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May 14, 2017
Mixed Feelings
The thing is, because the show concluded so well, the scenarists couldn't find what to make the Specials about... so they just made the main cast tell themselves surreal stories about the "group"... wow... on top of that, the stories aren't "narrated" by the characters who tell it, but instead are animated and voice-acted normally.
So the specials add almost nothing to the series... yeah... very "meh", right?
But! It seems like the 2nd Special references a movie the producers of Tatami Galaxy made. So that's nice I guess. *there's a moment where a character says "the girl of the apple" or whatever:

Story: 6 - ...
Jan 22, 2017
Sazae-san (Anime) add
Preliminary (50/? eps)
Why is a long-running show that is this popular in Japan, ranked 5919 ?
I mean, most, if not all of the Japanese population knows Sazae-san, and likes it. (the same goes for Doraemon, Chibimaruko-chan, etc.)

The answer is simple: this is a slice of life-comedy show made for Japanese people, not for Americans, or French people.

In a sense, it is the Japanese version of the Simpsons. But the genre of comedy is different, and unlike the Simpsons, it needs Japanese cultural knowledge to understand, and it isn't oversaturated at all.

Note: Sazae-san first started as a crappy show, much like all other 1970's animes.

Conclusion: Don't watch Sazae-san ...
Nov 14, 2016
As a Ghibli, this movie is unique.
It has no generic plot line like most other Ghiblis. (Girl-Guy relationship with mysterious strangers coming outta nowhere to help them fight an enemy.)
...unlike Ghiblis, it's relatively boring : It takes 60 mins for the film to finally engage a problem other than in flashbacks, where the main character is a child, acts childishly, etc, thus making the whole tension be pretty much unimportant (for the most part)... 'not saying the first hour is bad though, it's filled with nostalgic Japanese culture, flash backs, and realism : This movie is very realistic, to the point it feels like some ...
Nov 3, 2016
Does NOT contain spoilers(there is a version that does contain spoilers, in a few paragraphs, for the people that have already watched it) :

*Story* 6.5/10(if only I could rate it 6.5/10 officially...) :
The ending is "meh". In fact it is so "meh" it was worse than expected.
It does conclude the story, but it does not satisfy the people who watched the whole anime.
*Character* 7/10 :
Very unrealistic. Everybody that supports the main character is overwhelmingly nice...
The protagonist is too immature for a 29 year-old. It would've made more sense if he was a teen. The only character that gets a decent amount of character development is ...
Oct 1, 2016
Good things about this anime :
It's got border-line hentai scenes (even though it's not really oriented towards hentai) which makes it crazy,
it's funny (more like, cringy and crazy),
it's short (because if it was long it would've been terribly painful to watch, due to the "bad things" that I listed after this),
and all of the above makes it unique.

Bad things about this anime :
It's got border-line hentai scenes,
it's stupid and unrealistic,
it's humor is simple as hell, it's all about the main character being either embarrassed, or cringy.
Oct 1, 2016
After having watched this movie I was able to tell with no doubt that the producers of Steins; Gate wanted more money because the show did relatively well, but they didn't want to spend much time and effort into the making the movie... The plot sucks !!! (But the rest is fine)

Minor spoilers of the TV series and the movie ahead :
If you've watched the TV series in its entirety, which you really should have if you're even considering to watch the movie, you are probably expecting from the movie, like I did, a perfect plot that makes sense, even though it mind fucks you. ...
Sep 23, 2016
Dragon Ball Z (Anime) add
Good things about DBZ : epicness(epic music), awesome characters, good art, and it's one of the bests in it's genre : "nekketsu"(which means the main characters fight for long against very tough opponents without losing hope like in Naruto or OnePiece).

Bad things about DBZ : there isn't much character developpement, there's a bunch of fillers.

*awesome characters = All the main characters have different functions in the story. All though, some of them become useless throughout the series.

So, is it a masterpiece ?
No, DBZ is a great anime, but it isn't a masterpiece. If you thought it was a lasterpiece, and you rated it "10/10", ...