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Mar 26, 2015
The seasoned viewer review: Not terribad. But NOT WORTH IT.
The seasoned viewer alternative: Go rewatch Juuni Kokuki (12 Kingdoms).

This review is aimed STRICTLY at seasoned/mature anime viewers; those of us who have seen it all and are no longer satisfied by the yearly cookie cutter dose of gen pop anime.
If you're new/recent to anime, this isn't the review for you.


If you're wondering why it has such a high score... it's because the other animes this season are so sucky they make this look good. This is one of those animes that in a year will be scoring 7.5 at best.

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May 1, 2011
This is a quick fix if you want to see a small romance story. But it's fairly accomplished.

What you'd expect from a 25 minute story. There's barely any time to create a setting.
You see a boy on a school trip, and that's your lead male. You see a girl of questionable origins and that's your lead female. And of course, a way (no matter how randomly made) for them to meet.

It's probably the most unusual thing about this show. Every single thing (except for some backgrounds and details) is animated with 3D models. Every character (which is kind of cheating the animation process IMO).
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Jul 12, 2008
If you're a sucka for lovefools then this is the manga for you.

The main char is a pretty easygoing and simple highschool girl, who gets involved with the vocalist of the hottest rock band in japan.
Though it's a bit annoying that you're always putting up with ppl trying to snatch either her or Sakuya(the vocalist) it's pretty much fun watching them overcome all that stuff and keep it together.
It gives a warm feel and it's a nice romance to slowly enjoy.
I approve!
Jul 12, 2008
Predictable and boring from the very begining.

No plot twists. No character development. The art is pretty good though.

I found myself rushing trough the pages hoping that it whould end soon so I could just move on to the next manga.
It whould probably do good as a general romance/comedy anime, tough...

I don't suggest this manga even if it's just to kill some time. Unless you're a fool for romance, you'll be bored to death.
May 23, 2008
Indeed, a pearl, just waiting to be seen.
This anime will touch the heart of anyone who sees it.

Most animes follow a couple of characters rolling around a bunch of places with a bunch of ppl doing the same old school/slice of life stuff every char in this genre of anime does. KAREKANO IS NOT LIKE THAT.

What I like best about this show, is that the story isn't about what and how the characters do, but instead, its about WHAT THEY THINK, FEEL, AND ARE, while they're living their lives. Each character is unique, and most are thoroughly developed. You get deep into their hearts and read more
May 18, 2008
One of the finest anime's I've ever seen. DON'T BE FOOLED by the apparently average/low quality animations and art. In time you'll realize that what draws you to this anime is not that, but rather the story that it tells, like every other anime should be!

The story has an UNPREDICTABLE AND AMAZING DEVELOPMENT. There's no guessing what'll happen next, and it always surprises you leaving you yearning for more.

The characters are amazing. The main character alone develops in ways I've never seen a single character in anime do before. Starting off as a shy character, it develops in ways that, at times makes read more
Apr 2, 2008
Want to suffer? Watch this!
Not recommended for those who are searching for a plain comedy romance. It drops COMPLETELY in the PSI-DRAMA section!!!
Don't be fooled by the character design and initial (apparentely) simple plot.
This develops into something you can't expect to see in this kind of anime, and ends in an even unpredictable, though kind of inevitable way.
It gets to yer head and on the last few episodes it's just frustrating to see (in a good sense though!!!)!
I'm still a bit shocked over this... enjoy!