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The author of the light novel versions of Sword Art Online and Accel World are the same, so even if the art is different they have similar overall concepts. Another reason why they are similar is because it is heavily hinted in the Sword Art Online's light novels that they are both set in the same world, only that Accel World is set further in the future.In the 2nd part of the 2nd prologue of the 9th volume of Sword Art Online's light novel, it even shows how development of how the concept of the "Brain Burst" program used in Accel World worked, and it is shown in the crossover chapter "Versus" that Accel World is definitely the future.

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These end areas relating over to the development of "Brain Burst" may or may not become spoilers as to the goal set in Accel World to "Find The Creator Of Brain Burst"

Sword Art Online Volume 10 Prologue 2

Sword Art Online/ Accel World Crossover "Versus"