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3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season
3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season
Today, 9:37 AM
Re-watching 6/22 · Scored 10
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next
Today, 4:55 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored -
Tari Tari
Tari Tari
Today, 1:11 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
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Days: 6.0
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One Punch-Man
One Punch-Man
Aug 10, 11:52 PM
Reading 134/? · Scored 9
Yotsuba to!
Yotsuba to!
Aug 2, 7:47 AM
Reading 6/? · Scored 10
Mousou Telepathy
Mousou Telepathy
Aug 2, 6:25 AM
On-Hold 612/? · Scored 7


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Wormy01 Yesterday, 11:00 AM
Yup it definitely looks like a generic anime. I don't think that's a bad thing (maybe because I actually like some generic anime) but this one wasn't a good one. About her actions, I don't remember much what happens in the whole anime but I know she still uses her psychic powers to know what was in the boy's head and it was kinky thoughts :/

The one anime that made me laugh and cringe at the same time on the first episode was Urahara. There's this one girl that keeps making bad puns along with the two other cheesy friends I just couldn't take this anime seriously. It felt like watching the Teletubbies but with pastel anime characters. But why make the character explode though? I don't get it lol.

I like Kuma Miko's OP because I can understand what she says in french lol. I like to sing along when the song begins! Cardcaptor Sakura is one of my favorite anime of all time so I still think I'd like Nanoha idk why. Oh I'll keep that in mind! I noticed Hugtto Precure was definitely more popular than the previous ones, so it interesed me!
Wormy01 Aug 17, 2:18 PM
Gah, just go with whatever suits you then (><)

Trust me you did a good decision not continuing Kotoura-san. The drama and comedy were mediocre at best and didn't even blend together well. Some animes can do an amazing job being a comedy and a drama at the same time, but this one just didn't fit for me :/ The only good moment after the first episode was in the last ep where MC meets her mom again. I don't know why I do this, but I only rate the first episode if the anime made me laugh a good shot (the good way AND the bad way)! As for the anime you mention, I've seen Kuma Miko's theme songs when they were airing and in the comment section people were saying the same thing. As for Bahamut and Zankyou no Terror they don't really interest me anymore... I need to get into Nanoha series soon! I watched the first episode of StrikerS and the first anime a loong time ago but I forgot everything. lol Precure was my childhood. Never watched it after the first series but it interests me again!
Wormy01 Aug 16, 9:22 PM
Oh I see then!

Oh wow, that's awesome!! I fully support you! You seem very interested in animation, so I hope it all goes well. My dream job is being a music teacher, but that doesn't pay much as well. Music and teaching are some of my fortes (no pun intended) and I really wish to make something out of it one day!

Hmm interesting! Usually mine go down instead of going up because I always think of the flaws after the show. I have so many that I put down that I don’t even remember most of them, haha. The one I can definitely remember is Kotoura-san for a solide (yet still cheesy) first episode having 7/10, then quickly changed to a 4/10 because of how out of place the moments in that anime were.
Wormy01 Aug 15, 8:16 PM
Whoa, remembering a graph while doing stuff is a hard thing to do if you ask me...
That's a great answer actually! Every studio has their ups and downs, but they (almost) all seem unique to me.

Yup, animators get shit salaries for so so much of what they do. I watched a documentary a long time ago about the production behind Little Witch Academia. It was painful to watch them work knowing they won't get good money for it. But what struck me the most is that one of the animators said that they do it because it's what they want to do and love it. The job I'm aiming for in the future has the same problem, but I don't care because it's what I want to do! Also I agree on the anime industry being one of the most creative industries out there. I won't say it's the best because like you I haven't been exposed to much, but it's definitely up there!

Ah, I see! well I still think it's cool, but okay I always change my scores. My opinion on an anime I watched ages ago can go from a 9 to a 5 easily for me, haha. Scores aren't that important xD
Wormy01 Aug 11, 8:05 PM
I'm so sorry, your reply kept beeing buried under my comments by the endless others I have ;w;
Anyway I do agree with you. More frames/scenes make your anime look more flowing and alive (I know I'm always repeating myself sorry ;~;). Which studio do you think has the best Sakuga?

Heh, people can have so negative views on anime in general >.> But that's a person's nature, we can't do anything about it ;w; To become an amazing mangaka/director, you do need inspiration and passion in what you do. Of course, some manga/anime are easy money, but that doesn't mean they're good. I respect some mangakas so much for what they do because they care and you can see it in their work!

Ah, I see! Well I think it's really unique and the hard work pays off 0w0)-b
Wormy01 Aug 6, 9:33 PM
Hmm I see. I'd probably judge it by specific frames as well. Like how fluid character movement can be, or how consistent the bodies and face look in movement (I get pissed when in the first episode of an anime, the bodies are well animated but at the end everything is just wack lol).

I totally agree on the bad score system here. I'm currently watching this short anime called Wakaokami wa Shougakusei from last season and if you look at the score it’vps veeery low. I know it's targeted for younger audiences, but the SoL aspect and character development the main girl has is awesome! It's such a heartwarming series, yet stuff like Tokyo Ghoul gets close to an 8.00 :/ Well, we shouldn't take the scoring system seriously in the first place. We shouldn't base our next animu choice on the scores from a majority group filled with different opinions and characters. In the end, you get to score the anime you watch ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
**Also how did I just notice your malgraph?! Are the scores on purpose?
Wormy01 Aug 6, 8:58 PM
Hey I'm sorry this is a late reply but I was on a trip last week and I came back recently :P

Interesting! I thought that the video was well put together. (I had to search the term "sakuga" I didn't knew what it meant lol) I honestly think KyoAni has mostly beautiful and fluid animation in most of their anime. Especially Violet Evergarden holy moly did I freak out when the first PV came out! And yeah since Koe no Katachi is a movie with bUdGeT you'd expect it to look like that. They could have used the movie scenes for Tamako Market! I may have not watched a lot of series, but I know a looot of info on anime I didn't watch. I spend most of my time discovering anime without watching them, hence why I said I liked KyoAni so much, since I know most of their anime. Being a passionate AniOP/ED ranker helps discovering obscure anime too :P. Weird right?!

I dunno anything about animation and stuff, so I guess I don't mind about the animation :^)

Welp, now we’re officially MAL friends :3
Wormy01 Jul 26, 7:10 AM
Hmm... that's probably the case, but it still doesn't prevent me from liking them :D
I've seen bunch of Nichijou clips and movie PVs from them to confirm that as well!

Oh and do you mind if I send you a FR?
Wormy01 Jul 25, 2:51 PM
Ok, I'll consider watching it one day :D
It's also done by one of my favorite studios of all time: Kyoto Animation. Their animation is so clean and gorgeous!
Wormy01 Jul 24, 10:52 PM
Because I read the manga before even watching the film?
Wormy01 Jul 23, 4:37 PM
Sure, I don't mind! It'll give me a brief idea of these shows when I'll watch them.

The ones I'm probably the most enthusiastic for are Tamako Market (literally everyone is adorable) and hey Dera looks okay :( The others are K-On, Dragon Maid, Tanaka-kun and Minami-ke. Thank you very much for this!
Wormy01 Jul 21, 9:06 PM
Haha, it's okay! The more people to recommend it, the more convincing it is to watch it. I have to agree on MAL being broken right now tho...

That's good! Wakaba*Girl is a short anime with 12 min per episode. It may be that way, but I enjoyed it as much as any other anime with a moe tone. The girls are adorable and it's quite heartwarming.
Wormy01 Jul 20, 4:33 PM
Hmm I see. I was definitely aware of Yuyushiki and in fact it has been on my PTW for a while now. It definitely looks like my type of anime as you probably guessed from my profile. I should get around it as soon as I can.

Thank you sir!
Wormy01 Jul 18, 3:48 PM
Is this perhaps a recommendation?
Zerity Apr 2, 6:29 PM
holy shit, your mal graph is fucking hilarious for some reason