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Dec 4, 2007
You may be thinking "Why has this guy given a low rating compared to everyone else?"

Well, unlike the DN fanboys, I spotted the immediate problems in the story, which seems pretty big considering that Light and L are geniuses.

It got off to a strong start, with twists in the story being explained logically step-by-step, and without any repetitiveness. However, it began to get more and more illogical as the story went on. Someone watching the show might not realise it, but if you put yourselves in the charcters shoes and say 'What would L/Light do now?', you'll see that it gets more and more rediculous. read more
Dec 4, 2007
I was told that this was a very stylish, very gory anime. It was recommended several times to me, but when I got round to watching it, I was appalled at the terrible, nonsensical story.

First of all, the story as a whole is VERY mediocre: boy loses father, boy gets revenge on fathers killer, etc. It's like something from Daredevil. But the thing that really, REALLY pisses me of is this: he hardly ever fights humans. Seriously. He fights killer robots, humanoids and weird monks (one armed with a bazooka!), and finally a guy with 3 arms.

That is why this series comes off as poor.

However, read more