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Mar 26, 2020
I expected hentai but got something so much better.
Do not, I repeat do not fall for the title of the show.

Our story starts off with our male character, Shouji Osamu a elementary school teacher fresh out of college about to embark on his first day when he suddenly gets hugged by a girl he does not recognize then at night he learns that nothing about their encounter is coincidental. I won’t spoil much but one thing I can say for sure is there this will give off Nisekoi vibes since there is mystery taking place besides that the backstory is really interesting.

Let’s start off with read more
Mar 17, 2020
A story about two-timing that sounds interesting and new. What could go wrong? Really, what could go wrong? Everything went wrong.

The opening of a story should never be rushed. This is what this manga does. The first few chapters are there to introduce the characters, the setting and the conflict unless there is a particular reason to withhold this information but for this manga it seems like there is no conflict at all. For a rom-com if there is no conflict why would anyone continue reading, the protagonist himself said he wants to two-time too so like why.

The characters are a mess, both the current read more
Mar 12, 2020
Kubo-san wa Mob wo Yurusanai truly is one of a kind.
It has a mix of Takagi-san feels and Nagatoro-san bullying.
Not gonna lie I picked this up because of it’s eye-catching cover and as a fan of stories like this, I said “Why not?”

The manga’s plot is relatively simple. Kubo-san teases Shiraishi, he overthinks and life continues as usual basically an episodic plot expect for a certain few chapters where the author focuses on one of the main characters’s additional stories that have little relation to the other main character. As expected from a romance manga, this makes me scream inside as it’s just read more