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feelsmet_alq Sep 18, 9:34 AM
Hi, I read your Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei review. Quoting your "Feel free to enlighten me on why the show is actually good. Just don't be toxic." I'm here to try to explain why I consider "tHe Tatami Galaxy" a good show, in the less spicy/toxic way possible.

"The first problem I had with the show is that the time travel paradox has no explanation. At the end of every episode, it just goes back in time with zero explanation."

The show uses this time travel paradox to metaphorize the different ways we can take in our life. It's not a Sci-fi anime, so it's not important to explain this concept, because the goal of the show it's to make a point about modern society problems, like routine, self-identity, the Quarter-life crisis and university life, when we are supposed to growth in a psycological way, find new friends and to begin to think about our future.

"The show also has no development whatsoever or a goal to make me immersed."

Well, this is sort of right. The Tatami Galaxy it's the story about the personal growth and self realization of "Me" (Watashi). About the development, I'll point this out later.

"3-Gatsu no Lion, an anime that is a Slice of Life, became one of my favorite anime because of its top-notch development and every character had a goal but in here it is just a bunch of random episodes without substance. How am I supposed to be attracted or interested to the characters if the show doesn't give them...character. "

You like 3-gatsu? Me too!

"The Tatami Galaxy" episodes may have similar structures, but all of them give a message about the episode topic; lies, frustration, love, friends, and how the decisions we make in our life influence our future. The characters may not have a goal, but yeah they have character.

Watashi wants a "pink-colour school life" with many friends and a girlfriend, but 2 years have passed and nothing much changed, because he was too lazy to make something. Constantly blames Ozu for his "bad luck" and bad social life, but maybe he just wants a scapegoat for all his failures.
Ozu it's represented as a bad luck entity, with the appearance of a "yokai". His character is the kind of friend we use to have; the annoying one, but deep down, it's a kind he is a normal guy like us, this being explanated in the episode where he "kidnaps" Keiko, Watashi's dream girl.
Akashi it's the school bibliotecary, a strong character who doesn't let men manipulate her, and appears to be a tough woman in the outside, but she is easily scared by bugs.
The Fortune Teller tells Watashi what to do in every episode through metaphors, and it's expensive.(lol)
Johnny is just the representation of his sexual urge, also erections, and in the last two episodes, masturbation.
Jougasaki is the typical popular guy in the campus, but he has an obscure secret: breast fetichist and owns a love-doll. For someone with his popularity, it's normal for him to feel scared if his secrets were revealed in public, and this was done by Ozu, while he was "helping" Jougasaki in his club, but this was just to betray him in the last moment, supporting Watashi in that way.
Ryouko works with Ozu's dentist. She likes to drink, but also she's cautious about choosing who she goes drinking with. She seems like her last relationships hasn't been going so well.
Seitarou is in his 8th grade, but he feels like he hasn't accomplished what he wanted. He is in a constant rivalry with Jougasaki, where they try to fool each other.
(Sorry, I hadn't much to say about these two, lol)

"The characters are actually interesting but the show stopped at that and they lost that status."

At the first episodes, the supporting characters take the lead as the central plot of each episode, but even after that episodes, they are still relevant, because the actions they did in previous episodes are still valid, and those actions influenced in the next episodes. This point also supports my "time travel = metaphor" argument.

"The show also tries to be fun but it fails so hard. Ozu is the main example but instead of being fun it becomes painfully annoying and even cringey sometimes."

Well, that's up to you. The Tatami Galaxy makes use of some black comedy based in the failures of the main character, but when he has achieved something, I felt good for him. Ozu is "the causing of Watashi's suffering", but Watashi failed in everything because he lacks boldness, because he's lazy, and that's why he's looking for his life sense. Ozu is a good guy to me, but if you say he's annoying, that's fine, it's your opinion, maybe you don't like this kind of character.

For me, Yojouhan Shinwa Tankei it's a piece that made me think. It's about our maturation and self-realization in lilfe, enjoy the ride, and says us that everything that happens in our life is because what we have done; everything has consequences, and if we want something, we have to work hard to achieve that, because nothing falls from the sky; but there are also some things that will never change.

Maybe sounds like a "2deep4u" anime, but it's not like that. If youwant to reply this, feel free to do so, I'll try to keep the conversation asap.
avdx101 Sep 18, 8:32 AM
Hi there! I've just read your review on Tatami galaxy and I think you might've missed something. First, this is not an anime about time travel, it is just a tool used by the author to show different aspects of the protagonsist's life (more like his made up fantasies, anyway). It is an anime about experiencing life and taking chances. It also makes it way more relatable if you actually experienced yourself some of the college life.
Anyway, if you have some time to spare, take a look at this vid that I liked, it might clear some things up.
Have a nice day!
AllahDiyenKirpi Sep 17, 6:52 AM
you made me cry, thank you. now i am in peace. 10/10 facts.
MisaoAino Aug 24, 8:02 AM
Welcome to the Anime Guild, TheTexhnolyzed!
You can introduce yourself here: - and read there a little bit more about our different features!

Have fun!
TheCobraSlayer Aug 22, 6:14 AM You can also join here if the invite doesn't go through, that happens sometimes.

For OP/ED contests, the admin running it will make a forum thread with three OP/EDs linked every day until they've run through all the available seasonals. For both OP/ED contests that's in alphabetical order. You vote a score out of 10 for the audio and visual for each OP/ED.

PRC is Power Ranking Committee, and how that works is that in weeks 4/7/10/13 we submit our rankings of the shows we are watching, and then each ranking has a point value that contributes to the overall class rankings. Our most recent example is here: We have classes for 5, 10 and 20 shows and a character class.

I see about Jojo Part 3, I know that Jojo doesn't have a "repetitive by arc" issue that a lot of other shounen have cause of the structure, but I can see how it might lend itself to being repetitive by episode. Someday I'll watch it xd
TheCobraSlayer Aug 21, 8:01 PM
Hi Texh! I recently sent you an invite to a seasonal club called Anime Guild and wanted to say hi! (If the invite didn't go through, just tell me).

We have various different seasonal activities, like OP/ED contests and our PRC rankings. We also have an active Discord and some assorted non-seasonal activities throughout the year.

What about Stardust Crusaders do you not like? My observations are that it's a little unusual for people to dislike Part 3, as I've heard Part 1 is generally considered the weakest, so I'm just curious.
yourverybad Aug 2, 11:24 PM
You're opinion is wrong.
Broadbenj Jul 31, 12:58 PM
Thanks friend! I'm so glad I found it
Mythologically Apr 11, 8:36 PM
Yeah, now that you mention it, I should re-arrange that sentence so that the 10/10 is at the end, looks kinda awkward the way it is right now. Unfortunately, this trash season won't be dropping anywhere since poorly written battle shounens must be worshipped by the MAL community.
Krunchyman Apr 2, 7:56 AM
Nijigahara Holograph by Inio Asano (who happens to be the G.O.A.T mangaka on my list)
osklu01 Apr 2, 7:36 AM
Thanks. I’m glad that you liked my review :)
lawliot Apr 2, 7:31 AM
very ghey
1337_ Feb 21, 2:43 AM
What is your score for Naruto Shippuden if you don't count filler episodes?
Krunchyman Feb 3, 6:49 AM
I have an explanation to ratings list, you should check it out.
tami1_1 Jan 15, 2:58 PM
I think it's because there were a lot of serious arcs in a row and while it was still great, Gintama shines best in it's comedy so it didn't feel like it's earlier episodes that people fell in love with.