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Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2
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Skill of Lure
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Vampire Hunter D
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VaisuKaguya 12 hours ago
I just use MAL to record what I watched so it's not a big deal lmao.
Milennin Jun 18, 11:40 PM
FGO gacha is pretty bad, but manageable if you plan ahead and not pull on whatever banner happens to be up. The NA version is 2 years behind on schedule, so it makes it easy to see what's coming up in the future. I know a lot of people recommend buying an account with the Servants you want, and coming late into the game, it might be worth considering. It's certainly cheaper than rolling the gacha for favourites, especially if there's a bunch you want. There'll be certain Servants that are already locked from new players forever, since they were event exclusives, and already have had their rerun.
Well, the grind would be another reason for me to skip Granblue Fantasy. I heard it takes up a lot of time, and FGO is already my main gacha timesink. In that respect, Azur Lane is pretty nice, since it's fairly low maintenance to get by if you're not a completionist. But yeah, Azur Lane's gameplay isn't all that exciting. The base gameplay is fine, but everything feels too samey. I don't really get the feeling of controlling different fleets and ships, outside of different cooldown timers and RNG-based effects that proc automatically. At least in FGO, there's a few very distinct playstyles, depending on how you build your team.
Milennin Jun 18, 9:47 AM
Transfer between regions will never be possible. Never heard of any game that doesn't already feature it letting accounts transfer over between regions. Playing Japanese version might not be so bad. I tried learning Japanese a while ago when I had more free time than I do now, it'd be a good way to get some free practice in. My main reason for playing gacha, however, is having something to do while at work or in the bus. My job has some serious downtime sometimes, so having things to play to kill the time is good to have. Now, I do think FGO is still worth playing after starting it nearly a year ago as I love the combat system and the story is nice to follow, but Azur Lane, apart from Kisaragi and generous gacha, doesn't have that much going for it for me.
I would try Granblue Fantasy since I heard decent things about it, but that game is like years old already. If I'm starting on a new game, it needs to be something relatively new (less than 1 year old).
MechKingKillbot Jun 16, 12:14 AM
I was fine as an introduction, but that should have been a possible separate character when Rimuru becomes a slime. I agree with you in regards to Slime. It started off strong with the establishing of the world’s concepts, the versatility in the powers that a slime character has, Rimuru’s approaches to developing a community with misfits, and having a non humanoid character be the main protagonist. I did thought Slime dropped off sooner. The ones that started making me feel disappointed were the lizardmen arc, the introduction of the loli (the way she easily succumb to Rimuru despite her powers kills the intensity, and Rimuru absorbing the girl and transforming into something more human like from time to time. I do think they would improve if they didn’t keep introducing more characters. Should have started off slower when trying to gather different kinds into the village.
As for JoJo, I thought Part 1, Jonathan felt too plain and one dimensional. Part 2 is where it was at though. I actually thought Part 2 was the best version at first, but upon rewatch, I realized how much I liked the character cast from Part 3, the fights were more creative (although Joseph’s charisma in Part 2 can’t be matched in other parts), it had a little more humor, and the episodic adventure never bothered me since I liked them exploring different countries. Part 3 did drag the Dio fight though, which was my initial reason for preferring Part 2.

It certainly provides a refreshing take since their perspective is different when they’re doing something they were never interested in the first place. As for Youjo Senki, that’s true, novel weren’t restricted to a timeslot and given the high cost in producing the anime, I cannot expect them to do something so in depth for a 1-cour show. I think Monster would definitely have been more interesting if they showed more scenes of Johan. They can still keep the mystery of a “monster” by not showing how he is able to accomplish his plans, but some more psychological damage that he can give to Tenma would be great entertainment.

The 3 judges don’t work for me in any show since most likely the second judge that picks would tend to choose the opposing pick of the first judge to create some tension. By having only one judge, it cuts away the crap. I forgot about Leonora. Damn I would love to see that. Forget the other Nakiris, more of her is what I would prefer.

I know zilch, but if I saw the stats and I was playing serious, I’d choose the stronger one by default. Since I don’t know who that is, I’ll take the second one (looks weaker based on the personality I’m going to assume), but I like the second one’s design and that character screams more versatility and range, although that’s me pulling stuff out of my ass.

Tried to like Overlord, but given its direction, makes things rather difficult. Like the Lizardmen arc in season 2. The show tried to develop those characters only to succumb to a quick anticlimatic collapse despite a slow grinding halt in pace, so the "build up" wasn't even that at all. I feel bored throughout when Momonga and his minions dominate. In addition to what you said, their reign is not even threatened at all. It hasn't been introduced in the 3 seasons which is mind numbing given how slow Momonga takes his time despite the overwhelming advantage of his Greek Alphabet maids and the floor generals. And the show trying to develop more of Momonga's minions isn't going to work. I thought Overlord was at its best when Shalltear went against Momonga. I'm also in agreement with your choices of characters since those two are my favorite of the franchise. Gamma was ruthless in that graveyard and in general. Unfortunately despite Albedo's hot appearance, I feel she could have been a much better character than just having an unhealthy love interest for skeleton man. I mean, she's a succubus. Such wasted potential....

Ehhh. I think the story would be a tiny bit more interesting without Kirito (plus would make the franchise shorter), since Asuna is already a determined strong minded character before she got softened up by Kirito and Sinon can thrive on her own.

Yeah. I already am liking Belfast's design as well
Ahh. I'm alright with those kind of characters too since I'm a fan of kuuderes in regards to tropes.

Ah. I didn't specify. I was by default thinking Deen's design of Saber. I don't feel the same for any of her other variations except maybe the cooking version of Saber is close. Hmm.. I'm surprised though only the alter one is attractive to you.
Renkini Jun 15, 9:57 AM
I'll continue to provide them my regular donation when I need to expand my dock but no more than that.

Sorry, scratch everything I said about buying Servants in FGO. Since you asked its cost, I searched around a bit and found out you CAN'T buy them at all. It looks like you need to collect 10 of this "Special Summon" thingy which only drops when you have exact copies of 6 of one same 5-star Servant (which practically means 'impossible'). I was in wrong impression that you have to trade this summon thing with real money :(
mark-sama Jun 14, 12:51 AM
try demon souls it is a good game
Renkini Jun 13, 7:39 AM
I had to do a little research about this 'war god' you're talking about and found this:

And now I can relate your frustration to EN server. Really, what're they doing ffs?

I was neutral to Enterprise until I read her chapter in this manga (approve it already, you lazy database moderators) where they put her on a pedestal and worship her as the "coolest ship ever" hurr durr durr. Now I hate her as a result.

"try to stop her on this picture in 5 seconds"

I won't know that's Graf if no one informed me it's her. I see she has gap in her looks and personality, thanks.

Sigh... Just another day without any Ikazuchi in sight while I don't remember how many times I retired Z1. Since it came down to this, I'll post a giant portrait of Ikazuchi when I got her on your comment section without telling you anything about it :D

"Do I get one of them randomly?"

No, you can choose any one you like, or all of them if you're fat enough.
mark-sama Jun 13, 1:42 AM
well in my opinion dark souls 2 is better than any of the others
MechKingKillbot Jun 10, 5:47 PM
The one thing that I didn't like during the training is the "helper" inside the Rimuru's mindset. That killed the joy I had in the show since Rimuru pretty much got a walkthrough manual in how to utilize abilities. I'm fine with OP characters, but this seems unnecessary. Rimuru already seems smart enough as there isn't a purpose to the character. Phantom Blood was Zeppeli teaching Jonathan how to get his breathing done correct and flow of oxygen which started at the riverbank. That training was alright. As for Battle Tendency, I liked Lisa Lisa's approach with the training when Joseph and Caesar were stuck in the pits and had to channel Hamon to climb up that tower. And an extra plus was that the amount of episodes were minimal for the training but was essential for the characters to maintain control of their abilities which they lacked (in other words, advance a significant level rather than just practicing)

Yeah I have no issues in seeing salaryman succeed since for all we know, he could have been an expert in history as a hobby and know what to expect. Similarly I didn't take issue with Yang Wenli's ability to strategize despite him wanting to be a historian. I felt Youjo Senki could have done better giving more background between the countries and on the enemies, but ehh, showing Tanya works fine with me. As for Being X, I didn't have an issue with particularly if they will use the approach that Monster anime had with Johan. Make the impact of the character be felt regardless if they're even present in the area or not.

Yes please. Her clothes ripping off from foodgasm is a delicacy.

Damn that's depressing to hear. I guess the bright side is I save myself time.

True. There's also Idolmaster's IdolM for the females out there, so I can't say I'm looking forward to that with my completionist mindset.

CGI for the orcs kinda ticked me off since it kept contrasting back and forth but I'm more tolerant when the CGI is used when doing mass amounts of creatures. The CGI for Overlord was pretty bad, but I already disliked Overlord by the time it got to that anyways so the CGI being bad didn't affect me too much.

If Kirito is that popular, at that point, I think that killed any surprising factors I have for any characters with significant screen time to be popular. Plus I think maybe they just liked how he handled his fight against Gilgamesh in UBW, his meme, or they read the VNs and liked a specific version of Shirou (i.e. Kaleid). I don't understand Shirou being liked more than Kirei but whatever. Agreed on Saber. Other than Saber's face which I will say is definitely close to top tier if it isn't already, her personality can't compare to Rin, Irisviel, Ilyasviel, Kirei, Gilgamesh, etc. As for the cooking anime, yeah I thought they would show Irisviel when they showed Kiritsugu when the characters went to Einzbern's castle for a meal.

I'm slightly thrown off but also pleased. It's not her best voice, but it's something about her voice in which makes me feel at ease. Would go great in a soft/sad/calm music. As for her design, yes indeed I do like it. Big ass guns, the dark skin + white hair combo fits wonderfully and that not fully zipped look to bring out her assets and preview of her abdominal core is splendid.
Renkini Jun 10, 10:33 AM
I also hate the Ninja War, especially after the masked man reveal was being Obito. Until up to that point was pretty good imo minus fillers.

"Which side of Takao do you like more: cute or serious?"

My obvious answer would be 'cute' but after looking at the two pics you gave, I don't hate the serious side either.

Sorry to burst your bubble but I'm considering to kick Lexington out. I dunno where I got this wrong impression, but I always thought she can be retrofitted and that's why I'm using her. I found out just a few days ago that she can't be retrofitted even tho her sister Saratoga can be. Now I dunno which carrier should I use my blueprints for.

While I got Shoukaku very early, Zuikaku was late to my party and I only got her from 2nd rerun of her event. That messed up their pair-combo since I wanted to use Shou asap. I don't like Enterprise very much so I can swap her out with Zui without any remorse.

Yes, your Graf pic was very cute and now I feel bad but blame her official sprite for not being cute. Those sprites are how I choose which ship should I use more or less. Prinz Eugen's official sprite is not my taste but I've seen some great fan art of her before I started playing the game so when I saw her in the game, my line of thought was "Oh, this is the one in that pic I saw!" and voila, she was in my fleet. I'll probably use Graf too if I saw your pic first :'(

I got Inazuma pretty fast from 8-1 but I've played 8-2 for two weeks straight and no sign of Ikazuchi yet... I'm starting to doubt her existence. I got out of Fox Hell (Akagi and Kaga) pretty early too so maybe I've used all of my luck there :(

Sorry, what I said about FGO was confusing so you're mistaken. By 'random' I mean the Servants you're allowed to buy are always changing. If you're allowed to buy Saber, Gligamesh and Scathach this month, you won't be able to buy them anymore next month. Instead, you'll be able to buy Karna, Arjuna and Iskandar for example. I meant that when I said 'rotating'.
TrashDax Jun 8, 2:07 PM
I like woods. I just don't like how they're full of ticks. I'm also mildly afraid to be caught by a mad serial killer at night. But aside from taht, woods are indeed nice.
R3dShift Jun 6, 9:53 PM
hell yeah
Renkini Jun 5, 12:24 AM
Hmm, I see you've dropped Naruto Shippuuden at episode 218 which was around Five Kage Summit arc... Which I think it's one of the better arcs but there's no use complaining if you've lost interest. I guess you couldn't stand shitty fillers along the way. Naruto went gradually downhill with later arcs so I can't blame you dropping it but I still think you dropped it earlier than most do.

Here's my fleet list:
1st: Javelin, Belfast, Takao, Rodney, Illustrious, Unicorn
2nd: Nimi, Leander, Suffolk, Nelson, Lexington, Long Island
3rd: Fortune, Helena, Indy, Prince of Wales, Saratoga, Vestal
4th: Vampire, Sandy, Eugen, Erebus, Enterprise, Shoukaku

All lvl 100+. But 2nd to 4th fleet are relatively weaker than the 1st because of weaker equipment. I don't really care skills and efficiency tbh. I just use ships I want to use depending on their looks and how early I got them which is the main purpose of gacha games imo. xDDDDDD
Currently thinking of swapping two carriers in 2nd fleet with Akagi and Kaga, Suffolk with Quincy, Nelson with Nagato, Leander with Aurora, Vestal in 3rd fleet with Akashi, Prince of Wales with Victorius, Fortune with Laffey, and Enterprise in 4th fleet with Zuikaku, Vampire with Ayanami, who I'm nurturing them to lvl.100 atm. I tried to form fleets according to balanced ship types and factions but I noticed Ironblood has very few carriers except Graf who I don't dig her looks so I gave up that idea. Any input about my fleet is welcomed btw. I still don't have Atago and I want Sirius to swap with Sandy ;_; (Replying you like this also made a good reminder note for what I wanted to do ^^)

Speaking of GBF and Shinymas about Beginner's Ticket, now I remember that FGO allows you to buy random 5-star Servants which are rotating each month but yes, with real money like you said.
MechKingKillbot Jun 4, 8:26 AM
To me, it depends on the abilities, what they're doing to train themselves, and how different is what they're learning compared to the powers they currently have that determines the training arcs' quality. Most often than not, it's just polishing their skills, which is dull. For examples of those that entertained me, JoJo Part 2 which was short and Gintama (instant classic). As for Boku no Hero, I did think Deku's training his legs in Season 2 during his apprenticeship to be nice. The rest felt like it was just dragging the story.
Youjo Senki does indeed have great pacing, but I thought the more engaging factor was Tanya's rise to power and the charisma of the character. The other characters though fell flat and the sci-fi element with magic kind of took me off the immersion. I suppose though having that element allows Tanya's rise to be quicker and dominant without looking too ridiculous.

Your area sounds more sophisticated though haha. Given the majority of cartoons produced in the US is intended for children (and the rest of the chunk is adult comedy), it gives those people not well versed to have terrible perception of the animation field in general.

Oh yeah. I'm fine with Hisako too. As for Sakaki, definitely agree. To me, I thought she looked the hottest of the group so it's rather unfortunate she isn't on the screen more with those foodgasms. I was disappointed about her specialty though since I'm not a big fan of those kinds of foods she cooks.

True, but I don't think creating that many characters with interesting character designs for just one game to be as profitable than compared to creating separate installments.

I do like Olivia's attire and has one of the best ones of the group. Thanks for the pics :)

Ah ok. Sounds like I'd be more interested in Idolmaster just because of the variance of age which brings different life experiences. The music is not a huge factor I'd consider for enjoyment since it's harder for me to appreciate performances although recently Carole and Tuesday's supporting character had a decent one. Comedy though is a big factor so if Love Live has funnier moments than Idolmaster, my decision remains difficult in to which I should start first in the future.

I actually like quite a few CGI movies, but it's the TV shows that still need work (exception being Houseki no Kuni). Kingdom was a hideous one for me, especially when they decide to just switch out of nowhere. Character interactions for Ajin with the CGI doesn't look good, but the action scenes were nice. I liked Ufotable's CGI battles with God Eater, but like Ajin, that's the only thing in which I thought was considered to be decent.

Ah okay. Macross is known for love triangles, so if you're not ready for that, then I wouldn't advise watching.

Obviously Shirou is the centerpiece except IIRC one episode. Saber gets the next most exposure, but she's not in every episode Shirou is in. She's mainly there for the comfort feeling of seeing her eat (like Yuru Camp). Most of the characters have at least one episode appearance (not exactly a full episode appearance) that was in the Stay Night route (not the Zero route) with the exception of Kiritsugu. I liked that episode he was in. The two that were in the SN route but not in the cooking show were Kirei and Gilgamesh. I would say though the parts that make Shirou and Saber annoying, especially Shirou since I dislike him, aren't focused on. Shirou mainly is there to cook and explains the cooking process during his screentime. Other than Fate/Kaleid Shirou, this Shirou is the second best "version" of him (haven't watched Heaven's Feel yet so this may change)

Oh lol. Nevermind. Not worth the hassle.

I definitely understand where you're coming from. For me, I find Maaya Sakamoto and Rie Takahashi's voices soothing.
Playcool Jun 3, 9:46 AM
Ah yes, I dig her style alot too!
Now that you mention, she really does have some similarities with Tessa, looks only though.
Really dig her character, she is getting more screentime on CS II, which is a positive for me.