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May 16, 2018
This is my second review ever so cut me some slack :p

Steins;gate zero is an alternate ending to the original series we all love steins;gate, in this ending okabe fails to save Kirisu and he gives up all hope of saving her and goes into depression.

Story: As somebody who has played the VN i am happy how the adaptation is turning out, I especially like the psychological scenes. The pacing is also better then the original steins;gate because we don't need to introduce every single character which happened in the original steins;gate (a good 10 episodes or so).

Story: 9

Art: So white fox is at read more
May 12, 2018
Hello guys, Tibo here this is my first review ever so don't be to harsh on me.
(This review will be updated periodically, and is subject to change.)

MHA is back and after season 2 my expectations are quite high...

Story: Boku no hero academia doesn't have a story that is so out of the ordinary but it still is done well. It does everything right and is an example for other Shounen series out there. That is why it gets a solid 8 for me.

Story: 8

Art: The art style of MHA is really unique and it gets it justice because studio Bones is doing an read more