t want to freak my MAL friends out by my choice of reading material so I don’t add to my list :P My problem is, do they need to make the cover art such a tell tale? Dammit at least put something decent on the cover! Not many people bother to read the synopsis, but when they see a certain kind of cover well all there plain and obvious. I’m also a bit concerned with privacy on MAL. Did you know a non-MAL user can search by user name and is able to see everything on that user’s profile page, including conversations and lists? I have a problem with that. Shouldn’t someone at least need to be a MAL user to access that kind of information? My country’s laws are very strict with harsh fines or jail time, which might seem strange considering our carefree way. No indoor smoking, no bareback driving, no indecent public exposure, no urinating in public, and… possession of pornographic material is illegal. It gets blurry when it comes to viewing pornographic material though. Of course, nothing keeps people back from doing any or all of the above XD You can drink alcohol freely from the bottle in public though. At least they left a little joy for us XD But, privacy is something I would want to maintain online, whether about normal or otherwise. See, taxes aren’t the only thing I need to fear jail time for? And there I thought I always thought I was at least a law-abiding citizen. Mangakas, why you no help with decent covers? :(

I’m sure you can find white sage there. It’s actually the raw dried leaves that are sold in little bundles that you burn, but I am sure there’s sage incense also. Yes, the smell is quite unique… very pleasant and relaxing. I burnt some again yesterday. It was the last of it though. Hmm, incense just goes with the whole Turkish bazaar vibe :) Oh, so you kept them as travel souvenirs :) Well, I guess I am less sentimental (?) about those things. I won’t use them quickly though, but I’d definitely use them for special occasions :) There’s something bitter sweet about it :)

I’m glad to hear they are less persistent in Asian countries. Lol, just put on a mean face and you’ll be fine? :) I agree, they really do leave a lasting impression about the place. It’s on the list of concerns as a female solo traveler to be honest.

Yep, when I became aware that I change my tendencies around different people, I paid attention to it a little more. I mean it was still unintentional but I was able to realize that I was doing it. Like with you, for example, I use the phrase ‘in no time’ quite often. I don’t say that in real life conversations :) Maybe I picked it up from you unintentionally? :) True, the beginning stages of talking to someone can be a little harder online if the person isn’t open or expressive enough. But once it gets going, there is a certain natural rhythm and you stick to familiar phrases… in no time :P
Ha, yes even though I just joined for the list as well, I am equally impressed with this incredible wall we’ve built. Hmm, cookies! What kind? Surely something bittersweet? And freshly brewed black coffee on the side? Maybe pancakes with a berry compote too? Am I pushing my luck? :P Okay, I’ll just settle for the cookie :D

Yep, tourist deaths But I’ve heard this happens in Costa Rica and Mexico also. Strange they don’t rate Jamaica higher. Probably has to do with the crime there. Cuba seems to always be a top pick for price and safety. Hey, cheap travel is just good common sense :)

I'm always amazed at how Asians especially will go on about their business in the middle of crazy typhoons. Meanwhile, down here... one rainy day and everyone clears off the streets XD Okay, I'm exaggerating but not by much. Wearing raincoats and being out in the rain is not a norm. I don't even own a raincoat. I will need to buy one for travelling. Good thing you guys were proactive enough to plan for it. Useless umbrellas are about all you'd see down here. All our shoes are what I call 'dry weather shoes' XD Someone will only wear boots for fashion, not function. Weird for an island that has more months of rainy season than dry :/ But it does feel great to walk through the nice warm rain shower :) If I'm heading home, I don't mind getting soaked to the bone :) Hell no if it's actual bad weather with winds and lightning >.<

Phew, the other windows get opened. I feel so much better now :) Is there a lot of pollution in SPb? I hope at least living close to waterways brings some fresh air. I have a habit of associating mosquito nets to a tropical environment and won't even imagine that it's something someone living in Russia might use :) The net you mean though, is the screen that you put over the windows? Thankfully, in the loft of my house (which is open to the elements), the winds are usually so strong that the mosquitoes don't stand a chance. Those little bastards are blown away before they even have a chance to approach you XD I still have a net over the bed for safety. I haven't slept up there in ages though... not during rainy season for sure! XD

Hmm, so road engineers aren't a thing there either. A rare specimen :) Should we put you on the endangered list? ;) No wonder it doesn't make sense leaving SPb btw. Haha, yes a country of wonders indeed :)
Haha, yes it's easy to get carried away with too much work freedom. The good weather is definitely fortunate. I wake up in the morning, look at that view outside, and reconsider if I really need this job every single day :) Right now the temperatures are in the 30's. Heat wave warnings are out. In between we're getting torrential rain, then back to blazing sun. It's... eventful :) But. the sunsets are better with the rainy skies :)
Yes our governments spoils these people too much! Ouch, that's rough... alcohol addiction is high here too especially with social cases. Rum is the poison of choice. In fact, every week I see many people warded for complications from it. Tough life, 'easy' cheap escape :(

Never heard about that milk-dangerous job thing before. Interesting! Also, I've never heard of 'baked milk'. Russian specialty? 8+ hours is a long time, but I'm sure it's worth it. It looks delicious :D Lol @ craft milk :) But yes, milk is good. Can't deny that. And yes, most Asians are lactose intolerant. Reason is as you probably guessed, because of another evolutionary thing. Humans (and all other mammals) weren't meant to digest milk after we're weaned off mother's milk as infants. The enzyme (lactase) that breaks down the milk sugar (lactose) is turned off once a person gets to adulthood. BUT, a genetic mutation in ancient times is thought to have allowed humans to digest raw milk from animals. But even before this happened, there's evidence that despite not being able to digest the raw milk, it was processes to cheeses and yogurts (which removed some of the lactose). They say we starting drinking milk from animals for survival. Then we domesticated animals and started farming. So why not Asians? Well, they think it's because cattle farming was not as widespread or not sustained due to cattle disease, and the fact that they were less nomadic that other civilizations (less mixing of the gene pool), the mutation didn't get passed across or down. Well, truth is they don't know for sure, but those are some theories. And there's more. Low milk intake is related to high incidences of bone disease in Asians, since milk is an easy source of calcium. I know you don't like history so hope this didn't bore you. Once you get me started I just have to explain it. I tried to be brief XD

Ha, I've been a fake introvert after all XD Or is it that the alcohol makes the extrovert come out, even just in talking about it? XD Funny thing, I reconnected with a high school friend recently and that introversion thing came up. She said I never seemed like an introvert at school at all. Was in my head all this time? XD Apparently, I could hold a conversation better than a wet bar of soap... hmm... who knew?! XD There's this Latin phrase, "Know Thyself"... Do I even? :/ Haha, those overly friendly and chatty drunks are fun, but I understand the awkward feeling watching them in action lol. After all the conversation about drinking, yes we do one day ;)

Hmm, yeah it's tough with not many days off. Well it looks like the long weekend getaway isn't the type of trip for you :P Oh yeah, I saw a picture infographic about the squat toilets, I'm all prepared now! :D
So the Russian mosquitoes have a better reputation that the people for being friendly? ;) Haha, rip to shreds? That would be bears and wolves I take it? Good times XD
Meinhof-Baader effect, learn something new every day :) So far so good with the headphones, but now that I've said that, I'm sure I've just doomed them XD *EDIT THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING!!! GUESS WHAT?! FML! (I started this message a while back, one side just stopped working last night… for fucking real?!) \d(>.<)b/

Ouch sensei, you're so harsh! XD Yes local fruit, I need to find one for every letter of the alphabet 'Eating the Alphabet, Fruits of T&T' something like that. No, I don't see them every day... I'd need to go into an estate or something. You've seen my phone quality pics, are those even worthy enough to put in a book print? XD Okay, okay, I'm probably procrastinating and making excuses. So your motivation worked by shaming me into getting started already :/ lol Thanks! :D
Haha, yes I have as much faith in you not being overly critical of yourself as you do in me being a real introvert :P You don't need to crawl under a stone, I'd prefer you bask in some sunshine :D

I know, the pace of evolving technology is mind boggling. I also wondered what will happen 100 years into the future. I remember those old scifi books I used to read would imagine 2020 with flying cars, body suits and weird makeup... mostly true! XD

Haha, repulsed by the weird artwork :P I'm sure you're not alone. It’s purposely done to the men, because the women are all drawn quite beautifully. Anyway, I was curious enough to start. I can say this, you either love it or hate it. And it's more 'normal' than one might perceive it to be. Typical shounen… now seinen. But JoJo is a drug once you get hooked it. The characters are awesome and memorable. The dialogue is great. The story is enough to keep you on the edge of your seat sometimes. The action is fun. It’s so enjoyable that you forgive the plot holes even though sometimes you want to kick the mangaka XD It’s ridiculous, fun, tense, emotional, funny… I'm addicted for sure! :D I never knew there was a whole JoJo meme culture before I got into it. But I could totally see why :) Yes, I was surprised you didn't go for Dr. Stone, Fire Force and Vinland. But I understand if you say the manga stopped being engaging. I can't complain about the anime though... the animations are so beautiful, especially Vinland (angles and ambience) and Fire Force (light and fire animation wow) :) Where are the real life men like Thors and Captain Obi? *sighs* XD The OPs and EDs are pretty great too (Don’t watch and forgive me if you prefer not seeing anything from anime you're not watching)…
I wanted to start the manga for all, but really have enough on my list as it is. I kinda know what I’m getting into with Vinland, and not sure if I’m up for that emotional investment lol. Fire Force has made me curious enough. Dr. Stone seems quirky in a very unscientific scientific way XD I did happen to start Boichi’s other work, Sun Ken Rock and I was enjoying it. But keeping up with current updates and older manga is making me cross-eyed lol. Kimetsu no Yaiba and Fruits Basket are close to ending their seasons, but I've been loving them so far. Demon Slayer is goosebump-worthy with their beautiful animation style and OST, and I love how they're choosing to present the backstories in Fruits Basket. Worthy remake. True, agree that the anime improved on the manga for SnK. Which else have you thought that about? :) I never imagined you'd read something with romance as the main genre in the first place! :P I could understand no yaoi but... but... hentai is the spice of life! It's like eating dinner without dessert. Like having pancakes without any syrup. Like eating dry toast without any butter. You get me? :D Oh their other 'normal' works are good too? :P I should expand my reading base. Just kidding, I’ve read some of their normal works too (see I’ve even started Boichi’s non hentai work as I mentioned above XD ;)
Oh for those 'romances blossom from rape or violating' yeah, I was talking about 'mainstream' romances. Just an example, in My Little Monster, he pulls her into the alley, covers her mouth and says, "Shut up or I'll rape you"... Hello, wut?! There are other examples but it's always amusing that if it's a situation for a guy to be alone with a woman, there's always some talk of violating her. That's the cultural perception of the mangaka. See why it's good for men and women to integrate with each other in a nonsexual way from early? This male-female no-touching thing really doesn't work out for healthy interaction later on. I remember my cousin telling me that the Japanese boys at her school would be fooling around in class with each other... like caressing and feeling each other up... poor things XD There’s even a word for it she said, but I forget. I remember holding hands with boys in school or hugging without any sexual intent. Those things are healthy. See mangakas? Men and women can be alone with each other without it needing to get rapey. Anyway, yes the action/adventure story is better for male-female 'partners' pairing, but they never develop that part enough. I'm just needy and asking for too much lol. But yes, I intent to check those titles you recommended. Thanks again!

I gave up on True Detective pretty early myself. After all the hype, it didn't really catch my attention. Yeah, I understand when you need that particular kind of show. So Chernobyl might be worth the watch, huh? Might give it a go. I just end up watching anime on Netflix more than anything else. The 100 is one of those post apocalyptic series, later seasons get better than the earlier ones.

I started this response a long time ago. Something kept coming up demanding my time every time I intended to finish it :) Haha, the messages get long because we don't sit and do it in one go, but I'm not complaining :) I think I even went easy on you this time even though my content might have deteriorated somewhat XD I'll do better next time >.< Until next installment ;)
Moon_Willow Jul 13, 7:23 PM
Dr Pepper, huh :) Do you know I've never had a Dr. Pepper in my entire life? I wonder what that tastes like? I asked my co-worker and she said the taste is somewhat like a peppery Coca Cola. She also said it's a unique flavour. Now I'm curious lol. Anyway, I also love radishes. Yep it's a root vegetable. Nice clean, sharp, bitter taste. Did you know radishes belong to the same plant family as broccoli ;) Ha, the saying about tomatoes... my contribution to the sayings corner, "Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it into a fruit salad." ;) Lol @ 'food master'. That was a very insightful observation: we prefer sweeter tastes when we are younger, but more inclined for bitter and sour as we age. They say our ancient biology presets us for sweet foods because those are more likely to be safer to eat than bitter ones. As to why we lose this preference as we age? So the basic tastes are sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and savory (umami... not to be confused with Ross Geller's unagi XD). The number of taste receptors decline as we age. But apparently there are about two dozen more bitter taste genes than others, far more than any other basic tastes (each taste receptor on the tongue has a genetic code). That's one theory. For starters, people like us are not as sensitive to bitter tastes as other people to begin with (I think we're called 'nontasters', compared to 'supertasters' ;) Or maybe it WAS the beer's fault ;) IPA, IBU scale, I heard those terms from you :) I mean, maybe I read a chapter on it my food science module in school... knowledge retained only for the purpose of passing an exam, soon forgotten after :P Brewing is such a cool science though. The beer I was drinking is 165 IBU. It's not bitter at all to me, but people say it is for them. But 300 IBU? Sounds hardcore :) Would love to try that! I checked for the hoppiest beers ever. There's Arbor Ales from Steel City Brewing 666 IBU uhhh... okay, Satan! XD And Hoo Lawd from Dogfish Brewery 658 IBU. Put those on your to-do list! :D My my, is this only the opening paragraph?! XD

Ha, well that word sounds better than tipsy or drunk lol. I'm surprised I wrote such a 'decent' message. Maybe I was extra careful not to type anything too indecent or incriminating haha. Oh, I think I understand what you mean about drinking alone at home. Also why I don't do it often. But I do do it :P With 'good' reason XD By the end, after all the bottle popping, I think I was very tipsy XD (my limit for our local beer is 12 before I'm drunk, with variations of course, like how tired I am and such). My mum said the high winds that night scared even her. Across the islands trees fell, there were landslides, flooding, pounding rain, thunder, lightning. Soon after I wrapped up the message, I fell off into a dreamless slumber until the next morning, oblivious to everything. Mission accomplished! XD

Anyway, so you're feeling more tired lately? Do you remember last year around the months before your vacation it was a similar feeling? It would be nice if you could have a little weekend 'in-country' getaway before then. My leisure days were so appreciated but gone too soon. Half of those days were spent sorting out errands that I had been putting off. Then the concern about whether I would be re-contracted or not wasn't exactly good for a 'restful' mind. I went into HR because I didn't hear from them (which used up another of my precious days). They said just come back out to work. So here I am, working without an actual contract. Oh well, I'll be paid... I hope :/

Sea buckthorn... all these berries I've never heard of. Compote... good word. Oh wow, I looked it up. It's supposed to be hella good for you. "Holy fruit of the Himalayas" Are those berries you picked yourself or are they regularly sold at the market? Is it popular in Russia? Berry tea. Sure, why not? It sounds delicious! Summer only berry or year round? People down here brew all sorts of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices as 'teas'. They call it 'bush tea'. Oh, hops leaves are also brewed btw. Nice and bitter :) There's even a 'fish tea' which is technically a broth not a tea. The men here drink that for sexual potency with other crap added like ginseng, dandy root and turtle penis... you read that right XD But I wonder why 'sea' buckthorn though? Doesn't sound like what it looks like XD

So that's how a temperate beach would compare. Btw, on the Atlantic side of the island (like where I live), we also have darker sand, darker, choppier waters, riptides, more seaweeds. But of course a lot warmer :) Sounds like you need a tropical vacation though. Too bad you weren't going somewhere warmer :) Ha, well the good part about that crystal clear, transparent water is that you can see the creatures coming at you and have enough time to move away. This giant stingray, like maybe 3 metres across, feeds at the popular beach here. Well, it was only after some time that we realized he's a resident there and has become somewhat of a celebrity lol. I'm in the water looking at the wide dark shadow approaching from afar. The first thing you think is shark. I hear someone closer yell out. Of course people who see it are now freaking out. The panic and mayhem move like a wave across the beach. You know how they do the cheer around the oval in soccer matches lol. One guy even lifted his gf out of the water, threw her over his back and 'ran' out of the water. Meanwhile I don't have time to get scared because I'm laughing so hard because it all looked so hilarious. I mean, by then I figured it was a stingray. I just drifted far enough away to let him pass, I'm not stupid enough to swim near that barbed tail just in case all the screaming and splashing around got him spooked. They can get aggressive if they feel threatened. But movies like Jaws have scarred (scared) people for life XD But the ocean is dangerous and respect is due. Every islander knows this from early on. Anyway, just a little side-story. At least you also live on an island and can still enjoy the leisure of beaches. Imagine countries that are landlocked and don't have even so much as lakes.

Enjoy the 'milder' hot weather! I feel like in the coming years it's going to change. Maybe it's your Spanish blood why you like those warmer temperatures lol :P Oh right, the sauna. Hmm, sounds plausible.
Too bad they cut down those poplars. It's sad in general that we cut down so many trees. There's gonna be hell to pay for that. There’s this Netflix documentary on illegal deforestation, quite heartbreaking, for the people who resort to that for a livelihood because the government isn’t helping them, and for the trees and habitats destroyed, and for all the flooding and mudslides from clearing out the land. Tragic situation.
A desert trip is also on my radar. There are some nice deals to Dubai and UAE. Finally it will be a place that's even too hot for me :)

Agriculture is a big trade here, with the nice soil and temperatures as you say. In fact, Tobago gets its name because of tobacco plantations in our colonial days. Well, you can't eat tobacco... but you can chew it XD Btw, that's why foreigners mispronounce Tobago as To-BAH-go like tobacco, when it is in fact To-BAY-go ;) Most people here don't only just have a kitchen garden, but large plots that they cultivate. Not us though. So you know a little something about gardening from your younger days. That's pretty cool. I think I mentioned I grew up on a farm... cows, sheep, pigs, rabbits, ducks, and all these crops. But I am clueless about those things because I just played with the animals (and experienced my first trauma when I found out some were for slaughtered) XD Fake ass country girl XD Anyway, berries are nice and resilient. You ever notice all those survival stories, it's mostly wild berries and nuts that they eat? XD We would starve were it not for fish and coconuts... in the scenario of a deserted tropical island :P If we're lucky there might be a few wild fruit trees on said island.

But you've had some really nice sunset captures still. Hoping to see more soon :) I haven't been taking much pics. Been pretty busy myself. As you talk about SPb architecture, on FB there was another travel video showing all those sites and people were commenting how amazing their trip to SPb was. Something to look forward to one day ;) Ha, yes I'll be sure to fill you in on things I hear or see. As for the internet thing, that's the news I heard out here as well. Our Great Wall may be destroyed :O I understand you, loud and clear :'(

Haha, such a clever name for the beer! XD Sure, pencil me in for the deluxe Russian brewery tour (or even the regular one)! ;) Are any times of year better for doing those things? Or just better to do a beer fest? See how interested I am :P Aww it's my bad our messages have turned into booze talk sorry XD Can you believe there are times when I have absolutely no desire for alcohol even in the least bit? Being painfully sober is the norm :)

There definitely wasn't anything in my school close to the sport of cheerleading, much less a cheer squad. Waving around pompoms, screaming and silly cheers made up on the spot was the most of it. I saved all my acrobatics for karate and yoga ;) No triple jumps though! But back then I could do a full split with ease. Ah, youth! XD But you do get the opportunity to have steady vacation time every year. I know people (myself included) who worked years without having vacation. Sad sorry situation. I think it's my general curiosity about things that influence that desire for knowledge and study :) It's the same here you know, having more qualifications does not necessarily put you at any advantage. My wage bracket is the same before and after my masters. I definitely won't see any benefit in getting multiple qualifications at the same level, the hell with that! XD Actually, I did my masters because I wanted the option of being able to lecture at tertiary level... one day XD Also as something to fall back on if I get retrenched or something. I know right, you just want to hurry up and make money and not be bothered with this studying nonsense.
Actually, I lived my experience backwards. After high school, I worked (with the hope of saving for school). But my fevor also died down when I got caught up living the adult life. As life would have it, that engagement termination was the motivation I needed to get my ass back in school. So I started uni a little later than most. But once I got in, I really worked hard and pushed myself through. After my degree and passing the board exam to become registered, I was fortunate to secure a job and within the next year went ahead with my masters part-time while I worked. It wasn't easy... working, maintaining a social life (where the introversion really started!), and this intense studying. I've seen people break from it. The thing about me, once that fire is kindled, there's no stopping me :) Thanks for the motivation ;)
Haha, I'd love to see that triple jump. Wait, so that means you were actually part of the cheer squad?! I am VERY impressed! Ha, nope there's no going easy on you now :P I have no idea about that triple jump either but I can guess. Looks dangerous. Maybe I'll settle for a cartwheel. I can't do that either. I can still touch my toes though XD Okay, maybe a little more than that. I'm one of those double-jointed people. Do you know that term? It means people who are born with unusual flexibility. Technically called joint hypermobility :)

Wow, half a year only huh, oh how time flies *weeps while thinking of my own aging*. Lol, getting ready for your 30s with a rhyme is a good way to start :P Well, let's see. Can you be as young and free as when you were younger? The thing is, mentally you feel that way. Especially with this wisdom that naturally comes to you as you get older. Like I wish I could go back then with the knowledge I have now. Of course that would butterfly effect the whole thing, but just as a thought. When you get older you realize the fuss you made about things when you were younger really never mattered in the first place. You also see all the societal conditioning glaring at you. How they pressure you into thinking you need to achieve this or that to ‘win’ at life when it’s all bullshit. However, the crux is, you start to feel the ‘aging’ in your body in very subtle ways. It's just a natural process of senescence. Ah, this is depressing… moving along… XD

You sound like you’re on top of things and I feel so delinquent now XD I am planning to get this tax business sorted very soon, because yes the fine is HUGE! Lol @ ‘everything’s fine’ good one XD
He’s gonna be in your care? Oh boy, here we go again. The chronicles of you two continue XD He was always loud in the mornings, wasn’t he? Don’t be too hard on him :)
I also would prefer something like a nature preserve or rehabilitation center or cage free habitat, like your experience in Amsterdam, instead of a zoo. It would be nice to see rare animals I’d never have a chance to see again, though. Like the pandas you got to see :) Humans are the scourge of the earth. The reality is that the earth will thrive without us.

Montenegro just conjures up images from those espionage novels my Dad would read (and me too because of him) :) It’s such a beautiful country. Rich history too... not that that’s your thing XD Hope you have a blast there and the other places you’re planning :) Not hearing anything about those areas in our media either. Your country I hear A LOT about though haha XD

It would be hella funny if that happens and we miss seeing each other while in the other’s country XD Ha, man it happened to you already too. Two whole years later? Wow. Well at least it happened :) Yep, visa paperwork is a chore. I’m so thrilled that I don’t need one to visit most places in Europe, and so many other countries. Haha, patriot guy got outdone by uber patriot guy! How funny is that! That’s kismet actually XD

Is it really that easy to pass for Spanish? :P I wonder if I can also ;) Oh, that’s too bad about the family tree. That really ended very quickly. Well, there’s even sites online that can track geneology. It does take some time to research it. I know mine (my name is even in a book) because some scholar in our extended family tracked our family tree all the way back to India then wrote this book about it. It’s crazy because remember many persons then were illiterate, so there wasn’t much written documentation. But I think he was able to track it through land deeds and such. It was a bit surreal seeing pictures of my ancient relatives and imagining what their lives would have been back then :)

True. I’ve seen how it is on those rec threads. And yes, after I read what you wrote, I realized that many times that’s the appeal for me of reading a review as well. Yeah, it’s fun especially when it’s things I totally missed. I also do the vids with discuss the psychology of things in film/movies or those that explore literary aspects. Well that’s just me :)

I never noticed it until we are here talking about it, but yes it seems we do have different blooming trees at different times of the year. Things you take for granted, eh. I’ve never smelled pure pine oil, but I love how the cleaners smell, so I’m sure I’d like it. Have you burned any incense lately? I burned some sage recently. Really love that smell. I’m running low on incenses, barks and essential oils. Need to stock up next time I’m in Trinidad :) Oh, btw Istanbul must have been a great place to buy things like that. Did you get a chance to there? :)

Isn’t everyone a closet pervert though? :P You don’t have to answer that XD Oh, I hate that kind of haggling too. In Venezuela, they were practically pulling you into stores. Hello no. I had to yank my arm back from one guy and shout at him not to touch me. I don’t like being touched by random people like that, especially in some aggressive way *nutcracker alert* Even this porter at the airport in Vene (who we didn’t hire) rushed to pick up our bags and we had to run after him to get it back. God, the dark side of travel. In Barbados, this street guy grabbed my hand to put this bead band on it then demanded money for it. Nice try, asshole. I shook it off and over-sanitized my hand when I got back to the car XD And of course, I also didn’t buy it. Because I’m a stubborn asshole too XD If he had approached me in a decent way, I would have been more inclined to support him. Maybe I’m just heartless. Down here, they won’t pull you into any store. And if anyone does, feel free to punch them with my permission! No screaming either. However, the beach boys will try to get you to go on their boat tour or rent their beach chairs or umbrellas (only a few popular beaches, most other beaches are nice and deserted), and sometimes one after the next will come until it becomes an annoyance. The tourism board has been trying to stop this ‘touting’ by having a ticketing system with a fixed price. The boys still ‘try a ting’ as we say here. Some may even try to scam you with price, but that happens everywhere in the world. It’s good to have a local on the ground to give you a heads up on prices. To be honest, it pains me that these fellows are the first line people that tourist encounter. I don’t know, maybe tourists will find this ‘authentic’ for Caribbean culture *cringe*. But we will be more welcoming. We’re generally a helpful and friendly people. A local might even overhear someone trying to haggle you and call them out on their bullshit. I am one of those very locals to do that lol :P Heck, sometimes they even think I am a tourist and try to scam me! XD

Haha persona… that word is engrained in my brain ;) A different version of us exists in the minds of everyone we meet. Which one of those is the real you? None of them :) Have you ever noticed that you shape your persona (lol) to who you’re communicating with? :) Btw, yes pretending is a form of lying :) But I don’t think it’s pretending in this way. It’s more like you’re using tools to make communication easier, like I may use a phrase here that I won’t say irl and such. Of course, some people straight out pretend to be someone else, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Anyway, I both like and dislike online interaction, especially when it comes to meeting new people. Just as you say, it’s easy to be open about things that might be more difficult in real life. At the same time, body language, innuendos, eye contact… which are all part of communication, are lost. In other words, it might open up situations of miscommunication, especially when there’s a language barrier. But online is great at breaking barriers where barriers can’t be ‘seen’. The common ground of MAL has smooshed us all together making it easy for people of all these different countries, classes, races, languages, etc to communicate with relative easy. And that coolness can’t be understated. However, I know for a fact that if I had encountered you (or any of my other MAL friends in real life), you would never cast an eye on me, much less talk to me :) Thanks, Uncle MAL :D You know I can’t remember what your response in this paragraph was initially referring to (like what it was I said in my last message), but I’m sure I went way off tangent and missed the whole point. So much for communication! XD

Oh don’t go to the Dominican Republic! There’s been so many tourist deaths there recently. All by the same causes. Crazy shit. Yeah, they pick the bigger islands like those, and Jamaica :) Jamaica is amazing btw ;) Expensive, but amazing for that authentic Caribbean vibe :)

I also think many tall buildings have lightning rods or some sort of lightning protection system, which would explain why there are less cases in the cities. High rise buildings are actually prime targets for lightning strikes as lightning always seeks the least path of resistance to the ground. Omg but to experience one of those Asian typhoons no thank you! *shudders* Cool, you say? *laughs and cries at the same time* Lol, yes it is cool you got to experience one. I think it’s a good comparison to what a tropical storm would be. I just experience similar more frequently. The clouds are rolling as we ‘speak’. Right now they’re looking at one system in the Atlantic, but looks like it will stay above our islands. Sorry Barbados and Grenada XD It’s not a storm or anything, but has potential to develop into one. This is my life until November, playing weather-woman XD That saying is old-fashioned here as well. The kids don’t talk like that. I am so ancient lol.

Of course, silly me. Why would you need a/c at home in that kind of climate. But I know sometimes the heating systems are also cooling systems. Ah I guess you can just throw the windows open. Haha, sure why would you need ventilation anyway? That’s what the hairs inside the nose are for! And if any crap gets into the lungs, hopefully you’ll just gag it back out. Too bad if it’s stuff you can’t… :( You’re really freaking me out, please open your windows every once in a while XD Your eyes? I’d like to look you in the lungs! XD

Shit, 8 months worth of pay? That’s painful. I hope he doesn’t have any questionable side job XD Well, if it makes you feel better, I over-averaged 50,000 TTD because he works offshore (they are compensated for the high risk), and also because he has a lot of overtime. I know for sure that my cousin, who is an Industrial Engineer, makes 20,000 TTD/month for a straight 8 to 4 job. But you can get double your salary in Moscow? Too bad you don’t like Moscow :/ But maybe it’s time to put in your resume in the Caribbean ;) Although I don’t think road engineers is a thing here… would that be considered civil engineering?

Haha, thanks for covering for me ;) So you can’t even leave for a little bit or come in late/leave early if you need to get a personal errand done? I feel the chains closing in on me :( Even I think about wasted days inside the office, which are the times I feel most like going to the beach, but free days I want to stay indoors away from people. What’s up with that? XD When I venture into town on weekdays during my vacation, I wonder the same thing, how do these people just ‘liming’ about on the streets or the block make a living? I don’t think it’s your imagination. You think they’ve found some way to beat the system?! Did they take the red pill? XD Actually, here the government offers unemployment relief work, like sweeping the roads and such. Many people are content with this type of ‘job’ which is only for a few hours in the morning, then they have the rest of the day free. How can they be content with that? Anyway I can’t judge. Power to them. Hahaha so vodka is the problem huh hahahaha that was great XD

Hehe imagine staff members having personal bottles of milk at work even XD What the hell kind of pub was that anyway haha! XD The next best guess was that it was a cooking ingredient as you said :) Though those kids may have very well needed their calcium, you never know ;)

A little alcohol and the walls are down for sure. If they’re one to put on a façade, maybe what’s behind the wall will be the true face. Ha, my true face does indeed show when I’m drunk, but it also shows when I’m not, and it’s the same gruesome face ;) You can debate it, but I know you are ;) I wish I had more reservation when it comes to talking about those dirty jokes and weird fetishes :P I mean, of course I will read my audience first. But I can’t say I’ll hold back talking once I have alcohol in me XD So you’re saying you’re a tame drunk? :) Uhhhh, I say, ‘oh, whatever I’ll just say it’ even when I’m not drunk much less when I am! XD I should shut up about this now, you might not want to drink with me now! XD Do you regret saying those things afterwards? I’m sure like you say it was harmless stuff. I have certain friends (guys) who get very aggressive when drunk, to be point of even seeming like a different person. There were also girl friends/acquaintances who would lose their shit when they drank… like make out with people, climb on tables, take their clothes off. Were they just looking for an excuse? I am quite uncomfortable in both those types of situations. I don’t like that Jekyll and Hyde thing. Needless to say, I don’t drink with them alone (the guys) or often (the guys and girls)… well never these days. I dunno, me drunk feels like because there’s a need to be in control of myself at some level, I will still attempt to keep some wits about me, especially if I know there’s no one who I can rely on. Now I sound like I am trying to appease your mind about drinking with me XD I swear I wasn’t, but I realize it sounded like that in hindsight :P But I know you know what I mean, we’re not ones to completely lose our minds no matter what :) People like to ‘blame’ alcohol for their bad behaviour. My bad behaviour is a personal choice and I sure don’t need the public audience lol.

Maybe over any long holiday weekends is a good time to try an impromptu trip? My country has so many public holidays it makes other countries jealous. We’re even luckier when they fall over a weekend. It gives a nice little leeway between official vacation time. But you’re also right. It might feel like a waste of money for some random choice. That’s why I mentally talk myself out of most of these. I just think, maybe it’s better to wait for the ‘big’ vacation. But sometimes a good deal comes up, like Barbados, and you just go for it. Those were an awesome use of just 4 days. I got all the activities on bucket list done :) Look into it and let me know how it works out :) I am also thinking of something impromptu for October/November. Will see what comes up ;)

Ahhh, why try to scare me! Georgia I do know. Back during their secession (?), it was big news. Hmm, sounds like a great place… except for their public toilets XD Just have fun and hope I don’t need to pee often you mean XD Yeah, using those big franchise restaurants is always the best option. Haha, I wonder what his big issue with the squat toilets were? What’s strange to me is the direction to squat or whether that even matters… I’m sure with the Japanese it does matter XD Great, now I’ll have to go watch some YouTube video on squat toilet etiquette XD This is taking toilet humour to another level haha.

And sadly mosquitoes are found all over the world! I mean dude, you’re already sucking my blood, do you really need to sing too? XD Yes, mosquitoes are the worse. Think I even posted my last episode of mosquito abuse on Insta. Citronella candles and oil are a must for camping outdoors. I can just imagine what they did to you. You’re lucky it didn’t land you in the hospital. We take it for granted, but multiple bites like that can cause fever, headache, body aches, even nausea and vomiting. The proteins in the mosquito’s saliva is what causes your immune system to react in this rash-like way to the bites (Skeeter syndrome). And this is regular mosquitoes that aren’t carriers of disease. And you were there at their active biting time too. Dusk and dawn are the worse times to be exposed. You were lucky indeed. If something like that happens to the elderly or a baby, it can be life threatening.

Is the universe having a laugh at us? I really wondered if the headphones died because we talked about it. It was unreal. Anyway, I got these new Langston brand ones for the similar 60TTD. I am pleased because the earbuds are noise minimizing once you put them in, it has a mic to answer calls, great bass, and the best part is that the cord is flat. I told the sales guy that I was always pulling the cords by accident and he recommended these flat ones. So far so good, but it’s only been a few weeks lol *fingers crossed* Hmm, looks like I didn’t get ripped off with price either
Oh gosh that’s the worse when you try to use it with only one side. I feel my center of gravity being distorted lol. Yes, life is important. But at least now I can survive with greater ease :D

Haha, I did lose my faith in you for those things for sure! I fell for your trick once, never again! ;) Puh-lease, you can’t even call mine real poems XD One whole page? Omg, I pulled another muscle just thinking about that. To be honest, it isn’t the writing that’s the delay, it’s the research. Plus I need to invest in a good camera. See, I want to source pictures of the actual fruit (remember it’s supposed to be local fruit and some of those are disappearing or seasonal), which means I need to go out and get good photos of them. Of course I can hire a photographer, but you know a first time publisher has no money for those things. I also wanted to draw illustrations of them, maybe a recipe or two. Developing a recipe is a whole other technical thing with calculations and exact quantities, much less nutrients and calories where there is a limited database for our local fruit. And then this genius guy had the brainstorm to put poems in there for fun ;) So I have my work cut out for me if I am seriously going to undertake this project. The writing will be the easiest part :) I am motivated though, and even talking about it with you has motivated me more :) True, starting is well… a start XD

Why did I figure you for the uber tech guy? I probably think that about anyone who can master a gaming consol lol. I know, those kids scare me with their tech defaulted brain. Ha, I know technology is evolving so quickly. True. What’s funny is when you (I) look at those sci-fi movies that imagine the future, we are already here in the age that they imagined but we aren’t wearing the space suits and driving space cars, we do have memes though XD

I am almost ashamed to say that I didn’t start any of those things I said I would. But I did start Jojo, because a MAL friend convinced me to. We have similar tastes, so he was sure I’d like it. It’s not for everyone, but it sure is strangely addictive in its ridiculousness. It’s what I would call shit, but good shit haha :D Oh I did start a few of the summer seasonal. And DUDE!!! Kanata no ASTRA!!! I didn’t even know they were adapting it. It’s off to a great start. And thank you so much for recommending the manga, because I am soooo glad I read it before! :D I did ‘bookmark’ those that you talked about though (for manga reads Kono Oto Tomare, for anime Sarazanmai… Butts? Lol). As for SnK, the story lagged for me once the mystery of Titan origin was revealed and the Marleans were introduced. It’s hard to introduce new characters that people will be invested in, especially when they are unlikeable like Gabi. Falco is my best of the new characters. As for Levi, he’s not my favourite character either, Armin (and Jean) are. Levi just gives me lady boners when he’s goes God-mode XD (Well he's on my MAL fav character list for that reason lol) He’s also one of the most empathic characters of the series despite his cold demeanour. He’s the first one to tell people, enough already, you’re going too far, calm down. Jean became my fav way back when he wiped his faith in humanity off on Connie’s back hahaha. I like him because he calls it as it is and cuts the bullshit, and his was a good character progression. I think he even at times became Eren’s strongest motivator, and vice versa. I found out later that Isayama’s favourite character is also Jean :) And well, it’s obvious why I like Armin :) Oh Hanji is what I think an unreserved me would be like haha :D If I had a Moblit around to look out for me that is :( lol. The latter half of this season was undeniably good. The manga is a 10/10 for me (unless he writes some shit arc at the end). That’s when novice give a rating ;) It satisfied all my needs :)

I meant to send you a couple of those very memes this week, but always got distracted by something or the other, then by the time I had more time, it would have been after hours for you, didn’t want to be disturbing your privacy then. The time zone difference is something I always have to think about :) Haha, what the heck are those bracket thingies? I guess I’ll find out ;) Maybe you don’t stumble on them because you’re not on much social media :) But that’s what friends are for, to include you in the collective horde that will end intelligent civilization with memes XD

I’d expect that. You’re not the target demographic for yaoi ;) And yes, I believe you’re right. It really is written to appeal to women, even though it’s about guys. Strange how it works in this magical way. Just like yuri has zero appeal for me. Do you know the meaning of that word they use to describe women who read BL is ‘too ruined to be married’? How insulting! *sticks lollipop up their… mouth* \(>.<)/ Calm down me, phew! Anyway, I guess this part of my last message was where things all fell down. Because I asked for that rec after I had my whole spiel about BL and hentai, I think I wasn’t clear. I just meant a story with male-female interaction that didn’t need to be romantic or even sexual, but there was some chemistry between them… like Psycho Pass for example (even though I needed a bit more interaction time between them). It’s almost like an admiration, respect and support between the two characters. I like stories with male-female duos who have clever banter between them. Anyway umm yes, both Wolf Guy and Devil’s Line are sub-genred as romance. Josei and seinen are the ones that I do read more. Shojos are the very same ones that tend to have disappointing female leads. Josei being the one most suited for me but I find that genre limited for stories though. Well I don’t know about other people, but when I said it, believe it or not, even with the alcohol in me, I did have a point :) What I meant is that yes humans are stupid and make stupid illogical decisions. But that doesn’t mean I’d want to read stories about clueless, stupid people who have no progression or character growth. It might be entertaining in a comedic sense sure. Sometimes it’s for this purpose characters are written. But what drives a story? Good characters or just a good plot? Both would be awesome. But the characters are who breathe life into a story. I would find no need to be invested in a story if I have no investment in the characters. And I don’t mean the character needs to be strong, all-knowing, always making sensible and logical decisions or choices. A more relatable character is one who is flawed and makes stupid mistakes. What I mean is that even if they start off ‘useless’, ignorant, weak, cowardly, there has to be some character development. I was referring particularly to female characters in romantic manga when I said it, which is a personal peeve of mine, for how poorly they are generally written. Many of these ‘romances’ 'blossom' from rape or violating the woman in some way, which the woman easily overlooks and suddenly it’s love. The woman is generally timid and subservient. I am not a feminist, but even that is too much for me. Asia, what century are you still living in? The most painful part is many of these mangas are written by women. I accept that it's a cultural thing, it just pains me that it remains so deeply rooted in these modern times. I should say, if I’m reading smut, hardcore yaoi, or hentai, don’t care about plot or characters (but it will be a welcomed addition), those manga serve another purpose :) Actually, I focus more on artwork for those. I swear, they have some of the most amazing artwork I’ve seen. You can tell the mangaka took care with every line stroke. Sometimes I will just stare at a panel in awe of how beautiful it is :) Anyway, I’m not trying to impression my opinion on you or anything, I just wanted to clarify what I meant ;) And you still gave me recs even though I wasn’t clear. Thank you :) Those recs look pretty interesting! Will let you know when I read them :)

There has been a lot of hype about both those shows, Chernobyl more so lately. I started True Detective a long while back, but didn’t follow through. I’ve also been hearing talk about a new one called The Dark? Seriously, I barely use my Netflix. I did a one-night binge of the new season of Stranger Things on Netflix (a disappointment) and I watch The 100’s new season (well written and interesting). Those are series that I followed from the start. As for the movies (cinema), I’ve not even ventured since sometime last year I think? Lol @ normal games :) I’m mostly all intoxicated with manga and anime these days :)

Ha, I don’t think my luck would be like those other drunk people. I heard those incredible stories. But alcohol does make you feel invincible, and with some luck you might even be able talk a Shinigami out of reaping your soul XD Meme ya later ;)
Moon_Willow Jun 28, 7:34 PM
Ms. Broccoli checking in. Did you eat your vegetables this week, young man? XD Bet you didn’t expect this fast green flowery ball, ey? :P I figure I’d make up for last time ;) Yes, life for sure is the epitome of ‘shit happens’ XD Speaking of which, you now have the pleasure (not really) of experiencing a slightly inebriated me XD Well, it’s only my 4th beer :P I’m on leave for the next six days, plus we have bad weather in the forecast and I mentioned what state I would be in when that comes around lol. The disclaimer is that I talk about drinking more than I actually do the deed, so it's been a while since I've done this. But if I 'sound' a little more excitable than usual, you know why XD

Anyhoo. good to hear from you too :) Haven’t been active much online. As with you also? Meant to message you on whatsapp a bunch of times about absolute rubbish, but as usual decided not to bother you with nonsense XD Oh the herbal teas don’t calm you? Really? Hmm, you might need something stronger. But you don’t drink at home, right? For me, that would be tragic XD I was talking to my mum tonight and she commented, ‘You’re forgetting what you’re saying a lot, are you tired?’… and me, after the beers that she doesn’t know about… ‘Hmm yeah, that must be why’ XD Lol @ the wrong type of herb. You need some Caribbean-style sensimena XD
At least we message when we can. When we do, the wall is enough to last the hiatus XD We should get some kind of MAL award for our dedication, don’t you think? :) Anyway as always appreciate that you take the time to, and it’s always a nice little treat ;)

Summer! Wow. It’s almost like a regular day every day in Tobago XD Enjoy it! Hey, you even enjoyed some beach time! That’s more than I have done, which is blasphemous to even admit considering where I live XD Wonder what a non-tropical beach would be like? Is the water warm? Those temps were really great though. You’re practically in the tropics! :) Hope you get to enjoy more beach days before summer is over :) In Spain, it’s so hot that shit is literally bursting into flames. Manure self-ignited and sparked a 10,000-acre wildfire apparently. France’s heat waves are 45+C and India’s are 50+C. My temp right now is 25C, I’m good :) Crazy, fanatical monster? Is that what happens when colder climate persons warm up? ;) Haha, you need something stronger than herbal tea ;) I'm repeating myself, aren't I? XD Are those kinds of days really over already? And just 5 days? That’s not enough :( Haha, it’s nice that you have an inner tropical-islander-self. Most of my friends from colder climates actually hate hot weather. Like passionately hate it. So I understand when you said people were complaining XD But hope you enjoy more over 20+ days ;) Yep, it’s allergy season here as well. Those pollen particles are very cool :) For us, it’s the Sahara dust. The particles bounce the light off in some awesome ways, but it ain't all too good for our lungs though :/ 'Snow in the summer', like that phrase, sounds beautiful how you described it, wish it were possible to capture in a photo :)

Ha, I am not much into gardening also. I mean, I love flowers and the idea of growing your own food. A little kitchen garden, herbs and such is fine. But I don’t like ‘dirt’ enough to do that full scale land cultivation thing XD We have nice rich loamy soil where I live which is perfect for planting, but have you seen the micro-monsters said soil omg! I drew the line when I unearthed a nest of centipedes which had me flailing around like a mad woman XD I don't mind the critters as you know, just don't want to go digging in their turf. Some 'nature girl' I am XD
Late-night sunsets… surreal. Being a good boy is overrated, get those sunset captures! ;) White nights? Never knew that was a thing. Sounds lovely :)
Ha, well from someone who’s outside of the crazy made-up shit they might be telling you, I can say that SPb is really marketed as a prime destination. For once, they might not be lying ;)

May is like some distant memory, right? Sorry you had that bad weather. But yay beer fests! And oh yum blueberry stout! Sounds amazing! Was it a Russian brewery? Okay, I am getting too exciting lol. Cool experience! I once had to do research on alcohol and taste preferences and there was some link between ethanol and sweetness/bitterness, even that ethanol and vanilla seemed to be strongly related in flavor. It was interesting. But I can't remember more than that right now :P Though it seems fitting that alcohol consumption is bittersweet ;)

Damn, really? I got my pom poms all fluffed out and everything! :( I get you, though. Here’s to hoping that someday you will find your dream job :) Do you really think it’s bleak when you think about it? :) Ha, maybe I don’t need the PhD but I am too ambitious for my own good and just can’t stop pushing myself to achieve more ;) Most of my patients call me ‘Doctor’ or ‘Doc’ anyway, no matter how many time I tell them I’m not :P Seriously though, I love research, so doing a PhD would be more than for a title :)

Hmm, we can’t help our nature. And conversely I feel like being emotionally-driven in my choices has put restraints on me. Do you really think you’ve burned yourself in hell? Well, I think whether logic or emotion, we are bound to be scarred by life one way or the next, might as well pick a poison and live with it *sad smile* Hey, what was it you wasted money on btw? Sounds like a good story. Did you try something like hypnotism? Did you have your fortune read by a gypsy? :P You will meet a tall dark stranger in a deserted alley? XD Oh no, wait, that was mine! Just kidding :P Actually I’ve encountered a few of those so-called seers who have told me things about my future. The question is, had I not heard what they said, would my future still have turned out the way they said it would? *pops open another beer* ;)

No I’ve never heard of the changing limit. Maybe they taught that on the days I skipped school :P Well, the rest of your 20’s are to enjoy the fullest! Man, my 20's were crazy. I had no serious concerns about 'planning for the future'. That was some distant thing to be thought of later on :) I truly lived in the moment back then. I don’t know about the 30’s being to follow the path you’ve chosen, though. Maybe I am the eternal juvenile :) But in two years you can let me know if that’s true for you also ;) Honestly I don’t think I’d ever be living this serious adult thing. On a whim, with good company, I would still go for a dip in the ocean or a drive through the forest at 3 a.m. in the morning during a weekday, just like I did in my 20’s :) Actually, I very much love those kinds of adventures. But the 20’s was the most daring time of my life though. I am glad I survived it. There was definitely more spontaneity for an over-planner and over-thinker like me :)
Ha, no we don’t wear stripes in prison anymore. At least I don’t think so. I think it’s an orange coverall? I still haven’t finished my taxes. Send help! God save me! If I just ignore it, will it go away? :( I don’t like this adult thing one bit! *pouts and stomps feet*

Oh, he was sick? Glad he got better. Seriously Maine Coons are such huge cats full of floof! On some level, might you just miss living with him? ;) Wow, you visited zoos in other countries too. I am very conflicted when it comes to zoos. I don’t like them either but I also think I would visit them when I travel. I would also prefer to meet them in their natural habitat though. No, not the man-eating ones haha. I hear humans taste like shit though, so I doubt they enjoy eating us. I don’t blame them :P

If you feel that way, then it won’t hurt to sign up for a Couchsurfing account then. Nothing to lose ;) Lol @ ‘checking in to some weirdos place’. Ha, I resemble that remark ;) But seriously, once you navigate the site, there are ways to make sure you stay clear of the weirdos. Like only choose verified members, persons who have full profiles, pictures, read references from people they’ve hosted. Then of course, ahead of your visit, you’ll initiate a convo and do your own evaluation. Even to sign up (as it was when I did), you had to be invited by a member. I am not sure if that has changed since then. It sounds a bit tedious when I write it out like this, but those things are actually quite fun with the right connections :)

Ha, yes you did your research well, and it’s always good to keep your options open. Well I am glad you haven’t ruled out an island hopping trip for the future ;) Wow Balkans. Never in my wildest dreams would I think to visit those places for exactly that conflict thing that you mentioned. But I guess being relatively closer, you might be able to access the situation there better than I can way down here. Most of the news is propaganda so you never know. And I also know those places are quite beautiful. Hope it all works out for you guys :) Yes, I realized accommodation is cheaper in Asian countries in doing my own research. That’s a huge incentive. You know how the typical Caribbean beach front resort style accommodation goes, people shell out 50USD like nothing for this kind of ‘paradise’ :) Well, if you ever plan to visit our beloved islands one day, it will have to be outside of your Oct vacation time. Either during Carnival season in Feb-Mar (more activities) or Apr-May (dry season, great weather, but windy so rougher seas at times) or Jul-Aug (more variable weather but calmer seas). Just an FYI to keep way in the back of your mind :) Yes to Moscow was slightly cheaper. Hey anything is possible. You may very well get a call one day asking if you’re free to meet up from drinks ;) No, I think it would be a little better planned than that, but you get the idea lol. Hmm, I think I get what you mean about those southeastern Asian places. I would not want to visit those places as a solo traveler! NY and FL were choices because I have family and friends I can bunk with if I needed to. But your choices are also on my bucket list :) Hope you do also :)
Ha, what a story with your friend. Too bad he didn’t lose the cap earlier, but at least he lost the cap lol. Did he also wear something patriotic for the Spain trip as well? >.<

I guess it’s Indian… but not like ‘real’ India Indian XD Okay, this is getting complicated now haha. Funny thing though, guys (scammers) from India, Pakistan and the Middle East are the ones friend requesting and messaging me on social media, so I guess I must look like what they are targeting? It’s annoying. ‘No, I don’t want to be your wife, stranger who knows nothing about me, but somehow is already ‘in love’ with me, gtfo with that shit!’ \(>.<)/ Lol @ ‘normal’ ethnicity. You should ask your parents if your ancestors were originally from Russia or if they migrated there from somewhere else. Doesn’t interest you? Well, I’ve only ever seen one and a half pictures of you, but I could totally see why they thought you were Spanish, señor! :)

Old man harassing children, lol. So harsh! I know, I also need to be careful. They have all been at least over 20 so far though. I always seem to have younger friends. But they are mature beyond their age though. My boyfriends were also mostly younger, even a 9 year gap at one point. It’s not a thing I think, just happened that way. Hmm, yeah but I always seem to meet people who were timeless, if that makes any sense. Like there was still compatibility beyond the generation gaps even with the differences. We always find some meeting point where we get along well once there is a connection. You know what I mean? ;)
But your tenure on MAL has been so long that you joined only two years after MAL was created! Wish I had known about it back then but sadly it wasn’t meant to be. So it isn’t just some unattainable goal then? Meeting MAL friends is actually a real possibility?! ;) I think you told me about your Korean MAL friend you were able to meet up with. Pretty awesome :)
Haha, yes I have seen people asking for some very general types of recommendations, so I understand what you mean. I admit I don’t mind reading reviews. But I will usually read them after I watch said movie/manga/anime. Just because I am too damn curious :P Aww those poor lollipop suckers are full of cavities by now, eh? :P

We are now having another type of bloom. These trees are called flamboyants… think it means ‘flame’. I got a picture or two of the ones at work. Still have to post them. Most of these are planted along the highway so it’s hard to get a shot when you’re driving by. They are big sturdy trees with deep roots, so people don’t commonly plant them if their land space is limited. They come in orange-red or yellow and it’s gorgeous when the whole tree just bursts into colour :) Nice description of the willows and wisterias, and exactly why I love them :) So, you’d be a pine then? Let’s see what ye good ole book says about pine trees :P The book is called “Tree Magick” btw. Hmm, this relates to ‘white pine’ … attracting prosperity, purifying areas like homes (ahhh, that would explain why so many disinfectants are made with pine oil! XD), warding off sickness (apparently they would hang a pine branch over the bed to keep away illness), and protection (throwing pine needles in winter fires). The symbolism is, “from its lofty position above the tops of most other trees, the pine reminded ancient people of the importance of taking the overview, encouraging objectivity and farsightedness. We are advised to cleanse ourselves of negativity, neither dwell on mistakes not apportioning blame. Pine is a symbol of the elevated mind” :) Your life will never be the same now that you know this essential information! How could you ever have lived without it? XD Hope all this didn’t bore you sleep XD Lilac trees? Why did I think lilac was a shrub that never grew as big as a tree? Oh I looked it up, apparently there’s a different varieties, never knew that! Next year for sure hopefully. They should smell amazing too. Trees are lovely things, aren’t they :)

Heehee, ‘friendly’ you call it. Our style would be quite offensive for the ultra-conservative and reserved person. Although you’ve seen how the Japanese behave when exposed to our culture, so you never know! :P
Haha, am I lying or pretending I wonder? :D I think I communicate in such a relaxed and open way here, and if we met it would be no different. But it’s far removed from my every day norm. Outside of the comfort zone you have to wear survival gear, you know? :)

Wow, it’s so odd that you knew of French Guiana and not Guyana :O How was that even possible? :) Lol, yeah those SA countries don’t really have great reputations. Haha aww now I feel bad even though you’re just teasing me. I only said stay far away from here because I don’t want it to be a disappointment for you. But definitely include it, if possible, if you plan an SA trip. Just a few days here is all you need anyway :)

Lightning is always thrilling to see. But it’s dangerous. We have many deaths by lightning, it’s not even funny. And for someone who thinks ‘heaven’ will smite them, I am extra cautious! XD You know that saying, like if you’re trying to convince someone you’re telling the truth, you say, ‘if I am lying may lightning strike me dead’… uhhh, I am not saying that! XD Lightning hitting the ground, have you ever experienced that? The bolt makes a cracking sound like you’ve never heard before, and it’s blinding. You feel the electricity in the air, your hairs raise, and you can even taste it… an acrid burning taste. It’s incredible and terrifying. I even saw one hit the electricity pole outside our old house and travel across the lines leading to the house. My dad rushed to turn off the main breaker before the power surge fried the circuits. We ended up having to evacuate to a shelter that night because the storm got more intense than expected just before it hit land. My house was a little wooden cottage on a cliff. Ironically, that meant we had to walk outside in the crazy wind, rain and lighting to get to the shelter lol. It wasn’t far but still. The house survived in the end, roof intact and all. It would have been so stupid if we died trying to get to the shelter when the house was just fine all along lol. I guess my parents felt they were making the best decision at the time. I mean it really did feel like the wind would destroy the house, the walls and roof were making some strange sounds. When I was a kid, my dad taught me to count One-Mississipi, Two-Mississipi, etc… between the lightning and thunder to average how far away the storm was, every 5 seconds is one mile. It kept me occupied and distracted lol. So you see, there is plenty to worry about. I have been severed traumatized for a long time now XD Oh God! I just remembered bad weather is approaching and they already estimate wind speeds of 75 km/hr over Tobago and it’s not even a storm, just an active tropical wave! *pops opens another beer* I am not even kidding right now! >.<

Yeah, I know a/c aren’t good for you. For sure that’s what gets me sick many times at work where they don’t clean the filters often. Seems a shame to use them when we have all this ‘lovely’ breeze outside too! XD So you don’t use a/c at home? How do you get your silent vacuum but still have ventilation?

Specialists, huh :) Did you know the actual term I am given with my Masters is a Health Promotion Specialist? Maybe not so different after all :) Haha, sure I can submit your papers. Maybe get a nice 6 months on, 6 months off deal? Sounds like a dream :) I know, right? No loan, no mortgage and he can achieve all those things. I am guessing salary must be close to 50,000TTD or more a month, or if not it’s the overtime that brings it up to that value. A new car, high-end brand might be 100,000 to 200,000TTD, property might be 1 milTTD and over, but if he got estate or agricultural land (which I think he did) it might be 500,000TTD or less, then to build but I am sure he’s building in stages. Yeah, seems plausible because he lived at home when he started working with zero expenses, so he would have been able to save. Man, engineering was the way to go.

A gift from heaven for sure. Most days I wish I could leave work around 2pm, because those last two hours are a pain, especially on a Friday. Well, unless I am really overwhelmed with patients, I usually try to leave around 3pm, unofficially of course. Uh-huh, those Asian countries can stay right there with their 10+ hours and karoshi. Your description is a perfect reference… ‘slaves in the right places, don’t have time to think about living like crap.’ Nothing is wrong with a strong work ethic. I mean, even I strive to practice it. But there is a line to be drawn, in blood, sweat and tears XD

Patriot guy sure sounds like an interesting fellow haha. I’m impressed that they actually serve milk at a pub. But then milk-based cocktails, it makes sense. He’s lucky they didn’t mind selling their mixer. I would not have been able to resist laughing either. I suppose our group also had one of those sane people to take care of the rest. Many times that person was me as well :) Lol, yes I am the overly-kind and thoughtful drunk. Hope I don’t donate my soul one of these days XD Well, you’re funny even when you’re not drunk so I can easily believe that ;)

I checked Fuji as well and realized there was a small window of opportunity. Oh well. I am waiting on my new contract to finalize my vacation for next year. So I also need to wait and see how things will play out. I am feeling in a spontaneous mood lately though, so might just do some impromptu getaway as soon as I get some time. The time off I have now would have been ideal, and I almost booked a trip. But because it’s end of contract leave, I have a feeling HR will call me in over these days to review the new contract because that’s how dumb they are. It’s actually even possible that my contract will not be renewed too. The 20s me would have still booked the trip! :)

Abkhazia? Is that a real place? It sounds made-up, like some moon off a distant planet in a galaxy far far away :) I’m being silly. But seriously, never heard of that place’s existence before. First Moldova, now this! I bet I’m going to start seeing things related to Abkhazia randomly showing up now XD So what I probably need is one horrible incident to remove my fear of using public toilets then? XD Yes, thank goodness using a public toilet in urban Japan is something to look forward too :D Although I know I am going to encounter a squat toilet or two in the more remote places. I don’t have a problem with those. Growing up in the Caribbean, indoor plumbing was not always the norm back in my childhood. As long as it’s a CLEAN squat toilet, it’s cool. Girls squat all the time using public toilets if there isn’t enough toilet paper to line the seat anyway. I can’t believe I am going on in explicit detail about this right now haha XD

I know those outdoor things are off-putting, but sleeping under the stars on a beach or in the forest is the payoff for all the inconveniences :) Well, I am with you on that sleeping in car thing, I won’t be able to do that comfortably. A true city guy, then, no wild Russia for you :) God, I have all these probably unrealistic perceptions about Russia. See how dangerous reading is? ;)

Well, just as we talked about it, I ended up having to buy new headphones because one side stopped working just like that last week. I went and bought a 60TTD pair. Do you know the freaking thing stopped working today for absolutely no reason?! Like WTF? The cords didn’t even get tangled this time! Now I need to get another pair because I absolutely cannot live without headphones! Imagine having to listen to the real world 24-7! The horror! XD Ha, I would love to read that study, sounds hilarious. My co-worker uses those airpods. She’s always losing them or forgetting to charge them XD Did you know they started selling cords for the airpods like if it’s some cool thing? That’s what a ‘normal’ headphone is, you bastards! XD What a scam!

Err… say what you will, I refuse to believe those poems are of worse quality. I also like that you left them in their original form. Ha, yes thank you for the encouragement. I doubt my book will be liked all over the world XD Haha, nice try but did you know that an author is anyone who gave existence to any written work? So by that definition, you are already a winner because all I have is a title that I pulled a muscle to achieve :)

Thank you for saying those nice things about my dog and me, and for your wishes. Unfortunately, I had to put him down. I don’t want to bring down the mood of the message, so I won’t talk much more about it. Just to say it wasn’t easy. And I am not near over him being gone. But life goes on. It was joy having him in my life :) All I can do for now is consider those healthy coping mechanisms I am always talking to my patients about… and do the complete opposite… *pops open another beer* XD

See? All this use of modern technology is beyond my little island comprehension. To be honest sometimes I am quite intimidated by it. I feel very dumb in front of an unfamiliar piece of technology that 3yr old kids already know how to navigate. I can figure things out quickly at least but it is intimidating nonetheless. I think you said you love those high tech kinds of things, right? My friend was telling me about her recent vacation to the US. Most of the services used apps & self-service. She’s a tech person, but even for her it was intimidating. But writing on display sure is an easy way to communicate. Why did I say you talk a lot in English? I must have misread/misunderstood that in your last message. Sorry. And it makes sense now why you would be self conscious.

I still have to catch up on my seasonals. I decided I would read the manga for Kono Oto Tomare before watching the anime but I am very interested. And I think I might give Sarazanmai a try after all. I realized that the duck-like thingie I’ve been seeing is a kappa… and I’m into supernatural creatures :) I agree with your preferences (for the similar ones I am watching).

I am all into SNK after reading the manga… like ALL IN. I even went back and rewatched the anime with more appreciation. While the Female Titan remains my favourite episode, the action sequences for this season continue to be awesome. Levi vs Beast Titan was amazing to see, wasn’t it? Like even going in knowing what to expect, it surpassed my expectations for how incredibly it was executed. Arafumi Imai! Nuff said :) GOD-TIER animation! I was so damn hyped! Reading Levi in God-mode is one thing, seeing Levi in God-mode is always near orgasmic lol. And it was even more satisfying seeing Zeke get effed up than reading it XD How dare Zeke say that Levi has trouble with the ladies, that bastard! Levi could impregnate a room full of women by just walking into it lol XD Okay, I guess my drunk is finally coming out here XD I am always conflicted about Reiner and Bertholdt, though… ‘Raina’ and ‘Bertoto’ XD Oh, anime-only people are losing their shit over the latest episode when Eren Kruger said Mikasa and Armin’s name lol. When I first read that dialogue in the manga, I thought it was so cool because the connection of the collective Eldian consciousness was already explained to span across space and time. See why I love quantum physics? Time paradoxes are so mind-bending to consider. So the manga is really in its final arc? I probably have no place saying this since I binged the whole thing in one go compared to people who’ve invested years into this series, but I think it needs to be concluded soon. I am a little dubious about the direction it’s heading now with Mr Attack-Warhammer Titan’s seemingly out-of-character behaviour. Curious to see how that all plays off. But I would hate to see the manga head in any outlandish place. I doubt that would happen as Isayama seems to have marvelously and carefully woven the plot. I’ve seen what’s supposedly the final panel of the series, but not sure how true that is. Well, I am all in until that bittersweet ending anyway :D

I wanted to know the ending of Sidonia because I’m not invested enough to read it myself, but I am curious about the conclusion, as I am curious about all conclusions :) It doesn’t sound appealing though but thanks for telling me, I can sleep with nice thoughts of harem rom-com in my head XD Yes, I know lots of people into the old school as well. I have my favourites but sometimes the style of animation isn’t appealing, so it would be hard for me to watch, even though I know the plot/characters/story would be great. So, remember how I said I’ve wanted to whatsapp you nonsense many times, well it would have been some of those very memes. I come across them on anime pages on FB and Pinterest. You know how the internet is, once you search something enough, it customizes your preferences. It’s always a nice laugh to brighten the day :)
Ha, yes I had a very different view of anime back then too. Also because it was never the subbed but the horrid dubbed versions that were aired on TV, which was just over exaggerated and cringe-worthy. To this day, imho, the only dubbed animes which are worth a damn are those by Studio Ghibli with the A-list celebrity voice actors, like Mononoke Hime and Howl’s Moving Castle. But even those, I still preferred the original voice actors. Old school gets no updates but at least some are remade, for better (Fruit Basket) or worse (Berserk) XD

I am reading mostly manhwas & manhuas that I can’t add because MAL has not listed them. I am annoyed lol. This one psychological manhwa is completely messing with my mind. I can’t stop thinking about it… manipulation, rejection, longing, abuse, trauma… all those dark, twisted emotions. There’s rape too, but not in the rape-fetish way that I’ve seen in other mangas, but rape for what rape really is. It’s ongoing so I am suffering. I’ve already re-read it three times XD The reason I haven’t said the name is that ‘it’s a story about BL, the hard way’… that’s the actual summary XD Might be presumptuous of me, but I don’t think you’d be interested in reading BL. I’ll tell you what though, BL portrays some of the best adult themes I have ever read. I’d sooner read a BL romance than a hetero one. I get sick of reading adult hetero manga where either the female MC’s body is over exaggerated and ridiculous, or the girl is useless, brainless and usually fawning all over the man with no self preservation instincts at all. And I am not even talking straight up hentai here, where you have no expectations. But take Wolf Guy or Devils Line for example, the female MCs were ugh! Well at least in Devils Line she did acknowledge that her behaviour was pathetic. A nice adult hetero manga would be a pleasure to read. If you know any, feel free to share… doesn’t need to be erotic or anything (but that would be a bonus lol). So, to ask that dumb question “you know any good (hetero adult) manga?” Or should I just go hang with the rest of those sorry bros? :) Anyway, this manhwa makes my head and heart ache. It’s very relatable too. Why the hell is it relatable?! XD There’s even a warning on some panels, ‘please be advised that some scenes in the chapter may trigger traumas’… never came across that in manga before, and I have read some hardcore, deviant ones (that I will never add to my database XD). But they were right to put a warning, consider me triggered and traumatized lol *pops open another beer* XD

Oh, is this it? I’ve come to the conclusion, haven’t I? Phew, think I got a little carried away at the end there. I feel like I should apologize lol. See what happens when you don’t talk often, then finally get to talk about something you love? Three whole paragraphs! Sorry. You got bombarded by all that pent up dialogue XD Sure, you did a great job as always :) Think I’ll go pass out after I finish this beer XD I should probably hydrate a bit first. Yeah, I really did open those others. I stopped counting after 4 though XD Washed away by a hurricane? I now have an image of waking up to my bed floating in the ocean surrounded by circling sharks ;)

Hope all is good in your life. Hope this message wasn’t painful for you to read >.< Ciao until next time :)
Moon_Willow May 30, 9:14 AM
Well I'm back for another installment. The longer I take, the more content there is. Brace yourself XD Actually, just grab a cup of tea, sit comfortably and enjoy. Man, I hope that's true XD

Sorry for not keeping up the nice rhythm of our messages. Here I am a little more than a month later. Right after you even said that the spaces in between wasn’t that long, there I go messing that up. So sorry. The time monster has been devouring my precious free time until now (I'll tell you why later), so much so that I haven't even been online in general much over the past few weeks. I only just resumed making those few ‘sanity’ Instagram posts. Things have not settled down but here I am, for better or worse :) How are you? A whole month ago later. Were there any breakthroughs or revelations that I missed out on? :) Did you yourself actually do any spring gardening and planting yourself? ;) Spectacular sunsets/sky pics, btw :)

Haha yes, these islanders do have some strange traditions XD And yep, definitely the island party life. How did an introvert like me end up in a place like this? :P I am always seeing SPb show up on my travel sites, and less tourists has a nice positive feel to it XD Wow! All those holidays?! See? May is a great month! :P I hope you enjoyed them to the fullest! Ah you went to the country house! Any berry picking? :P Sounds like a nice change from the routine. The holidays do go fast, don't they? I was home in a state of bliss & before you know it, back out to work :'( I do have some mandatory end-of-contract leave first week in July though (& more if my contract isn't renewed XD) & we have one or two public holidays every week until then, so it doesn't feel as heavy :) Beer fests! Try any new kinds of craft beer this time? Sounds so damn fun! Ugh so jealous! XD

Hmm I understand what you mean about your job. It sounds like the difference between a job versus a career? The distinction I make is that a job doesn't challenge your skill set but a career is one that challenges your skills or gives you more opportunity for growth, more personal satisfaction, while still bringing in the paycheck. So, it sounds like you're thinking (a little) about the idea of finding your career? Do you need a push? :P I’ll dust off my pompoms and cheer you on ;) As for it being a 'trap' to change to another field of work, I think that's a matter of perspective. The possibility exists that it might even be a higher salary. And what if it is indeed a slightly smaller salary, but there are other perks, as well as more job advancement and satisfaction? See, it's all a matter of risk. Btw, I am just sounding off in general about the topic. You know, I spent a long time doing different jobs along the same type because I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do either. I even took a risk with something that didn't work out before I go into this career. I went from hospitality to environmental management (which didn't work out) to finally settling on nutrition. So, I think once you're playing with the idea of it, even if you don't know right now, you'll figure it out eventually... like you said, when you're ready to ask yourself about the meaning of life and future goals ;) I think even the fact that you think about it from time to time tells that the ambition to move forward is there. One day it might hit you, 'bam!" (not really). Ha, yes from all the talk I've had with you about the trials and challenges with my job, it's true I love the career I've chosen, and I do enjoy the work I do. Like you, I am playing around with an idea myself: to undertake my PhD. I intend to travel a bit first but once I find a programme I like (and can afford), I think will aim for it ;) Gimme a “P”!… gimme a “h”!…. gimme a “D”!… What does it spell?! “Probably heavily in Debt”… Gooooo Pee haitch Dee! XD

What things do you think you miss out on by being so logical (if you don't mind me asking)? So you think you would be mentally scarred if you go try to be illogical now? Lol, you're probably right XD Hypnotism? Ha, I wonder if those things work? I think it might work on people who want it work on them :P Some people are more open to the powers of suggestion. Uhhhh, as someone who's already older than you and who just had a birthday on top of that.... yeah, I think you're still young dammit! XD Haha, shit there was a time limit to change and it was in the 20s? How did I miss that memo?! XD But isn't the 20s to just enjoy a carefree life? I know I did... a little too much heehee. Well I did do a whole bunch of responsible, well-planned stuff in between too, like making investments, study, almost got married, almost started a family. But life wanted me to have more carefree fun instead, so more fun I did :P Even now, I still think all this adulting shit is overrated :) Right now I am trying to do my taxes (for the first time in my life XD), and I'm like.... da fuck is this shit? XD I hope I look decent in stripes when they throw my ass in jail, but that might be the least of my worries in there XD

Ha, "The Life and Times of Toha and Ryuusha". I know that food bowl antic. My cat used to do the same shit with me XD Haha, well a little romp from time to time to work out some of that energy will keep him in check. Glad you overcame that hair in food thing, I would die of starvation first XD

I think the people who excel at humanities would like us to think that they think hard. You put it well... "garbage out of thin air" XD

Man, you said it. I do Couchsurfing (yes I did mention before) while actually not doing to at all XD I used to do it (the proper way) in the past. Unfortunately because I was so tied up with my studies (money-wise), I wasn't able to accept invitations to visit people who I hosted, but I still keep in touch with most. It will be easy to catch up if I visit their country. Knowing me though, I won't ask to stay with them because of all the time that has passed, you know? Especially for the ones who I am only in touch with casually. But yes, I have hosted a few people when I had my own apartment, which had a spare bedroom. Mostly women, but I did host some guys as well once I felt comfortable. And of course, we'd hang out even if they didn't stay with me. Or I'd help them out in other ways (like sort the accommodation for them using my 'local rate' (shhh), or even stayed with them, but only in situations where I trusted the person enough to do that). It was an awesome experience. I was selective with who I hosted (based on a very scientific 'vibe' system XD), so I got some really nice people. But of course with everything else, there are the 'shitty' ones who give the service a bad name, but thankfully I never had to deal with that. I did have some who were 'super' nice in the beginning until I said I wasn't able to host them, then they'd drop the act and be themselves XD As you say, you already have a nice atmosphere of travelling with your friends, not depending on people otherwise, so I agree, you're not missing out on anything.

Ha, you checked for Trinidad huh? Hmm yeah 650USD is 'cheap' considering the distance I think. I'm the worst country ambassador for saying this, but only because I know you a little better now, I can safely say you'll be better off visiting somewhere else XD It would only make sense to visit here if you're island hopping, and there are better islands to visit than us... like mini Russia for example! XD Yes of course I'm kidding, Tobago is MUCH nicer! XD But I don't think we have enough in our little strip of lands to keep your attention. To quote you, "I’m just a little afraid of island trips because if they are small, I’d have nothing to do. I do love beaches and swimming but give me two days and I’d be ready to depart to other places with a smile." XD Nuff said.

Oh, btw just fyi as you mentioned internal costs, 1 USD is almost 7 TTD. It might work out a bit cheaper with spending than other Caribbean islands that use Eastern Currency Dollar 1 USD = 2.70 ECD. Also food and drinks are relatively cheap here, and you can get accommodation for around 50 USD / night (double occupancy)… maybe a little less in hostels.
So Taiwan is a similar price? I would have expected it to have cheaper airfare somehow. Oh, as expected Australia and Africa are also expensive for us. From here to SA countries might be around 1,200+ USD… not so cheap :(
Just out of curiosity, I checked the airfare cost from here to SPb (maybe I checked already but forgot)... 1,800 to 2,900 USD (similar cost to places like India).
Ha, did you go on a rant? XD I didn't notice. Thailand & Cambodia... I am looking at a similar trip for myself... Vietnam included. Why aren't you guys so eager to visit there though, if you don't mind me asking? So it seems like you might try a multi-country combo trip, if you can?
As for my trip to the US, I'm ready for it anytime. I've been keeping a steady eye on any upcoming deals. Unless I'm doing some grand adventure there (like Havasupai), I won't be planning any extensive itinerary for the US, since it's so easy to make multiple trips. I'm eyeing a long weekend coming up in the next few months actually. Probably NY or Florida, but I have some things keeping me grounded here (more on that later).

Ha yes, all these 'unicorn' hair colours are everywhere! I don't like to be part of the fad, but if it would make it harder to profile me :P Guess they don't have trouble when travelling. I would hesitate to try any extreme look, just in case. Why set myself up for any potential hassle with immigration? I feel like it might work for them, but not for me, you know? XD
Oh, it wasn't supposed to be anything you had to take too much effort with... and you even Googled omg sorry sorry and thanks for your effort. It's cool no worries, I thought with your travelling you might have seen someone with a similar kind of look to me. But the world could do without that! XD I am of East Indian descent, so Indian is the ethnicity I get. But in general terms, I have been told I look Hispanic or even a Middle Eastern ethnic group. At a restaurant when we were in Venezuela, this native Indian guy kept staring at me and my dad until he came over to ask if we were from Peru (he thought we looked like Peruvian Indians, him being an indigenous Indian from there as well). But ethnicity gets so technical that it was probably unfair to ask you that to begin with *slaps self on wrist*. We were talking travelling and profiling so it came to mind... sorry! >.<

What's that? I'm saving up the one-on-one anxiety for if we talk more outside MAL or future experience? Ha, you're probably right :P Eleven years, wow you're really a MAL senpai! I was intimidated to write in forums as well. Being older on this site, I felt like I would be a relic, completely out of touch. Because when I joined, I searched for people in my age group, and got intimidated right away when I realized all those people had not been active in years XD I think I was on here for a few months before I even made a forum post to introduce myself. I'm lucky that the first person willing to befriend me was/is a real sweetheart. Once we started chatting, that helped shake off the anxiety I had about being here. Then I met other cool people ;) ... among some other strange and stalkerish ones XD I'm not very good at maintaining casual types of one or two line conversations though, you know what I mean? Not to sound like a snob, but it just won't hold my interest/attention. The few friends I have on MAL who I carry on more-than-two-line conversations with are enough to keep me going with being social here :) And because I can't really maintain connection if it doesn't feel authentic, I also chat with these people outside of MAL from time to time, and we know what the other looks like (I like to give the people I befriend a chance to run away early if they need to :P... some have XD) Ha, yeah well I'm not an expert enough to post recs, I am not unbiased enough the write objective reviews, and I won't post in a forum to ask for recs when I can search myself (or get recs I get from interaction with my MAL friends :P)... so there goes my need to post in forums. I even unlisted myself from all the groups I joined. And if there is a day that you and I stop wall messaging, I will probably remove my wall as well. I think I already get the satisfaction I need from MAL, don't need to go any further... might upset the balance of the Universe XD You on the other hand, are a walking database of recs with your amazing lists, so I'm actually surprised when you said your recs in forums are rare. Have you ever written any reviews? I know you will be more impartial than me, and you're good at writing :)

Man, that time was a great time for music, wasn’t it? I started collecting CD albums around then too. Now I have hundreds of these obsolete things XD My music list is equivalent to your manga list tbh. I was very much into my music collections back then. So I am officially completely jealous of all those concerts you've been to. I've got the albums of all those artists except Guano Apes... damn I forgot about them XD. Oh Marilyn Manson’s “Angel with the Scabbed Wings” from "Antichrist Superstar", that’s some soul music right there XD, and I can sing by heart every track on "Mechanical Animals" as I’d play that one on a loop. Even Garbage's "G" was one of my first CD purchases :) Shirley Manson's voice is so yummy... “A Stroke of Luck" my fav on that album. Not up-to-date on Rammstein's new music. Everyone knows “Du Hast”, but "Engel" is actually my fav. Prodigy was my workout music. Nothing gets you pumped like starting a fire and smacking a bitch up XD That dude died recently, didn’t he? So add bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, A Perfect Circle and that’s me right there ;) No, sadly our little island is too tiny to be worth being on a tour visit for those kinds of artists. The only one of those you mentioned who came here was Sting (I was a poor student at the time, so I didn't go). When I think about Sting and Aerosmith, these guys were popular since back in my parents' prime days and imagine they were still relevant so many years later :) You were very lucky to have the opportunity to see all of those concerts, even if you've grown out of them now :) We do have lots of concerts, but soca, reggae, dub, dancehall, R&B genres, even rap artists. Ah so those are the kinds of rap you listen to. They're cool. It’s not music I’d keep on a playlist :) I'm not into radio either. I'm mostly clueless about popular music. Well I think I mentioned that mostly anime OSTs fill my playlist right now XD Updating the playlists can really be a chore. For me, if I hear something and it gives me goosebumps, ima download it XD I think I’m an all-rounder when it comes to music too, my tastes are wide and diverse :)

The famous sakura you mentioned are the very ones you sent the pics of, right? Hmm, the thought of picking apples from your own apples tree is something dreamy to me :) Aww, little coniferous corner... ^_^ cute. So, you know those icebreaker questions, if you were a tree what would you be? You'd be a type of conifer :) Wanna know mine? It's easy to guess... a willow :P You know I have this tree symbolism book somewhere, I should look up conifers ;) Oh, apart from sakura blooms, wisterias are something magical, aren't they? :)

Haha, I think you'd be safe from T&T men grabbing your ass... maybe not the women though :P Hey, you remember this party I went to over Christmas where I met those Swiss guys? Well, one of the guys and I were chatting a little away from the crowd, when this girl runs over to us, clearly intoxicated. She grabs me by the hips, presses her body into mine and starts dancing by gyrating and grinding on me! XD Then she grabs him and does the same thing to him too! We call that "wine up" here or to “wine” on XD Her friends soon came over to apologize and take her away, but not before she ran back to us and did the same thing all over again! XD I look to him and he's looking back at me laughing, his face all flushed :P I say, "Bet this doesn't happen back home", he goes, "No. But I like it!" XD Lol. So if you don’t mind being violated like that XD Sighs. We really do have this bohemian, carefree kind of attitude. And we don't have the same reserved, 'no touch' stance as most of the eastern world. Which means random people could just come dance with you in very provocative ways XD Haha, actually it does not really happen in this non-consensual way like with this crazy girl XD Oh, I would only use the sonic nutcracker if the nuts are presented in front of me in a manner deserved of crackin' XD Ugh, no rum please lol. Especially cheap, dark rum. The most rotten hangover ever! But those aged and spiced rums (the kind you sip and savour slowly), those have a nice mellow mouthfeel and give a good head (another local slang) :P

It's understandable that you thought we spoke Spanish. Venezuela has beautiful nature but was never an appealing place to visit because of all the political unrest over the years. People from here would visit just for shopping. Because of their severely devalued dollar things were cheap. Actually with the humanitarian crisis going on there right now, we are being overwhelmed with refugees, and the inside local joke is just as you thought. Lol @ your reaction to Guyana XD There also has beautiful nature, but again with the crime, corruption and poverty, never appealed to me to visit. Ha, well your eyes were not on this side of the world, but imagine me being from this region and forgetting that French Guiana is a whole country in SA! We hear next to nothing about them! XD Interestingly, T&T has a high-income economy, so many people from the region try to migrate here. This is the first time I checked, but apparently we have the 3rd highest GDP next to the US and Canada in the "Americas" (meaning in all of North and South America). Whoa! :O Hey, this is educational for me too XD Hmm, I know it will be more challenging and expensive, but the idea of traveling across big countries is so appealing to me. Guess that’s the small island confinement talking XD

Thanks, it’s been so long I had time to recover and get sick again and recover again XD It wasn’t any serious thing, just some sniffles, headaches, sore throat with the Sahara dust. I’m fine now ;) Oh the bad weather has just gotten started as our rainy season, i.e. Hurricane season, has just begun. Time to stock up on some vital supplies. By that I mean alcohol. Can’t be anxious if you’re drunk! XD
Extremes of weather would be hard on me. I feel ill if I go from a/c to blazing sun, to a/c too much in one day. I might die in a +22 one day, +2 the next day if it’s not something I eased myself into :O

Wow, you spend so long in that uni system before you can become gainfully employed! When you say 5 or 6 years to complete the diploma with the old system, then when you graduate are you at bachelor or masters level? See the 4 year bachelor, plus 2 year masters is similar to our system. I could not imagine anything longer than 3 to 4 years for a bachelors. Btw, is university free? Here your first degree is free, once you maintain a decent GPA. The masters is government assisted, so you pay half. Any additional degrees or graduate studies, you pay your own way. Yes, you’d have great opportunities here. Imagine my cousin only graduated a few years now (not even masters, just bachelors), and he got a great job, bought a 4x4 van, purchased property, and is building his own house, all mortgage/loan free. Crazy, right? The contrast how you describe the situation with engineers there is painful.

Some companies here try that ‘lunch hour not included in 40 work hours’ crap until the labour law people catch up with them XD Half hour for lunch? Longer shift? I’m glad you left! And now even less hours on Friday so you can start your weekend earlier? Man, it was a great decision to take up this offer :)

I believe they call people like that narcissists ;) I know, you’re right. Initially, the plan was to ignore rather than block to avoid stirring up the hornet’s nest, but the message bombardment and tracking of my movements online was so irritating that I had to block to just make it all go away :) Anyway, it all worked out for the best in the end. Sometimes when you squeeze people a little, you get to see what's inside them. Sometime it's rotten :P

Ha! See? I could be scary! >.< I can’t believe I blurted all that stuff out though. I must have been in a zone… a twilight zone XD You handled it like a pro though ;) As always, you were not thoughtless with your words. I appreciate that about you :) Thanks, and sayonara to that topic indeed :)

Monotone walking. I didn’t know that was an actual thing until I checked XD Never heard that expression before. I know, I never understand those girls who can sip one drink all damn night. They have to be posers for sure! XD Ha, maybe your light memory loss might not be so bad but not mine! Like go to the washroom with my purse but come back out empty-handed because I’ve left it INSIDE the sink bowl at some point >.< Or my friends find me taking long in the washroom because I am there happily offering my own flushables wipes to all the other people waiting to use the loo because there was no toilet paper, then me wondering later on why all my wipes are gone XD But seriously, if we ever drink together one day, please double check that I have nothing valuable in my hands except my drink! XD
You ever notice how it seems the trend to have all these nonfunctional, shallow pockets in clothing? So ridiculous. When did pockets become more fashion, less function?

Lol @ ‘unexpectedly, right out of nowhere’. How dare they! XD This has only been in the news/social media for like the last year, how could you miss that Japan is hosting the Olympics? XD I also wondered if that would mean prices would go up for the whole year not just the period, but Japan 2020 has a nice ring to it, so I’m still keeping my options open :)

Ha, well the other reason I don’t like to eat or drink much when traveling is that I’m squeamish with public toilets, even just for #1 XD I tell you, working at a hospital has ruined me XD If I go on any long road trip, I usually have some trail mix, nuts or dried/fresh fruit to nibble on, and will just sip water along the way. I save the drinking for when I’m at a pub/bar, hopefully with decent toilets XD Oh for sure, the diner round the corner might even have better service :) Btw, I know we talked about Russian fishing adventures a while back, but have you ever done hiking and/or camping in the ‘wild’?

Same here. Like you, I also used to buy the expensive ones. But after I realized that they broke just the same as cheaper ones, I don’t bother anymore. I just buy some good cheap ones, because I know in a few months (if only I could get a year, much less two out of them!) I’d need to replace them anyway. I’m terrible with headphones actually. I think they don’t like me XD Those cords always get tangled or kinked or caught on something or the other, no matter how neatly I try to store/use them. And I won’t do those airpod styles, not my thing. How do people feel secure with those expensive things just hanging there? They look like a strong enough breeze could blow them off XD

Fifty-two!!! Plus ones you’ve written in English!!! Yes, well I know now not to trust your judgment when you say they are of lower quality, so I am sure they are amazing. Hope I live to see the day when you publish them, even if just for the heck of it ;) Dibs on a first edition autographed copy! ;) Haha, I know right? I really strained myself with that title phew! XD Not weird at all, you wouldn’t believe how spot on what you said is. When I was doing my internship, we had to go around to schools doing nutrition education segments. We went to this preschool (with kids around your niece’s age), where my friend and I had to dress up as Mr. Carrot and Mrs. Broccoli \(>.<)/ and come up with a poem/song…. The Carrot and Broccoli Song… riveting title, I know XD The kids went crazy, jumping up and cheering and singing along after only hearing the lyrics once (well it’s not like they were complicated, God wish I could remember them now). The kids even demanded an encore when we were done! XD The shit I’ve had to do for this beloved career of mine omg XD A little girl came up to me with glistening eyes to tell me that Mrs. Broccoli (me) was very beautiful *weeps* XD Bless those pure, innocent souls ^_^ The worst part of all this was, after we left the school, all of us grown-ass adults started singing The Carrot and Broccoli song in the bus on the way back to uni! XD Even after we’d still find ourselves humming it at random times XD See how right you were? ;)

I told you the same thing, that I write more here than I speak in real life at once XD It’s great. But sorry again that I messed up the nice rhythm. I guess this is a good place to say why. I always seem to take on these ‘projects’. So my dog got very sick again over the past weeks a little while after I last wrote. Most people would have put him down right away. BUT he is still eating with his usual voracious appetite, isn’t in any obvious pain, and is fighting against the disability (he can’t walk). I decided to give him one last fighting chance. He is a senior dog as I told you, and already disabled on top of that (remember he was also sick about a year ago but made a full recovery), so I know it’s inevitable that he will die within the next few years at most, but does that mean I should put him down because it will be the easier option for me? How much is a single life worth even for a dog? Why hasn’t he given up on life himself? Is that just animal survival nature? Not questions I needed answered, just questions I’ve been asking myself. What this means for me though (which I should say I am in no way complaining about, I took this responsibility and I would do it again in a heartbeat) is that I have had to do more for his care. In fact, caring for him is like caring for a baby. He can’t walk, and we don’t have all those nice fancy braces available here, so I have to lift him around when I need to move him. He has to get a shower every day because he can’t go to the bathroom himself right now and is in diapers. There I am changing diapers at 1am, 3am, 5am at night/early morning XD He cries at night because he doesn’t want to be alone or is hungry. It takes me about an hour in the morning and 2 hours in the evening to care for him, plus do my other daily home stuff, care for the other dog (he’s fine), plus work, plus errands, and the lack of sleep on top of that. Again, I’m not complaining, just explaining why it’s just been hard to even be online. I love caring for him though. He is so sweet and patient. He looks at me with these eyes full of love and adoration. It’s the most amazing thing. My mum calls him, His Royal Highness XD He now lives in our laundry room in a pampered lifestyle with full room service, and a 24 hour on-call nurse XD Well mum helps out in the day when I am at work, but she can’t lift him. I am working with the vet to see if we can improve his quality of life enough for him to walk again if rehab is possible. If it doesn’t work in the next few weeks, of course he will have to be euthanize because I am not completely illogical. He has been my constant companion for 12 years. Twelve years of unconditional love and adoration. I am so lucky :). If it is his nature to fight for his life, then I will help him as much as I can. At least at the end I can say I tried everything I could. I had dreams of him dying naturally in his sleep. In human years, he’s in the 80’s I think. His vet is always amazed that he doesn’t look his age XD Neither does my other dog (his brother) who is one year younger. His downward spiral happened in 3 days, I think he picked up an infection. He was jumping about and his happy self before that. Anyway, I don’t want to let too much time pass between our messages, so I got a lucky break to catch up on my sleep, so here I am finally writing this overdue message :) We still rock, right? Maybe a pebble? >.<

I think it’s because the kanji for the number 9 looks like the kanji for torture or something like that, that’s why it’s associated with pain. When did humans start paying such attention to number symbolism? I won’t deny that I find it totally interesting… things like Numerology, the Golden Ratio, Fibonacci, Foucault’s Pendulum, etc. Mathematics/science and divination crossed paths somewhere along the way.

Oh true! Why didn’t I think of that! Writing on the phone display. Have you ever done that to communicate? Sounds fun if you can type fast :) Why are you still self conscious if you talk a lot in English. Doesn’t using it often help to make you feel less self conscious? Anyway, maybe one day I’ll hear it and let you know if you sound bad or not XD I’m teasing you, I am sure you sound fine. Haha, oh you’ll return the voicenote? Very tempting, but I still can’t get to the point of sending one XD Haha, ask to send one on your own free will? No I won’t ask that of you, rest easy :D

I’ll try to catch up on my seasonal this weekend. I am so out of touch. The only one I've kept up to date with is SNK. And that is because! *drumroll* over the holidays I caught up on the manga!!!! OMFG!!!! IT’S THE BEST THING EVER!!! Haha, it really was a complete treat, the pacing, the story, just perfect. The sad thing is now I am just like the rest of you sorry lots waiting month to month for a new chapter arghhh! XD Man, I read that in like 4 days nonstop. You know how sometimes there can be a lull in the story, and your attention isn’t as engaged? Well I didn’t experience that with this one at all. It’s amazing. Aww Dororo will be over soon, if it isn’t already so you’ll be out of your misery :P Yes, I’ve had a look at the manga for OPM, the art if definitely cool, but I don’t know if I can read another story of who is more OP than who… I am making an assumption that the story doesn’t get deeper than that, but I could be wrong (hopefully I am). That was mostly how Feng Shen Ji was but the artwork was sooo freaking incredible. But I think reading that long ass manhwa filled my need enough, as I am clearly not the target demographic for that genre :) Yes, I remember you don’t like old school anime :) Old school anything? Ever? :’( Am I not considered old school now XD Oh darn, I thought Carol and Tuesday was good based on what I saw online, too bad it’s not. How is Sarazanmai going along now, did it get any better? Yes, I have Kono Oto Tomare on my list ^_^ Ah, I see. Now I understand what you mean when you say you don’t like historical. Omg Darkwing Duck & Chip and Dale, me too! XD Yeah, when I discovered anime after Disney, it was more what I needed than the childish types of stories. Ha, it really did feel like we were lied to all that time, nice description XD I missed out on Sailor Moon myself. It will be too dated for me to watch now, but the memes are awesome! I use them all the time XD Save me the trouble and tell me how Sidonia no Kishi ended (just in a nutshell). I remember you avoid Chinese media, those styles I named are just fantasy types of stories. I love them :D

So, I've come to the end for now. Take your time in responding, I deserve it XD Okay no, hopefully not to long :P Hope all is well in your world. I hope the weather gives you many more opportunities for those amazing sunset/sky captures. :) Ciao for now! x
Moon_Willow Apr 25, 10:31 PM
I’m on vacation but down with the flu, so if there is anything positive about it, at least I have time on my side and can hit you with a fastball too. Hey, I made a rhyme! XD Oh my, why are you getting that sore throat? Is it allergies? Hope it clears up quickly! Ah, I see. I did think your country’s traditions would be more of a religious event than the commercial enterprise it is in the western world. I don’t celebrate myself, but like you I enjoy that there’s holidays. Well I was on vacation anyway, but I do get the extra days back for the holidays. I looked up the traditional dishes. They look very… holy… almost like a Christmas-time feeling. But umm… beating each other’s eggs against each other? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Haha, I know what you meant. As far as I know, there’s not a similar tradition in the west, just the Easter egg hunts for kids, Easter parades, and the devout go to church. I live so outside of most traditions that I don’t really connect to any of these celebrations in a deep way. There is an extra cultural tradition on the island (Tobago only) over Easter weekend. We have something called ‘Great Fete’, basically a weekend long beach party. And Easter Tuesday is an unofficial holiday (meaning people still go to work but leave half day or call in sick altogether XD). On this Tuesday, there is the Buccoo Goat and Crab Races… yes, you read that right! XD The rams are prized possessions and trained for races… they even give the rams power drinks like Guiness mixed with other protein shit. Crazy stuff. The crab races are especially hilarious Of course it’s also a drinking event, food festivals, street parades, live music, etc. It’s all good fun. I have been once or twice but won’t go again unless it’s to accompany anyone I’m hosting. Then this coming weekend is the Tobago Jazz Festival, an international event. Needless to say the island is overrun with visitors and tourists. But that’s what you get when you live on a tourist island. You know where I’ll be XD I guess I’ll officially begin the message now as well XD

Well, you had more time to write a quick response, so I’m not complaining XD But seriously, I’m glad you got the change you wanted, even a somewhat similar one. As you said, time will tell. But even though the tasks may be similar, I’m sure the subtle changes will still make a difference. Those ‘what ifs’, eh? No doubt you’ll manage :) I have been feeling overwhelmed at work myself, and have been pushing myself, so maybe that’s why the moment I have some time, my body’s like… *flop* I might do a little staycation getaway to the north coast of the island, change up the view a bit ;)

Hmm, interesting. I can attest that had I been a logical person, my life would be very different than what’s it’s turned out to be. Apart from the callousness we think goes with making purely logical decisions, there is something self preserving in it. I would have saved myself a lot of pain had I acted with logic in many past decisions. I don’t think I’d want to be only logical though, maybe a nice balance of the head and the heart? ;) I understand now why the decision was even harder for you. Ha, maybe should take your lead and do those ‘not my’ things as well :) I knew good would come of our conversations ;) You’re still young, grasshopper… many days of suffering and pleasure ahead :)

See? I knew you had some part to play in the taunting! :P I mean it’s hard to leave that ball of fluff and energy alone. I wouldn’t be able to. Haha, I understand. Even though my cat was short-haired, I had less shedding to deal with, but still it was gross finding those things around. Back then I used to wear only dark colours too, so there was no escape! XD Food, ugh! Big peeve when it comes to finding anything foreign in food, especially hair. I lose my appetite immediately. So, that was great news you don’t deal with that anymore! :D

Lol @ Dante. I think the fact that you even googled gave you more knowledge than many have of it XD I believe it might be considered a classic and stays relevant today, some 700 years later, because of the theme (humans always question mortality and the hereafter), and because it inspired so many other works, books, film, music since then, most popular probably being Jacob’s Ladder. Even Devil May Cry is loosely based on The Divine Comedy. Speaking of Thomas Aquinas XD, dude also has some cool quotes which I can’t remember, but will go look for one now… XD Ooo, this is a good one… “If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever” :)

I had three requests for hosting through Couchsurfing in these few months. I haven’t hosted in ages, and since I’m more introverted than ever these days, I feel like I am out of touch. The couchsurfers would not have been staying with me, just wanted me to hang out, show them around, etc. It ended up that I didn’t need to do that in the end, although I did stay in touch with them throughout, made recommendations and just interacted. It did feel strange from my normal routine :) Oh yeah, my family ‘legacy’ will die with me as well. Since I’m the one and only to carry forward my clan of three lol, and seems like it won’t go further than me XD I won’t mind changing my surname though (not that I need marriage to change it, just easier paperwork lol). It’s a Muslim name, although I am not Muslim. And those names are easily blacklisted when traveling. I’m surprised I got my US Visa so easily. Like you said, they do decline many. The guy didn’t even look at any of my documents. He asked three questions: what my job was, when I plan to travel, and where I was staying. He said, ‘your visa is approved, enjoy your trip’. I was kinda in shock because people make such a huge deal about how meticulous your preparation of the extra documents should be for this visa in particular. Another thing that was peculiar, I was the ONLY non-employee inside the entire visa office that day so I went straight in to process and was out in no more than 10 minutes. I thought I stepped into another dimension when I entered XD I was let in right away, but have heard stories of people being there for the entire day, even having to line up outside in the hot sun before they were even allowed inside. Hope I didn’t tell you this already, kinda feels like I did. Anyway, whatever opened up that opportunity, I am grateful. But back to the name, I have nothing against the religion… most of my extended family are… I just want nothing to do with any religious association, period. I always tick my ethnicity as ‘other’, and my religion as ‘none’ or ‘other’ XD I don’t want to be stereotyped, not even by ethnicity. I am going to dye my hair pink when I travel! Be warned XD Just kidding, because then my passport pic won’t match ugh! What ethnicity do I look like, btw? Just curious.

Those places sound so cool, especially Thailand & Cambodia! Big plus is that they’re cheaper! The different style of vacation might add to the adventure, not so? I have no doubt you’ll figure it out before October :) Yeah, Bali is definitely one of those types of places. I agree that there are cheaper destinations that will give a similar type of experience. My friend’s bf is doing some sort of studies in that region, so she went to visit him and I think they did a few countries as well, but the Bali pictures were stunning… not beach actually but the landscape, forest areas, rice paddies, and such. I think there’s a way to do the US cheaply, especially if you avoid or are most frugal in the most expensive states. Oh cool, so you’ve felt similar about Japan, and look you’ve crossed the barrier :) For me to travel to those places you mentioned, the flight prices are similar to Japan. The multi-city internal costs are what would rack up the expenses. A backpacking experience for sure.

Haha aww man, those uni presentation can be a pain XD Although, I seemed to have had it easier than most as the lecturers always went easy on me, I don’t know why. Maybe I just satisfied their questions so they didn’t need to grill me. Man, some of my friends had it rough XD I used to feel so self conscious at the beginning, especially if you have some grim faces staring at you. Though once it gets on the way, the feeling disappears and I just focus on the task, but not as easily as you ;) Hey, how was the atmosphere for this last interview panel? I find interviews these days tend to take on a more casual and relaxed approach, which I much prefer. Oh, yeah we had those group in-class presentations too but like you say we were all in it together. Wow, that was a lot of content. It sounds like you had more training in English class than I had in English class, as I always tell you! XD That’s good that you can block that feeling and focus on the presentation. The perks of having a logical mind ;) I do get the one-on-one anxiety sometimes, depending on the person. In fact, I thought messaging you outside of MAL would make me nervous at first, but surprisingly it never did :) All typos are fair game here, as we know what the other is trying to say. That’s enough :)

You know, I have never been a hip hop or rap person, though there are some I don’t mind, but I can appreciate the rhyming. Overwhelms me as an English-speaker also XD Good rap is hard to find now. My preference is ‘old school’ rap… Run DMC, WuTang, Grand Master Flash, Slick Rick, KRS-One… because I’m Cool Like That :P and because of their catchy hooks :) I’m not so sure how you’d feel about those though :P I also have a special love for Beastie Boys though their lyrics are a total mess haha. I can’t think of any ‘modern’ hiphop/rap artist I like, is Snoop still relevant? XD Gorillaz I LOOOVEEE although I think the genre is called ‘alternative hip hop’ or something, though not all their music has the hip hop elements. Funny thing if you don’t know them, the band ‘members’ aren’t real people makes it even cooler because it’s like anime! XD Apart from Eminem, which other rap/hip hop artists are you into? Ah, you just named my favourite genre XD Just kidding, but psychedelic rock is pretty unique and I did get into psychedelic rock because it’s what my Dad listened to… Blue Oyster Cult, The Doors, Pink Floyd. I’ll go listen to more of their music now :D Oooo nice! Their concerts would be awesome to go to! Have you ever been? Oh I see, well the video suited the song perfectly I think. Haha, yes it’s so cool in fact that it was added to my playlist as soon as I heard it ;)

Maybe they do need some more years before they’re ready, poor things. ‘Kill them already’ haha XD Yes, send the pics if you get there, so I can at least appreciate their effort XD Oh my stars! Apple tree blossoms! How lovely! Is there a fragrance when they bloom? Haha, we do have trees that shed all their leaves in what’s called our semi-deciduous forests. But your impression is correct, it’s mostly lush year-round as the majority is tropical rainforest. So Larches, never heard the name before. Wow looks lovely… and tall! The only type of conifer tree we have is the Caribbean pine. They can get pretty tall as well, and do have a distinct smell. We had them around the edge of our yard back in the day. I loved that whole bed of needles when they shed :) My kites always seemed to get stuck in them though XD

Haha well you’re safe from drunken Trinbagonians. In fact, they will have you laughing with some nonsense story-telling. Oh trust me, if I can handle drunk T&T men, I can handle any kind XD But never came across a drunk Russian before so who knows? XD English dandies? They talk right up to your face. Germans? They want to hug you and kiss you. French and Italians? They start singing to you XD As for the drunk T&T men? Lawd help me! XD They are aggressive enough even without the alcohol. I've had my ass grabbed in clubs/parties more times than I care to remember. My best defense when they get touchy-feely is a knee to their crotch. Hey, I should call that move the Sonic Nutcracker, right? XD Did I say I was non violent? Well, that’s self defense, yes? :P
See, May is a great month because there are craft beer festivals! :D Oh, hope you get to visit them all! Enjoy! I wish we had something as cool here. I mean we do have rum festivals, but not the same thing. After the first few drinks, how much more can you appreciate anything? XD

Nice weather then. Just the temp I keep my a/c’d room at XD Yeah, those pics show lovely skies. I don’t know what to say about this weather here also. April-May does have showers although it’s still the dry season. Today it’s about 30 degrees as it’s overcast and thundershowers are expected. We have this Saharan dust thing, so there is this haze like if you’re wearing dirty sunglasses. The heat index is high still though. You feel the heat warming you up as soon as you step outside. No other way to explain it than you feel like you are being cooked XD It’s a little hard to breath because of the dust. Or maybe because I’m not feeling well. Or maybe both XD I need the beach. I am going to crawl there soon XD

Haha yeah, it takes less time to get from Trinidad’s tip to Venezuela than it takes from Trinidad to Tobago XD We even have animals that float across here on debris from the Orinoco River. We’d probably be speaking Spanish if the English conquerors hadn’t won the battles in the end XD We still have a small population of native Indian descendants that you would find in SA, and they speak a language all their own. I don’t know why when I think of Argentina I just think horses and plains, probably high school geography lol. But yes, I know the landscape is more diverse and beautiful. Haha, well he did stay a long time too, so maybe your trip might be less costly. Also, being an over 70 level traveler I’m sure you know how to travel on a budget ;)

Lol @ easy education XD Wait, those numbers are really great even if they use different ranking systems. Whoa, one course at a time? How long does it take to finish uni then? My degree was fixed courses that I had to satisfy (how much ever credits per course), but I could choose how much to study each semester. I wanted to finish in 3 years, so I took the heavier course load each semester. It’s always funny to me when you talk about engineers as low level, i.e. cannon fodder XD when here as I mentioned before, you guys are revered as kings/queens, getting all the top level job opportunities. My engineer friends are hella rich, all driving expensive cars, multiple houses, going away on luxury vacations every year. That’s what you get in an oil country I suppose. Why did I have to be all noble & righteous and not give in to fossil fuels? Even the dinosaurs eventually did! XD

Well, okay true you have to work back your lunch hour. That’s unfair. What happened to the 40-hour work week, Russia? :( Hey, 15 mins is a lifetime in the morning. I have about 3 alarms that I can snooze through before I actually get off the bed, and although they say that’s not a good thing to do, those extra five or 10 minutes feel like a gift XD Heck, I still prefer your work hours even with the extra hour :) Ha, yeah deep sleep and memory loss, alcohol does have its uses :P Well, let me know if anything works if you ever decide to try something :)

Not that I think you’re interested in this drama, but before we bring the curtain down on this whole lemon-chan affair, I wanted to share the grand finale. Only because you know the situation as it happened. I received an email from her yesterday, which is the only way she had left to contact me. I’m going to share it in its entirety so you can get true picture of it.

I am always amazed that people take such offence when I remove them from my life. Is it such an unbelievable thing to do? I am patient and can endure a lot, but when I’m done, I’m done. For me to get to this point though, it takes something I know I wouldn’t be able to get past, and usually it’s to safeguard myself from being hurt again. I did forsee that she would view the action as passive-aggressive. She was right when she said I don’t like passive aggressive behaviour (hate was a strong word). Well, I explained my reasoning in my last message. I am just so exhausted after that whole Dad ordeal, I was really out of steam to ‘battle’ it out with anyone, especially with a person so strong in their own conviction that they don’t see outside themselves. She likes those kinds of ‘battle of wits’ to assert her dominance XD Maybe she’s offended because she would have never done the same to me, no matter what my offence may have been. But then again, if I were her, even if I think that I didn’t do wrong, I would still display some genuine humility for inadvertently hurting someone. Her message is quite the opposite, I would go so far as to say accusatory and hateful even. I showed the mail to my mum. Her response was that my cousin’s reaction does not match my action, meaning she seemed like she had some deep seated issues with me already inside her. Mum also thinks it’s her conscious eating her but she is trying to project it all back at me. I’m surprised the little lemon thinks I would try to sully her name though, she should know me better than that. But I guess she can’t trust anything she thought she knew of me now XD I especially enjoyed the part where she said that my masochistic side wants to see her life so I can continue to live vicariously through it, and that the package had more of an adventure than I ever will. Touché, cousin… that was low XD I hope she feels better getting those things off her chest :) She can spew as many hateful mails at me as she needs to cope with the situation. It says more about her true nature than mine anyway. My best response is no response. Well, that’s the end of it. It solidifies that my decision was indeed the right one. I have no regrets :)

Ahh, the infamous depression. I understand your thinking and what you’re saying. And these days it seems everyone is throwing that word around. As for it being a real disease, it is from the aspect of brain chemistry and a dysfunction in the neurotransmitters that promote mood. It’s different from situational depression, where some trigger makes a person feel low. And it’s actually healthy to experience situational low moods every once in a while because it helps you cope with life, strange as it might sound. It goes so far as to changes the way your synapses fire and can lead to ‘new’ information processing… like when I told you sometimes feeling down is what might inspire someone to think ‘outside the box’ which works well for problem solving. But clinical depression is when everything is wonderful but you feel like you want to die. Not in a funny ‘emo’ ironic way, but in a … I need to escape this horrible despair that I’m feeling by taking myself out of the picture. I cannot even begin to explain what that kind of feeling is like. It has crippled me into a fetal position on the floor more than one time. I started experiencing these feelings when I was not yet in my teens. My life was happy, I had good friends, healthy family situation, love, laughter, I hadn’t yet experienced the pain of loss, and so on. So I knew it was not normal to feel this way. Later on there were times when I actually planned how I would kill myself, but never tried to act on it. I just patiently carried on with my life as best I could while hiding this feeling from everyone. I’ve tried to explain to people that it’s not something you can snap a finger and make disappear, it’s not a cry for attention, it’s not because you’re ungrateful or unhappy with life. I’ve since stopped trying to explain or even talking about it much. It’s like this secondary internal setting. Like when everyone else’s TV comes preset to Eye Saving, but yours is preset to Vivid? XD The depth of the mood comes and goes, sometimes situational can trigger it deeper, or sometimes it makes you cope with situational feelings better. It’s been a wild ride XD At the end of it, only someone who goes through this can understand what it means living the reality every day. Sometimes I wake up and it’s hanging over me and I go, oh so this is what we’re doing today? XD It has gotten better the older I get though, or maybe I just got better at coping with it. The interesting thing is that I am not fragile or unable to cope with emotional situations or anything like that. In fact, I seem to be emotionally stronger. It’s also made it easier to relate, communicate and empathize with people who are experiencing grief or pain, as I need to do with my job. And with that, we can say Sayonara to this paragraph as well :D

There was this whole documentary on Netflix about a doctor who went around trying all different experiments with drinking, like having a meal first, drinking water between drinks, snacking choices while drinking, hangover remedies. It was quite hilarious. Yeah, I always try to eat first if I know I’m going to drink, the empty stomach thing, I am too old for that shit XD As for drinking slowly, I tried, I just can’t… especially when it’s beer XD And also hydrating in between prevents hangovers, but who wants to lose their buzz by drinking water? XD Hey, at least I eat before right? :P Hahaha omg there was more to that story?! XD I did wonder about your friends and how they didn’t keep an eye on you. Only to find out they too were dealing with their own situations! I can’t believe he actually managed to crack the password XD And those girls bailing on you guys? XD Man, this is even more of a movie-like plot now. I had mental imagery XD Oh, so the crazy drunk stories that happened earlier in life don’t count? Phew! Good to know XD Hey, even slightly broken that Viking has a story to tell :) Sadly, I once lost my ID like that while out drinking. Moral of the story? Never drink with shallow pockets! XD

Disaster free is a great thing, wouldn’t you say? A dam solved all the problem of flooding. Wow. If only that could work for us (Trinidad). We (Tobago) don’t have to worry about flooding, but landslides. I’m more than happy that the Sahara Dust is all we have to deal with right now *fingers crossed* When the rain comes… and oh boy will they… things are going to get veeeerrry exciting XD *whimpers*

Okay. I understand everything you’re saying with planning the joint trip. No worries :)
Haha, well that’s logical. I don’t think it’s stupid. I do the same, since I don’t usually feel hungry to any great level when I’m doing something exciting like seeing new places. Any little (nutritious) thing will sustain me. If I include going out for a nice dinner (which doesn’t need to be expensive) at least one time, that will be enough. If I don’t it’s no loss. I’m not a fancy restaurant kind of person unless it’s some special occasion. Those affairs tend to be too fluffy, fussy and fake for me. Oh swirl the wine and sip it like I know what I’m doing XD Actually I am no stranger to this formal type of setting. I just don’t care for it. I’m the girl having a lite snack right at the bar XD

Where is the morality indeed. I noticed that too… that they seem to purposefully make it subpar to last a short time. It’s amazing how much this commercial and corporate world gets away and has gotten away with. And we’re here stuck in this loop. Hence my desire to be minimalist.

Forty?! What the hell. You were being incredibly euphemistic before it seems. More than enough to publish even just for the fun of it and make some money in the process ;) My book… there has been some development… I got as far as the title XD I want to work on the illustrations during my vacation. Lol no it’s not a poetry book… although my silly type of poetry would probably be best suited for kids? Hmmm… Well, now that you mention it (if you weren’t just teasing)… maybe some poetry to suit the theme of the book (children’s book on local fruits and vegetables). Should I really subject them to that torture? XD Thanks for the idea (if you weren’t just teasing) :P

Hmm, what gives it the impression that we’ve known each other for longer? Haha, the walls of text for sure! XD But some kind of connection also?… Ah let’s leave that to the universe and just enjoy the ride :)

Really? I thought you might have come across it with the Japanese culture

So only when you really need to speak the language? Man, now I’m totally curious as to what our in-person communication would have been if we travelled together. Mostly silence? Finger puppets? Monosyllables? ‘Go. Here. Now… Food. Good. Eat… Sleep. Now. Bye… Shut. Hell. Up’ XD I shouldn’t tease though, because I chickened out from sending you voice notes instead of text many times XD Not that I would have expected any in return, mind you ;)

Omg, Dororo… what the freaking hell happened?! Even I cannot recover. I watched the last episode thinking… was the animation always this awful? A toddler could draw better! XD The story is lagging too. They should have gone for 12 instead of 24 episodes. My score was for the story and the classic origin, but seriously if it doesn’t get better that rating is going down :( Haha yeah the popularity of especially OPM surprised me too. Oye, S2 isn’t good? Meh. And there we have it, I just lost interest XD Yes, Fruit Basket was indeed an unexpected remake. I remember when I first tried to watch the original, the old style animation put me off. I left it in the back burner although I knew it was going to be good. Just seeing one episode of the remake made me go binge the original lol. What I realize is that you get used to the older animation soon and just enjoy the story. I was a little mad at myself for putting off watching tbh. I think there is magic in the original that might not be captured again in the remake, but each have their own joy. The remake said '1st season' too, so looks like they intend to complete the story :) I’ve been seeing reviews about Carol and Tuesday. Can safely say I will skip Sarazanmai XD Kono Oto Tomare didn’t come across it yet, but if the manga is awesome I’ll try the manga first. I was surprised to see you’re watching Kimetsu No Yaiba actually, having that historical element and all ;) I’m reading the manga for that one. I’ve been catching up on some anime on my list, since I can binge watch now :P So no support on the kaiju, huh? Boo! :D But how did you manage to avoid Pokemon? XD Well, I wasn’t a gamer as I mentioned, so I guess I was never really any true fan? But you remember back in the day when you didn’t have a choice but to watch whatever was on TV? I’d come home, plop in front the TV and Pokemon was on XD
The rest is history lol. I was definitely not one of those persons playing Pokemon Go when it came out (although it looked so fun! XD). Ultraman did not have good CGI imho XD But I guess I watched it right after watching Ajin and Godzilla, so it compared too starkly. Knights of Sedonia? Well that’s a coincidence. As you mentioned, I had just started :) I am also trying to binge through my Netflix anime list :D I started Monster (manga) some time ago, didn’t get very far, don’t even think I updated my list as ‘reading’, compared to 20C Boys which I could not put down :) I haven’t started any new manga, just trying to catch up on the ones on my list. I also started reading from my LN list in the WuXia, XianXia, and XuanHuan genres, man I love those :D Might even try one of those VNs since I have more time ;)

Haha, no one cares if you’re happy, and the ones who do don’t need to ask, I like it. Good point :) Enjoy the nice warmer weather. Hope you get over that sore throat soon. Shorten the message? What?! Do you want MAL to break? :P Haha, thanks but I prefer the whole course. It’s never been a hurdle ;) In the same manner though, you can take as long or short as you need, time or content :) Ciao x

Moon_Willow Apr 20, 4:51 PM
Look, look! ↑↑↑ MAL has Easter Eggs and a bunnyyyy! :D Hello, hello, back for another installment. Let's hop to it, shall we? ;)

Congratulations!!! You did it! :D UPDATE: I started this message not long after I received your last, but with so many weeks gone by it’s probably overly-belated now :) Yes, it was great to have both opportunities come at the same time, but I totally get you with the decision-making between both. Those can be a real dilemma for me as well. Well you said it best, why make it harder for yourself? It would have been a ‘no thanks’ for me also at ‘probably more suffocating’, compared to ‘light, free-spirited atmosphere, easier work’, for similar pay and distance from home? Hell yes! :P I mean your desire for a job change had to do with having a lighter and more free-spirited environment, right? I know the (seemingly) lack of stability with a smaller company might be worrisome (especially for people like us who are big on stability and security--- at least I think you’re similar to me with that). But hey these days, nothing is secure. Even big, seemingly stable companies go under just like that. Better to focus on the here and now. But maybe keep a little safety net savings to keep you afloat for at least 6 months in case of any worst case scenarios, because we are not all about throwing caution to the wind ;)
Sighs. People usually have a lot to say about choices we make, huh? I know they mean well, but I hope you don’t let the ones who disagree with you cause you any anxiety over your decision or feed your own insecurity. You made the best choice for you, and you owe no-one a reason or explanation why it was the best choice, the end :)
But, now that you’ve made the decision, try not to think about the ‘what ifs’ too often :) Easier said than done, I know. But still try if you can ;) (UPDATE: Hope all has been going well in your few weeks there).

I’m just curious... do you make decisions based solely on logic or with your heart/gut/intuition? Those kinds of decisions, I will consider the logical information, but in the end I go with what feels right in my heart, or gut, or intuition. I know it’s illogical, but I feel like even if it turns out not to have been the ‘best’ choice, there was a lesson involved or certain wisdom I needed to gain that I would not have had if I had not made the decision. Maybe that’s just something I tell myself to save me from the pain of my bad decisions XD
It’s always interesting how these big choices in life always come in two’s. It happens in a similar way throughout my life as well, especially with jobs. It’s like the Universe says, “Oho, so you want change eh? Well here you go. Here’s what you asked for. Take. All. This. Change. Oh, you thought it would be easy?! Aww, look at you. No, silly human, we gave you a choice because we enjoy watching you suffer through it first. Growing pains, amirite?!” XD
I started off trying to be motivational, but I don’t think I hit the mark! XD
Anyway, congrats again! I wish you the best of fortune :)

Happy to hear everyone is okay. Lol @ Ryuusha, are you sure you don’t taunt him in his domain to make him fight you? :P

Your new photos are all so beautiful. Not to lessen the quality of the ones from before, but these seem to be on another level. And the sunsets are back :) You know, sometimes those ‘damn clouds’ enhance the sunset ;)
That ost also made curious again about Persona. Well played ;) Just teasing. Nice song :)

Small lights of hope in chaos and hell is close enough, right? ;) Oh noooo don’t ever read Dante! Lol. I was just saying how our convo was similar to that story… of heaven or hell being a state of mind rather than a physical place, which is what those circles were… states of consciousness. I wouldn’t recommend Dante for my worst enemy if ever I had one XD Is it an icon? Hmmm… maybe for those literary or theological people who try to sound sophisticated by name-dropping it (obviously that wasn’t what I was trying to do, nor am I one of those people) XD But I doubt much people have actually read it. I started reading it because I was curious… and because it was free on my Kindle XD and I got stuck in Purgatory as I mentioned XD.

Well, while I do have all those extended family, it’s mostly just been the three of us: mom, dad and me on this island (and dad has lived on his own for a while now also). Most of the extended family, who haven’t migrated, live in Trinidad. Everyone is caught up in their own lives so we don’t have to host family visitors often. This suits us well. Quality not quantity, lol. We have always been a very quiet family anyway. Even when Dad lived with us, everyone was doing their own thing in their own space. Sometimes when I visit my cousins and the whole big family comes over, even though it’s nice to see the merriment, I realize I am not tolerant to the loud, noisy atmosphere for very long lol. And oh yeah, we have extended family in all sorts of remote places around the world. Haha, aww Moscow is a beautiful city also :) But of course you will know all the internal social issues in a way I never could.

Ah yes, there are no shortage of places to visit in the US. What I like most is that you can get diverse landscapes there with relatively easier access than other places. I don’t know what I have with trains but that Trans-Atlantic railway sounds very appealing XD It’s cheap considering the route (like around 200 USD) and you can make stops in the cities of interest. Oh, speaking of trains, another poor fellow’s blog on the trans-siberian train! I felt his pain XD Anyway, I know what you mean. While you can do a lot in two weeks, especially if it’s one country, it’s limited time for a multi-country trip. I would like a nice full itinerary when I travel, but I don't want to feel rushed or like I missed out on seeing things because I didn't have enough time. It defeats the whole purpose of the effort. Yes, this side of the world is relatively easier and less expensive for me to access… Asia is harder, but still lots of people from here do it. I have many wanderlust friends and I live through their photo (until one day I can make my own memories). A friend just returned from Bali and my goodness what an eyegasm those pictures were. As the time has come when I would have been setting out for Japan, I’d be lying if I said my heart is not heavy. Ah well, eat the pain and move on. It’s the first few days of my vacation and I am already down with the flu/cold. I’m sure if I were still travelling I’d never have gotten sick. Ah, hopefully I’ll get over it soon and try to salvage something for my days off, even if I don’t leave the country. I didn’t take the full month since things didn’t work out, just took two weeks. I still can take a short trip somewhere but I’m not feeling very excited about anything. I guess it’s the cold/flu talking, so I will think about it again when I’m recovered. The short booking-to-travel time means flights will be more expensive though. We’ll see...

Hmm, that's an interesting thing you said there about remembering the right sequence of words. Yes, it is wonderful we never had to recite because I hated reading or speaking out loud when I was a kid. I would get tied-tongued (like literally bite my tongue), and it's something I had to work hard to overcome. It might be something similar to your experience? My experience might have been about anxiety more than anything else though. I would practice reading out loud when I was alone until I was out of breath. In fact, even in college I would read my textbooks out loud sometimes as practice to overcome my fear of public speaking. When I was younger, and even in my teens, I would have full-on anxiety attacks if I had to public speak. I mean, I'd get through it, but it wasn't the least bit enjoyable. I guess all kids experience some degree of anxiety with those things. It's funny to remember all of this because of my job now and where I have come since then. I still get a little nervous when I have to speak in front of people, but now I actually enjoy it, even enough to accept invitations to do public presentations. Crazy, right? Anyway, something else happens to me, but with writing... I mix up letters, like write "b" for "p" or "d" or "g", like "goes" instead of "does". Most of the time this happens is when I am writing/typing quickly. Even when I re-read, I don’t always pick up on the error. I might have even done it a few times in my messages to you! XD It’s possibly some mild case of dyslexia, who knows, like when life gives you melons instead of lemons ;) Anyway, it's never kept me back or been anything I ever truly acknowledged more than as a passing thought… only took half a paragraph to explain it XD

Ah I see, so it might have been the rap after all :) Well, whatever it is that shaped that artistic side of you, it did a good job ;) So, Russian rock? I like :) I was blocked from the first link, but was able to copy-paste for another option, it’s cool… wasn’t able to find the English lyrics for it. But ahhh I love the 2nd link! Beautiful song, and even the steampunked video is super cool. I think someone ripped off their video tbh, because I saw it on an English music video a while back. If the translation was right, the lyrics are poignant, just from these lines “not a steel needle, but sadness broke my chest today. Push away from the ground and go. Do not forget me, do not forget…” You already knew I’d go looking for the English lyrics :)

Lol @ your sakura trees, poor things lol XD Well, they are still nice to see but I understand what you mean. That explosion of blooming trees is really something magnificent. Yes, the poui are pretty cool to see. What’s cool about them is they will bloom, then all the leaves will fall off leaving this carpet of colour on the ground and the tree branches would be bare, then when you think it’s all over, they will repeat the cycle over and over throughout the season. It’s really incredible. I don’t know what causes this to happen in such quick succession but after the season, the trees will remain with green leaves for the rest of the year until the season comes around again. Yeah, even if we don’t have a real spring, not only the poui but we have a lot of blooming going on.

Lol, gotcha on the drinking, but the impression is that Russians can hold their liquor better than other countries. Like you guys aren’t lightweights being the fine gentlemen you are :D
Maybe that’s what other countries are afraid of! XD Haha, just being glib.

Hmm, okay. Well, I guess it’s similar here with our wet and dry season, or even the hurricane season. The calendar dates are different from the actual. So, now that it’s April, what’s the weather like?
Lol, hey I hit you with my craziness all the time, we’re way past even XD

Haha, I understand. I need a push for Asia also, especially if I am travelling there alone. Apart from money, it will also be a bit intimidating being so far from home. Japan somehow has never felt intimidating to me in that way. I’ve always had an interest way before I discovered manga/anime, I still don’t know why. Anyway, something about SA and my country being so close is that we are often grouped with them, so Netflix tags my location as Latin America, and many of the options only have Spanish captions. This is okay when it’s an English show, but sometimes when I want to watch a foreign movie/series, the caption is only offered in Spanish :/ Until I am inspired for code breaking, I will accept my fate XD

Real life hit you hard indeed. You’re lucky you got to sleep-in both for high school and uni. Haha, I guess it does sound like I had it easy. So imagine if you get all this leeway, you can understand how tough the actual exam is, right? Yes, we had exams. Grueling exams that made you sweat blood. It didn’t matter if the lectures were uploaded because those were just like the contents page of a book you had to go write yourself. As for the courses, I was doing seven courses a semester… yes SEVEN… in subjects as heavy as biochemistry, microbiology, pathophysiology, psychology, biostatistics, etc. Just like you said how uni is like a mini society, the lecturers treated us as adults, it was on our own volition to succeed. I mean, yeah you had to show up enough to keep a 75% attendance record, and yeah they might have fussed if people weren’t showing up for lectures, and how this didn’t set a good example for the world of work blah blah blah, but they didn’t stress themselves over it XD But I especially was thrilled about the policy of no pop quizzes though XD Yup, we had prelabs, postlabs, homework, projects, but most you could email or upload. I literally had no life when I was in uni, and I was severely sleep deprived. Hell if I was going to wake up for any 8am class! XD I don’t think they were easy on us at all though! It was a very competitive environment, and the kids going there were already at top level in their high schools. My uni is ranked 4th for the Caribbean and 1,943 worldwide (from over 28,000 universities), so you know they would do things to maintain that standard (I knew we had a good standing, this was the first time actually I checked).

Sadly, yes my norm is 8am to 4pm including an hour off for lunch. It kills me too, I just bear it well. I am a shell of a person and already dead inside from a long time XD. I would much prefer your hours of work. My commute is a bit longer than most since I live in what we call the countryside (even for such a small island), with crappy public transport, so I wake at 6am. There are no real official taxis, there are small buses which are sometimes full by the time they get to me, otherwise people just work their private cars as taxis, which is illegal (because of liability) but the norm. Considering all these things, I have to allow a big chunk of precious time for these useless things. When I invest in a vehicle of my own, I can push the limit where I’d only need to account for traffic. But I am not built for this rat-race thing to begin with… ahh financial independence, what a dream… *weeps*

Hey, so the meowi band had some results! XD I don’t know if it’s credible with tracking the deep sleep part though
While we joke about the sleep deprivation, and even that it’s your norm, there’s no good health outcome from it. Sleep deprivation was even used as a form of torture, I’m sure you already know. I even read a recent study that found even weekend sleep-ins cannot compensate for weekly sleep deprivation. I’ve researched this whole sleep cycle thing a lot because of my own sleep deprivation issues. So what I know of deep sleep is that it’s hella important because, to put simply, that’s the time your body resets itself to maintain homeostatis (internal balance). It seems sometimes like the world itself is lacking in sleep because there are so many recommendations/products out there, everything from room temp, to mattresses, to blankets---I saw this ‘anxiety blanket’ that I think I’d love XD , to nutrition---my only chime-in with nutrition is that a heavy dinner close to bedtime is not recommended, generally eating well… fruits, veg, whole grains, less refined sugars and saturated fats, and that lettuce, especially romaine lettuce, has a sleep-inducing phytonutrient called lactucarium, which also helps reduce the stress caused by sleep disturbances (the antioxidant removes free radicals caused by the stress) ;) As for things I’ve tried to improve sleep (in general)… just things to quiet that internal static so I can fall asleep and stay asleep… like breathing exercises, asmr, meditation, yoga etc. For the deep sleep part, I’ve also tried brainwave entrainment (audio), where the aim is to stimulate delta brain waves, similar to what you experience with deep sleep… the beats were embedded in music. There are many videos on YouTube. I can’t really say if it worked. I did fall asleep faster after listening though, and did feel pretty refreshed, but how could I know if I wouldn’t have felt the same way without it? Like maybe I was having a good sleep night, you know? Or maybe I was just more relaxed from the music? I also used different ones for studying, and those really worked for my concentration level. You need to be careful with entrainment though
I’m not sure if I already asked, but does exercise help with sleep in general? By now I’m sure you’ve already done your own research but will still send these links:

Regarding lemon-chan, yes it’s a real shame. I have had to cut off all contact with her. Not to spite her or anything (I doubt she would really care), but because I realize that I was getting upset every time she would message me. When I told her I hadn’t yet gotten the package so it was safe to say that I wasn’t coming again, her response was, ‘Hmm, ok’. I had started distancing myself for a while now, and that was when she started messaging more than ever. I’m sure it was just because she missed having someone to vent to, not because she acknowledged her behaviour. There was still no remorse in those messages. Her last message was… ‘I was just checking in because I thought you were going through your depression thing, but I see you posting on Facebook so I guess you’re okay.” *eye roll* To clarify, it was only in the past few years that I was clinically diagnosed with depression, but only because it took me that long to try professional help (which was a huge waste of time btw), but it’s something I have been coping with on my own and by myself since I was an adolescent, and have found my own way of managing. I don’t burden anyone with it, rarely ever talk about it like a real diagnosis, and don’t ever use it as some kind of excuse to play victim or get sympathy from anyone. So for her to throw that at me in this callous way, it was very insulting. Well, I blocked her everywhere after that. So, I never called her out on anything for a reason. She is not one to take criticism well, nor ownership for her own actions. It would have been wasted energy. Plus, she’s not very mentally strong and I speak my truth clearly, honestly, and without frills, she would not have been able to take it. So the best action was to just walk away from that whole thing. Yes, it did feel like a load off my chest. I think it will be for the best also :)

Ha, yeah pretty scary. I might be overdue for getting drunk. I think it would make me feel better (at least in the moment) XD So you’re one of those people who you can’t tell if they’re drunk or not. That might be scarier! That story omg, like something you’d see in a movie! XD Man, you had some guardian angel with you that night! Haha, at the candy bit XD Glad it turned out into a funny story in the end! XD Also, I am gonna take that tip to keep candy with me at all times because you never know! XD Alcohol makes for good stories in retrospect lol. I was pretty high once after a staff ballroom party. Once I know I have to find my way home alone, I will usually watch my alcohol intake, but I had that final ‘one for the road’ drink that pushed me over the limit a bit XD The work shuttle would only go to the main highway and back then I live off the highway in a suburban, residential area. My co-workers were mildly concerned but in their merriment spirit they didn’t pay it much mind, and I was feeling extra confident myself lol. It was around 2-3am when I got dropped off at the empty highway. I was wearing this flowing ballroom gown and heels. Man, as soon as the shuttle pulled off, I took my heels off, hiked up my dress and ran barefoot all the way home, laughing to myself the whole way at the ridiculousness of what I was doing! I was scared, because of possible unsavory characters lurking at that time of night, but I was also exhilarated… from the alcohol, from running, feeling the soft fabric fluttering, the night air and sky, the deserted roads. It was this sense of freedom. When I got into my apartment, of course I was breathless. I just sat on the floor and kept on laughing for a while. I think I was sober by then too XD Maybe I could have done that in shut-down mode but that would have been even more frightening to have no recollection of it. I have a friend who, after a party, drove home and the next day said he had no memory of even getting into his car. He also looked deceptively sober that night, I didn’t even realize he drank that much. I started paying more attention after that. As for me, if I plan on drinking much, I shouldn’t carry anything in my hands, I’m going to lose it… keys, purse, phone, dignity… XD

Tbh, I did wonder if you lightly suggested it to make me feel better, that’s why I didn’t want to sound too excited in my response. Well, you didn’t take it back, but I still feel like I should give you an exit just in case. You’re free to change your mind at any time if you’re not comfortable up until the time we decide to plan it, no pressure. If you don’t change your mind, I am ready for that too ;) Although, level 70 traveler? Man, I never had a chance from the start, did I? XD Does it really seems hard to do the joint trip when you think about it? Why did it never feel that way to me? Is that the naive level 0 traveler thinking? XD Well, if it makes you feel better, I am a planner and once I give my word, I am good for it. Also, it will still be your own trip. I just figured we’d share itineraries in the planning phase and coordinate those meet ups, see the places we may have in common to see, and hang out a bit… eat, drink, etc. You and your friend would have your own time to do your own stuff. The hardest part when I think about it is coordinating the overall time of travel. We will need to consider the Olympics period, and also things like Golden week (if you were thinking of sakura season), etc. Anyway, still time to decide (or not) ;) But hope you figured out where you want your short trip to be. I was thinking to just do the US, although things seem a little heated with traveling to places like that right now. I could do a Caribbean island again, but more of the same. I don’t know… will figure out what is logical with this short time. I don’t really feel inspired at the moment.

Haha, so we really have that power, eh? XD Lol, Matrix was awesome if only for the concept. If someone is watching, then I gracefully offer them a middle finger. They can go suck a black hole sized lollipop XD
Whut? Is that the worst that could happen during a snowstorm? Your snowstorms are tame. When I hear the word ‘storm’, I think bending trees and flying debris with wind flurries. I am too scarred from experiencing the tropical version XD

Haha, well now I don’t know if I would test my fate. Better just guide me to the garden XD Well, to be selfish, that’s comforting to know with the new foods thing :P When I am with ‘foodie’ people, I tend to feel badly because I don’t share their enthusiasm for trying out every single new food they find, and sometimes they can be quite persistent… ‘omg, try this.. you have to have a taste… c’mon, one little bite… oh forget it, you’re just boring’ XD As for the same backpack from high school? Wow! That’s impressive. Sad his time was up :( I also tend to keep things I cherish for a long time. And as it turns out, you can’t get that same durable quality these days no matter how many new features things may have.

You’re welcome. The words were not shallow. Glad to be the first reader ;) Haha, copyrighting does sound official and serious, but it came from the creativity of your mind and it should be protected as such :) But maybe you’re altruistic and don’t mind sharing for public use :) As for your other three works… yes ‘works’ ;), I wasn’t disappointed in the least :) I love them! I especially love the 2nd of the three. As for the goblin, I didn’t even think race, but that one made me grin, and it was a little different from the rest but also still had your distinct style. Hey, did I ever mention that you can self publish on Amazon? I’m thinking about it for that book I mentioned I wanted to write
As for my *coughs* poetry XD, you are very kind. I appreciate it. Hmm, so there might have been a subtext too? Well, let’s send that to the void, we don’t ever need to talk about my poetry ever again XD Haha, yup we’re even. So yeah, I think it’s been almost a year for real. In fact, it might have even been this month that I sent that fated first message to you, since I was on vacation around this time back then also. My how times flies, but somehow it seems I’ve ‘known’ you for longer though… strange…

Oh yeah, and also 9 because of the association with pain, right? Ah no, I am not religious. Nothing superstitious, I just would go for an uneven number than an even one, which is weird since I like balance. I don’t even think there is logic behind it, just something I’ve always done, like choose 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, etc. Maybe, #4 did me wrong in a past life? XD Nah, we don’t have anything like that here either. At least, I don’t think so. Just the normal western fear of the number 13. Not me though :P

Oy, that sounds painful. You know, while I love literature, I’ve never been a language person. I can learn it yes, but I forget everything when it comes to conversing with a native in the language because I get so self conscious. What if I pronounce something wrong and accidentally insult their mother or something? XD Maybe it just takes practice… and learning from somewhere other than Duolingo XD

Haha, ah I know that Junji… the chair one was especially creepy for me. He does have some cool original ideas :) Lol @ Dororo… based on what you said and what I’ve seen of the episodes since then, I don’t think it has gotten better for you XD That was me and Mob Psycho 100… I’m not up for that kind of style (the 7 I gave One Punch Man S1 was quite generous, and probably thanks to that scene of my precious boi Sonic getting punched in the nuts XD)… maybe I’ll give the 2nd season of both a try still :P I started some of the same ones you’re watching this season as well, so far so good. Oh, btw are you into kaiju? I’m a kaiju fan :D It’s a whole other universe unto itself. The kids can keep their Pokemons XD (okay, I admit like Pokemon too, don’t tell anyone XD). But, I love the cheesy, campy fun of all those Toho productions XD Even the bad Hollywood productions, I’ll still watch lol. The latest Kong was fun though (Skull Island). And Godzilla: King of The Monsters I’m definitely going to see. It’s opening next month! Yesss! Anyway, Netflix has been teasing me with the Godzilla anime trilogy for a while, so I finally watched them. I can understand the poor rating because it’s not the big kaiju showdown story that people wanted. While I think it would have been better as a series instead of a trilogy, I enjoyed it on the whole. It was more a cerebral type of story, and then I understood why because it’s the same writer as Psycho Pass. I like stories that leave me thinking long after the credits roll. The concept was great, although the delivery may have been little lacking. I’m always a little on the fence with CGI anime, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Gantz:0--hell yes, the CGI was gorgeous, but Ultraman--no thanks, kaiju or not XD. The Godzilla CGI wasn’t awful. I also watched the Ajin series (now reading the manga). The same studio did Godzilla btw. The CGI didn’t bother me. Anyway, I’m glad I knew nothing much of it than a brief scan of the synopsis, so enjoyed it even more because I didn’t know what to expect. I was surprised to see such a low MAL score when I checked afterwards. Maybe they wanted a good-guy-hero type?... like the dude in the opening of the manga (also in the OVA), not the unempathic, selfish protagonist? I feel like you mentioned that you liked it as well in the past. Oh, and not only the soundtrack/score was great, but the sound editing was awesome. I feel like you mentioned that too XD I like when directors pay attention to details like that, it can really carry the mood or emotion of scenes. As for manga, 20th Century Boys was a real treat! I devoured that one. Reading some panels late at night genuinely creeped me out lol :D Anyway, I’ll leave more of the manga/anime convo for later as I think I’ve extended the message far enough. Just to say I’m happy to have some free time to catch up on my lists :)

Haha, people can call you all the names in the world because people are generally too judgey--- not a real word. The bottom line is that you’re happy. That’s the thing people never ask. They will ask about your job or your relationship status, your likes, dislikes, but never if you’re happy. Not many people can say they are genuinely happy too. What more can you ask for? :)

Nice place to end this message. The wall was not as wide and long this time as a little one-year MAL friendship present XD Hope you are enjoying more warm weather and the mood is all great :) Until next time, be well :)
ABHISHEKV Apr 7, 8:37 PM
Yes. Finally I have. Hold 3 Degrees now so that should be enough. I might do a couple more courses in the distant future if it's required but that's unlikely. The real thing will be after my Training period ends which will be in another 5-6 months but yeah. I'm getting a taste of it already. Thank you so much. I hope that I can do well as Professional in the future to lead a stable and comfortable life.

Nah the first chapter was just a prologue. It gets going in about 5-10 chapters and it's a very mature and realistic romance. Again, it has a very impressive female lead in Da Gayoung. The way that it handles its conflicts is very natural. I definitely recommend it.

It took me two evenings as well. Actually, I left the final 130 pages hanging till the next morning because I just could not stop my tears. It was ridiculous really. I was tearing up every 5 pages. That has never happened before. I didn't think that it'd be anywhere close to a 10 even 3 Volumes in. So I agree with you. The author laid the foundation till Kanato's first appearance really. Only after that did we see one dot connect with the other and flow so beautifully. The subtlety that was on show, the smoothness with which one scene flawlessly connected with the other and finally, the way in which every loose end was tied by the end really does show the author's mastery and touch of genius. I've seen such endings rushed so many times. I've seen it feel empty. But here, it is so genuine. It fills you with emotion and the journey is one to remember. I also appreciated the roles that each character played and the symbolism in respect of the covers used in each volume. The author explained this.

You're very welcome. Yeah. It does look like a simple Shoujo from the cover and synopsis but it's anything but. And the art is also so charming. The designs are great. I do hope that it gets more readers and appreciation. It's brilliant.
ABHISHEKV Apr 6, 8:33 AM
Thank you. That's all I'm doing too. In fact, I basically just update my list. Only talk to a couple of people on MAL. I'm doing well. Finished my academics and am now undergoing Training.

Oh! That's a pleasant surprise. Glad that it was advertised that way. I also had another great completion recently which was Something About Us. An excellent manhwa. It is just outside my top 10 as it presently stands. Complex Age was a special read for a different set of reasons but I agree with you about Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty. At the end of the read, I had next to no hesitation in giving it a 10. And trust me, it's not easy to get a 10 on my list. The emotional impact that it had in the final two volumes was something else. I literally had to go and wash my face several times. It probably didn't make you tear up like that but I certainly am a sucker for warmth and the last two volumes provided it in abundance. The initial few volumes didn't give me any indication that it would end up so great but boy, I must say that it was one of the most satisfying experiences that I have ever had. The ending gives so much closure and is so meticulous on addressing every single aspect that it brought up throughout the course of the series.

I thank you for reading it!
ABHISHEKV Apr 3, 9:07 AM
Hello. Long time no talk. Hope that you are doing well. Been a busy few years for me. I have only been reasonably active here from March this year.

Just wanted to drop by because I noticed that you completed and liked Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty, a manga which I adored.
Moon_Willow Mar 15, 4:52 PM
"So now what?" indeed. Going along with your life but just expecting anything to come at you, at any time. Like that saying you often say ;) I really don't know what is going on. It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear, when it hasn’t been your day, or week, or month, or even your year. You know? XD Will it be painful? Probably. Will it be crazy? Definitely. Will it finally be kind? We can hope for moments. Although, we should be thankful for the better things as they could be so, so much worse. Happy to hear everyone is okay. Did that include Ryusha? And for you, I hope you’re making a little time to rest and relax with all that’s going on. All’s good on my side for the moment. Well, I mean nothing changed from last time, but I am not stressing over anything.
Looks like the cold weather and snowstorms are still going on there? And we are having a very rainy dry season. I don't think that means a rainless rainy season, but probably a more intense one. C’est la vie.

Hmm, layers of hell? I am tempted to believe it may be so sometimes. But since I like the whole balance outlook, I believe there is a heaven. My belief is as you said though, no physical concept. Haha, yes that sounds good, heaven is anywhere you're having fun, even in hell ;) Well not just the regular fun, anywhere you feel true bliss or joy. Have you had moments like that? That feeling doesn’t come around often. You know those moments where you feel so complete in the moment you think, ‘if I had to die right this moment, I would die completely happy’. Do you know of Dante's The Divine Comedy? Our conversation reminded me of it. There were three books… poems actually: Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso. In Inferno there were nine circles of Hell. At the entryway it read, 'Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." There were seven circles of purgatory. Finally, there were nine circles of heaven. These 'circles' were all allegorical, free of space and time :) I started reading it, but didn't make it past Inferno XD I feel like this is also when life imitates art XD

Extended families, that's a common occurrence in non-first world countries lol. My grandparents on both my mum and dad’s sides had like 6 or 7 children each, and about the same for the great-grand parents' generation. According to them, what else was there to do back then? XD I'm not close to much of my extended family tbh, just some of my cousins. The extended family will still welcome you to stay once you are family though, especially if you're coming from far away. Ah the US, yes I will also have to visit at some point. I mean I have this 10 year visa after all, and no shortage of people or places to visit there. For places The Grand Canyons for one, especially to Havasupai. It's really hard to access Havasupai, so it will take some long term planning
Of course there are many other easily accessible places of interest. For me, preference is for the off the beaten path places, as usual :) Alaska is definitely on my bucket list too, which might be similar in nature to Canada, so another 'probably not' for you XD

Wow, what a life your friend lives. Yeah, it's very cool to have flexibility for weekend traveling. To travel freely does sound like a dream. Hope you can get to a place in life for that kind of living if you like it. I like travel, but I am also a creature of habit. I like my own space and comfort as well. I will probably never be the almost every weekend adventurer, but I can admire people who do it, their experiences will be amazing. For myself though, I will be fine with just one or two trips which will each cover a few countries every year :) I should travel past my house though lol, you're right. In my enthusiastic moments, I think that too. But my job requires such intense extroverting every second of the day that, at the end of the week, I want to do nothing else but crawl into bed, be in my own space, or stay away from people until Monday when I am required to do it all over again lol. Such a sad life to other people, but I am happy for the peace and quiet where I can replenish my energy doing things at home I enjoy, especially when I can open the doors and windows right into nature :) Actually, at the end of the day, once I get home, I barely even speak again until the next day XD I do get the urge to go to the beach or sightseeing though, and that drives me out of the house. I’ve been feeling it lately so maybe soon ;) Haha, yes the heat. That's another reason I haven't been out as much XD Argentina then Chile? Very nice. Lots of great sites to see in South America. I want to do a 1-month South American trip sometime soon - I plan to do Ecuador (Galapagos is expensive, but if possible), Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina. Not very interested in the other SA Countries :D

Ah, I see. I don't recall us having to learn any poems by heart in high school. My bad, of course you would know all the famous Russian authors and poets, Nabokov included. Haha, well I don't plan on reading any of his books either, I do love some of this quotes though. Modern literature, huh? I thought you liked modern stuff? :P Just teasing. Lmao @ Romeo & Juliet. Having read the original before I saw/read all the adaptations and iterations, back when my heart was still untainted and whole, I was able to appreciate the purity and the tragedy of the story. But I understand how you feel, believe me lol. I'm sure you'll find one that appeals to you. Yeah, the insults are awesome XD

Nature coming back from hibernation, I like that :) Hmm, a feeling... I am a 'spring born' child, so I have always had a special love of spring even though I’ve never experienced a real one. We do have amazing blooms around this time of year though (late January to May, i.e. dry season). The trees are called Poui, and they are a sight to behold, if I get out of my house more to behold them XD I’ll probably plant some of these trees on my property. By old age, if I live that long, I might not need to leave the house to see the blooms XD
Ohhhhh..... the sunrise mystery is finally solved! XD Such a simple reason too. But guess what? That is not something my brain would have even conceptualized XD I am so programmed to a 6am sunrise, 6pm sunset, give or take an hour or two. An 8am or 10 am sunrise would just be a bizarre (and cool) experience for me :D Well it was good for you while it lasted, and you get your awesome sunsets back ;)

I understand about Karelia now. Yes, it looks quite beautiful. Well it was a United Nations report about Finland, and it had to do with ‘outward racism’ though, meaning more likely for people to be outwardly antagonistic. But of course that doesn't mean everyone there would fit into the stereotype :) It also doesn’t mean that less reported places can’t have horrible occurrence as well. Just the latest news I could not escape from made me physically sick today. Who do they hate? Humans will always find ways to differentiate themselves from each other. Sighs. So they drink like crazy? Lol. Wait... more than Russians? XD Haha, so you got a drunken serenade, what a memory. I can relate. I have similar memories like that down here... wait, was I the one singing? XD Just kidding. As you know, we have our share of the hardcore drinking culture too, especially old drunk men traveling on public transportation... and with the drunken slur, it might have even sounded like Finnish too XD I was reading a travel report recently about the cheapest places to travel in 2019, and lo and behold Tallinn, Estonia made an appearance :) Sadly the dislike for your country is strong in most other countries, but I think there is also an element of fear. Just as an example, some of your cargo planes stopped over here for an extended layover last month, and people were losing their shit. Not to mention they always stop in for refueling from time to time, but with the situation going on next door to us, people are getting paranoid. Anyway, I am tip toeing around a topic I don't want to talk about, just to add to what you mentioned. Oh, you know where also showed up in that travel report? Moldova! XD I also learned a new word in the process... oenophile ;) And there's more! I was checking visa requirements for European countries. I don't need one for Moldova, nor Romania... nor Finland, nor Estonia XD Haha! (Actually many European countries are visa-free for me... not Russia though XD).

September was still summer there? Nice :) Again with my conditioning I would have imagined it to be right into fall by then. And the train to Busan too?! XD It's probably a standard route but still, how awesome lol. I know you say you usually don't revisit places often, but that is definitely one of the perks, you got to experience two seasons there :) I'm not familiar with those titles you mentioned though, will be sure to check them out. Yeah, S. Korea was never under my radar, but now I am interested.

Haha, I know what you mean. One week into my internship back when I first started, and I threw those theories out the window. You just can't factor in for all the real world variables, so yeah I don't know why they bother wasting time teaching it. But I suppose there is some merit in having a systematic way to approach to a complex situation, which is what theories/concepts provide at its most basic function. Ah well, they were useless in the end after all. Lol @ 'can't stop my tears but I can stop the paragraph' XD

That's funny but not funny... having jet lag every day. I don't think you're wrong. Your body does go through a similar ordeal daily :( Sigh, we live the weird morning schedule because some jackass said we had to do it this way and now we're all conditioned for this kind of life. But I knew something was wrong with this ever since I started not even working, but my school life. I was always late and always missed days because I didn't need to show up to perform well. And I graduated high school with full distinctions, so what was their point? Omg don't even talk about university. All the lectures were uploaded online anyway, so if there wasn't an attendance log to sign (to monitor the 75% course attendance requirement), I wouldn't even bother showing up. There were never any 'pop quizzes' to worry about missing, because lecturers were banned from doing them or at least they could not use the results as coursework marks. My friends and I had a system. They would collect any handouts for me, as I would do for them on the days they didn't feel like showing up. I would only attend lectures if I needed to clarify information or for labs or if I just happened to feel like it XD I would attend tutorials though, which were always in the evening/night. I also never scheduled any class before 10am. And I graduated with honors as well, so what's their damn point? Quality not quantity XD Why should I give up all these hours of my time every day in the prime of my life? Why 8+ hours? Why is 8am to 4pm the norm? Questions I still have not gotten answers to. So here I am, an unwilling drone :'( If the activity band isn't very expensive, go for it. It should be interesting to see what happens during your sleep cycle. Then after the experiment,sell it off to one of your friends. People are really into those things, Fitbits, Xiaomi bands and whatnot. I’m too low tech for those.

Lemon-chan! Hahaha! That was perfect omg XD Now I'm quietly giggling to myself especially if she is being extra sour! XD Sighs, yes you understand that it wasn't easy to deal with her bullshit. But as the saying goes, ‘three things cannot be long hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth’. The feeling I was getting about her reluctance was valid. Evidently, she interviewed for and got a job in Vietnam. They wanted her to start in April/May so she was torn between accepting and having to break her current work contract. She ended up not taking the job, but seems all that contributed to the attitude she was displaying with me. It’s even more transparent for the way she withheld something that big from me when she usually tells me everything. She only told me after she decided not to take the job. Now she is saying, "Oh I knew you would have been understanding if I had taken the job." *rolls eyes* As for my decision, you are absolutely right. I am not going when she is there, nor will I ever travel or plan anything with her in the future.
She pulled the same crap for my birthday a few years ago. After I gave up other plans for her because she begged me to spend it with her, she set me up and bailed on me at the last minute. I ended up spending it drinking by myself at home, and crying either because I was hurt or drunk XD One of the few times I ever got that drunk tbh. I was so drunk that I have no memory of what happened after a while, but seems I clean up after myself, did the dishes, and even managed to brush my teeth and tuck myself into bed before I passed out XD Which was great except that I put things in the wrong places… put the empty wine bottles in the fridge, forgot to put the toothpaste cap back on, left my toothbrush in the sink, and took my towel to bed with me lol. Seriously, drunk me is scary (but still tidy) XD When I eventually woke up the next day, I didn’t have a hangover because I was still drunk XD Anyway, just a funny not funny side story.

Back on topic though, I am too forgiving. I should have learned my lesson back then. Our relationship has always been one-sided like that. Lovely girl otherwise XD Anyway, the package also hasn't arrived yet either. Not that I need it anymore.
And as for going later on, you gave me something else to look forward to ;) It is a wonderful choice indeed :) It's cool about the demerits you mentioned. It will be the same for me, work contract renewal and such. But as long as my heart is beating, Japan will happen, even better with a little company along the way ;) Oh yeah, it will be great if it's visa free for you by then too :) I'm peeved that they just made Barbados (mini-Russia XD) visa-free for Japan. Like why them and not us dammit?! XD The waiting isn't an issue for me, so it's all good. In between the wait, I might still try to take a little trip to a little somewhere(s) if I can. I think it was my indecision that was making me most unhappy. Once I decided, I instantly felt better. I'm actually planning a couple itineraries for other trips so things are mapped out and I can budget for them. You remember how I was initially overwhelmed with the planning for Japan? After a while I just got so into it that I decided to go ahead and plan the Europe, S. America & US ones as well XD Europe was hella easier to plan than Japan tbh. Something about Japan's transportation system felt like deciphering code XD Oh, Europe will be more than one trip too… south, north and north north XD

Ha, no unfortunately our ducks fly cross the road and get knocked down by oncoming cars! I'm going to have nightmares about this. First thing I had to see as I left my house for work this Monday morning. Sighs, he was cute too. He just appeared waddling around the neighbour's property about a month ago. I had to chase him away from the road a few times so it's no surprise. Silly goose... duck. I am traumatized XD Strange that we happen to be talking about ducks too.

Anyway, yessss those snowstorm pics! I got excited thinking that we were just talking about snowstorms and there you got another one to enjoy! Haha, making snowmen during a snowstorm? Is that some brutal Russian tradition? I thought the snowmen came after :P I'm just teasing you again. I know you meant after… umm… you meant after, right? XD My cousin in NY made a sad looking one after their last snowstorm, it even had that dirty looking snow and grass in it, because there wasn’t enough snowfall lol. They probably still wanted to enjoy wintertime fun for the last snowfall of the season.

Haha, yes it actually is the perfect horror setting XD There is a type of machete called a cutlass. It is a West Indian must-have, every household has one or more in their home or car. It's useful for things like open coconuts, cutting down bushes, chopping meats, killing serpents (I won’t kill them) and other critters, solving disputes XD and stopping other things that try to harm you ;) It requires close contact though, but I have a nice sharpened one next to my bed :P My philosophy is, if I am going down, I ain't going down easy, and I am taking them down with me. It's actually even worse than you imagined though... the horror setting. Did I ever mention that my house is still under construction? The security system and fencing isn't done yet. My front door doesn't even have a lock (don't tell anyone). Also I have a balcony doorframe without a door in the loft, so if someone really wants to make a 20 ft climb up to it, or climb on the roof from a lower section then jump down through there, they can get into the house. My dogs are too old to stop them. Living on the edge, right? XD I'm getting the doors and security sorted out soon lol. Is your place yours or leased? Buying a house here might cost a few million USD, so most people just buy land and build their own. Even buying the land is a grand investment. But constructing from scratch is not for the faint of heart. Especially when you have to deal with poor workmanship, and sleazy contractors who underestimate the lone girl’s knowledge of construction (I’ve had to become a quick study and research everything). I'm not doing a mortgage either, it's all cha-ching cash so it’s taking a little longer, but at least I don’t have to pay the bank for the next 20+ years once I’m done. Yeah, I am one of the people who like antiques, but I won't have one of those clocks though. I have enough annoying things in my life to worry about, like zombies, cultists and maniacs XD

Lol, so even though you have no experience with it (I assumed by that you meant never tried or never found them), can you distinguish which ones would be the psychedelic mushrooms if you came across them? Asking for a friend XD I’m kidding, weed was as far as I was willing to try and look how that turned out XD So cloudberries just have a cool name then lol. I’m a bit boring when it comes to being adventurous with new edibles, which is ironic considering my job. But I think it was actually my job that made me aware of how deadly food sensitivities can get, so it has made me into a bit of a hypochondriac with those things. I’m not very fond of death by anaphylaxis. I am allergic to shellfish as I mentioned. I never had a severe reaction from accidentally ingesting it, but it was unpleasant enough and I hated that feeling. Even though I seem to be okay with most berries, I will only eat the ones I am familiar with. But the idea of picking them straight from the bush would still be amazing :D

It’s funny how we always mention something and there is a relation in real life. Like how you mentioned tetris. I haven’t thought about that in years. But sometime recently, before I read your message, I was watching an online video clip and the music gave me this nostalgic familiar feeling. It turned out to be the tetris music. Then I got sentimental and looked for an online game and spent hours playing it, until I was reminded that I sucked at it. Nostalgia over XD Anyway, those packing cubes truly makes it even more like that lol. Oh, the South America trip will definitely be backpacking ;) Yes, travelling becomes less of a priority once you have a kid, better to do it before you start a family because those kinds of vacations will be much different from the lone, free traveler experience. Haha, poor backpack. Yeah I know those frames. Slipping by was a nice stroke of luck lol. I was checking out some cool expandable backpacks online, they really go all out with the designing… anti-theft, slash proof, all sorts of secret compartments, and features, the works! I might invest in one :)

Why would you have revealed something like that to a stranger you just met on a random anime site anyway ;) The way you write always gave me that vibe though, even from the start :) Haha, but you know me so well now, so you even knew that I would ask for them XD Which brings me to your poetry. Deep breath. Not that my opinion matters, or that I have any place making comments on literary work, but after I read them and read them over again a few times, I wondered how best to express how I feel in a way that you would believe the sincerity of my words. Do I say, ‘Damn! These are fucking incredible!’? Which is what I said out loud after I read them, with wide eyes and jaw open. Do I scold you for saying that they were amateurish and rough around the edges when they are in fact professional and complete? Which is what I thought after I read them. Honestly words cannot express. They were VERY good. Truly. I think it’s work you can even submit if you so choose. Since poetry is subjective, when I say they were very good, I mean not only did the translation hold the poetic tenor, like rhyme and rhythm, the words led me somewhere and made me feel something. There are obvious impressions a writer wants to convey in the narrative, but there is a subtext as well, whether the writer is conscious of it or not. Anyway, I feel like I understood the subtext too, and don’t worry your secrets are safe with me :P I already knew you were capable of it, but it truly is top level literary work. You’re amazing. I am honoured that you shared with me. Feel free to share more. Also, please copyright them (I’m not even remotely kidding).

Which brings me to the part I have been dreading since I read your work. See, when I revealed that I also did, it was when you said you thought yours was not so great, and I knew mine was actually not good, so I thought it would be safe to share and we would both have a little laugh about our silly poetry and move on with our lives. BUT! Turns out you were just being harshly self critical as usual! Whereas I was actually being serious! Now I have to send my shit poetry to follow your stellar work. It’s an insult to yours. There is not subtext either. It’s all blatantly obvious. What have I gotten myself into! XD I know, I know, blah, blah, blah, send the damn poetry and quit stalling. But I just needed to make the disclaimer! XD

I’ll do the same spoiler inception thingie that you did…

I shared 5 because I don’t like the number 4, and sharing 3 would be unfair as you shared 4. I’m sorry you had to endure that. I suggest therapeutic emesis and a nice hot shower to get the cringe off XD

Haha, yes I tink that would be an easier ting too XD Yes, that’s exactly how I perceive it too, that Russian letters are more solid. I read once that Russian letters have a ‘one-letter-one-sound’ principle. That just makes more sense. Unlike English where there are more exceptions than rules, like ‘I’ before ‘E’ except after ‘C’… also except ‘when your foreign neighbor receives eight counterfeit beige sleighs from feisty caffeinated weightlifters’ Weird XD Lol @ tongue twisters. Did you know their actual purpose is to help improve English pronunciations? Not just for kids but used for public speaking practice too :) I think you might be okay with most… maybe not, ‘thin sticks, thick bricks’ lol. I love tongue twisters XD

When I said I think I heard of Dragon Head before, it was actually from you ;) It was an awesome read, I enjoyed it. Nothing is more horrible than the dark psychology of human nature. Haha, yes Junji is all gore but I like his artwork, the detailing is incredible. And yes, they are mostly plotless/progressionless, but I find the disgustingness funny actually, so I don’t mind his manga XD Once I knew what to expect from his work, it was just fun and easy to read as the stories are short. Oh I bookmarked the one you mentioned, thanks! :)

It was some deep self analysis there for real… I’m surprised MAL didn’t break yet under the weight of this topic ;) What you said reminds me of the saying, “we are our own worst enemies”. Many times external criticism digs into our own self doubt… or self distrust as you put it. And people can be callous and judgmental (because making someone else feel bad makes them feel better about themselves apparently). As for us, we appreciate the compliments we may get, even though we distrust those too. But for some reason we are all too quick to accept the criticism as truth because they echo and validate our own internal conflict about our perceived inadequacies. Anyway, I understand the conflict you talked about. A line from the poem Desiderata comes to mind, ‘if you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter, for there will always be persons greater or lesser than yourself.’ I read that poem in my teens, and over the years when I felt bad about being average, those words would come back to me. Just something to think about, not answer, had you been number 1, do you think you would have been any more or less happy than you were when you weren’t number 1? How could you even know that, you ask? Well you could imagine the possibilities. In the end, when I ask myself that question, I realize all it would have done was made me swell-headed and vain like the poem said XD So I am happy to be my average humble self ;) It doesn’t stop my ambition though, but it’s more like self achievement in the process, not because I want to win. You know what I mean? But even moments of laziness where I think I am limiting myself, it’s fine because it’s my choice to stay that way until something drives me to push myself, like feeling sad about being that way ;) Also people at number 1 are usually the loneliest. Even though they may be popular, they rarely trust anyone because even their friends would be envious at some level. Or sometimes they get to number 1 and they realize they were chasing the wrong dream to begin with. I know I didn’t need to add to anything you said, since it was your self-analysis, but you also got me thinking about it, and doing some self-analysis as well :) You can just ignore it, it was psychobabble anyway. One thing though, even though my words might not carry much weight in the scope of your life, I will say this… you are not, never were, nor will ever be nothing.

The human brain is indeed extraordinary. Sometimes I forget people’s whole existence (and feel very badly when I see them and only then remember that they still exist in the world XD), or whole gaps of time from my own life, but I would remember one line from a book I read ten years ago with perfect clarity. Sometimes I wonder exactly what is going on up there lol.

Haha, well the coolest new structures I see are those functional one with artistic flares. I like them, especially those newer kinetic structures

Lol, I just knew you couldn’t stay away from the vns XD I understand how you feel about Umineko, because you already know I have my own hidden gems that hit the spot XD No time myself to check out any vns still, but I am taking note of all the recommendations you give me. Thanks! Still yet to watch Mob Psycho like I said I would, but will also check out Kemurikusa and Kakegurii. What do you think of Dororo so far? It’s my favourite of this season and I can’t even explain why. Probably because I can’t see how they could have done a better adaptation of the manga than they are doing. I really love the story, I love that they kept some of the drawing style similar to the manga. I think it’s an awesome tribute to Tezuka by making his work accessible to a modern audience.

The mood is good lately. I found some peace amidst the maelstrom :) However, you are always welcomed to illuminate the aura with some lantern magic ;) Be well. Until next time :)
VaroOP Mar 5, 11:42 AM
Hey! Thanks man, all the recommendations are super nice.
I decided to go with the last rec Saishu Heki Kanojo right now because I was in that sort of mood. I dig some romance in the midst of life threatening situations.
Definitely gonna read the top of the list when I am in the mood for some fluff and Toshi ue no Hito when I am in the ecchi mood.
Thanks again. Great recommendations.
VaroOP Mar 4, 2:13 AM
Can you recommend a manga that is completely scanlated and has early romance ? As in the couple getting together earlier than most other couples in other manga.
Moon_Willow Mar 2, 9:51 PM
Agreed. February was another pace (well I started this message in February)… and definitely heavy. But, I am still here.
I hope you and your family are all recovered now. I’ve been down with the sniffles and a headachy feeling. Nothing serious. Plumes of Sahara Dust coming in with the trade winds, everyone’s getting these symptoms. But more than that, for the past few weeks, I’ve just had this low feeling. It was triggered by some events, but it’s the kind of situation that you have to resolve in your mind rather than having the actual situation resolved. To be honest, I am momentarily derailed as I work through my thoughts. Anyway, at least I can look back fondly on January. And hope for better months. Someone mentioned March, for example? :) I hope that things have been well for you. I have very much been enjoying your amazing pictures. They always make me smile in appreciation, and even a few wide-eyed ‘wows’ :)
And there must be a heaven on earth, right? Because balance? Maybe it might not be a place but just moments?… maybe…
So in your moonlight snow-digging scenario, you could have just stood there and let your hotness melt the snow then, no need to break your back over it ;)

I do know a bit about Canada. Many of my extended family migrated there. A few returned home since then. Yes, it does seem a similar weather and nature to Russia, eh ;) Yes, I do like it. I will probably visit there sometime in the close future if it works out. I have friends and family in Quebec and also British Columbia. Ha, I like how you say boring. Maybe for the city boy, but just right for the country girl? ;) But of course, knowing me, I’d probably get eaten by a bear on my first trek through the forest *shrugs* I can understand the ‘weirdness’ too. I get that feeling as well about the place, but I can’t put my finger on why exactly. Of course, it’s the forest and coastal areas that will interest me the most. I’ll be sure to visit when it’s less cold though, I don’t feel in the mood for shock therapy. Yeah man, them and their hockey… it’s brutal stuff :/

Two months in Argentina. Wow. Don’t we all wish we had a job that allowed that kind of time off. Yes, I appreciate even more now that I did that little Barbados retreat. Well, by hibernating I mean back to my old ways of staying in my house. Once the weather allows, at least you get out of your home often :) It’s sad you don’t get to see the really nice places around Tobago. I just take the same pictures of the same places because I don’t venture around. Sorry :)

Wow, 17 before you saw the ocean. But there are people who never see it all their life. And people who’ve never seen snow ;) I think I had my first ocean dip right after I got my first immunizations. It’s tradition to get dunked in the sea as a baby :) Hmm, maybe there is some tolerance to the heat more than people who haven’t had this kind of regular exposure. But for prolonged exposure it can still be a real issue. Of course things like hydration, if you’re unwell, no hat or umbrella, no breeze, no trees, etc. Hot pitch, for instance, is what hell must be like. And the temperatures these days are not ‘normal’ highs, so a heatstroke is definitely a possibility. I’m not taking any chances. Although uncharacteristic of the season, we have been getting some rains, which is weird (just like the high temp for your Feb), but weird weather is the new norm like I always say :/

Ah nice, sounds like a fun thing to do, compare them in both languages. The perks of being multilingual ;) It was my first time hearing about Pushkin, but a welcome addition. It’s cool, no pressure, no obligation. I didn’t get further with it either. That Pushkin fairy tale poem was quite intriguing, I like it :) You can say all that by heart? Wow. I think our childhood nursery rhymes that we had to learn by heart were not so complex, and that says a lot :/ As a little example: See what I mean? Not poetry, but just by the way, I came across Vladimir Nabokov when I was looking through books, and realized he wrote the famous ‘Lolita’ novel. He was even born in SPb :) You know of him? He has some lovely quotes. It’s the way they put words together. They conjure up emotion when you read them. Frost has that way with words too. I’m glad you liked his. Ha, then you’re like the rest of us who read Blakes’ poetry, we also get indigestion after the first few lines ;) Shakespeare would be difficult as an English lesson for even an English speaker. Well, to be honest, because they are plays, they are easier to watch than read. But my favourites are Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth, those are easier to read too. Both are tragedies. Expect no less from me :) But I checked online to see what people say is the most popular to start reading. Hamlet seems to be right up there. They are all historical though, which I know isn’t really your thing. Reading is preferred, but have you thought about trying any films as an introduction? Apart from the classic portrayal, even some modern day films were based on Shakespeare plays. ’10 Things I Hate About You’ was based on ‘The Taming of the Shrew’, even ‘The Lion King’ was based on ‘Hamlet’ :) I like watching the classic version, but I do enjoy the modern takes on his plays. Sometimes when it’s modern, but they still talk in the Shakespearean language and it’s even more entertaining. But, the best thing about Shakespeare is his insults. Those are totally worth reading If only I could remember to use them in real life ;)

Ew @ the garbage smell lol, but hope you’re getting more of the ‘spring time is just around the corner’ smells. Must be nice :) You’re getting some awesome sunset pictures. And even a sunrise picture there? That was shocking. Did you stay up all night until sunrise? Or did you actually wake up at sunrise?! I admit seeing those pictures made me quite curious :)

Karelia. I have been hearing that name since university. See, a benchmark study on heart disease was done there called the North Karelia Project, we reference it all the time. Karelia, Finland that is. Then I had to go look at the map, then I realized where Finland is located relative to Russia, I mean you already said it, but it didn’t register as THAT close, then I saw that Karelia is separated into different parts, then I had to go read the history. Damn. I really don’t pay enough attention to the north :) So anyway, for clarity, because I confused myself somewhere along the way, when you said the suburban SPb, did you mean the Republic of Karelia? Eastern side? Ha, we’re very different in that way. Big country, low population sounds ideal to me, especially if there is lovely nature. Finland is familiar to me because of the children stories about Lapland, but unfortunately it is known for being the most openly racist country in Europe. As a minority, you can’t hide from those things anywhere you travel, but I won’t put myself in a potential situation to disprove it. I do a good job at making my own self feel inferior, I don’t need to go to another country for that :) I know next to nothing about Estonia but it did show up as one of the best European cities to visit :) But I see the point you’re making about the closeness of the place relative to the appeal of visiting. I think you’re probably right.

Same. I’d love to visit places for different seasons. When you visited S. Korea the first time, was it during fall like this last visit? The colours were really incredible. I got caught up in a few Netflix Korean dramas, and they seemed to be filmed around fall as well maybe, because the nature scenery was vivid and beautiful like your pictures. Oh, I can now say that I can easily identify a Korean accent :) I’m already hooked on their manhuas, and I realize their live action tv/movies are also good. I mean I loved ‘Train to Busan’, but I am enjoying other productions. How did I get here, I was talking seasons… how do I always manage to get to zombies? :) Speaking of which though, aren’t we the honorable sort, willingly sacrificing ourselves… to be eaten first… ‘no, I’ll be first… oh no, I insist, I’ll be first… oh, you’re too kind, but really, I’ll be first’. Martyrdom here we come :)

Ah I see. So, I wasn’t too far off… in an ideal world. I wrote what I remembered from the social geography course we had to do which included mapping of city layouts, transportation systems, human diffusion, etc. So as usual no practical concept for the real issues like you mentioned. Sad but I can’t say the reality here is any different here.

So that’s how you beat the jet lag. I mean, imagine landing in a new place, the last thing you want to do is sleep, even if you’re lacking in that department. I think the adrenaline would keep me going. Lol @ ‘I’m innocent here’ :) Hmm, sounds great! Yes, sounds ideal for no-sleep lunatics like us :) I was reading up on ways to beat jetlag during travel and one of the recommendations was to get plenty of sunlight on arrival, just how you do it :)

Which brings me to my Japan visit. Guess what? The sour lemon has gone full rotten. I won’t bore you with much details, but just to say I am feeling like she is sabotaging my trip. The things she IS supposed to be doing, like the paperwork for the visa since I would be staying with her, she has either been procrastinating, making it seem like this tedious task, or doing it incompletely. It has felt like pulling teeth these past few weeks. In my mind, if she is happy for me to come, she should be willing to help make that happen. And it’s not because she is busy, because I know she is not, she is just not treating this as a priority. Case in point, I now have to wait weeks to get the documents that she sent regular post, rather than using a courier like we initially discussed (and worked out money for) which would have taken 2 days. That delay will put a strain on my side. No logical reasoning for this except she kept procrastinating, making excuses, and then didn’t want to go through the effort of using the courier.
What she did do though, was invite someone who she barely knows to piggyback on my trip and travel around with me, without asking me first. To be clear, she is free to invite whomever to stay with her while I am there, and I don’t mind meeting or even travelling with someone, but what is disrespectful is that she made all these plans with the person and THEN told me, trying to convince me that it was the best idea ever. While it may be a good idea on one hand, do you remember you and I had a discussion on travel companion compatibility? I am investing a lot of time and money on this trip, the only terms it should be on is mine and who I choose. And I don’t know, is courtesy still a thing anymore? Or is this how the kids are doing it these days? Since she got this other person involved I didn’t say no, but I told her as nicely as possible that what she did was inappropriate but that I would be a good sport about it, and I thought we gotten past all that. But I don’t know if that’s why she is being like this now. Anyway, I have no time for drama or passive aggression. These bullshit games people like to play waste my time and energy. I will be the first to write myself out that kind of situation, especially if I feel like I am a bother to someone. So my options… go as planned and stay with her, but all that will be null and void if I don’t get that mail package in time and I’m not as excited as before tbh. Another option is to still go and don’t stay with her, which will have consequences for our relationship later on, and also more expensive than I budgeted for. And the last option is to visit when she is no longer there, as she returns home in August because she gave up her contract. Of all these scenarios, the one that makes me happiest when I think about it is to go when she is no longer there which will give me more time to re-budget. But all scenarios also make me a little sad too. I think I am mostly disappointed in myself because I should have known better than to depend on her since there were similar situations in the past. Anyway, this is a very minor trial in the scheme of life. Something will work out, and whatever that is, it will be for the best :)

tHe dUcKs EaT pEOpLe?!
Snowstorms like the kind you experienced do sound exhilarating. I can only imagine what that might be like.
Blue is often associated with melancholy, light blue is sadness, and dark blue is depression. I guess that’s why we say, ‘feeling blue’ or we have ‘the blues’. Was that what you were trying to remember? But it can also be tranquility and serenity.

I believe that too, I think when your body has had enough of the lack of sleep, it will let you know. Hopefully not in a painful way. But who knows, by your imagery, you may already have a high pain tolerance… ‘torn in thousands of pieces and needles tearing every part of the body’… Nice. I can relate :)

Why can’t my country be smart enough to ban them here too? Definitely creepy. That’s always a real concern living with few close neighbours. Ha, true but I trust my neighbours unless they become the undead. Weapons are handy. Ah those old clocks, huh? Yeah, my grandma had one of those. It could be annoying at night if you focus on it. Lol @ ‘conglomerate of nerves and jealousy’, you’re on a roll :) The world is a noisy place. Silence is golden they say, I see nothing wrong with getting used to it.

Well, I didn’t think the berry picking would be in the backyard. I had grand plans of a trek in a trail or forest. Ha, okay okay, a garden does exist for that reason. I guess it’s because the idea of growing berries in a garden is so foreign to me :) Cloudberries… I like that name, never heard of that before :)

I agree with you there, packing truly is an art. There are all sorts of organization videos on the internet on how to fold and pack things for travel. It boggles the mind lol. Now the latest is something called packing cubes? I’ve lived out of one suitcase for 4 months at a time before. Funny how little you can make do with. Ha, I am the same. I pack very neatly to go, but on the way back it’s definitely not the same as it started off lol.

Hmm, you know you just kindled my interest with the poetry writing. Saying that to me was just like baiting a fish. Remember I did ask you eons ago if you wrote, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to me. Hear that lollipop suckers, don’t tell anyone :) Mine aren’t all that interesting either, so I also didn’t show them to anyone :) Do you still have them? Are you really going to make me ask? :) Ok, twist my arm. Share with me privately if you dare. It will still be as if you showed them to nobody. You’re into the translating poems thing now anyway, so translating yours should be no worries :) Are you going to complain again that I am always giving you these tasks to do? :P

Oh, that’s very interesting with the pronunciations. Yeah, your ‘R’ is more tongue while our ‘R’ which is more lips. I hadn’t realized that our ‘R’ would be hard to say for you guys. You know the English ‘th’ sound, in our local dialect which is just broken English, it’s just pronounced as ‘T’, so ‘think’ or ‘thing’ would be said like ‘tink’ or ‘ting’. Yes, “practice makes perfect” is like a song that’s stuck in my head since school.

Speaking of which, sensei, I didn’t know that there was a whole separate country called Moldova. I’m sure I heard the name before, but it’s one of those place names that you just assume is a city of somewhere else. And that it’s very close to Russia. And there I thought I was good at Geography :/ So famous Moldova wine, huh? I wonder if they import any of that kind of wine here. I should remember to ask.

Ha, I hope you don’t go around calling anyone a ‘vourdalak’ now. ‘Dragon Head’? I have come across it. It would be nice to read more of those themes, I’ll add it to my list. I appreciate Junji Ito’s manga for that, even though his aren’t always subtle and sometimes more of a guro-fest than truly psychological. Exactly as you say, when you watch a horror movie, most of the intensity is gone when you see the ‘monster’, but when it’s unknown that’s the psychological workout.

Ah, that man… the other source of my heartache. I guess he is not just doing good, but doing great! He went off like I told you, but then he stopped taking my calls, and I hear he has been back at the heavy drinking, smoking, and telling people that nothing is wrong with him. He did nothing but complain to his family that I have him under lockdown and that I don’t do enough for him. Even they had to tell him that he is being ungrateful. Ah well. I tried. Bury the pain and move on, right? He can continue enjoying his life in ignorant bliss. I will just pick up the pieces however they fall later on.

In happier news, I am glad that there continues to be progress with your niece :) Ha, if she takes after her uncle, I’m sure she will ;)

We do like our own way, so at least we can blame it on being corruptible :) I know. I feel like that too. I do have the tattoos and piercing, but that was because it appealed to my artistic side, not because I wanted to rebel or do something freaky. I still consider myself a good decent girl with just a sprinkling of corruption :) As long as my heart is still pure, I am safe :) The example? Ha no, it doesn’t mean anything. I was just curious because it just reminded me of myself, so I wondered if it was something you experienced also.

Here you’re talking about waking up earlier and how it might kill you… so again the mystery of that sunrise picture! :) Our brains forget trauma so maybe that’s why you didn’t remember waking up earlier at that other job lol. Oh no, only 3 hours at a time? Wow. It reminds me of how it was for me in university, but then I would have to make up for it with 12 to 14 hour sleep comas at some point. I couldn’t do that kind of short sleep cycle for very long. Some sleep scientists might need to do a sleep study on you one day.

Yes, it’s the right word. I mean they raised it here a couple years ago, but that’s because the life expectancy is higher. We still have many who fall below the poverty line because despite having helpful social programmes, there is still corruption. That situation you mentioned is a bit scary and depressing tbh. Sometimes I wonder which of these economic or political structures actually benefits the common people. Each kind think they are better than the other, but they are all so fucked up in their own ways. Anyway, better not get too much more into that.

Oh you didn’t know about chateaus? :) Well, we borrowed that from the French anyway. Haha, thank you, thank you *curtsies* Oh man, columns? It’s easy enough to guess as a design feature, but I would not have known that it’s actual landmark structures. So, I don’t think you let me off easy, I still had to go research it :) But I had it coming anyway ;)

Well, I did say it’s not my style to kick someone’s ass, but there’s still time. Oh no way, I won’t remind you of that, you shut me down quickly with that last time, I’m staying clear of that topic haha. How the heck did he manage to do better on those slopes? Are you sure he’s not training in secret? Damn genes again probably. Ooo how about this? Smokers tend to produce more red blood cells than non smokers to compensate for the oxygen depletion that comes from smoking. Maybe at that higher altitude where the air is thinner he lucked out with a higher oxygen carrying capacity than you lol. It’s a stupid theory which doesn’t consider other important variables, but I’m just trying to make you feel better that all your hard gym work was not in vain :) I don’t know why they would want to look like that, especially women, it’s crazy. To each their own, but it has to be some sort of warped perception, right? I am always telling my gym patients to stay away of protein powders because that shit bulks you up. Nice clean cut, defined muscles come from high value protein foods, no substitute. Oh I know who’d asses I’d want to kick, those damn gym instructors. They keep telling their clients to use all these powdered shit products and are completely misinformation about nutrition. Anyway, I have known a few gym freaks obsessed with that look (not females), and I can say it was definitely cases of body dysmorphia or muscle dysmorphia which is a real mental illness.

Have you really taken a break from the vns? :P That Umineko, you mention often enough for me to be curious. Also sounds like a big series. Ah okay gotcha, I thought it was a special place or site that I missed the memo on. No worries, it should be easy enough to look for if I put more effort into it. The VNDB site is helpful. Thanks! I’m thinking about making an account there. I’m excited to try one. Will let you know how it goes.
As for Shield Hero, I’m disappointed that it takes that route later on as I really like the quest story and Naofumi’s character, this guy who has lost all faith in humanity, the reluctant hero. Sighs. This is why we can’t have nice things. The Neverland manga was sooo enjoyable to read, I literally read nothing else every free second I had until I caught up to the last translated chapter. True, the music and atmosphere in Boogiepop is awesome, I also wanted to mention that last time. Mob Psycho is on my ‘to watch’, I don’t mind starting the series. I might even do that tonight. Haha, me too with Kaguya-sama, the shouting commentary was tedious at first, but Chika won me over ;) I don’t usually care much for the loli-types but she is adorable and proficient :) As for the series itself, and those two lovesick puppies lol, yes it does keep getting better. I’m enjoying this seasonals this time around, none of them are disappointing me. If only more people could be like good manga and anime ;) I’ve also been catching up on some older anime series, and a few Chinese light novels. At least I don’t lose motivation for those things :)

Were you crazy from the start? I didn’t say that either ;) Yes, those lantern pictures have some kind of magic :) Ha, don’t be too proud of my readiness yet given my current situation. But it’s nice to have the encouragement :) Well, I am feeling a little better than when I started this. Had I known I would feel this way, I would have probably written sooner. But I was afraid that I would bring down the whole mood of the message being so out of it and all. I hope I didn’t do that. Write when you can, and live well in the spaces in between :) May fortune smile on both of us ;)
VaroOP Feb 28, 3:08 AM
I love the isekai genre.
I definitely think that light novels are much better when it comes to it !
Anime are often just half-assed adaptations of their original content so I totally get what you mean.
These days, its just fun to see my favorite LNs adapted into anime for the sake of the animated action scenes. :p
I haven't read that many manga,but some of them were damn good.
Recently, I started reading A story about treating a female knight who has never been treated as a woman as a woman! Man thats one huge title haha!
VaroOP Feb 26, 6:28 PM
Nice to meet you too! Just noticed that we had a few favorite anime in common so I sent a friend request right away!
Also it looks like you can recommend anime and manga very easily because you have watched and read so many!