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Jan 10, 2019
January Challenge

Task 4: Watch a sequel/spin-off/OVA/special/etc. related to anything you’ve watched before.

As a big fan of the Netflix reboot, this was a fun little surprise. Basically felt like a normal episode, just a little longer and less heavy metal, but whenever the metal hit it was worth it.

The story really wasn’t anything too special, but it was still fun to be with these characters and get myself back into this world. While it wasn’t really necessary, it was still pretty fun.

See it if you are a fan of the reboot.

Sorry for the messy review, I just have written 3 different reviews and read more
Jan 3, 2019
January Challenge
Task 1: Watch an anime from Gourmet Challenge
Possible spoilers, proceed with caution.

Slice of life has always been a tough genre for me to really get into. I’ve probably started five or six shows and dropped them all episode three, just because I’ve found them boring. Nozaki-kun I think was the first slice of life show I had finished and enjoyed. This is the one I wish I had started with.

I’ve grown to appreciate the “characters doing stuff” genre thanks to this. It starts off as just seeing the life of this kid going to a high school he isn’t quite sure about. read more