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Oct 22, 2020
Possibly the most pointless OVA ever made.

Under the Dog is pathetic through and through. I doubt the entire staff were inept, but it was at least most of them. I'm lost as to how this even got to release without any of the rest raising their hand and saying to the room; "Fellas, this is awful. Please tell me this isn't the finished product."

Supposedly Under the Dog was originally a concept for a 2-cour anime, with this OVA possibly acting as an episode 0. In that regard, it's even worse than a standalone work, as it fails to feel like a primer for a longer read more
Oct 12, 2020
Didn't look like there was a lot of effort, and predictably there weren't a lot of results.

Pale Cocoon is at its best right before it starts. The premise is strong, the synopsis is enticing, but right from the outset the OVA is a huge disappointment. It may even be best to just not watch it at all, and save the idea being dragged down by this result.

In the interest of parity, there are some positives to mention. The OVA has a type of confined brutalist architecture that goes a long way towards setting the tone, and some of the visuals are actually rather memorable, particularly read more
Sep 28, 2020
What on earth was going on to leave this on the cutting room floor?

Gatchaman Crowds is a show with an almost comical amount of flaws, but by far the biggest was the finale. The story, already on a long nosedive since the first act, finally hit rock bottom and dug just a bit deeper. Everything built up was waved away, and the few remaining threads of interest cut short. The last few minutes, especially, were a new height in aggravating bafflement.

No wonder then, that exactly those last few minutes are what Embrace fills out. I won't assume anything about the production, whether it was not read more
Sep 17, 2020
Ostentatious garbage as has only been seen before in student films.

A quick glance at the visuals makes it clear this is an artistic short, rather than a narrative one. On the outset a divisive genre, and even more so being as it only ever results in masterpieces or swill, rarely an in-between.

Pianoman is the latter. I commend the team behind it for trying, and I think it's great they got the opportunity to, but it really is awful. If five minutes is still too long to waste, approach with caution.


There's nothing to say on the story front. It's what the synopsis says, and that's about read more
Sep 2, 2020
Certainly interesting, and didn't even go too far wrong, but still kind of missed the mark.

Now, I did enjoy Iria: Zeiram. I wasn't uninvested, and I haven't forgotten the events so far. In fact, if anything is to be taken from this review; be it that it's no doubt worth a try. But that said, it didn't quite click with me.

Being seriously strong with characters and their world, and with a pretty decent standard of narrative, Iria: Zeiram, while not exceptional, stands as a fair show. If given another chance to go around, it could easily exceed itself.


The story is admittedly simple, not boasting any read more
Aug 22, 2020
Has a bit of intrigue on paper but goes all of nowhere with it.

Tie-in ONA aren't like other productions. Rather than telling their own story, they have to promote a completely different one, often in an entirely different medium. Now, for what it's worth, Destiny Child does this. I can't say how well or not it attracted me to the franchise, being as I had briefly played the game long before watching, but it did manage to introduce the story, characters and world to a reasonable degree.

That being said, it doesn't excel anywhere at all. Despite the premise having potential, without being given the reigns read more
Aug 3, 2020
In its hurry to do everything differently, it does almost nothing well.

Gatchaman Crowds is a horribly jumbled show. It's a Sentai, but also chooses to dismiss the concept of them. It praises human society in one scene then demonizes it the next. When it's all over, nothing really remains as a theme or meaning.

For what it's worth, the first two or so episodes were fairly good, and despite the steep decline in quality as it went on, it was always at least watchable. But after an incredibly underwhelming finale, and the pointlessness I mentioned above, Gatchaman Crowds is going to remain a very annoying series read more
Jul 28, 2020
BNA (Anime) add (All reviews)
Seriously competent but essentially pointless.

I don't normally care for Anime studios. My tastes lie in stories, not frames. It's for this reason, though, that Trigger is one of the few I've come to follow, what with the vast majority of their productions being originals. While they have a track record of nearly all of these being excellent, I cannot say BNA fits the trend.

There's a sort of permeating indecisiveness all throughout. Stakes come and go, scale fluctuates wildly, and whether or not the characters even address the plot from episode to episode is anyone's guess. All this aside though, I can point to a fair read more
Jul 23, 2020
A hidden gem that shines tremendously bright.

Symphogear is pretty much the best Anime I have seen to date, and my immediate pick when asked for an absolute favorite.

There are simply so many things done so well, I couldn't hope to cover even half talking for days on end. The show feels powerful to watch, and was absolutely mesmerizing when turned on for the very first time. It genuinely blew me away so far and so fast, it'll be a very tough act to follow. And yet, it does, 4 more times.


Symphogear has a good plot, but it doesn't spell out the conflict immediately, and instead read more
Jul 9, 2020
I did not think card games and raves worked together, but I was mistaken.

I value two things most of all - story and style. In the genre of TCG tie-in anime, there isn't a lot that can be done with the former. At the end of the day, tabletop gaming is a constraining plot structure. The simple solution, which Zenonzard has realised immediately, is to pull out all the stops on the latter.

Not just the the field of play, but the audience, the stage, every single aspect that can have been brought over the top, has. The cast is colourful both in and out of read more