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Sep 6, 2018
There is literally no reason not to watch Chirin no Suzu. It's a 45 minute animated film that can literally be about anything relevant to you. Usually that would be a bad thing, but the fact that the characters are animals can help anyone from any race, gender, or age group project certain themes onto them. This film could be about how toxic masculinity is inherited, and maybe those who exhibit toxically masculine traits suffer just as much as those around them. This film could be about the futility of standing up to our fathers. It could be classic story about how revenge is pointless read more
Jun 14, 2017
I've decided that good reviews are boring and I no longer want to do them. It's a lot more fun to tear into a nice, meaty, malignant tumor. Fukumenkei Noise is one such tumor that I have allowed myself to watch 8 episodes of. This review contains minor spoilers, but that's really irrelevant because nothing I spoil contributes anything to the story. Nothing contributes to the story. There is no fucking story. Let's get into that.

Now I'm not some old geezer who hates on all highschool drama anime, in fact I'm quite a big fan of Yahari and Nagi no Asukara, despite their flaws. I read more
Dec 25, 2016
They removed my review for some bullshit reason so here it is again.

One thing I can't understand for the life of me is why so many people enjoy Yuri on Ice. I understand. Art is subjective. But so many of the comments talk about how "great the animation is!" or "how great the characters are!" Bullshit. I feel like Digibro with Re:zero. I feel like everyone else just fast-forwarded through time and is on a completely new level of meta. Shit.

First off, the story and the writing. Garbage. Experiencing the comedy in this show is like having a warm bucket of expired milk thrust unto read more
Nov 15, 2016

I cannot express to you my level of disbelief at the fact that so many people gave this show a rating above 6. This show has to be the most stinking pile of shit I have ever seen in my favourite genre of anime: sports. And I know what people are going to say. "Oh but dude, this isn't a typical sports anime! You just don't understand baseball! You just don't understand Tokuchi Toua's intelligence!" This is false. You would have to be a mentally impaired slug to not understand Tokuchi Toua's intelligence after watching this series. In fact, that's basically the only thing that read more
Jun 25, 2016
I won't apologize to the people who loved this anime so much, and who will defend it to the very death. Don't attack me. Chill out it's just an opinion.

Kiznaiver was one of the anime this season that I think had pretty high expectations from people, including me. I think to many, it satisfied the expectations. In my opinion, however, it was subpar on most levels.

The story is about a group of people who learn to be friends through "kizuna" or "scars" that help them share their pain. There is this interesting concept that by sharing in physical pain, an emotional bond can be built read more
Jun 23, 2016
no spoilers dw

Kino's Journey is an anime to be watched with a clear mind. The ideas that it suggests have to be comprehended properly. While it is enjoyable, enjoyment isn't the only purpose of the anime. The purpose is to convey certain messages, different ones across each episode.

The entire story is based on Kino traveling with her talking motorcycle to different cities and learning about their cultures and traditions. That sounds boring if you're imagining a happy show where the main character is a vibrant, outgoing "dere" character and it's all magic and fun and games. It's not. Each episode has its own dark twist read more
Jun 22, 2016
no spoilers dont worry

Sakasama no Patema isn't the kind of story you want to overthink or you'll end up confusing yourself. Instead of trying to explain it or disprove it, just let the story take you and guide you through its world. If you try to include actual science you will likely end up confusing yourself and you won't let the magic of the story work itself. It's a great story about a world where an gravity related-experiment gone wrong causes some humans to experience gravity differently than others. That's probably as much as I'll tell you about the story itself.

While the movie wasn't necessarily read more