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Dec 16, 2015
Gakuen Densetsu: Hasami Onna is a very fun and creepy little collection of japanese ghost stories . Ive never heard of Hana Umeno before , but this really peeked my interest . The art direction on the characters can be both absolutely lovely and appropriatly messed up . However it does lose points for a few lackluster moments wich I wont spoil . All 4 stories have easily identifiable characters and all almost all of them have a fairly creative set up . I will say that the first and the last story arent the most imaginative but have some very shining moments ( read more
Dec 13, 2015
Elfen lied was among the first anime that got me to really appreciate the medium . It was exactly 5 years ago when I went to this uberviolent little piece and held it as a simple little masterpiece that I dont think anything could top . Then I saw shows infinetly better and forgot about it for a while . Just a few weeks ago I decided to sit down and rewatch Elfen lied to see if it still held up . And it was immedeatly clear from the first episode onward that I was a tad bit too impressed with an overall mediocre show read more
Apr 18, 2015
Pupa (Anime) add (All reviews)
After seeing the movie Ocean waves I decided to check the directors other work and found Pupa .
I was worried about the fact that the episodes were about 4 minutes long , but I was too curios and Ocean waves managed to fit a handfull of story into 70 minutes wonderfully.
Reviewing Pupa was really difficult for me so ill give all the pros and cons instead .
-The art is kinda neat . The animation is decent and the directing is pretty good . The opening was gorgeous and the backgrounds were just lovely.
-Music is allright . While the tracks themselves read more
Mar 21, 2015
Its basically a crime that this wasnt included in the show originally , since honestly this is probably the best episode of the show .
The episode has easily the best mixture of drama and comedy . Its doesnt try to emotionally manipulate you with constant meanspiritism and bloodshed like episode 9 did . The only time there is killing in the episode , its well executed and the creators atleast let the character go with some dignity instead of exploading her into pieces .
The comedy is definetly the best part . Its a greeat mixture of lighthearted to kinda dark , wich sums up read more
Mar 19, 2015
Im going to be perfectly clear . If you dont like bad movies and anime , you will find this as one of the worst animes ever made .
I you like bad movies and anime , you will find this as one of the worst animes ever made and have an experience of a lifetime .

Just like the room , princess diaries 2 , dungeons and dragons and many other movies , its one of these cases where its so bad its good . Its downright abysmal , but its absolutely worth it.
Mar 17, 2015
Kowaku no toki is the prime example of a hentai that is so meanspirited it distracts the viewer from the meat of the product , the erotica . However in this case even the erotica is so painfully cruel ( for the most part ) that completing all 4 episodes will most likely leave you unsatisfied and unpleasent.

The story is probably the second biggest flaw of the show . It starts out really barebones and overtime it gets more needlesly depressiing after every episode .
The character are also very barebones , however one of them turns from sorta sane to outright despicable . read more