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May 23, 2011
If you loved Macross Frontier, more so for its music and overall design. Give this a watch!

This includes eight music clips, all songs and scenes from the Macross frontier series and First Movie. It also includes newly-created footage and songs with astounding choreography

I dont think you can find it subbed, even so, you dont need it to enjoy this 38 minute thrill ride. A must watch for all Macross Frontier fans!

May 17, 2011

The story of Colorful follows a person who finds himself trapped outside the normal endless circle of life and death. Thanks to winning a lottery in the angel world, the protagonist is brought back to inhabit the body of Makoto a 14-year-old boy, who tried to commit suicide.

The Story Shows Makoto's daily life, including family, school and character relationships. Slowly unveiling Makoto's life and his reasons for commiting suicide.


The art is bright and vibrant, but dims down to suit darker moments. The Still art is extreamly beautiful and mixes well with moving art. Showing a Nice contrast between the two.


The sound is strong and works read more
May 17, 2010
The first thing i would say about Baka to Test was that it was actually funny, the use of the 'gg' subtitles and its well timed curse words made the experince a whole lot more enjoyable.

The story was interesting, new and fresh and it wasnt over complicated which made the experince that much better

The characters, for the first time i loved every single one, each character was enjoyable to watch in there own way, this was probaly the most strongest aspect of this anime

Overall this anime exceeded my expectations my a huge margin, i would recommend this to read more
Feb 24, 2010
Story: 9/10
A typical Harem stuffed with cats, either love it or hate it (I loved it !)

Character: 10/10
One of the strong points of this anime is the characters, each character has there own personality and background and soon you get a strong connection with them

Art: 9/10
The art was not completetly orignial, but it was extreamly beautiful and colourful to look at

Sound: 9/10
OP / ED songs were awesome, it really sets the tone for anime

Enjoyment: 10/10
Enjoyed every episode, i would 12 episodes is just right

Overall 10/10
Overall this a very bubbly, happy sort of anime with alot of humour with a solid storyline to keep read more