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Mar 25, 2019
Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken is an isekai that came out of nowhere and went back to the sources of the genre
After exploring the tragedy (Re: Zero) and the comedy (Konosuba), the genre returns to a version seemingly simpler and more refined, but that is all the more pleasant

[This review includes some spoilers, read at your own risk if you have not completed the series]

Story : 8/10
Classic. Simple but not boring, it takes a relatively common scenario among the isekai genre : a lambda man (who for once is not a NEET, a good point to clarify) dies and is reincarnated in another world, a read more
Mar 4, 2019
I'm not very used to writing reviews yet, so I'll probably be hesitant and undecided, but I had to make one on Made in Abyss. And what a way to start!

Story : 10/10
I could only give 10, because Made in Abyss touches a sore spot at home by playing the card of discovery, adventure and mystery. Indeed, I have always loved discovering new things, especially totally different worlds, which I find extremely attractive.
And there, at once, I am offered a beautiful but deadly place, a mysterious and unknown fauna and flora, a sensation of attraction for the unknown, a dangerous but exquisite perfume of read more
Dec 28, 2018
Story : 10/10
The story is simple but it strikes me a lot. It approaches with delicacy and ingenuity the problems teens face, which it metaphorises by exposing them as a supernatural phenomena. This approach gives a less rough and oppressive side to the problems encountered, without necessarily denaturing or softening them.

Art : 8/10
Nothing very transcendent but it is very pleasant to watch. The chara-design is quite common but remains endearing, as are the sets and animation in general.

Sound: 8/10
Like the art direction, the soundtrack does not mark but does its job perfectly and is rather pretty, although discreet. I like the opening though!

Characters : 10/10
The read more