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Jan 18, 2016
Boku dake ga Inai Machi is a Mystery/Psychological manga kind of rough.

The story revolves around Satoru, a guy who get sometimes carried back in time when something bad is going to happen. With this, he gets to prevent accidents, save people and above all clear an unsolved criminal case that he lived through during his childhood.

If you are looking for a masterpiece you will be disappointed; when you read a Mystery story you expect most events to be connected as a big picture to get a grandiose conclusion, instead BokuMachi has a tons of unnecessary elements and events building up left and right read more
Sep 2, 2012
The adaptation Sword Art Online is truly an overwhelming spring of enjoyment to me.

At this time, I've seen the 10 episodes available and read the first volume of the LN. Since SAO hasn't been completed yet, reviews may lack of accuracy regarding Story/Art/Sound/Character so I'll mostly focus on the Enjoyment as far as it has reached and a short talk about the adaptation from the LN (sorry if things get mixed).

Sword Art Online is a Medieval/Fantasy/Adventure genre that exhibit its charm through landscapes, short-quest stories and a MMORPG reference. As a former hardcore-player of this category, SAO has created a sweet and burning nostalgia : read more
Mar 10, 2012
Disappointment :
The movie saddened me from the bottom of my heart...
I'm a fan of SnO (the Manga), and I've watched the anime too.
I wasn't expecting a movie of SnO (even though I've heard of it) so it was quite a surprise to discover it !
The idea to have a movie on Hiroyi's Arc, rather than an anime season, was really great and I loved it : that is, until I watch it...

Story :
It didn't- It did not follow the manga's storyline : what was great about the manga (consistancy and emotions) was badly lacking.

/SPOILER/ As for example (wait is that Spoiler ? Let's say it read more