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Mar 29, 2017
About this series: 3-Gatsu No Lion is a series of depicting various forms of art. It starts off with a seventeen-year old’s pilgrimage. His mission was to aim for the best. Soon, we realize that this isn’t a pilgrimage but a train filled with people that connect to each other with shogi. Shogi is a form of communication between two individuals. What makes this series special is that it isn’t only competitive but also heartwarming and filled with messages throughout our real life. We also get to witness that professional shogi players sacrifice their position in life and devote themselves to shogi. In this series, read more
Oct 15, 2016
About this series (first and second season) - White Album is a creation of an experiment. White Album is an experiment of two strings; a red string and another thin but ductile red string. These two strings had always been together until one of the strings got mixed up with other strings. The remaining red string was left in the dark; awaiting for its lost partner. Distant relationships aren’t always satisfactory, since they create tensions between both sides. Affection and devotion isn’t as turns out to be; for it only stays rigid after witnessing mutual beliefs and characteristics. However, this isn’t seemingly read more
Sep 30, 2016
About this series (First and second season) - Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni is a series that compiles a combination of gore, mystery, and beliefs. Beliefs can be thought of the act of spreading something that cannot be proved but is still spread to ensure that something is the cause of a strange event. For instance, an unsolved murder can easily be explained by priests. Priests would somehow relate the murder to a “curse” or something that cannot be explained by the means of science. Higurashi progresses in a different way than other anime would; a complexity of different world or what I call “dimensions”. read more
Aug 28, 2016
About this movie- Tokyo Godfathers is a great blend of comedy, action, and a bit more about lifestyle. This movie specifically depicts an image to the audience more about life and how it should be treated. No matter what circumstance, a person’s life is to be treated with care and is supposed to have a meaning or goal to the end of our course of “life”.

Story- At the very beginning of this series, the story may not appeal to others. The story can seem to progress very differently in regards to the actions of the characters. It could have progressed from a different idea read more
Jul 5, 2016
About this anime- This anime takes place in an supernatural world, where people with supernatural powers exist. These people are called Espers. Pretty simple, right? Since most citizens are students, Espers are put in levels to classify their power's extent, like the level you get in an online game by gaining EXP. Now, you can read the full synopsis from the actual anime description.

( Does not contain spoilers)

Story- The main problem with this anime is the moment overwhelm as a person starts this series. " this anime is too long" " this seems very boring" " this gets very complicated" are some read more
Jun 7, 2016
About Karuta- Karuta is a traditional Japanese game introduced by the Portuguese in the mid 16th century. In Karuta consists of three parts: the reader, a player, and the player's opponent. When the reader reads the second line of thee poem and reads a green-looking card, the player must reach out for the card that is currently being read before his/her opponent. This may sound boring and dull however, this anime promotes Karuta and makes it appealing to others.
(Does not contain spoiler)

Story- The story is quite simple and easy to understand. As it progresses, the main character just seems read more