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Mar 31, 2018
Uba (Anime) add (All reviews)
UBA, also known as Milk Money , is the story about a hot busty milf who works as a wet-nurse ,feeding a young boy with her milk.After the boy s mother realizes they have become "too close" , she fired the Milf Wet Nurse.The boy never got to forget her. After some years , the Milf s daughter meets the grown up young boy at the school, and invites him to visit her and her mother , which leads to them to re-start their old relationship . The milf is really possesive with the boy and wont let him to look at any other read more
Mar 31, 2018
This hentai is NOT as good as its Eroge version . The eroge version presents a lot more of information that enriches the plot and makes the story 100 times better . The characters as well just showed a small part of their true personalities and dont come even close to their real potential.Even in the sex stuff, the Eroge beats the anime by far , the eroge offers Prengancy routes where the MC has a lot of sex with his girls until getting them pregnant , while the anime doesnt.The plot is quite more complete, and better in the Light novel , and read more
Mar 31, 2018
A dude tries to confess to his hot busty extra-fertile Female Childhood Friend-Big Sister MILF (Who happens to be his teacher), but gets rejected in front of the whole class.After telling about it to the hot busty extra-fertile School Nurse MILF(Who happens to be a friend of him) ,she decides to make her move and has wild hot sex with him . The Big sister-teacher catches them in the act and threatens them with telling about all of it to the Principal.After that , the dude rapes-has wild sex with his big sister-teacher and makes her to have an intense orgasm, and the Nurse Milf read more
Feb 10, 2018
An H-anime about Cute Imoutos, thats nothing new, except for the fact that this one is the hottest Imouto Hentai you will ever see.The two chapters focuses on two hot busty anime imoutos (A nympho DereDere girl called Momoka and a Tsundere girl called Ririna).The two of them are the type of imoutos that seem perfectly legal (Their bodies are pretty developed to the point that you could easily forget they are underage).The sex scenes are great.The girls seem pretty hot during those scenes and the animation is just 2 SWEET.
Plot : Generic but acceptable
Characters:A lucky Big Brother and two Tremendously HOT ,BUSTY and read more