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Mar 10, 2021
Since these weird specials are all in circulation now, let me write a quick review after finishing them.

These mysterious specials are basically what it says on the tin, they teach traffic safety and recipes. The traffic safety episodes are only available in truly terrible video quality and even the audio feels weird, with them cutting down on the sounds of the usual transformation sequences. Maybe higher quality video will surface eventually, but for now these really don't look good.

Spoilers from here on, I'll describe the plot of each of the episodes:

In the first episode of this OVA, Doremi receives a surprise order for a cake read more
Sep 20, 2020
This show is quite the hidden gem.

It's an art project by Takashi Murakami and his team and has been released one or two episodes a year since the end of 2016. It's release history has been troubled and it's a testament to the perseverance of the team that they've gotten as far as they are now.
At one point, they created a whole pilot with a much different story and then scrapped it almost entirely to start over. You can find this pilot online, so it might also be worth a look if you are curious. Maybe once this show is finally completed and entirely subbed, read more
Sep 9, 2020
Even if you are a completionist like me, you shouldn't worry about this one.

These are all 20 second clips uploaded to Twitter. There are no voices, 2-3 generic music tracks that are probably from the regular OST and just paint animation with moving mouths and speech bubbles. I'm not even sure why I watched all of these, since I don't speak Japanese anyway. If you can read the language, there might be a bit more enjoyment to be found here, but this is very simple promotional material and you are not missing out on a super secret Chuunibyou special by skipping it.