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Jun 3, 2010
After I had read Omoide Emanon's description, I was positive that it would be an experience out of the ordinary. Having finished it, it left me with a feeling hard to describe, the closest one being pure awe.

The story starts off on a cruiser en route to the southernmost of Japan. Sitting cuddled in a blanket against the cold outer wall of the ship, an ordinary male high school student soon finds himself in the company of the not-so-ordinary titular character Emanon: a beautiful young woman with long, lustrous hair, a wave of freckles sprinkled across her nose and a memory as massive as the read more
Dec 22, 2009
The first season of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu (Nogizaka Haruka's Secret) was a quite enjoyable little romance anime. One day, by accident, the very ordinary guy Ayase Yuuto finds out about the titular secret of the shy, ladylike school idol Nogizaka Haruka, the secret being the fact that she's an otaku. Having been ostracized in her previous school due to her otakudom being exposed, she naturally becomes afraid of the same thing happening again. But being the nice guy he is, Yuuto swears not to reveal this fact to anyone. One thing leads to another and they eventually fall in love, though neither of them read more
Nov 17, 2008
Night on the Galactic Railroad, or Ginga Tetsudou no Yoru, may be based on a children's book, but it's definitely a movie anyone can enjoy. To be completely honest, I think I would've been seriously scared had I watched this when I was younger - it's quite creepy at times. Almost all characters in NotGR are cats with human proportions for some reason. I don't know if this was the case in the original book, but I never felt like it mattered, actually. Judging from the synopsis, it was because the animators were lazy, and that may've been the case for all I know.

The story read more
Nov 9, 2008
Before watching Aria the Origination, you have to have watched the prequels - The Animation, The Natural and The OVA: Arietta - otherwise you will be doing yourself - but more importantly this series - a great disservice. Because Origination, being the grand finale of the franchise, demands that you as a viewer has formed bonds to the setting and characters of the Aria universe; if you haven't, you will automatically disarm the bomb of emotion that is this third and last season of Aria.

And that would be so incredibly sad.

Once again we return to Aqua, the planet which prior to human terraforming went by read more
Sep 27, 2008
Rec (Anime) add (All reviews)
REC only spans ten episodes (counting the DVD special) and those episodes aren't even full-length, yet it manages to be more heartwarming and entertaining than many longer series. It isn't groundbreaking at all, but if you don't hate predictable romance anime, it is a perfect way to cheer you up when you're feeling a little down.

Onda Aka is a rookie voice actress who one day encounters the salary man Matsumaru Fumihiko, who's been stood up by his date, in front of the cinema. Long story short, Aka makes Matsumaru watch the movie together with her and the flames of love are ignited. Later the same read more
May 7, 2008
This is a comedy/satire anime and the jokes are generally based on the problems and absurdities of society and humanity as a whole. It's full of references to the anime industry: both to series, producers, voice actors, character stereotypes etc. To understand many of the jokes, you have to have watched a lot of different animes and know your terminology, otherwise you will instead of laughing end up with a question mark on your face. A lot of jabs are also aimed at recent and old happenings in Japan and are thusly hard to understand for viewers without a profound knowledge of Japanese culture and read more
Mar 30, 2008
Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori, being the direct sequel to Jigoku Shoujo, offers more of the same but does everything much better.

The story centers around a website called Jigoku Tsuushin (Hotline to Hell), which can only be visited at midnight. If you type in a person that you hate's name and your hate is fierce enough, the red-eyed, black-clad Enma Ai will appear before you and offer you a straw doll. If you pull off the red string attached to the doll, your antagonist will be sent immediately to hell (after being punished for his/her sins if she/he has any). However, by doing this, you automatically read more
Feb 24, 2008
Note: I'm using the characters' names from the American release of the video game in this review.

This one-episode OVA is an introduction to the world of the PS2 RPG that goes by the same name. I liked the game and played it before watching this, therefore I fully realized the incoherence of the story and the plain worthlessness of this anime.

Ar Tonelico is a massive tower, reaching from the bottomless depths below the continent known as the Wings of Horus up into the skies high above. Lyner Barsett is out on a mission in his airship, but the electromagnetical disturbances around the tower, known as read more
Feb 24, 2008
This OVA links together the first and second season of the series and introduces the new members of the otaku circle known as Genshiken. It goes without saying that it's almost mandatory to have watched the first season prior to the OVA and while it isn't a catastrophe to skip it and just watch Genshiken 2 right away, I wouldn't recommend doing that. Not only because this is a direct continuation of the story. Moreso because it is pretty darn good; these three episodes are among the best entertainment that the series as a whole has to offer.

Genshiken follows the daily lives of the members read more