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Jun 22, 2019
gotta say, my neighbour poroporo is the most "uh huh, wait what did you say?" movie i've ever seen. a movie where nothing happens and it isn't very funny, though as far as i'm aware none of the stars of this movie have gone on stage and shouted racial slurs at the audience, so points to them for that.

i think the theme of this story is growing up, or it's don't catch periods. pretty good dub. it's not very #relatable to me but also i didn't pay much attention. there are two hours of movie and only about half an hour of it is read more
Jun 8, 2019
What. A. Big. Mood.

in 1945 some stuff with some armies went on, you might've heard about it before. this movie does not mention the rape of nanking but it does tell the story of some people on some island somewhere. then it tells the story of the same people in places not on some island somewhere.

the art is really really really good and enhances the most emotional scene in the movie which was very touching if you weren't listening to someone complain about the subs for the entire fucking scene, luceo. aside from the highly stylised moments on the galactic railroad the art is read more
Mar 4, 2019
2017 was a terrible year for mlondi dlamini, a south african football player who died in a car accident at 20 years old. however it was a good year for food based anime involving magical doors to other worlds.

i watched this show dubbed on the recommendation of a friend and also because i like english more than japanese, the english voices are fabulous and i second that recommendation. if you're the type of person who refuses to watch dubs then i invite you to get the fuck away from my review because i don't want you reading my blessed words.

since this show has isekai in read more
Jan 5, 2019
Jin-Rou (Anime) add (All reviews)
jin roh is the specific type of garbage anime movie that anime fans will point at to say that anime can be serious, and this movie is seriously boring. a masterpiece of animation that could only be created by someone with a lot of script that they had no idea how to make interesting other than animating it.

the main character's name is fuse and he's a rogue cop with a short fuse in my ideal world. however in the movie he's a standard muscle protagonist type 2 with some ptsd, this does not characterise him in a way that is remotely interesting and i'm also read more
Nov 3, 2018
The world's most asshole JoJo character comes back again to draw on some faces and punch some children, These two OVAs are pretty interesting because David Production worked on this instead of making a good part 5 ed.

The two OVAs starts out in the town of Morioh where eagle eyed viewers will notice that this is actually a parallel universe to the Morioh from part 8 of JoJo. Other things eagle eyed viewers will notice are Rohan's headband and the appearance of Koichi's dad.

The story of these OVAs is secondary to the genius character of Rohan which successfully scared many people away from talking to read more