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Aug 20, 2010
This manga was really cute. Its typical shoujo with a overused and watery plot but it was a really nice read. The manga is short and sweet and would be really bad if it werent for the characters. The character banter is adorable. The males interact in a way similar to the males in Ouran High School Host Club, which makes for fun entertainment. There isnt really anything to tug at your heartstrings and sadly there is no defined romance. There is an established one-side crush, but that is as far as things go in the romance department. If you want something light, with lots read more
Aug 19, 2010
I read this because I knew it would be a quick read and it had been on my "plan to read" list forever and I wanted it off. The read itself took about twenty minutes and was fairly enjoyable. I was suprised to enjoy it as much as I did. The characters are tolerable for the most part and easy enough to like even with little character development. I wasnt too fond of the way Red treats Pink, but it was still an enjoyable read. I was hoping for a little more romance and less of a "bullying love" than what I got. If your read more