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Nov 9, 2019
Seimei no Kagaku: Micro Patrol or Il était une fois la vie (once upon a time... life) Is a French Japanese Animation financed by several EU countries (Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Holland) and Canada.

It belongs to the label "Il était une fois" ("once upon a time") created by Albert Barillé. Under his works, all the series are dedicated to entertain and educate the children in a very well balanced way, with good story line and funny or interesting characters. It was made a at a time producers wished the children to have a good time but also to make them think and learn in the read more
Apr 21, 2019
Appearance and technicality is not everything in an anime : These 3 short movies produced by the Studio Ponoc seems more a beautiful technical demonstration of the studio pure animation capabilities than real narrative works, in-depth reflections or compelling/original stories.

The first one is a mildly fantastic family friendly scenario with superficial events, classic stereotypes and extremely predictable outcomes.
The second one is an ordinary slice of life story about allergy.
The last one which seems at first the most original of the three was obviously inspired by John Carpenter's version of the Invisible Man and ends up in an ordinary fashion instead of bending to read more
Sep 21, 2017
M3 Sono Kuroki Hagane is a surprisingly very good psychological oriented mecha anime set in a dark atmosphere.


The anime focuses on a team of young pilots using giant machines to discover and explore a mysterious dark and disrupted zone appearing on earth.

While brutal action packed fights were expected, surprisingly this anime delves very deeply in the emotion and psychology of the characters. Another surprise is that this aspect is treated with real intelligence and maturity. The psychological issues are addressed gradually with subtlety, finesse and poetry.

I would like to stress this, not only as an anime fan but also read more
Feb 18, 2015
FLCL (Anime) add (All reviews)
There are already many reviews about this anime I will just add a short one.

Watching FLCL or Furi curi is exactly like going to a modern art museum and seeing a bunch of art experts or so called intellectuals watching a canvas and stating :
" it blows my mind!" "It is a masterpiece!" "It is so original and clever !" "I can see sexual innuendo"….

… and then from time to time a child will come to the museum, watch the very same canvas and say quite innocently : "Mum, why is there a white, empty, blank painting with a signature here?..."

And everybody says read more
Jan 20, 2010
Tom Sawyer is very likely one of the pearl of the Nippon Animation Studio. This studio is mainly known for the “World Masterpiece Theater”: under this label, there are many animes which are all based on a classic western novel.
In this case, the anime takes its source from the classic 19th century novel of the American writer Mark Twain/Sam Clemens. in the same vein than others 80s animes, it was widely broadcast on many European TV channels (Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain…) with a significant success: millions of kids have watched it at that time…I was one of them ;-)

The scene takes place in read more
Oct 26, 2009
Grendizer AKA Goldorak or Goldrake is a very special case as it is the very first Japanese animation series to be very successful in many countries (Quebec, Italy, France, central Europe ...) at the beginning of the 1980s.

It was because of this anime significant media and commercial success that:
-Audience from these countries became aware of what exactly is Japanese animation
-Some parents and some politicians had a negative prejudice over Japanese Animation (people can die? vilains can be good looking? characters can be ambiguous? that was too new to them in animation...)
- Nearly all the public and private TV channels enjoyed the read more
Oct 3, 2009
It is rather surprising that there was no review yet about what is considered a monument of Japanese animation in the eighties : millions of kids in Europe and South America have watched Captain Future (AKA Capitaine Flam) with passion. The theme (specific for each country) was even on the charts and I do remember hearing it in disco as well!

But let's get back to the review. The Story is based on a SF space opera work written by Edmond Hamilton in the 40s and 50s and published in SF pulp magazine. It depicts, in a distant future, the adventure read more
Sep 27, 2009
Ulysse 31 illustrates perfectly the idea that combining different cultures expertise may lead to a wonderful result as this anime is a Japanese French production involving artists from both countries. It was made at a time Producers not only want to entertain children but also educate them (in this case about Greek Mythology) in the framework of an anime with a good artistic value. Other examples of such policies are Les mysterieuses cites d’or (The mysterious cities of Gold) and il etait une fois l’homme (once upon a

Ulysse 31, as you have understood,is a futuristic transposition of the Odyssey read more
Sep 26, 2009
Hi no Tori or Phoenix or Firebird is one of those end seventies/eighties movies which worth a look. it is a work of Tezuka (Astro le petit robot, Blackjack, Leo Lion King...) whom is often regarded as the father of Manga!! I was therefore rather curious to watch this anime.

The story depicts a dystopia : A young pilot living in a society with genetic engineered individuals born for a precise purpose and belonging to specific classes has to find a mysterious being called 2772... What could that be?

Obviously the story and the art itself have many influences from movies or read more