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Jul 21, 2008
I like the manga, but somehow I'm not quite satisfied with the anime. I don't know, maybe its the sub's quality that translate everything like Ganguro become Tan Face etc etc...

Sometimes maybe the term should be left the way it is.

The only thing that make me keep watching was Tatsukichi's 'Ookii' (his monkey expression is priceless) and the Junior Detective....

So sorry to say, the manga are better.....
Apr 17, 2008
I'm a big fan of the series, but a bit disappointed with this movie...
I think the people who made this movie is a bit too hurried to decide on the characters.
They made this filler character, Ryoga Echizen, Ryoma's older adopted brother. In the movie he entered ryoma's house when he was a kid. Then Ryoga went missing through the entire series... come back for a brief moment on the movie, then went missing again...

It's just too weird...
Feb 5, 2008
If Hollywood going to film this anime into live-action (well, hopefully not, they tends to ruin the greatness of anime) I’m positively sure that it would be directed by Mr. Tim Burton. The anime is quite similar to his works. The dark, gothic, and edgy.

Even though the story is typical shounen anime, it’s fun to watch the whole drawing things. Black, white, and grey are the main color use in the anime, but doesn’t make the artwork dull, instead it makes the late 19th century setting to be stronger.

The main antagonist, Earl of the Millennium looks non-threatening at all. With his massive grin read more
Feb 4, 2008
The story revolves around Azuma Kazuma, the boy who has Solar hand which very advantageous in making bread. Like any other G-rated anime, this show teach us to working hard to achieve something.

There’s nothing very special in this anime. Simple storyline, predicted plot, so-so characters.

What makes it interesting is the rarity of cooking-themed anime. There were only less than 5 cooking anime I can recall. The classic Mr. Ajikko also known as Born to Cook (maybe not popular in the world, but it was hype in my country back in the 90’s <okay, I’m old… so what???>). There’s also Cooking Master Boy. In read more
Jan 27, 2008
This story tells us about the struggling of youth. Youth that supposed to be the best phase of human’s life turns out to be not so sweet. In this series we’ll see the character’s struggle to express their feeling, to find what they’re really want, to accept a bitter defeat, and face the ugly side of love.

While the common Shoujou animes are quietly predictable - the female leading star will get her dream, going out with the leading man, Hachikuro give a hard cold fact that you can’t always get what you want. Hachikuro’s target audience is the young female adults. The story it read more