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Nervin Feb 20, 10:22 AM
To be honest, there are still great anime out there that I haven't watched yet, but I find myself just uninterested in it. This does go for live action movies/series as well. It is just that the content that is being pushed out is similar, although naturally sometimes unique on its own way. Besides, I spend a bit more time gaming instead, so I guess that contributed to it as well. Dunno, it may just be a burnout as well, I have been watching anime for only 4 years. Eh, maybe it will sparkle my interest again, who knows :P
art_las Feb 4, 5:50 PM
Alright. Sorry. I will take your word and believe you have no part in brigades.

It is just that the numbers of the quick rise of your review to the top are inconsistent with the usual even during other big times the page received a lot of attention (End of S1, English Dub released on Netflix). And since there was a similar case in another site and that one turned out to be born from something that was planned in a discord chat, I just assumed a lot of stuff.
art_las Feb 4, 12:07 PM
Nice brigade on that YuYuYu review. A new review from a new user getting as half as many votes as the previously most voted one in the period of a week 2 years after the show has been released... Yeah right.

And the timing tells the reason behind the brigade, Madoka's fanbase has been foaming from their mouths ever since that S2 was announced. Everywhere you look, people not accepting that a "clone" could get a S2. Basically,

It's a bit nostalgic really, reminds me of being a Fafner fan constantly facing Evangelion droids. Too bad this experience also kills the tension, there is nothing at stake, western reviews and scores have zero influence over the nice reception and sales over in Japan.

GoldenHunter Jan 25, 3:17 AM
Hey, dropping by to say that your Yuuki Yuuna review is splendid. I enjoyed reading it and you said everything I thought about the show.

Keep writing! :)
Nervin Jan 21, 10:34 AM
Apologies for the overly late reply.

Haha, Cheers and yeah, once you get to watch a lot of different things and think about it a bit more, it becomes much easier to spot the good characteristics of each story, including its flaws of course. Indeed, I'd have to agree that going through the top lists here on MAL isn't that helpful, although most are interesting stories or whatnot. To be honest, there are only a few I could point out: OnTheShore, Suna_Kujira and Lordwen - be wary though, you could say that they're much "harsher" in some genres. I find myself scrolling through their lists often, as they have watched more anime from older periods as well (80's, 90's) than I have. Especially since I Hardly watch airing shows anymore.

I hope it helps a bit!
xXAbsolutionxX Dec 2, 2016 8:20 AM
Your Yuyu review was good! *Thumbs up*
mcpw Nov 21, 2016 1:16 PM
Alright. Music wise, I feel like that chanting of the transformation sequence is pretty commonly used. I think I know which track you are mentioning from Madoka, but sincerely, there is similar stuff elsewhere too, so much so that it reminds me more of Ar Tonelico, for example.

Characters being one dimensional or not is a matter of opinion while they being "devices to the plot" is a bit more technical. But here is my opinion on the characters, which is not exactly a "counter" to your opinion, but just me sharing how I view those two you mentioned.

Itsuki: Maybe I'm blinded by the fact I expected the worse, considering the staff behind the show being involved with such drags as Akame ga Kill but instead got an arc where she grows stronger despite the adversity, and you see that in places like Episode 9, where she is noticeably holding back from crying for the sake of helping her sister. Back in the day, I got impressed at this, not only because she was not thrown under a bus, but because a lot of shows I was watching in that season featured a lot of characters who just sobbed around and never tried to do much. Admittedly, I also don't really mind all the "helpless" moe traits that surround her character, as long as they are not overplayed and permanent, which in my opinion, they were not.

Yuuna: You are kinda right. Yuuna is my least liked character, and I remember being very bothered at Tougou getting punched like she was. Yuuna did lie through the series, and that was one of the things that, for me, made her interesting at first, in episode 1 she did a bravado for Tougou's sake, acting as if everything would be fine, but as soon as Fuu show up, she tears up and shows relief. That was especially noticeable in episode 6, where she lies twice about the effects of sange, which leads to Tougou mistrusting her, calling her a liar, but that is somehow fixed by the punch, and Yuuna is set free to do the same thing again in the final dialogues of the show.

If the show had ended there, I would have definitely considering it a bad point. Even worse, hypocritical, since the director criticized such type of main characters in his interviews. But it did not, in the LN material that will become part of S2, one of the first things they touch is Yuuna's behavior, showing Tougou and the club have not forgotten or justified her issues, furthermore, the addition of Tougou's inquisitive friend, Sonoko, to the cast, brings one more factor that stress up Yuuna's issues.

Furthermore, in the LN material that doesn't feature the cast of the anime, and therefore won't be part of the confirmed S2, there are two things that give me hope. First, there is a character that looks similar to Yuuna, and acts similar to Yuuna, but doesn't receive the same "good spotlight" and has noticeable flaws. Second, another archetype the director criticized back then were the "dark magical girl", citing it became commonplace. In the LN they do add exactly that archetype, but quickly make her a small subversion of what the archetype became due to Homura's influence, especially touching the way authors have romanticized obsessive behavior as "Cares a lot about this one girl" and loneliness as a quick device to get an aloof character to like the girl who is warm and nice to everyone.

But then again, this all tl;dr to "I have hope that her lack of backstory, proper explanation of her mindset and the over-justification of her flaws are actually going to be fixed later", and it's only natural most people won't have the same patience with all these very real issues with the character/series.
mcpw Nov 21, 2016 6:11 AM
I do not see how someone can see Yuuki Yuuna's characters as one dimensional and especially plot devices while Madoka's not, and I think the director interviews back me on that. Yuki Yuna having been built "characters first" and then each scene built around that, around "how a character would act", makes it odd that someone there would be considered a "device to move the plot forward" considering the plot is character focused. And then you have Madoka with Urobuchi's view on storytelling over characters, but the topic of the review was not Madoka, so let's not touch that.

If you could give me an example of a character being a plot device, I could perhaps build a proper answer to your review.

On a side note, MONACA is an established group who has been around for a long time and have worked in big projects, including Shaft's Nisemonogatari. They have also done the soundtrack of 2010's NIER soundtrack in a style very similar to that of Yuki Yuna. To say their work sounds like Madoka (2011) is very inaccurate.