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Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo
Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo
3 hours ago
Watching 8/12 · Scored -
Video Girl Ai
Video Girl Ai
4 hours ago
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5-toubun no Hanayome
5-toubun no Hanayome
2 hours ago
Reading 111/? · Scored 6
Yesterday, 1:39 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Slam Dunk
Slam Dunk
Yesterday, 1:24 PM
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Xzzie 11 minutes ago
The only similarity i can see right now is the revealing the truth thing and having witches, and i think both are done better in Umineko. Umineko also has a wider range of themes and is told in a more thought provoking way.

Alright, sure, but in Requiem, we were shown how setting your mind on a goal can sometime lead to ruining everything you love and the consequences it has on your "personality", and the regrets it follows, sure the original showed both themes, but not in quite as detailed, shocking and thought provoking as Requiem, since it delves right into the mind of the character.
Reuenknown 1 hour ago
just passing by and reminder to read the goat One Piece to complete 100% of MAL top rated manga, thanks
TELOS2100 1 hour ago
t̩͖ ̻̰ẖ̣̹͖̪͕ ̮̫͉̣͍͕e̗̜͈͓
̠̱̟̭̗̤̜r ̲i̩ ̟̺̦͈̬͔̮n͈͓ ̭͙g̻ ̘̳̳̭i̼̮͓̦͇ ̮̰ṋ̟̼̪͓ ̲̗̯̩͙͉g͓͖͈
̦͉̲̣̮̠w̫ ͓̲o̥ ̣̮n͔͎͕̹͔ ‘͚̤͕̗ ͉̮͈̹̜̞t͈̤
̘͚̫s̺ ͖͖̲̹t̞̦̪̬ o̭̻̲̗͔̺ ̥̼̰̼͈p͇̗̣͉̬̮

Xzzie 2 hours ago
Michel's story is exactly what made lower my score for original novel, i definitely can't appreciate it. Ofc it overlaps, it's a spinoff, but by that logic, any sequel or spin-off of a work can't be better than the original?

Hmm, okay.
Xzzie 2 hours ago
Sure, but i don't judge like that, the event/themes shown here are stronger than anything shown in the original game. No, i didn't read since last time, not having any motivation these days. Btw, i gotta read Part 8 manga afterwards right?
Xzzie 3 hours ago
Yea, read it before starting Umineko. And you i've read that, definitely interesting. The second half of Requiem is probably better than the original game tbh. And the final scene.
Mei-o_Scarlett 3 hours ago
kek sasuga
then think im like 60%? done with the manga list :>
Mei-o_Scarlett 4 hours ago
i had that goal once
for anime
and without really working for it
im like 95% there

prob gonna be the same for manga
but too many ongoings
so cant really be caught up
Mei-o_Scarlett 4 hours ago
>completing the top
>remember seeing shit like yuuki yuuna which got botted up there
Xzzie 4 hours ago
I agree then.

Changing the subject. Is Jacopo still your fav character?
Mei-o_Scarlett 4 hours ago
tfw this was recced for nozaki kun
sasuga mal

but kek go for video girl ai, the anime version
Xzzie 4 hours ago
Ofc. Hmm, maybe. But i prefer it this way. Developing romance means adding more plot points, which maybe a hit or miss.

Yes, the early comedy bits are there to hook some people, then the start gets real as you go on. But Rookies is very good too, so you won't regret that too.
Mei-o_Scarlett 5 hours ago
you took engaged to the unidentified but not taking wandering son or video girl ai
SwordRed 5 hours ago
One step closer to seasonal Rance TV anime.
SwordRed 7 hours ago