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Nov 24, 2019
Slimes are great. What I love most about this series is the slime research. The realisation that the alcohol slime keeps demanding more expensive liquour, the medicine slime steals the mushrooms the protagonist is farming, the metal slimes dangeorusly roll around, the army of 3000 slimes makes the protagonist OP at toilet cleaning, and an army of 5000 slimes trained in martial arts doing battle against a horde of goblins. The character component gets a 10/10 solely because of the slimes.

Every great moment in this series is related to slimes (or at the very least the cave the protagonist inhabits). The issue is that the read more
Nov 14, 2019
Isekai is a genre with great potential.
That potential usually goes unfulfilled.
300 years a slime murder fulfills said potential.

A staple of isekai is an OP protagonist, but what's holding most series back is that they fail to understand the appeal of it. "Our protagonist is OP, so the villain should be OP too" is the standard school of thought. Having an OP protagonist is the primary prerequisite of an action/slice of life story, because otherwise the action takes up too much space in the story (usually the majority) and the tone is just generally off. Add an OP villain and the only thing affected by read more
Jul 4, 2019
Through millennia of evolution, the sound of a crying child has been genetically engineered to be the most insufferable noise imaginable.

Of course, in Candy Candy it's not nearly as grating but it tries to be and the characters are crying all the time. It's more realistic that way, but it's not in service of any goal. The anime is from the 1970's and hence so are the concerns it addresses (whatever those are). Insufferable realism is meaningless here.

Oh, and it looks and sounds awful, especially the sound of crying children.

It has it's moments and Donald Trump does make an appearance, but it's largely utterly insufferable.