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bioeffect2 Jul 15, 3:41 AM
I just saw a friend update of you putting Toriko on plan to watch I highly recommned instead of the anime you read the manga instead. Toei animation tones down the violence, the amount of gore and blood apparently to appease to the general audience, the manga is far more grim and brutal in its themes. In the manga the main character Toriko smokes in the anime apparently they censored it for absurd pg reasons. The anime doesn't completely adapt the manga and doesn't cover the last remaining arcs. The anime also screwed up the last few episodes and completely deviated from the manga and there most likely won't be a continuation of the final arcs in the anime version and toei won't renew their licensing. So simply put the manga is a far far better pick so instead of putting the anime on plan to watch I highly suggest you put the manga on plan to read.
MasterSenpai101 Jul 15, 1:44 AM
Sigma_X_ Jul 14, 9:27 PM
Sorry, I haven't used MAL in forever! How have you been?
YaoiMaster Jul 11, 5:33 AM
Huh, I see. I wasn't aware it had a battery. But good luck.
YaoiMaster Jul 10, 9:53 AM
The air conditioning is completely broken upstairs, so the fan has to constantly be on. Yes, sitting on all three at once would be uncomfortable for my back and head. I try to minimalize the pain from sitting in that spot. The internet's especially shitty during the summer. Hm, there's no room for a chair in that spot, it's tiny and just a corner. I do not have a good chair in my room, either way. I've had back pain since 2013, and I was told it's due to a vitamin D deficiency, but even if I take supplements, my vitamin D level doesn't go up. I wonder if my body rejects it. I do not go outside, partially because of my extreme fear of bugs, and partially because it is unpleasant outside, and there are no stunning sights here. I cannot move the computer upstairs, as it's a desktop computer that's all plugged into the wall. I am not the only one who uses it, either. I would like to have my own computer sometime, but alas, there is no money for one. Yes, and I believe others should say what they want. But they should also keep in mind decency and subtlety, and the fact that there is a time and place for everything. But of course, I have a disregard for someone's feelings if they want to know whether I'd care if they die. They give me no reason to care. Naturally one cares if their family dies (but I do not, as I hate them), or if their lover dies, but some person you hardly know? Of course not. Yes, people are constantly striving to fit in with others' standards, and when you say something unusual, you are treated as an anomaly, despite speaking what others are too afraid to say. They're cowards hiding behind masks, and when they meet someone without a mask, they insist that the person put one on. I wish they would be genuine with themselves, instead. I'm not surprised others are taken aback by certain things I say, but none of it is illogical. Hm, I do not make any jokes these days. I barely have a sense of humor anymore. Yes, they should take you seriously unless you tell them you are joking. I have a tendency to take everyone seriously, as it's hard for me to sense when they're joking or not. It also makes me uncomfortable if I can't tell if someone is being sarcastic. I recall one guy messaged me, and I wasn't sure if he was using sarcasm or not, so I stopped replying. I expect the person talking to me to be serious, because I am serious. It's evident to me that you are not joking about opinions you have that others wouldn't share. It is someone's choice to be offended by something or not, unless they absolutely cannot control it. It is their fault if they fear the truth and would rather believe something false. That is them choosing to be ignorant. In any case, all I have to give is the truth, and I cannot help if it hurts someone, or if it disturbs them. Yes, I like your messages, and that we agree on things. I do not like talking to someone who doesn't agree with me, otherwise they start arguing, and I'm the type to avoid conflict. I expect others to put in the same amount of effort as I do, and if they're not willing to do that, they're not worth my time. I understand someone might be startled if they ask a simple question and I respond with paragraphs, but that means they should reply with paragraphs of their own. Certain questions elicit a long response, what can I say. But I like to talk to people who are insightful. Yes, that's true. But chunks are hard to read, at the same time, and you lose your place. Chunks of text feel more familiar. But what I want to talk about depends on the day, hence why I reply to people sporadically. One day a certain user's message interests me, the next I'd rather reply to someone else, because they tend to be about different subjects. My favorite messages to reply to are ones about pedophilia, as that subject interests me most, and I have a lot to say about it. I like to answer questions about it. And ah, I like to be interviewed, but not interrogated. I like to teach/inform others in messages, and I like to gain information from them. Subjects such as games and anime have never interested me, as they have to do with entertainment, and I'm interested in more practical matters. Yes, and I like when others rant to me, because to me, what they say is important. I wonder why it's so hard for people to find a reason for what they do, or what others do. Yes, people are too inconsiderate and obstinate. People also fail to realize sadist =/= asshole, as sadists should have decency, as well. Haha, yes, Kitsu and other sites are inferior in every way. I'd be devastated if MAL were to close permanently, but I doubt it will happen anytime soon. MAL being down makes you realize how impatient people can be. It is ridiculous forums have been unavailable for so long, but the site did their best to bring lists back, as that is MAL's primary function. I wonder why they cannot wait. I'm not sure what the problem is, and they should have notified users before putting the site under maintenance, but they did not, and that is due to their own negligence. They should take responsibility for that. Perhaps they made an account for the forums on that site. I refuse to make an account on a similar site, in any case, as they both serve the same function. It's been over a month since the forums have been down, in any case, which is a letdown, considering I mostly use the site for comments, my club, and forums. They should bring clubs back soon. I see, that's strange. I never check the people database. I'd like to make a new list of husbandos, because the images broke on mine, and it's not been updated in such a long time. It would take a while. It's also funny how people changed their profile layout because they cannot use the [img] tag. I knew nothing of their marriage, of course, but it sounds pleasant. They'll bring back profile pictures soon. I used to change mine often, until I settled with this Yashiro one, which represents me too well to change. Haha, yes. It's impossible not to enjoy the time my lover is around. I hate going to the amusement park without them. I find it strange people can be in a relationship without wanting to constantly be in the presence of the one they love. How can they stand their lover not paying attention to them? It's odd to be so content with being with someone that you would not constantly want to be holding them.
YaoiMaster Jul 10, 8:32 AM
I'll reply to the recent message now, and the longer one soon.
bioeffect2 Jul 7, 7:12 AM
What are your thoughts on the promo ep for dragon ball heroes?
YaoiMaster Jun 26, 9:33 PM
Hm, I wonder about that. I wish there were money for one. Haha, there is one pillow behind me for my head, one for my back, and the other for my legs. They're rather small pillows, but it was not as if I could sit against the wall without any comfort. Of course it's painful, and I developed horrible back pain for about a week. My back is often in a bad state, but it is not as bad as it was that time. I'm not sure why it was worse than usual, in any case. It's cold both upstairs and downstairs, though it becomes hot in my room when my lover comes. I am not sure why this is. It's as if they emanate such heat. I'd prefer to lie on my bed, but I have to stay downstairs, for that is where the computer is. Hm, possibly. I think there is an Ethernet cable around here. On occasion I have the same thought, though often I know what to respond with. I'm never sure what someone wants me to say, but I do not care in the first place, as I say what I want to say. I've been asked a few times by people if I'd care if they died, and of course the answer is no. I would only care if my lover died, as that is how it should be. Perhaps they expect me to say I would care, but that would not be honest, and I am always honest, no matter if the truth hurts them or not. I understand. But your responses have substance, so that is not a problem. As long as someone responds with either the same length or a message of longer length than mine, and they do not skip something important, I do not mind much. If you do not reply by sentence, you may forget something important you should have replied to, after all. Sometimes I skip over a whole line, but that is because messages are sent to me in chunks. I'm not sure if I prefer them in chunks, or if I prefer them in separate paragraphs, but I have a tendency to reply in chunks, myself. Haha, I'm glad. Sometimes I talk about something in particular, and I expect the other person to ask about it, but they neglect to. It's not as if I say things for no reason, and clearly I am expecting something. I'll be sure to do that. Yes, I could do that with users, but it slips my mind, I suppose. Yes, because they chose to be impatient. Many switched to Kitsu, as I recall, but that site has a very unappealing design. If people are using MAL for their lists, they may have migrated to another site because it's more "reliable." But this is the longest MAL has been down since I joined, so it is not as if those who run it are terribly unreliable. Of course it was irresponsible not to warn users beforehand of the maintenance. And "maintenance" seems rather shady. Indeed, they are silly. I agree, MAL is the best site. Not that I have tried others, but I looked at Kitsu after users were joining it. No, I did not make an account there, as that would be pointless. The forum users are active here, and the BBCode option for profiles is pleasant. Yes, if they were banned, it would have stated such. I do not care for the people database, as I hardly use it. Though it would have been useful to use for a Discord bot in the server I frequent. Haha, I've had this profile picture since mid 2016, and have no plans of changing it. Yes, and for an extended period of time. We went to the amusement park together, which is something I had wanted for a long time. Yes, of course I would not be online, when I could be holding them, instead. I'm glad it did.
YaoiMaster Jun 26, 6:50 PM
I see. I'm alright, as well. Though it's very cold down here. Ah, I sit on the floor with three pillows. At times if the device is not against the door, there is no connection. And if you sit on the bed or in the closet, there is absolutely no connection. Or it lasts a couple minutes and disappears. There's been awful connection in my room since 2016, so I hope it changes with the upgrade. Yes, I understand that. Sometimes someone will send a certain message, and it's as if my mind collapses when I consider the several ways to reply to it. I feel as if messages are harder to reply to, if you do not reply to each sentence. And what may seem insignificant to you may be very important to the person you are talking to, so naturally they would expect a response to that part. I find it irritating when I want a conversation to go in a certain direction, and the person I'm speaking with completely ignores the part I wanted them to talk about. If someone is not willing to reply properly, they are not worthy of my time, hm. I doubt many people left permanently. I am sure they will return when the forums do. Unless they are someone who only uses the site to update their lists, in which case it would make sense for them to use an alternative site. But those of us who value forums and such wouldn't leave. People made accounts on a different website, and I'm not sure why, considering it's not as if this site's functions are all unavailable. Using another site seems to be a waste of time, especially considering how inferior their forums are (as well as how you can decorate your profile). I was asleep when the site first went down, and I expected it to return within a few hours, as it usually does. Ah, well. Yes, that may be so. I wish forums and clubs would return sooner. My primary method of communicating with my lover was my club, after all.
YaoiMaster Jun 26, 5:34 PM
I'm glad he's fine now. My internet went out for 4 hours today, what a pain. Apparently it will be upgraded, so I will no longer have to sit in the corner of my room to get internet. Yes, and it feels uncomfortable to say something, only for it to be ignored. This is also why I don't appreciate it if I send someone a message and they only reply to certain parts of it. They should do as I do and reply to each sentence. Yes, a couple of weeks. But that is still a long time, and this notification thing is bothersome, regardless. That's true.
YaoiMaster Jun 25, 8:18 PM
What were you two talking about? Still, disgust seems rather extreme. Though I suppose it depends on what the subject matter was. Ah, I do not like talking much in the Discord server I frequent, because even friends seem to find what I say to be disturbing, and it's as if there is an unspoken rule to ignore what I say. Yes, though forums will return rather late, I believe. From the forums? I hate that each time someone messages me, I receive a notification and cannot delete it. I already have 20 of them, sigh.
suculilith Jun 25, 7:22 PM
screw u
bioeffect2 Jun 25, 6:22 PM
Is there a good reason for why you only prefer to talk about dragon ball and steins gate only?
YaoiMaster Jun 25, 2:54 PM
Well, in what way is he not feeling well? That's strange. It is either an excuse, or there is something genuinely wrong. Still, I think he should be able to speak with you, at least a bit. Sometimes I feel more irritated than usual, so I understand. At the moment I am rather irritated over something, but it's best not to mention it here. Moreover, I want to write, but at the same time, I know I need to respond to messages. It will be hard to balance both. I'm glad you are in a better mood. Haha, yes. Too bad it is only profiles. But this means I will not be distracted by forums while replying.
YaoiMaster Jun 25, 8:03 AM
I am glad you two live. Heh, reminds me of when you two were sick.