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Samurotaku Sep 15, 10:47 AM
Here´s a present
Have a nice day fu fu fu
Renkini Sep 14, 12:07 AM
I prefer her nightgown skin because it's sexy-cute. But I like her default miko one without any rigging the best. Like in this pic:

And yes, I have Nagato in my 2nd fleet. Currently lvl 115 because I've been using her since before I like her. She's a SR battleship after all.

Trials of Mana got 8/10 from me. It's a beautiful classic JRPG in a colorful and well-built fantasy setting. It's popular for Riesz its replay value that allows you to choose 3 party members among 6 and the story changes (with set patterns) according to which 3 you chose... or it's supposed to be. But I was kinda bored at late game so I bared through so it ends and didn't bother with new game+ that unlocks last classes for each character, let alone multiple playthroughs. It's weak in story aspect I guess. Couldn't make me curious what'll happen next, diminishing my enthusiasm to get into it as time passes. That's about it. The rest are flawless. Oh, I was talking about the remake on PC btw, not the old one on SNES.

That's the mindset I can't understand tbh. Even when I was a Narutard, I already have friends who like shows like DxD and To Love-Ru but they were open about it. Actually, I was the one who was like "Nah, these ecchi shows won't be as good as Naruto" with narrow mindset. (But I was proved wrong as I watched more shows.) But I never had thoughts like "these shows're morally disturbing so they're bad". I even admire the medium as a whole cuz how daring they're with those elements. I thought that's the shell everyone'll break out with enough experience but lately, I saw even people with 300+ watched shows are taking pride in trashing niche genres and honestly baffled me. Like, how? Did they not learn anything even after watching that much shows?

And this "not manly enough" or "gay" topic is the funniest to me. Like, I watch girls-only shows. Okay, I'm gay. Then how about I'm gonna watch all-guys shows like Free! or JoJo and won't shut up about how much I like those macho guys? Isn't that more... "gayer"? With that kind of logic, no matter what show you watch, you're risking of being called gay one way or another. These people don't understand that every show has its target demographic despite its character genders and you can like a character without fussing too much about its gender. Not to mention CGDCT shows are "seinen". I believe watching a show like im@s doesn't make you less manly, at all. And if a guy is a gay because he appreciates cute girls, then I don't mind being full gay instead of a sexist macho man. I've literally met a guy on PriConne episode 1 discussion that he said the show sucks cuz "women fight at frontline" and "a man eats crepe". Probably the most retarded thing to find faults about the show.

Kotonoha Aoi and Akane are the blue and pink two you can find at the top of my profile. They're Voiceroids. I dunno the details either but from what I understand, Voiceroids are like 2nd generation of Vocaloids like Hatsune Miku. I'm sure there're a lot of them but I only know Kotonoha sisters, Yuzuki Yukari and Tsurumaki Maki. You probably know one of Akane's songs called "Akane-chan will listen to whatever you say" (more commonly known as "Seyana") by GYARI went viral on internet some times ago. That's when I knew the two. Both are cute and Akane's kansai dialect is pretty funny so I became sort of a fan too. (Seyana) (Aoi-chan will eat chocomint ice no matter what)
vegeta8639 Sep 7, 1:23 PM
I wouldn't mind a sequel or some front that we haven't seen before (like some of the countries the conquered beforehand) but I really don't want them rehashing the same story from a different perspective where we already know the outcome. That's fine for a DLC pack, not for a full game imo.

Kai gets more emotional as her insecurities about whose side she's on start to surface but she comes out of it stronger than before after becoming completely independent so I really don't know what would make you feel that way. I guess maybe her initial betrayal where she was spying for her brother or indecisiveness about what to do after. But I personally liked seeing the story explore all these different sides of her even though she was plenty cool right from the first cutscene.

Sounds like you're mostly talking about the Western market. Game might be doing much better in Japan but I don't know either. Wikipedia has some information: "In June 2020, it is revealed by Sega that over one million copies of Valkyria Chronicles 4 have been sold worldwide on all platforms."
Not sure if those are good numbers or not though but honestly they cut a lot of corners on the cutscenes so it probably wasn't the most expensive game to make. I'm sure somebody who's more informed about how all this stuff works could do a better analysis.

I'm not saying he didn't feel like an authentic/realistic character. He's just a character that you're meant to hate. Working the Darcsens to death and then his men burned them all alive (including children) as punishment after you take back the fort. If that's not pure evil then I don't know what is.
And Belgar kept fucking with those 2 girls' heads until one of them went completely insane and killed him because he failed his own mission and failure must not be tolerated. They were perfectly loyal to him before but he just had to keep "fixing" them until they broke and this was the end result.
As for the random Imperial sniper, obviously we never even find out who it was but he still targeted Isara specifically with his sniper which is a dick move to say the least. Out of combat too.

My favorite Fate characters are Illya, Caren and Sakura in that order. Out of the males it's Kiritsugu. Maybe Kirei is meant to be portrayed as pure evil but he still comes across as likable imo. Even kinda relatable with how he doesn't know what he's suppose to do to find happiness and fulfillment.
But I absolutely hate Gilgamesh after what he did to Illya in UBW so we differ on that front.
Samurotaku Sep 7, 11:02 AM
Thanks for accepting me
It´s an honour to meet you
Please feel free to talk to me if you want
Renkini Sep 6, 7:46 AM
Waifus exist in our hearts. Doesn't matter if you dropped the game or not. A best girl can be there in a worst show/game ;)
But yeah, this pic alone raised my affection towards AL Nagato. Like, a lot. I never noticed her as a cute loli because in her main sprite, her humongous riggings are always getting in the way. But she looks so cute in this pic and after I've searched more rigging-less fan arts of her, then going back to the game, now she's in my list.

I've finished Trials of Mana and now I'm looking for a new game to play too. I've got some games in mind but it might be a burnout phase, I'm not feeling much enthusiasm towards them. I want to find one that screams "That's it! This one I'm gonna play right now!" type of game. Speaking of which, any new info about the Im@s game you once said that's coming to PC? If it's not very far, I'll just wait that one.

once you've seen the story and know how it goes its value greatly diminishes, but beautiful things remain beautiful no matter how many times you encounter them.
This is deathly true. That's why I happened to rewatch CGDCT/SoL shows a lot more than story-focused shows. You get it.

Maybe that's why I'm getting too many random friend requests lately too. Anyway, hating ecchi or cute stuff is one thing, but I can't stand saying that like it's some kind of noble prize-worthy opinion while standing on a self-proclaimed moral high ground and shit-talks on those shows without even actually watching them. This is what I answered in "What do you hate the most as an anime fan?" thread: (Forget the Hero Academia point now because I've lost touch with the franchise and literally don't even care about it anymore.)

Btw, do you know Kotonoha Akane & Aoi, or Voiceroids in general?
AdolZeppeli Sep 3, 6:37 AM
Fair Enough.

It was an 8/10 when I rated Sky SC 11/10 lol. As you can see, my ratings were very off the charts, so I adjusted some of them. I was being way too nice to CS1 too a 7/10 would have been more accurate back then. Then, After CS2 and playing other games that overall gave me better politics, characters, consequences and war experience, I put CS at the bottom of the barrel. I still have to update the tier list with the other games I've played. maybe then I'll consider boosting up CS1 a bit higher.
Renkini Sep 2, 10:04 PM
But I don't want to watch it, I wanna rea-
I said no excuse, didn't I? *bang* omae wa mou shindeiru

Jokes aside, I didn't play the VN either. Heck, I didn't even know Steins;Gate VN existed until I completed the anime. But the show was so good that it felt like it's completed so I don't need to play the VN anymore. But it's okay, you can watch/play whatever you want first. It's not like I can force you and I'm not gonna claim the anime is better than VN either. I said Okabe in Zombieland Saga cuz I doubt there's anyone on MAL who doesn't at least know him. The manager in ZS has the same voice actor as Okabe and both his looks and personality are almost identical so people meme that a lot and I was just referencing it.

Shokugeki? Hmm, I've reached train arc but my opinion's more or less the same. I don't have much affection to the characters as always but if I have to say, I found myself enjoying the earlier arcs more than the first time. Not sure why but maybe because now I knew this'll turn into a pile of dogshit soon so there's no expectation anymore.

Cool, sultry, mischievous and mysterious are some traits I'm not actively searching for but I'm sure you can find some characters that fit those descriptions in my list anyway. But yeah, the obligatory thing is the same for both of us, and I believe it's more or less the same for entire anime community. Sometimes, I can't help but frown and smile in sarcasm when I see someone claiming they watch anime not because of aesthetics, but because of "deep" stories or other sophisticated things. Also wondered when such people will become tired of anime and started to become haters unconsciously while accusing the anime industry is declining or how modern anime is inferior to old ones etc lol
AdolZeppeli Sep 2, 9:43 AM
I wouldn't really now, there's so little about him tbf. Google says he's a freelancer (most likely like Yuzu Koshiro in his early years in Falcom), but considering the quality in comparison to UnisuGOAT, Jindo and Sonoda, he's sounds cheap, idk where Falcom Discord gets the info, but that's all I know. He's not terrible per se, he'd be suited better with towns and any other themes that doesn't use metal. He's just misplaced by Falcom. He's actually got some decent tracks in Ys Lacrimosa of Dana, but the rest I've heard from him, just doesn't have the same weight
AdolZeppeli Sep 1, 3:19 PM
I see, ye, my experience with Pokemon was also very limited back then, but my cousing and the new Pokemon anime got me into it again. I'ts been a lot of time since I've played Kingdom Hearts, I used to play it religiously when I was a kid. It was good times.

Oh sorry, allow me to explain. You see, Mitsuo Singa is one of the least liked musicians in the Falcom Community, specially since he re-arranged (and ruined) several songs in the Evolution games. He seems to have been getting work from Falcom recently in games like YsVIII, YsIX, CS3, CS4 and HnK. The problem with his music is that he doesn't know how to do metal, and most of his melodies sounds disjointed, very distorted (hence the "Bees") and often out of place. And well... that's the kind of quality you get by hiring someone as cheap as Singa, but I guess Falcom really needed to milk those games. In Hajimeri no Kiseki, there is this mid boss theme that sounds like the Clucking of a Chicken, which has lead to many memes lol. Personally, some people over hate him, he's just mediocre at best. He'd be better suited at town themes and anything that doesn't involve metal or fight themes. As an example of what I mean, the enforcer themes across the Kiseki games, from Fateful Confrontation and Belief, to Cheap Trap in CS3.
vegeta8639 Sep 1, 6:05 AM
Well we did have that side mission in VC1 where you play as Selvaria and the empire to take that fortress on the border. But I get you probably want a full game on it.
Another thing I really loved in the VC4 story is how the did the ceasefire at the end. All this "The empire's evil regime cannot be allowed to exist and their many atrocities must no go unpunished!!!". Then just "Never mind, we've reached a ceasefire agreement. Same borders as before the war. Stop shooting and return home." Claude and Riley are just "WTF?"

Welkin felt like a robot to me that was occasionally trying to act a little human. Not anything necessarily wrong with his story of wanting to be a teacher but getting dragged into the war like everyone else. Just felt like he lacked emotions and not in a hardened soldier way.

What, you didn't like Kai becoming more independent from her brother? What specifically lessened your opinion of her? The crying over Raz part?
So did VC4 sell poorly or something? Or are there rumors going around about why we wouldn't get another game.

On Klaus and Crymaria, it looked like they were clearly both about to die but just got asspulled back to life to give them a happy ending. Maybe they didn't want too many "likable" character deaths just to depress the players.

Berthold Gregor is the guy who ran the Darcsen concentration camp right? Clearly just meant to be an evil asshole. The other guy was way more nuanced for sure wanting to help his own country out even if it meant committing atrocities elsewhere. And also had respect for skilled enemies.
So yea some of them are nuanced antagonists for sure or people simply fighting for the other side, others are just evil asshole villains meant to be hated. Like Belgar or Maximilian or that Imperial fuck who sniped Isara.

One more key point I forgot to mention last time about why I like VC4 more than 1 is that in 4 they have a doggo!
Renkini Aug 31, 9:39 PM
Just... F for a fallen shikikan I guess. Did you also delete your account? I can still see you in my friend list.

You haven't watched Steins;Gate??!!!!! *pull out gun* GO. WATCH. IT. There's no excuse to not watch the best time-travel anime of all time.

Yep, Shokugeki started its downfall with Azami's introduction. Altho Azami now seems like the best written villain ever when compared to Asahi in this current season. I was a manga reader since S1 ended so I've crossed this bridge once (the author just gave up everything on last arc) but now I'm reliving the old pain once again.

I thought you'd rate Riina pretty high tbh. Didn't think you'll like Chieri that much either. I still can't grasp your pattern of your taste (which I can to most friends here on MAL.) That's not a bad thing tho.

Hamefura was interesting at first because of its unique approach to isekai but I got bored at late episodes where everyone's blindly loving her no matter what she does. I don't think I'll watch S2.

Magia Record NA will die in next month. I'm kinda relieved cuz I dropped it earlier but still sad for people who poured time and money for their waifus...
vegeta8639 Aug 31, 7:34 PM
Well out of the 2 I've played 4 is definitely my favorite because I think the gameplay is a lot more polished. I'd say the story is at least on par if not better than 1 and I enjoyed the fact that it focused on the main war front rather the side conflict in Gallia. Very interesting twists with the snow stopping the advance, central command being completely disconnected from what's happening on the field, march through the snow, surprise battleships loaded with nukes. Just so much yes. Next the main characters were way more interesting than in the first game.
Welkin was pretty flat as a protagonist and Alicia while not horrible wasn't anything special either. Isara is the only exception though. Easily my second favorite character from the series right after Kai (which answers your last question). Her death really got to me and I even had her on my favorites list for about a month after finishing the game. She was just so precious.
Admittedly Claude's not that much better than Welkin but he seemed at least a little more likable. The dynamic between the 4 main characters was the thing that made it better than VC1. Really felt like they were old friends fighting this insane war and trying their best to have each other's backs. And they're all just really cool. VC4 even gave all the side characters personalities and little story arcs which was a nice touch. Vancey was my favorite among the side characters. Her line if you pick her to die with Raz was just perfect. I also liked Ferrier, Eileen and some others.

Things I didn't like were the entire Winter Witch thing. She was cool for like 10 minutes and then just became overused, boring and annoying. Same with the tank guy. The villains in that game were lacking for sure. Most interesting one was Foresti but he also kinda fell flat later on.
Selvaria was definitely way better. She's all the things you said and I guess she'd be my favorite enemy although not sure where exactly I'd rank her among the characters in general. As I said earlier, Kai is my all time favorite from the franchise. I absolutely love her type. Cool female soldier. Very attractive design. Competent. Strong, but not too strong to the point where it becomes boring/unrealistic. And I do like her actual personality and entire story arc where she stops blindly obeying her brother. She even reminds me a bit of Mikasa which is a definite plus. I'd for sure put her on my favorites list if she had a MAL page.

And yea I hope they eventually bring the other 2 games to PC so I can play them. If not, then maybe at some point I'll look towards getting whichever console I'd need to play them. It's a fantastic series so I'm sure the rest will be worth my time.
vegeta8639 Aug 31, 12:42 PM
Hi, I noticed Selvaria on your favorites list. Wanna maybe chat about Valkyria Chronicles? I only played 1 and 4 because only those 2 are on PC but I love the series.
Pikmin404 Aug 30, 7:04 PM
That's true.
AdolZeppeli Aug 30, 8:32 AM
Oh ye, I saw that collab, not really into gacha games except for pokemon masters xD. Ye, that's the thing with collabs on gacha games, they're not guaranteed unless you have been saving ever since the collab was announced (or way before it) then maybe you get to get a character, but yeah, other than that, not worth, specially if the chances of getting your fav character is 0%.

Do try it if you ever have the will for it, you won't regret it :)

Well yeah, spoilers are a thing, I don't know how I do it, but I've been dodging Kingdom Hearts 3 spoilers ever since it was released last year. I'm not dodging Kiseki spoilers because I don't really mind it, at least, there seems to be a new composer featured in HnK that is going to save Falcom from the Singa bees and chicken xD. I also heard that Kondo wasn't writing Cold Steel at all, so maybe he gets to write Calvard trails, the MC featured on the teaser looks cool.