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Feb 2, 2015
Selector Infected WIXOSS- A deconstruction of the ever popular card game anime genre?
Not really…But does it even matter?
Putting the Madoka Magica comparisons aside, WIXOSS is a show that tries to smother the viewer with an array of emotions, as well as unfortunate plot points, bringing up in me that “one…more…episode…” feeling. Yes. WIXOSS has many aspects which make it an enjoyable work that can/will leave one questioning the moral standards of the issues presented. On with it, I suppose.
Without rewriting the synopsis above, we know that the characters in the show play a card game called WIXOSS, however some girls become “selectors,” and are thrown read more
Sep 20, 2014
Aldnoah.Zero was a good show.

That's it though. Good.

Go on any discussion for the Summer 2014 season on the internet, and the most prominent show would be Aldnoah.Zero. I mean, I was part of that hype train too. The God himself Urobuchi and the Goddesses Kaijura/Kalafina with the directing talents of once of the most prominent faces in the modern anime world, (Aoki) and you'd have the hype train to hell that was this show. The question is, why was A/Z not literally the greatest show of all time?

Our setting and story is quite standard, although that is not necessarily a negative. Reading the read more
Sep 18, 2014
Oh god this show is impossibly difficult.

On one hand, it was actually pretty badass. I mean the concept itself is something very appealing to many fans in general, and the manga was already quite well received. But then, once you actually watch the show, all the hype turns into...confusion. Well here it goes, Tokyo Ghoul:

The show revolves around Kaneki Ken, an introvert who spends all his free time engrossed in literature. By the miraculous hands of the anime gods, he ends up on a date with Kana Hanaz- I mean Kamishiro Rize, a purple haired beauty with the same tastes as him regarding novels and read more
Sep 10, 2014
I am a straight male.

This show is pretty good.

I initially wrote off this show after seeing the now slightly famous intro scene, but soon, a joke amongst friends turned into a marathon of the six episodes that were out at the time. Every week after that, I looked forward to Wednesdays, where I'd get to see the next episode of Love Stage. At this point, after completing the series, the true question is this:

Why did I enjoy the show to the extent that I did?

I mean, it is quite normal for one to enjoy a show that is that is directed towards a different target read more
Aug 16, 2014
Spring 2014 had a lot to overcome and prove.


On March 28, 2014, a little show called Kill la Kill ended its 24 episode run, and the anime community proceeded to jump into a collective orgy of hype, memes, and skimpy cosplay. (Which I certainly did not mind.) The show became the next big thing, (Previously held by Attack on Titan) and we all wondered if any show in spring could attain even a fraction of the popularity.

Enter No Game No Life.

The show features a plot that might seem like common fare these days: People in video games. Although this is not exactly the read more
Dec 18, 2010
Boy, I remember when I first heard of this anime, I just came off watching School Rumble. I thought, "huh, another love triangle one perhaps?" And I just put it off, until I kept hearing about how it was amazing and terrible and the such. I then started to watch it, at about 4:00 in the morning. At the beginning, it WAS a love triangle one. The guy. The energetic girl. The shy beautiful girl, The comic relief friend. But then soon, it turned into something special. That made it a very loved/hated anime. So lets get on with it.

Story~9 The story picks up read more