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Apr 10, 2015
Attack on Titan is the very popular manga nowadays. It inspired some anime adaptations: 26 episode long overrated TV series, OVAs and movies. The movie I am going to talk about is the recap of 1-13 episodes. Is it a nice recap that can be enjoyed as much, or almost, as the original adaptation?


This movie should be watched only by fans in order to remember the story before watching the upcoming second season. Because creators had to put 13 episodes in one film, they didn't include important moments that are necessary to develop characters:

1) The movie DOESN'T show how the relationship between Eren and Jean read more
Nov 26, 2014
"We invaded this planet? Invaded the Earth?"

Who are humans? What is humanity's origin? This anime answers those questions. People are actually invaders, and "Ancients" are real earthlings. WHAT?

It sucks. Can't say anymore.

Despite AWFUL sound effects, soundtrack includes famous classics like Erik Satie and Ludvig van Beethoven. I enjoyed listening to Gymnopedie and Moonlight Sonata.

They are duller than Kirito and Asuna.

This anime is so bad that, it is good. I was laughing throughout the whole watching.

Seriously, go watch it. There is no anime that would be as 'great' as Mars of Destruction. It is bad, silly and awful. But I wasn't angry at all after watching read more
Nov 19, 2014
"We'll be together for all eternity"

Emotions are filling me up. Yet again I was able to experience the void of finishing something great. Due to ongoing of the manga, I had to read the original visual novel. It was long but worth reading.

Everything comes to the conclusion. Battler sets up the last game for Ange in order to show her other side of Ushiromiya family: kind, solicitous and loving. Why would he do that? Before answer is revealed, Bernkastel appears with something in mind. Knowing that she is the main antagonist, we can suspect that her intentions will not be good and nice. What is read more
Oct 26, 2014
''Battler, from now on, I shall allow you to use the blue.''

Well, this episode doesn't have a review, which is strange. This episode finishes the first half of the whole story, and it's very important. I will try to explain why without going into spoilers.

Story - 9
As the battle of minds continues, the story progresses as well. Throughout the episode readers receive a lot of flashbacks of Maria's and mysterious character's, from the end of the third episode, pasts. Their backstories explain why those characters are here, which moves the plot greatly. Not only mind battle is included in this part of the story, but read more
Oct 25, 2014
It's strange that there are no reviews for this manga. So let me explain why this episode of the story stands out more than the previous two and deserves 9/10.

Story - 9
The plot continues to show the great confrontation of minds, but in this episode we receive something slightly different. Instead of focusing only on battle where Beatrice and Buttler are trying to defeat one another, story provides us with Eva's and Beato's past. Without going to spoilers I want to say that their backstories are key features of this episode, because we get explanation of characters' motivations. This leads to a huge development of read more
Oct 23, 2014
Let me start by saying that I liked the concept of this manga. Story itself is good. Still, there were some things that ruined my enjoyment:

1) Story could be much better. It reminds me of Elfen Lied, where secret organization tries to conduct researches in order to create a superior human being. In Elfen Lied everything is done right: we get a 113 chapter long story with a lot of details. In Variante case we get only 19 chapters. It is not enough for story to get developed well. It is just an action manga that tries to copy Elfen Lied.

2) With given 19 chapters read more