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Nov 9, 2019
Look I'll be honest. I'm not particularly big on art style and direction. I'm usually more impressed by strong writing, character development and overall themes.
But my word if this isnt the most beautifully animated series I've seen. And I'm not simply talking about the eye-gasmic fight scenes which stands up to anything we've seen but even normal shots of every episode. Sometimes the dialogue takes a step back so we can fully appreciate the spectacle.

In terms of the story, its nothing truly original, deep or revolutionary. (You're too busy being wowed by the animation!) Like people often say, its taking shounen tropes and refining read more
Nov 3, 2019
Seven Deadly sins is a fun, enjoyable ride if you going in without expecting too much. ***Few spoilers below***

The story is nothing original, the themes fairly standard and cliched. The characters ...thats a tough one to rate. I think by and large the sins are very unique with not simply distinctive powers but also personalities and what is done very well is rather than giving us exposition dumps on my they are named a certain sin their personalities and actions show us this. Each character has well fleshed out backstories and this season does a good job of developing our main cast further. Even the read more