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Days: 45.2
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May 13, 10:34 PM
Completed 15/15 · Scored 9
Steins;Gate 0
Steins;Gate 0
May 13, 2:34 AM
Watching 5/23 · Scored -
Dragon Ball Z Movie 01: Ora no Gohan wo Kaese!!
Dragon Ball Z Movie 01: Ora no Gohan wo Kaese!!
May 5, 4:07 AM
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Days: 6.0
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Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Apr 28, 4:30 AM
Reading 181/? · Scored -
20th Century Boys
20th Century Boys
Apr 22, 10:55 PM
Reading 170/249 · Scored 10
Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball
Jan 6, 4:35 AM
On-Hold -/520 · Scored -


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Old-Snake Yesterday, 5:26 PM
Create a thread asking for help on my behalf. Hopefully either a moderator will see it and decided to do their job, or a user will offer a solution.
Old-Snake Yesterday, 3:44 AM
Technically, yes. However, you can assist with another matter.
I'm trying to have my password reset for this site. Unforchanatly after 3 days of consecutive attempts to have a reset email sent, no progress has been made. I tried contacting moderators but not a single one has attempted to help as of yet (it's been days). So, what I require is for to see if you can make an account and if so please create a forum asking users for possible help since the moderators seem to be useless.
Old-Snake Yesterday, 2:44 AM
I require assistance.
YaoiMaster May 18, 10:39 PM
Oh, and Paranoia being on one of your tabs is cute.
YaoiMaster May 18, 10:37 PM
I'm trying to accept your Discord request, but my internet is being horrible for no reason, so it won't let me, no matter how many times I press the accept button. This is so irritating. Well, I will sleep now, in any case.
YaoiMaster May 18, 9:23 PM
Yes, that. It is funny what you can add to a gif.
YaoiMaster May 18, 9:15 PM
Ah, and your avatars are brilliant.
YaoiMaster May 18, 9:10 PM
Yes, it is. Oh, I do it all the time, actually. That's among the "gross" things I do, I suppose. But apparently piss is sanitation, so I'm cleaning the shower??? Plus conserving water, because there's no flushing involved. It also prevents bacteria from growing and becoming mold. I'm doing everyone in this house a favor, you know. That is indeed very confusing, considering the other games are called God of War with something else after it, correct? So for this one to be merely "God of War" is strange. I'm sure it's only a means of making money, as you said. The sales shouldn't be the only thing to matter to them. Perhaps they think they're luring people in with the title, but no one would realize it's the fourth in a series if the title is God of War. It's nonsensical. What were the creators thinking? Haha, Old-Snake. "Nothing but sales matter to them, and if it does, they should be fired and replaced." This guy sounds like an extremist who can't use his head. Why would you get a ban from that discussion? Your points were valid, whereas the other guy has his nose up his ass. I don't see anything flawed with your logic, and it's absurd to be banned for such a thing. The mods must be whiny bitches.
But can't you appeal to the owner? The ban doesn't seem justified, to me. Yes, it is ridiculous! You weren't trolling at all. Those people are overly sensitive pricks. All for having a different opinion... it's not right, I'll tell you that. It's hard not to be accepting when I'm someone who wants to be accepted, myself. If I believe I deserve to be treated a certain way, I will treat others that way. That only makes sense. And I'm used to things that are anomalous, so it doesn't surprise me when someone is such. Perhaps. But I never want to lash out at my lover, and unfortunately I've done so. Or perhaps it wouldn't be considered lashing out? Regardless, I never intend to become so angry. Very.
Old-Snake May 18, 8:14 PM
You too, immortal?
YaoiMaster May 18, 7:43 PM
I'll search for porn of it. Once my internet decides to work. It hasn't been working since I got home. The computer does, but not my tablet, which I watch porn and listen to music on. My club used to be full of rants about my disorder, my attraction, and my family, but now it is primarily used for conversing with my lover. Such discussions are rather personal, so. I also write poems there--but those are for my lover, as well, so no one else is to read them. Of course they are well written. I'm only good at writing and doing research on shit no one cares about. I learned today that pissing in the shower is healthy, for instance. I assume the opinions are about games? They sound like a bunch of hypocrites. Yes, that isn't fair. It would be nice if you could appeal the ban. It's a shame it's indefinite. "Spam/troll," eh. I'm glad you do! Haha, I don't see how I'm nice, but I appreciate it. I don't think there's anything wrong with me, either. Aside from my tendency to say and do horrible things when angered. I'll try to have more control next time. I can have very nasty Shenzo-like behavior and say crude things. Hardly anyone gets to see that side of me, and I always regret using it, unless the other person deserved it. I lash out very quickly, but it's hard to genuinely anger me, hence why I don't often do it. I think you are a very good person, myself.
YaoiMaster May 18, 7:20 PM
Yes, I'm surprised you haven't seen it yet! They're very cringy, and the relationship seems immature, like all other relationships on this site. Aside from my own, of course. And I've seen my lover in person, so there is a difference there.
YaoiMaster May 18, 7:19 PM
Ah, I understand that. But perhaps they are a bug chaser trying to contract HIV, you never know. But if that were the case, it would be more convenient to go to a poz conversion party, hm... you know, I regret ever watching The Gift and becoming obsessed with STD research, goodbye. Though if someone has questions about STDs, I guess I'm the person to go to. And I'm also very informed about drugs. Now I'm just rambling. I wonder if I've ever seen porn where they fit three. Haha, maybe they have a huge asshole, though. It's called YaoiMaster's Wonderland. A mod forced me to make it secret (because apparently my posts about children were sexually explicit? Who fucking knows), so no one can join anymore unless I send an invite. Though I do not think my lover would want anyone joining. There are a few members, but as far as I know, none of them read the posts there aside from my lover and imwueue. That's understandable. I've only ever been on MAL forums. What makes them idiots? Eh, but doesn't that image say you're banned for 1 day? Of course. I hope you do, as well. And thank you for calling me a good person, it really contradicts the "Oh, a pedophile, you're a monster, you need to be jailed immediately" shit I get nearly every day.
YaoiMaster May 18, 6:53 PM
Oh, oh, and there is indeed a MAL couple which I feel will break up soon. I have been observing them like a hawk, while plagued by delusions of grandeur from knowing they will meet their demise. I have been anticipating it for weeks now, and of course their interactions seem very infantile and jokey, rather than serious. I predict it will fall within a month or so. I love, love, love, to see people break up and cry about it. I want them to suffer.
YaoiMaster May 18, 6:51 PM
But how many people can you have up your ass at once?
I see, I see. I have a list of things that irritate me, but it'd take me forever to find it. My club has thousands of posts in it.
Why did you even bother with those profiles? Haha, prophet. I'm sure you'll make your comeback somehow. Are you permanently banned now? You know, when I first messaged you about keeping your avatar, then Old-Snake sent me that YouTube link, I had the feeling I'd become good friends with you two. Maybe it was strange to think that, from such minimal interaction, but I've always been good at predicting things.
YaoiMaster May 18, 6:37 PM
Haha, but how does that make it different? I laughed when you said Old-Snake is immortal.