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Jun 19, 2011
[I dropped this show when i figured that no new rivals and angels will appear. Tell me if there's anything really entertaining after 21 ep.]

This show was sort of entertaining, especially in its second half, after they modyfied the battle arena. In supokon-like animes like this one of the most interesting points is meeting new rivals with amazing skills and cool look; and also watching the protagonist become more and more skillful. So, here we get all of it.
But let me tell you about the things that really suck here.
1. the humour. poor Ogata guy
2. one of the ideas of this anime is solving one's read more
Mar 22, 2011
First to say, i liked Bungaku Shoujo 1st OVA. i liked the idea of a cute, pure love between a (yokai???) girl who eats the stories and a boy who writes stories for girls.
But, despite of the name of the movie and despite of our expectations, the movie isn't about this love. It is even not about that Literature Girl, but about an insane, egoistic bitch who blames every person in her troubles, and during the whole movie all the characters try to calm her, but they fail. The most bad thing is that the protagonist believes her and thereby doesn't notice other people's feelings. read more
Jan 30, 2011
I watched "Code-E" first, it was meh romance with a bit of fantastics, so when i saw the poster with Chinami and some other girls in superhero suits, i almost laught thinking that it should be another stupid action.
But it turned out that the series are good and even better than the previous ones. In Code-E, Brinbergs' topic was the most stupid thing, but here you should enjoy parts where Melissa and Adol appear. It was an interesting step from comedy to drama.
One more interesting thing is how Ma-chan takes Chinami. Chinami is chatting, Maori silently looks at her and we understand how naive and read more