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Apr 10, 2018
To be completely honest, I am not quite sure why people are praising this show all over the place. It basically shows the mentality of people being simple followers and follow whoever is the loudest in the bunch, to the point of actually arguing if EVA is real robot when things like Earth Defense Corp, being way more realistic than even some recent real robot shows, is still considered a super robot show.

Story: 4 - Decent at best

The start is your very average super robot show, with the robot fighting against dangerious, Armageddon-bringing monsters called as Angels, but with the element of the robot read more
Oct 18, 2017
Let me get this straight, Kemono Friends is painfully bad in quality, the storyboard is also painfully simple and predictable because of its "For children" nature.

Why does such a sloppily-made CGI anime it suddenly exploded in Japan, then?

1. Animal Girls (known as Friends).

First off, Japanese really loves turning all sorts of stuff into girls (Gijinka), as just loved watching them as much. Ranging from young, cute girls (such as the Sand Cat, Otter), to teen girls (such as the protagonist Serval, her Manga exclusive friend Caracal, the two foxes), and older, stronger figures (the Grey Wolf, Lion, Moose). Especially dog/cat girls, the Japanese absolutely loved read more
Aug 26, 2017
This is one of those children Anime that, despite its "for children" tag, is actually pretty fascinating and can get surprisingly dark to some point of the story. Compared to the precentors, WARS clearly have its storyboard more well-written and is made more serious, and has a better grasp at its speed.

Story: 8 out of 10
Although the very usual school-life settings otherwise, the story is made such that apart from the daily schoolings, the students, which are professional LBX players or engineers, have to participate in a grand war where LBX are used instead of humans to conquer a "flag", which when successfully conquered, the read more
Aug 26, 2017
G Gundam is well known not solely because of being the only Super Robot series in the franchise, but because how ridiculous the story and designs (both bad and good ways) are.
While some bish-bashed the show for being not serious at all compared to the other ones, I would say that's pointless because this story is making a serious show out of a nonsensical story which is so overly serious that it is so godamned fun.

Story: 6 out of 10
Being a Super Robot Anime, you cannot expect some really serious-toned storyboard - It's basically some regular shonen stuff mixed with martial arts that are over-the-top read more
Aug 26, 2017
Similar to other Mushiking anime/movie titles, they have the same purpose of selling game cards. However, unlike The Inhabitants of the Forest, this one is an outright beetle card fight containing some sort of training elements.

Story: 6 out of 10
The story is a basic "I won a battle, but later i got curbstomped by someone much stronger, I go train and beat him (in this case, a her) and we became good friends" type of Shonen story. Do not even expect some really deep character development because of the purpose of this movie and its background story really doesn't warrant that at all (and given read more
Aug 25, 2017
Ah, Mushiking The legend of the Forest inhabitants, this is one of the shows that you'd wish the main fighting element actually doesn't exist at all.

Do not get me wrong - Mushiking is one of the best, if not the best show for children, for its well-written storyboard and its simple yet fascinating music, especially because it's a show for selling the Mushiking card game in 2005 and yet the director decided to play some crazy stuff with it. But the beetle element in the story is kinda off and doesn't match with the story very well, for example Mushiking itself seems to be a read more