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Feb 27, 2019
It's always the best feeling when a manga can defy the odds of being terrible based on the synopsis. Rokudou no Onna-tachi actually has a quite a unique set up, but the concept is so bizarre that I thought it would just fall into a bottom of the barrel type harem trash. Fortunately, even from the beginning, the depth of the characters and camaraderie shown really project a very wholesome story of a kid just trying to live in peace. This was the biggest surprise, how much character development each character receives. Of course, not all character development is created equal, some are very shallow read more
Dec 29, 2018
I like Golden Kamuy. It has the slice of life charm with its episodic nature, there's great animation that works in tandem with the narrative, and most importantly, it is unapologetically itself. I think this show is unique, meshing Japan's historical periods together and bringing cultures to life. Golden Kamuy never gets away from what makes it stand out. There are witty jokes, there is great interactions between characters, each character is consistent in many different moments. There is the interesting mix of Japan's history coupled with very flamboyant characters and creates an interesting contradiction to what is typically shown on TV. What you can read more
Oct 12, 2017
Magi (Manga) add (All reviews)
It's frustrating when a series can be consistently good for 250 chapters goes to horse poop in the last third/quarter. How can such a beloved work, with an interesting fantasy world, with interesting characters, on top of it being shounen, drop the ball as much as Magi did? I'll tell you why, I'm gonna blame a character that has no reason to be a staple in Magi when hes a staple in his own damn Manga. No doubt the weakest link in this whole latter third of Magi is Sinbad, who has some contrived reasons for creating conflict and has really disengaging dialogue to read. read more
Sep 19, 2017
Quick review:

Do you guys like competitive "sports?" Do you get excited about seeing people compete with different ideologies and aspirations? Well look no further, you may or may not find that in Nana Maru San Batsu (which I will now call FFF)! It depends on what kind of taste you have. I personally would compare it to Chihayafuru because the concept of being the fastest in both respective sports is reflexes and finger speed. FFF surprised me with how well executed the journey is and how interesting a quiz bowl could be. I personally wouldn't do this at all, but I can see it being read more
Jun 29, 2017
Tsuki ga Kirei is like an embarrassing flashback to those days in middle school where you wanted to grow up as fast as possible and do things all the cool adults did. Remember that first time you fell in love from looking at someone, but didn’t know what to do or didn’t have the guts to try it out? Yeah, Tsuki ga Kirei is just a reminder what should’ve or could’ve happened for all those with regrets from their younger days. Tsuki ga Kirei is everything I wanted Kuzu no Honkai to be, the characters are brimming with read more
May 10, 2016
A catastrophic collapse and blunder is what the kingdom of magic can be described as. It takes a weird direction in terms of storytelling, character building and world building and centers it around a conflict that is brought upon due to mere selfish desires. The first season subtly built its world through political conflict, internal strife between characters, and eccentric disney like environment/setting. The Kingdom of magic deviation from it's predecessor seemed like a wild decision because any viewer can tell from the first few episodes that Magi was taking a new approach in how it continues to build the world and characters. However, it read more
Apr 13, 2016
When you were younger, maybe you heard drinking milk will make your bones stronger and make you taller. You drank so much when you were young so you could grow. Now in present day all of a sudden, you've become lactose intolerant due to the anatomy of your body. Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari is the result of this. No matter how tasty that gallon of ice cream was, or that quart of milk, your system will always suffer from intolerancy. This is essentially what Monogatari was all about, the start of a grand journey AKA the ice cream, then everything else which is the stomach read more
Apr 8, 2016
"I pity the fool..."

This quote encapsulates everything Grimgar is about. It's a poor attempt at engaging an audience with oversaturated "emotions." Anime as a medium is known to depict emotions that otherwise would be impossible in live action series or tv shows. It's through the artwork and animation that gets through to the viewer, not overly dense scenes. Dense is somewhat of an understatement for this series, as EVERY scene seems to take AGES for it to progress because a group of what I assume to be adults can't move on from a certain scene. It's incredibly cumbersome to have everything revolve around this one read more
Apr 6, 2016
"Some people want it to happen, Some wish it would happen, Others make it happen." - Michael Jordan

Haikyuu freaking second season. There's this term called escapism, it carries a negative connotation with it because the assumption is that one is running from reality through some medium. Lots of time, as anime fans, you may browse through endless sites saying "aw man anime is escapism" or some bullsh!t like that. However, sports can be looked at the same way and nobody bats an eye, very hypocritical of the world today isn't it? Many athletes, whether professional or recreational have a different persona when it comes to read more
Mar 25, 2016
Gate is quite the fantasy journey. It is also maybe one of the most controversial anime to come out in recent years due to it's propaganda. With the tone of "Japan is super awesome", it's no wonder that many people can't stomach it, but that's just the surface level. The other side of the coin is the fantasy. The other world that Gate displays is very alive and basically fun to immerse oneself in. While the setting had a lot going for it, the sequence of storytelling may be the downfall of what could be great instead of good. It was like a double edged read more