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Sep 8, 2016
Despite the odd art style, this was a very enjoyable anime to watch. This is one of those aniime that are good to watch after a long day when you need something silly and undemanding of your attention and time.

All of the characters are likable and each episode is always relatable in some way. Muco is especially adorable and never fails to make you smile with her silly dog antics! If this anime doesn't make you want to hug and spoil your own pet, nothing will!

I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for something easy going to watch. With each episode only being 12 minutes read more
May 25, 2016
I don't know what I was expecting watching this anime, but it sure wasn't what I actually got. I haven't seen anything this bad since Akikan and can't even be bothered to stick around for the second episode.

I can't think of one redeeming thing to say about this. If you're simply looking for a softcore hentai and don't care about the plot or art, this one's for you. If you're looking for anything else, best look elsewhere because you definitely won't find it here and will only be wasting your time.

The art and plot are horrible, the majority of the music has been replaced by read more
Mar 4, 2016
If you're looking for an anime similar to Cowboy Bebop, look elsewhere or you'll be sorely disappointed. Space Dandy is an anime not meant to be taken seriously. You shouldn't expect much of it when it comes to a plot, because there really isn't much of one outside the general idea of an alien hunter named Dandy.

What you can expect from this anime is amazing art, thanks to many different directors, likable characters, plenty of (somewhat immature) humor, and great music to tie it all together. Every episode offers something new and exciting to keep you entertained and interested throughout the entire season.
Feb 1, 2016
This was a very intriguing, short anime that I would consider experimental and not something that needs to be over-analyzed. There isn't much to this anime, so it can't be judged in the same way you would judge most others.

While the art and music is simple, the individual stories and overall concept for this anime make up for anything someone might perceive as flaws. Each episode does a good job of showcasing a situation where one has to say goodbye, while gently tugging at your heartstrings. The slow pace creates a soothing atmosphere that's best viewed when you want to relax and unwind.

I don't think read more
Jan 27, 2016
After falling in love with Battle Tendency, I felt a little disappointed as I dove into Stardust Crusaders. In the first season, I wasn't that impressed or interested in Stands and prayed that I'd get used to it by the second season.

Thank God, I ended up feeling much more impressed and involved watching this season. The Stand users were much more interested, the narration that was so prevalent in Battle Tendency came around again, there were many touching, tearjerker scenes to be had, there was plenty of humor to keep things light at times, and the climax to the finale was really amazing. As usual, read more
Jan 15, 2016
I was a little familiar with Stardust Crusaders before I ever even watched JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and after binge-watching Battle Tendency, I fell in love with how amazing it was and immediately started binge-watching this.

Even though so many things about the two seasons are the same, I felt disappointed with this one. I hated that hamon seemed to have disappeared all together, only being mentioned a few times. It took a long time for the idea of Stands to grow on me, and even now, I only tolerate them. While I think the villain's stands were interesting, I grew bored very quickly with the main read more
Jan 13, 2016
Kowabon (Anime) add (All reviews)
When I first read a summary about this anime, I was pretty intrigued, never having seen or even heard of rotoscoping before. The fact that this technique was going to be used for a short horror anime sounded even better!

I have to admit that I was pretty disappointed with the outcome though. I appreciated the experimental technique, but felt that the anime as a whole was lacking in direction and plot. At the very least, I thought they should've done a different story for each episode, but instead, it was essentially the same idea with different people. It became boring very quickly.

I don't think this read more
Jan 5, 2016
There isn't much to say about such a short, 3 minute anime, but I can say that it definitely wasn't what I expected when I read the summary.

I gave everything about this anime, as well as the overall rating a fair 6. Their really is no plot to judge, the art is so-so, and the humor is a mixture of weird and hit or miss. I can say I was entertained, but don't expect a laugh out loud kind of anime.

If you're looking for a quick anime to kill time, I'd recommend watching this one. It's odd and somewhat funny enough that it'll keep your read more
Dec 30, 2015
What can you possibly say about such a short anime?

Considering each episode was only 2 minutes long, you barely had time to get a good grasp on each character. They were all mediocre, including their relationship with one another, though I did appreciate the unusual ship that occurred mid-season.

The art, music, and story are nothing to write home about either. The voice acting was alright, but the music wasn't catchy or memorable. It's possible that better art could've made this anime better, but unfortunately, it was pretty plain and unimpressive.

I wouldn't really recommend this anime unless you're just into well-endowed characters and/or have a read more
Dec 30, 2015
There have been plenty of shorts this year, but almost none of them were as good as this one. At first glance, it doesn't look like anything special, but I was surprised to find how entertained and engrossed I was, despite it only being about 7 minutes long.

I enjoyed each individual story, loved the characters and music, and was really impressed with the different drawing styles introduced during certain scenes. I didn't expect that from a short anime! I also really liked the casual references to other anime.

I'm not sure how well this one would work as a full-length anime, but I really wish read more