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Jan 15, 2021
Without shitposting: this anime proves that women are useless on isekai, why bother giving them arc time? in the end the male protagonist will solve everything by himself.

After getting into a new world with a shitty job our maleMC has the brain and guts of leveling while the other characters are complaining. There is a part where they have to move forward without the MaleMC, and everyone dies including NPC characters. Artist must be rolling in his grave for how everyone is shitting his work, but can't be helped because he proved a point with his adaptation: women don't know how to solve stuff by read more
Nov 2, 2020
Ignore all those 2-3 score MAL reviewers that never watched proper anime,

Simply put: Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha closes on the "it's bad, yet so good" category. Anime similar to this is probably Code Geass, but lets put differences aside and let's go on the summary points of why YOU SHOULD watch this:

Story: In a world of Demons, Humans, Fairies and gods, ignore the other races and focus on demons and humans. Hell, let's ignore plot devices, let's jump to action, feelings, rom-com and singing characters together. EVERY CHAPTER IS ITS OWN ANIME. There are not many adaptations that can pull this one out, only read more
Oct 4, 2020
As a fan of Uzaki chan from the manga releases and comparing that to this adaptation you can feel it's a secondary anime entry for many people that are not into reading and want something to watch instead of getting the real source.

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! is the story of how Sakurai and Uzaki Hana hang out together between day offs, most of the story is related to people starting their adulthood and giving situations outside of the usual high school romcom and slice of life stuff that gets repetitive.

Now giving how this year has been a mess since the beginning of season, Uzaki chan got read more
Aug 15, 2020
Some Light Novels are hyped on the time they were published, waiting 5 years to give a compressed adaptation of 11 LN (they're using a bit of each) Volumes on 12 episodes is literally killing the original source, Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria is one of these cases.

Common MALusers mistakes this anime as a clone of "In Another World With My Smartphone", or a bad writing of this against the other. Pretty much what you're expecting to watch here is around 10 books marathoned on 12 episodes mixed of RomCom, Harem and some action and "My katana strong against longswords" idelogies.

If you're read more
Aug 11, 2020
Before reading my review, if you're expecting In/Spectre to be many different arcs or episodes then I can tell you it's not, it's a whole entire arc of 12 episodes.

I did the mistake of watching the anime and got hooked after 3 episodes, expecting this anime to be more about many cases involving Youkai and some ghosts and (perhaps) some action. Oh God how mistaken I was.

The anime gets stale on the 4th and 5th episode, giving you as the viewer the fact that many of the stuff happening is like watching Death Note but with asspulls that can be answered with sudden stuff going read more
Jul 29, 2020
Randey1211 and Abnormaal pretty much described what's up with this movie, but here's my whole review giving the anime only and light novel side of things.

For many of you anime only viewers the movie should sums up an entire volume that on at least 4 anime episodes (96 minutes at least), the bad is that White Fox decided a 85 minute movie of 25 minutes recap of season 1 and 60 of the entire Volume 5, so many of the stuff you'll see it's shallow and rushed.

You probably end up hating Goblin Slayer after watching the movie, damn If I were the producer or had read more
Jun 9, 2020
Before reading this review please understand that any Manga don't have to be a serious genre or having real life stuff to be enjoyable; or better said, the purpose of the mangaka on Kanojo mo Kanojo is not about getting serious at all but have a lot of comedy and a great gag manga like Aho Girl was.

Kanojo mo Kanojo is another of those Romcom that ase more focused on the comical part, similar to a gag manga the purpose is to crack a smile to the reader without much thought on who is loving who.

Story is about our male MC (Naoya Mukai), enjoying read more
Jun 4, 2020
Roll a seven and it's off the board

Pretty much that quote from the light novel translates what is up with Kumo Kagyuu's Gaiden (beginnings) light novel about Goblin Slayer. At the moment there are only 2 books that tell us about how the world of Goblin Slayer was about (a brief introduction) 10 years before the Original GS story, then later focused on our Main Character Goblin Slayer, setting the story on the 5 years before he meets Priestess and the rest of the lovely characters of the Parent Story.

Story is a complement of how our main character becomes known as Goblin Slayer, how he read more
Jun 3, 2020
Goblin Slayer: Brand New day is a spinoff manga of the main story Goblin Slayer, the art is from Masahiro Ikeno and pretty much is a compilation of the most important side stories that happen between the Light Novel Volumes one to eight.

Story is pretty solid, not improved because it's the manga adaptation for the light novel, only you'll see some mangaka freedoms on certain scenes but it's pretty much the graphic story happening on the light novel.

Art is very good, sometimes you see the mangaka has a very clean drawing, he can go on some soft faces for most of the young read more
Jun 2, 2020
Before reading further, wash yourself the soylent and saltiness of many other reviewers giving an score lower than 5. They're upset because the artist gave a free NTR innuendo on later chapters (around 14-16) but those people can't understand that was a joke.

Please put these on, Takamine-san is one of the recent manga created by Yuuichi Hiiragi, the hype it takes on the firsts chapters is because it's a story about a high schooler boy (Shirota Takashi) that has the worse grades, not popular and in the end your useless main character, now for some reason he likes the best girl at school, Takamine Takane, read more