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Dec 19, 2020
Kiki and Lala is one of the cutest series I've ever seen, so cute that I get emotional just thinking about it. The simplicity of its stories accompanied with heavenly music, wonder-like backgrounds and adorable yet tense conflicts make this an instant classic for any child and nostalgic adult. Not to mention it teaches great values, from growing up to taking up responsibilities.

This installment instills so much emotion from those who're far away from their parents and're feeling homesick. If you fall into that category, this's a short and sweet must-see. Kick back and brace yourself for the impending adorableness that awaits you.
Jul 21, 2019
Never have I been so intrigued with the art world before reading this manga, and never have I laughed the most reading one either. Recognizable figures in works of art from different eras, mainly Renaissance, attend high school, hilarity, drama and romance ensues.

Not only is the artwork downright incredible, but the different applications of it for the sake of parody always leaves me giggling. Such important works of art in history used for comedic reactionary moments is one of the best ideas I'm glad I've read, especially when the artwork does a great job of keeping up with the details of said art it parodies.

As read more
Jul 6, 2019
According to friends IRL and users on MAL, this book allegedly pales in comparison to Junji Ito's other works. Well, as someone who had this book be their first Junji Ito work, I would make the rather bold statement that this would fit right it with iconic slasher films I grew up with.

What I mean by that is this book is ridiculous. You have cute, creepy-ass kids who have supernatural powers and act in almost cartoonish ways, with gore and imagery that well suits the expectations I had regarding Junji Ito's craft. I love both main characters the same way I loved Chuckie, Freddie, Jason, read more
Apr 10, 2019
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Before I read this story, I've read other works from different mangaka where the art style doesn't go by the conventions of the usual modern Japanese manga. One example of this is Mohican-zoku no Saigo, a 1953 manga adaptation of an old French novel.

With Mohican-zoku no Saigo being a product of its time, the art style is crude in most places, and a bit of an eyesore in others. It was mostly due to there not being much conventions of what manga looked like to begin with, because I can assure you it was not due to the artist's capabilities. It was apparent that in read more
Jan 29, 2019
Pretty obscure find in my local library, but looking into its history and art style, the mangaka was quite the influential artist and writer back in his hayday, which compelled me to dive right in.

Not gonna sugar coat it, the art style ranges from DC comics-inspired great to cartoonishly crude. I'm not taking into account any racial undertones or stereotypes this book might give cause I'm not too well-versed with the history of North American tribes, but this becomes an eyesore to look at at times.

Nonetheless, the story makes this a worthwhile read. While I disregarded any possible historical inaccuracies cause, again, I don't know read more
Dec 30, 2018
You know, I gave this anime a chance at first, but after 6 episodes, I've come to realize something: this show is a complete waste of time.

Fan-service comes at light-speed and there's no focus on any of it. Characters and power forms fans have been asking for are thrown in for less than 8 minutes and thrown to the way-side the very next episode, and there's no effort put into how any of them would stand up to each other.

The baddie saiyan is Jiren all over again. If you've seen Super, you've seen this, only in Super they actually use the 22 minute run-time to read more
Dec 13, 2018
One of Akira Toriyama's lesser known works, this short movie was just epic and downright cute.

Pink is a great character with highly relatable and grounded motivations that tie into the movie's plot seamlessly. Her intentions weren't to be a hero, but rather to look out for herself and her friends, and to get what she wants. In doing so, rather than a sense of justice being the catalyst of her good deeds, her personal goals and wants make her a hero, goals and wants which, by the way, are totally adorable! Her friends and the cop are fun characters, too.

As for the plot, it's very read more
Nov 3, 2018
I think perverts in anime can be funny.

I understand some people don't share that sentiment, but there have been a decent amount of characters in anime that do it right. From the sensei who teaches his young boy students martial arts while trying to avoid showing his excessive perversion to women when said boys are around (and slips most of the time leading to funny moments of the boys being either confused or judgemental). To the eccentric mangaka-sensei who has adult female students and asks for "references" for his drawings. To the dirty teenage female student who wants to liberate a dystopian future which has read more
Aug 26, 2018
This is one of the laziest shows I've ever seen.

Lazy characters. The main characters are each one of the cells of your immune system: red blood cell, white blood cell, etc. There is little reason to care about any of them, because they act similarly to their comrades and lack any defining traits that separates them from the trillions of cells like them. And any minuscule defining traits these characters show are being incompetent at their jobs or having backstories that don't matter in the slightest in regards to their development.

Lazy setting. Before we stray too far away from the topic of how many cells read more
Jul 25, 2018
What an overrated mess of an anime. A comedy where almost all jokes rely entirely on wit with no satisfying punchline. A touching slice of life which is usually compromised by tasteless jokes that ruin the emotional moments with a big middle finger to its audience. A gimmicky psyche powers anime which said gimmick's only purpose for existing is to serve occasional jokes which almost never impact the overall story whatsoever, seriously, you could have taken out the powers aspect and had the kids be orphans who never knew their parents and little would change regarding the character arcs we see. This series tried to read more