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Sep 4, 2011
"If there's anything you want, anything at all...come to me. I'll be your guardian angel."

STORY WARNING: the story is slow paced and tedious so if you know you dont have the patience to watch anything that progresses that slow I wouldn't watch it.

Art: The art isn't like most anime and has a dark appeal to it. I'd classify the anime as a cyberpunk, because the setting looks really desolate, dark, and not much human life about.

Sound: The opening was techno-ish and related to the quote I put above, and the ending was GACKT. Who couldn't love GACKT? They also included an ending song for read more
Sep 3, 2011
Kimi ni todoke kataomoi is basically a recap of the first season and not really needed to watch to go onto the second season. I'd only recommend this if you endured the long wait for the second season and want to refresh your memory from the first season.

The recap is told through Kurumi as you can remember, she is the antagonist and tries every way possible to hinder Sawako and Kazehaya from falling for each other because she likes Kazehaya as well. As she recalls all the memories she experienced from last season she walks to a store to buy chocolates for Valentine's day for read more
Aug 25, 2009
Alive (Manga) add (All reviews)
"Misako...I'm coming over there"

"Alive!" is about a man named Yashiro Tenshuu who killed 5 people and is put on Death row but, is allowed to live if he becomes a test subject from a secret government. They put him and another man named Gondou into this isolated room where they can have anything they ask for but are not allowed to come out of the room. The girl on the other side (Saegusa Yurika) of the room tells them if you want to get over here on my side of the room you have to kill each other. So whoever makes it out "alive" gets read more
Jun 16, 2009
The Suspense Is "Killing" Me ~ Can you sign my Death Note?

Death Note was the first anime that I have watched and from the first episode, I was enticed to watch more. The anime starts off with Yagami Light, A 17 year old student that picks up a notebook named the "Death Note". At first he thinks the Death Note's power to kill people is fake, but later finds out that it works. With this new acquisition Yagami Light has the power of god in his grasp, and uses it to kill criminals to make a perfect world without any crime. Killing criminals is ok read more