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Jan 2, 2012
okay if you are one of those who will start with a ova before watching the anime i can tell you for this anime you cant do that.
because this ova is more like the 13 episode with some spoilers for the anime so if you want to know what kind of anime Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi is then i can tell you that.
it is a funny anime with some romance and is more for adults but for kids it can be fun if they are older then 14. (my opinion)
although the anime is harem i can say that the ova is not a harem.

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Jun 16, 2011
love hina was great!!!
it was one of the first anime i watched.
love hina is funny,ecchi and full of girls!
it was funny to see how clumsy keitaro is and his bad luck is really funny.
but the turtles were weird.
i liked how each person in love hina is absurd on his own way.
i have to say this is one of the good animes (not that the others are bad!)
i would say if you like comedy with romance and some weirdness this is your anime!
and i watched love hina in 2011 but they released it in 2000 or something haha.

animefreakNL was here!
Jun 16, 2011
this is my review for needless!!!!!!!
needless was for my opinion one of the best animes because it has some echhi and it has some action.
i liked the fact that blade cant resist cute girls hahahaha!
i hope there is a second season but i dont thinks so.
some girls in the anime were pretty cute so that was a plus for me XD
the attacks were also pretty cool and the story ofcourse.
my fav charachter in the anime was blade i liked his power and his stupidness.
it was the first anime i ever watched and it was pretty cool.
Jun 15, 2011
so much bad comments thats too bad i liked this anime its one of my favourites.
but it could have some more action but the echhiness was good enough.
i liked his charachter and that every girl in the school likes him because he is the only male on that school hahahaha!
i liked the female charachters too, my favourite female charachter is charlotte because she is cute!
if there is a season two i am going to watch it fore sure!
infinite stratos is just one of the best anime my opinion :)
the fight scene were short but it was good.
and i liked the beach episodes it was cool read more
Jun 15, 2011
when i watched this i thought i cool some fighting action with girls and some echhiness but it is more echhi than acton and i am complety cool with that.
this anime was one of my favourites i liked this anime too bad only one season i hope for two ofcourse.
it was fun too seem him struggle with al the difficulties of being a girl like wearing a bh.
and it was fun too see when the bracelet was glowing he was like: aaaaaa nooo not know *freaking out*
but when he is a girl its wow she is cute but than i realise omg he is a read more
Jun 11, 2011
it was really great to watch but i have watch this while i was sick so it has more impact on me (i know it sounds weird but it is true).
if you watch this it is really fun the story is cool if you know how to watch it.
but it has some really sick moment at the end of the serie.
the last two episodes were very very shocking.
i cant decide if it is a good or one of those middle animes but i think it is pretty good.
to be honest i watched this anime because in a youtube clip i saw some action and i read more