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Anime Stats
Days: 11.1
Mean Score: 7.96
  • Total Entries82
  • Rewatched0
  • Episodes653
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi
Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi
Dec 26, 2010 5:01 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Ookami to Koushinryou
Ookami to Koushinryou
Dec 14, 2010 9:17 PM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 7
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
Nov 11, 2010 5:03 PM
Watching 4/12 · Scored -
Manga Stats
Days: 26.5
Mean Score: 7.59
  • Total Entries165
  • Reread0
  • Chapters4,771
  • Volumes517
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Mahou Sensei Negima!
Mahou Sensei Negima!
Feb 24, 2011 9:38 PM
Reading 317/355 · Scored 9
Feb 24, 2011 9:38 PM
Reading 112/159 · Scored 9
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
Feb 24, 2011 9:37 PM
Reading 133/271 · Scored 8


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DiangeloKun18 Jun 14, 2020 9:40 PM
Subbed Mar 17, 2015 2:38 PM
Beautiful profile and about pictures as well as splendid reviews, Susu. :)
Kannei Feb 13, 2014 9:38 AM
vomic- seiyuu fanclub!

would you like to join us ?
Lieila Oct 24, 2012 2:00 AM
Hi Su! Of course not. How can I forget you? ^_^ It's been a quite long while since we last talked. Glad to hear from you. Uni must have been keeping you very busy. Will you be back to watching anime or something like that?

Congrats! You're now in a second year in uni. Eh? Were you still in high school when we last talked?

Pretty much busy in my end here too. Work and other RL stuffs are hectic. But from time to time I got to read manga and still follow currently airing anime as one form of stress relievers.
AoiMemori Oct 23, 2012 12:33 AM
You have been missing forever! XD I do hope life is treating you well!

I am okay in some aspects of life! It's nice to hear from you again ^_^
Tentei Feb 5, 2012 9:21 AM

Hi please join the new hetalia forum!
NorthPole Dec 1, 2011 4:37 PM
Sassycat Aug 13, 2011 10:39 PM

Hello members ~

Be healthy~
KHR! FC Staff
Lieila Jul 10, 2011 3:04 AM
I logged in and saw in my panel,'s your birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SU!
cutiep809 Jun 10, 2011 7:39 PM
hii(: please join Moe Kare!! Fanclub if you like :3
feel free to join or ignore this comment >.<
sorry for the spam~
Rineko May 15, 2011 5:31 AM
nice layout i like it!
very much :3
RYnky-san Apr 29, 2011 9:09 PM
Hi there, sr for the extremely late response about the anime recommendation at Christmas ^^

You wont remember me but you're my Santa, I comment to say thank you about your recommendation, I watched Spirited Away on New Year holidays and it was fantastic, so cute, so lovely ♥ I love it so much and am planning to watch more Ghibi's movies :D

I'll watch the other today and I'll tell you how I feel about that too. Thanks again for your recommendation Susurrous =]
AoiMemori Feb 28, 2011 1:01 PM
Don't rush yourself XD
Kawwwa Feb 28, 2011 11:35 AM
Oh, that's fine than XD. I understand it very well, this year I've started my first part time job and it's my last year of Sixth form as well.. So all the A-levels, exams, the amount of homework and stuff... That's just too much. And if I could, I'd ignore it and just spend as long as I want doing the stuff I enjoy, but I just can't... If I want to go back to Poland next year and go to a good university, I need to give all I have now...

Heh no need :P Maybe it's just the change of your tastes or you just grew older and don't really want to spend time watching 'childish japaneese cartoons' ? :P

Yeah :P That's true acctually XD. I mean, what's the point of pushing yourself to talk to someone that doesn't even pay any attention to your comments/ messages and he doesn't really care about your existance? XD There are thousands of users on MAL, so I'm sure everyone can find at lest few good friends in here XD.

Haha yep, I know <3 For me NANA is the best drama/romance ever <3 I mean out of all movies/ cartoons/ animes etc I've ever seen o,o. I don't know is it just me, or am I that strange but this story really touched me inside... Al the aspects of real life, all the trouble that everyone goes through... This anime really changed my way of thinking and my point of view to many aspects in life XD. Haha no worries, my top 5 changes quite often XD but it's only because like now.. I've started watching Bleach and One Piece and these are really fab... And I really want to put both of them in top 5 but than again I feel so sorry when I have to kick out something... T_T Like Junjou Romantica or Hellsing <3 They've been in my top 5 for ages XD and I feel really sad when I need to replace them XD.
kurootetsuroo Feb 27, 2011 10:41 AM
gqmlkjfoizuerhjmajzerljkmsdfjcxnjkq. I'm mad at MAL right now. I typed an awesome comment just now and I wanted to post it, but then MAL decided to disobey me and did post it!!!!!!! GARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO... let's see if I remember what I've typed a minute ago XD

-Were those tears happy tears, sad tears or proud tears?

YupYup, I've looked at our history (lol).
Want to know how it all started? Well, I'll tell you anyway. I've always looked up to your photoshop skillzzzz :D
Then I wanted to talk to you and I looked for a subject to talk about (which was piano). After I commented, I was a little scared on how you'd reply (since you didn't know me and such). Then I was sooooooo happy when we became friends :D

I KNOW PATHETIQUE!! We've talked about it in Music School.
+I have the same problem. Time's been consumed by manga, drama, visual novels and studying -the latter being less pleasant-
Btw, they've started airing Glee over here too!

In my previous comment that I've typed (and that mal threw away), I've summarized page 3 of our commentpages. It was long. Now I'm going to summarize it.

We talked A LOT about Alice. Looks like it was our ALICE <3-period :P
We also talked about YELLOW SCHOOL BUSES, which your country has and mine doesn't >.>
+ ice cream
+orange jumpsuits
+chocolate cake
+travelling (to JP)
+manga in our countries
+scanlators dropping mangas because it's been licensed
+volume releases which take centuries
+lots of other random things XD

AND in that page, it was Easter

AND I still love S.A.A.N.S. I can't believe that's still in your signature, haha. Oh, I looooove your current signature!!