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Feb 9, 2020
Some stories just need time to develop. A lot of people say some shows go on for too long, but generally speaking, if a show goes on for years and years, it’s for a damn good reason. Take One Piece for instance. Could you imagine that ending in 50 episodes? Or Naruto, which, while it became a mess during its final stretch, did need the length it had to tell its story. Karakuri Circus is a 43 Volume Long Manga by Fujita Kazuhiro, an author that seems to be, while unrecognized compared to his peers, highly respected by the fanbase, and it probably needed that read more
Dec 29, 2019
Since A Certain Magical Index has a ton of characters, it’s obvious some will get not as much spotlight. That is not however the case with Misaka Mikoto. While introduced in Volume 1, she didn’t really start making any impact on the plot until Volume 3 of the Novels, and it took until as late as Volume 20 for her to properly start getting involved in the actual main plot. She is also a massive fan favorite and for good reason, enough so that since it’s clear she’s had her fair share of adventures in the messed up place known to us mortals as Academy read more
Dec 9, 2019
The Tales series is not one I’ve talked about too often, namely due to my lack of experience with it. I want to get into it, but a combination of so many games being Japan only, lacking the necessary hardware as stuff like that, I’ve only been able to play two games: Tales Of Sympohonia (Which I haven’t quite finished yet but I am steadily making my way through it) and the subject of today’s Review: Tales Of Phantasia. Overall it’s a pretty decent game, though sometimes I feel as if it doesn’t convey its messages well enough. Still though, it was eventually adapted in read more
Dec 8, 2019
You know, there was a time in which Isekai wasn’t the genre that everyone and their mum wanted to do. No, that was the Mecha Genre. Back in the day, all you needed was a good plot and giant robots to make something absolutely awesome. Sadly, as the years have gone by, less and less people have put input into it, likely in part because of lack of good mechanical designers nowadays. To mourn this loss, we will look at the series that is basically the history of Mecha Anime in a nutshell: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. So then, let’s see if this show is read more
Nov 10, 2019
Magic and technology, an eternal struggle. Some people will say one is better, other people will say the other is better, and it seems to be a thing that there can’t really be a middle ground. Not just in real life (Back when magic was believed to be real, anyways), but even in Fiction. In general, people will have to choose one or the other and one must always be superior. Now then, the question must be asked however: What would happen if that middle ground was found… somewhat. That my friends, is the basic concept of A Certain Magical Index.

I am applying my usual read more
Oct 31, 2019
Ah, Happy Halloween everyone (Or at least, it is Halloween at the time of posting this review). The day of the dead has finally dawned upon us, and I believe that, as a result, I am obliged to review something that is at least somewhat Halloween themed. And hey, if there’s any Novel that symbolizes the horror Genere, it is Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Since it, many films, series and other stuff have tried adapting it or just making their own damn story with the concept and running with it. And in this case, I’m here to review one of the most insane and just completely read more
Oct 27, 2019
I’ll be honest with you guys: I feel that Shounen Tie-In movies get way more hate tan they deserve. Yes, they don’t contribute to the story in any meaningful way, but are they supposed to? Not really in my opinion. I like to think of them as side-stories of sorts, ones that may not necessarily be necessary to the overall plot, but are still fun to watch, while at the same time giving us a scenario we wouldn’t usually see in the show.

Sadly, Yu Yu Hakusho’s first movie, The Golden Seal, is not one of the better Shounen movies. Why? Let’s find out:


Set somewhere in read more
Oct 20, 2019
Final Fantasy VII. If you’re fan of RPGs, you’ve probably Heard of that name at some point. It was the first game in the Final Fantasy series to use 3D Graphics, and even to this day is considered one of the best games ever made by some. Now, I don’t think the game is as good as some claim it is (I honestly find Final Fantasy VIII, IX and X to be far better) but there is some merit to that statement, and the game has overall aged damn well (Bar the graphics and the Translation). So, for some reason, Square decided to make an read more
Oct 5, 2019
Direction is something I don’t bring up too often, and that’s because, well, it’s hard to properly describe. Don’t get me wrong, a good director is most certainly important, not just for Anime but for any form of media. However it’s hard to say how much of a show’s issues can be blamed on direction or how many can’t. Direction doesn’t just involve shot composition, but also the way how the music synchs up with the scene, the overall feeling the scene is meant to have, that kind of stuff. And of course, then there’s the matter of writing vs. directing: Which is more important?

Why read more
Oct 4, 2019
Ah, compilation movies. They’re one of those things in Anime that, after a while, you just kinda get used to seeing. The original MSG Movie trilogy is what made them popular, and many have tried to emulate their success. The problem, of course, is that more often than not they’re trying to cram too much into too little time, which just makes them unfocused and messy. It legitimately seems that only Sunrise can get them right.

There is, however, an exception. Kinda. Macross as a Franchise is weird with its continuity, with the most generally agreed theory being that all TV Series and movies are dramatic read more