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Jun 29, 2020
This show is a fun show. It is very fun to see all of the events play out for the characters and seeing how they react to one another is amazing. If you came to this show expecting an ecchi romcom you were….half right. This show does not contain any panties or any titillation. But it more than makes up for that by instead showing the viewer what I like to call “emotional fanservice”.

I believe that there is something called “emotional fan service”. While normal lewd fan service is supposed to stimulate emotions through lewd scenes, I think emotional fan service is supposed to give ...
Jun 16, 2020
Chikan Otoko (Manga) add
Chikan Otoko or more commonly known as Molester Man is a manga that is based off of a series of posts from a person in 2 chan. The story at first might seem cliché from the premise, but later has twists and turns that would be expected from a real life scenario, but unexpected in a story sense. By making the story about real life set in a true story Chikan Otoko manages to surprise me and surpass my expectations for what a romance manga can and should do.

I’ve read this manga twice before. The first time was a couple years ago. The weird ...
May 19, 2019
an 8.5 An amazing show but i do have some problems with it

lets talk about the good.
It actually made me give a shit about running.
the good is that is has an extremely engaging story with many relatable characters. the writer of this story has essentially 10 main characters and most people can relate to at-least 1.
the intro is amazing being sung by a really catchy artist. the intro also has some very good visuals included too which is nice.
For a sports anime its very interesting to watch something on running instead of the basic ones on tennis or whatever.
the animation ...
Feb 10, 2019
Preliminary (9/25 chp)
This manga WAS good. It HAD potential. it had an interesting premiss that could be entertaining. It was at least entertaining for me. The length was short and sweet. the sexy scenes weren't to obscene with it just having skimpy clothing and pantie shots. but it quickly goes down hill near the second half of the manga. skip down if you want to skip all of the review stuff.

Lets talk about all of the boring stuff to get it out of the way.
The story was fine and was short and sweet. done ill talk about it later.

the art is fine. It had ...
Jan 23, 2019
Whenever i went to half priced books on Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2019, i did not expect to get an anime that would prove to shatter my expectations.

you could say that i had less then stellar expectations of an anime like this. I thought. Oh this anime has not much popularity, and it isn't even ranked that high, how could it possibly be better then some of my favorite anime. well let me tell you how.

i dont want to spoil anything about the story. which is wired for me, because i personally love spoilers, but let me tell you there are a ...
Jan 20, 2019
I found this book in a half price books book store for $5. I thought the cover looked nice so I was like "what the heck lets get it". well it isn't that good of a manga let me tell you that.

the art looks detailed and nice but that is the only decent part about this manga

I don't know if the translation sucks or if the story was originally this bad, but new information pops out of no where and the plot is very unoriginal. Its like they wanted to make a story that was supposed to be 5 volumes, but smashed ...
Nov 25, 2018
Koyomimonogatari or for me Kokomo for short is a compilation of short stories that are not necessarily integral to the plot.

For the most part if you really want to you could only watch episodes 11 and 12 as they are the only episodes that are plot heavy and relevant.

the story is fine because most of these episodes are short yet tolerable, the only bad part about the story is the fact that nothing really matters in the grand scheme of things for this plot. while it is nice to see some characters that we as viewers might not have seen much. Im talking ...
Jul 27, 2018
this review is on the 2006, and 2009 re run of Haruhi.

This anime took me forever to finish. At first I didn't like it because of its episodic nature, but I soon came to grow attached to it. For me personally I feel as if this anime is extremely over hyped. I use to watch youtubers like Digibro or Gigguk talk about "how this anime is so revolutionary". and you'll be right it is, but i feel like this shows quality especially in the second part dips down.

lets talk about the good. Even though this anime was made in 2006 it still looks ...
Jul 17, 2018
Thanks Jex for the recommendation.

At the beginning when I first began watching anime I couldn't bare to watch a single episodic show. I always found them as slow and less plot driven then other shows, but as I watched more anime such as Mushishi, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and Violet Evergarden I come to appreciate the slow and meditative nature of these shows.

In terms of a comparison between this show and another there is no better example then Mushishi. Both are calming and often serious and they both deal with fantasy elements or entities that effect the world around them. In the ...
Jul 16, 2018
This anime is absolutely outstanding. I first started watching this anime when i was on a plain flight in the USA. At first i started this anime because i figured out that it had music from the outstanding Nujabes. but then I also figured out that the anime also was directed by the same person who made Cowboy Bebop, another amazing show that is kind of similar in style. infant I'm going to be comparing these two anime because they are both very similar and popular.

On with the review

Story 9/10-could be be better but otherwise magnificent.

The story unlike cowboy bebop actually has more ...

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