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Mar 14, 2015
Well its been a massive roller coaster of The Magical Misadventures of Saito and friends. Still left to wonder how this managed to get a budget enough to make 4 seasons of it.

Season fours story stick to that of previous in the fact of when something happens it only stays for an episode, two if you're lucky. However the finale does hold out for almost an entire four episodes for the final climax of the season, a new record as far as this series is concerned. Doesn't stop the fact it seems like each episode could have been only 6 minutes long if you cut read more
Mar 2, 2015
Terrible tsundere and magical mishaps season 3. Have you ever had the feeling where you should have stopped a long time ago but you didn't and came crashing down from your peak? This is that crash.

The story for the first half seems to throw out the window what was learnt in previous seasons and go on its own trail for the good of doing nothing more than adding a new face to the already horrific harem. It does however have an evil working in the background that has been doing so for longer than the viewers realize and only now comes to light. More so read more
Feb 27, 2015
Cheers! To a seconds season with more explosions than a Michel Bay movie! No but seriously that school should invest in bomb suits…

The story of the second season seems to be a lot more aimed at character development under the impending situations that is picked up where season 1 left off. Despite all that’s going on, there still seems to be a lot of times you’re not sure if you’re watching a bad harem, magical romance or cringe worthy comedy. However within all this, it was much better paced out than its prequel even so, there are the occasional parts that a very easily predicted

The read more
Feb 23, 2015
Magic is cool. Everyone loves magic. Having real magic, the stuff of fantasy is almost every child's dream.

Zero no Tsukaima is a rather hasty story that looks like it was at first originally to be a much longer first season as most of it is character development that suddenly, half way through, turns into everything is happening and then ending again all within one or two episodes leaving the finale rather lack lusting as you expected something more spectacular than was given. It opens a lot of question and leaves a lot of them unanswered as they go parading around the place, learning of many read more
Feb 8, 2015
Insert compulsory Nyanpasu here.
Sometimes it's good to just relax from all the stress and enjoy the little things in life that at first may not seem like much, but will be the things you miss the most when you cant do them anymore.

Non Non Biyori is possibly the most calming, therapeutic and entertaining slices of life, around today. Nothing abnormal, nothing over ridiculous, no meaning to each episode or conceivable plot line and yet each episode leaves you yearning for what will happen next. From a distant summary of each episode nothing seems overly interesting however it takes that and makes each and every episode read more
Feb 6, 2015
A lot of the older "fighting hero" type shows have something about them that all the modern day ones do not. While I'm unsure what that is, it always seems to be the 90's shows that entertain me no matter what their target demographic is.

Pretty cure is almost exactly what you'd expect a magical girl anime aimed at pre and early teens, to be. Each and every episode is an excuse to kick ass. However unlike some shows of this age, Pretty Cure ties it all in despite being 49 episodes long, making it seem like there are no fillers and every episode, whether it read more
Jan 28, 2015
You either die the comedian or you ride the joke long enough to be the reason everyone cringes. This show unfortunately become the latter.

The story is best under stood when explained by the loony tunes Tasmanian Devil while on acid during a roller coast ride that breaks down half way through. While its reasoning to be a super hero anime, is beyond mind comprehending other than having a reason to put in as many obscure fetishes into a show as possible, it does however at least keep the basis of a 'superhero' type anime. Good guy is winning, bad guy gets stronger, good guy starts read more
Dec 11, 2014
Comedic slice of life anime will always be a great thing to kick back and watch no matter how many of them are published and this sure is no exception.

Kiniro Mosaic starts as a story of childhood friends and quickly turns into a high school fountain of comedic humor where half the time you have to watch a scene two or three time to full get what the hell just happened because you missed half of it from laughing too much. Starting at three original friends quickly becomes 5 as the foreign friends become local classmates and with five very different personalities, the most unlikely read more
Sep 28, 2014
Now so many magical girls anime are around and about these days
But how about something that can be classed as "magical boy" anime? It's a rare occurrence and Dog days is one such.

The story of dog days is kind of forced on the viewer with not much of a proper explanation at first. It explains itself as it goes and you learn more and more about it as things unfold. However it does create many plot holes and loops in the differing worlds' stories as to how events in the real world are immensely unrealistic and utterly unexplained. That being said, Dog Days seems to read more
Jul 9, 2014
The art of assassination has always been about sticking when your target least expects it. But what if the 'when' is expected but the 'who' is the last thing in the world you would think of? Then you know you will always have the upper hand.

Gunslinger girls story is about a group of near death, primary school girls that get converted into cyborgs for new life, ineradicable feats of strength and trained as assassins. Sounds amazing right? Well the excitement is short lived as you realize how lives of the characters are and you get told the story behind each girl. It doesn't have a read more