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shina_luna 9 hours ago
Ah, so the air of a matter of course to choose a club continues in college, too? I always thought the pressure goes up to university and then the folks start to relax and enjoy life more.

One year before graduation as normal, wow. Here people usually give a strong advice, that you should start looking while you are doing your graduation thesis, and many don't, lol.
Sounds otherwise also a bit like what my father kept preaching to me when I was young. It doesn't really matter what you study, you are unlikely to reall use it in work anyway, what matters is the title and the fact you've proven that you can archieve that title. But since one is already at it, one ought to study something useful. (Which kicks out basically all social studies, as most of them loaded with heaps of prejudices.)
Is that still like that with the liefetime employment? I heard, it's getting rarer these days after the bubble.
I think I like these trainings at work. Here a big problem often is, that the put out papers looking for people and list a ton of requirements, which are usually impossible to fill unless you worked 10 years already or so. In many companies folks have to fight for further trainings to keep up with the waves of time.
Are these specialists controversal, because they end up being company-specific specialist, so that are in deep trouble should that ever get laid off, or more about that the whole education circle is rendered ad absurdum, when the company would educate them from scratch anyway?

True, but wouldn't you then be a little to move out bit late when you've already been working for over a year? Or is probation period over there pretty long?

Yes, so no multiple choice narrowing cheating, which I quite like. (That the big fallacy of to me at least.) There is an option to type in japanese right away and not use their conversion, or enter the letters by clicking. But since the reviews on wanting you to type the meaning in English and the reading in Japanese switching keyboards to and frou is kinda a pain, so I simply use their auto-conversion input.
I'm actually pretty fast at typing in Japanese with Microsoft IME. But obviously only for stuff that I actually know. :P
But the whole quizzing is really a good indicator for sleep deprivement. I got umareru and miru wrong, which is just WTFH, so I went to sleep. I feel like I basically spent the whole weekend just on sleeping, lol.
shina_luna Feb 17, 3:40 AM
Ah, so it was just when you were studying? So kind of like the bukatsudou in Japanese schools, but just not with as much pressure to have to choose one?

That's interesting.
Here in Germany I have an impression, that people of IT companies try to take extra care, because the femal quota is even lower than the overall quote, simply given the industry/subject.

What is ofc? ^^
2 room appartment shared with 2-3 people sounds pretty cramped somehow. oo

Yes, managed to level 5 yesterday, but really only very close to the end of yesterday. (So was stuck 7.5 days this time on level 4.) Kind of making a lot of typos recently. Like I ring out the word in my head and type it and it turns out to be totally wrong, because I hit the wrong key and pressed enter way to fast. Or I totally forget, that I am not in Microsoft IME input mode, so I add some whitespace inputs, which ends up for mistakes, too. Looks like I really need to get some sleep this weekend. Pretty good indicator. :D
shina_luna Feb 15, 10:05 AM
The me in school started off kinda like a Chitanda (minus the beauty aspects however) and went over to trying just anything out like Satoshi, moving to being kinda irritated like Ibara and then ending up at Oreki, while totally trying to be like Irisu. Kinda weird. :D
I think I'm still trying to be the Irisu-kind. (Well I still end but on the moe track though...) She is so gloriously badass. (If it just weren't for that lock of hair in the middle of her face, that looks like it's glued onto it...) Well, but she doesn't has as big eyes as Chitanda through, but still quite a beauty.

Mind doing some images of a couple of those? I am not sure, what to imagine for it, lol.
But that kinda sounds interesting for finding and trying out something new and meeting new people.

Do you think the IT industry is having it a bit better for woman than other parts?

2DK? ... Is that some sizing norm?
Haven't shared housing with anybody except my parents, but I can imagine it to be a reason, too. Less privacy and all.

Haha, ok, whining rant of the day:
I am still stuck at level 4! It's been 6 days already! And even worse, I'm only at 34% of it!!!11111eleven
4 really is a bad number!!!
I expect to get to 5 tomorow though, and I really hope that one's some annoying exception, because there was no level overlap due to the subscrition thingy. @.@"
shina_luna Feb 13, 3:40 AM
At the first go, I was close to throwing a tantrum each time her "KI NI NARIMASU!!" came. Of course every scene was really really well made and beautiful, but out of all things why did it had to be about how her big eyes are so damn bewitching and driving one man totally nuts. :D
... But if I were in Oreki's shoes, it's probably end up just the same. Big eyes are really nice to look at~

With sports? Hmmm, though females are doing sports, too.

Hunting systems? As in like when they are trying to get you employed?
"I really have never seen such efforts to get just one more student or something." How exactly does that look like? Kind of like how in Hyouka when they were trying to recruit people?

Btw, speaking of which, what I had been curious about, too. How do woman fare in the IT industry over there?
What you generally heard about woman in work is that they more than often just get stuck at OL work, despite their actual skills. does that hold true for the IT industry as well?

Oh, so it's more about the quality of the apartment? What sort of one is it? Like one of these cramped clichée single apartments or so, if it feels not so great? :D
I've heard it's getting easier to get housings, especially if you want to build your own house, even in the bigger towns these days, due to the population decline. Getting into one of those in september then?

Thats level 50, the last of the major levels:
Actually knew a few, but I only know haku from hakushaku and hakuchou, didn't know it actually means chief.
ja was also known and of course the man from Manga. :D

Hmm, actually more like a huge reading/watching pile. The number I find genuinely good and want to keep (which I would consider as part of a "collection")is also getting rarer and rarer. So as with Anime in general, I became really unpicky and simply get stuff that doesn't look offensive at first sight and simply try it out. Kind of like a blind roulette. Only that the Japanese stuff got kinda stuck in the Kanji slump for all these years. :D

中央 went to be a vocabulary I just unlocked this morning.
Still stuck on level 4 though. 4 is bad, want to leave that one asap, lest it lets the motivation train derail. :D
If you're a little jealous, should I perhaps blabber around more in hopes of it being infectious? ^^
You could infect me back, should I get into a slump somewhen this year. The dashboard always shows some of the latest forum threads and every few days do some folks pop up complaining how they lack motivation. Usually somewhere between level 10 and 30. I really do hope my motivation train isn't heading right over a cliff...
shina_luna Feb 10, 5:18 AM
Ah no, I mean I find slit eye ultimately ugly, I do like big eyes. But if they are too well shaped, big and beautiful, I may get a slight fit of nasty jealousy. Like I sometimes quite feel like wanting to get a vodoo puppet, whenever Oreki starts fussing over and stressing Chitanda's big captivating eyes, lol. Had wanted to throw the show out of the window the very first time, I saw the first episode, because I couldn't stand Chitanda. :D (By now I settled down to accepting that Oreki simply has taste. lol.) I found volume 5 of the novels (first post anime arc) pretty nice to read due to that, when the new character Ohinata couldn't stand Chitanda's presence anymore as well, out of reasons that Chitanda herself could never have helped at all, even if she wanted. Kind of felt caught, but like the series all the more because of it.

So it's not because of overall better nuitrition value, or that young people stop sitting in seizas as much anymore, that boys get bigger? (Then girls would have to as well if it were out of general reasons.) Is there something male-specific going on there? Quite interesting ovservation.

One of our professors in university once made a lecture about common fallacies as to why IT projects will fail and going to red. On of the reasons being "it was software for the public goverment". :D
Seems like no proper skilled IT staff would ever want to work for them, because it really is a bad idea. Seeing how the ObamaCare site appearantly sucked, it probably isn't even a German phenomenon.
At least they managed to get the tax declaration forms digital, too. There is also some software, with which you can fill it out and send it in directly to the tax office. But I have a colleague who said, they've been phoned by their local tax office asking them to print out whatever their software had previously sent them digitally.

Oh, they do? I had ordered some things (the Hyouka BD Box for one) from amazon JP, the box appeared adequately sized to me. But perhaps that's because it's overseas? (shipping was hell anyway, why does Amazon only ever offer Express Shipping. >.<)
But I like boxes, getting storage or shipping boxes for free. :D
Amount of used paper as in what? Magazines, newspapers or advertises?

Oh true, understand that perspective. But doesn't that mean, you aren't really feeling at home there yet, despite being there already for quite a while? Whenever I'm on a trip it also feels like a waste to stay whereever I am staying for the night, but to me that's also a clear sign of I still haven't settled down in the place. (Which may be one reason why my motion sickness usually goes haywire.)

How many just of Level 60 alone? :P
Appeareantly the main levels are 1-50, everything after is the not-so-commonly-used, but useful stuff. I once learned the Kanji for Asia (learned it in Chinese though), but totally forgot that one. My first thought upon seeing was more like "waru...sou..!", lol.

Haha, kind of pretty hyped to be able to properly tackle the Japanese piles in my shelves already. Also because I need some space. A good bunch of it was random 1-3€ stuff I fetched from the Paris Book Off a couple of years ago, when I was there and before it closed down. Pretty sure it's containing a lot of discardable stuff, but I wouldn't want to dump things on ebay or anywhere else unless I have read it, for which I had not had enough time and patience.

That's level 4 for me currently:
Haven't unlocked everything yet due to waiting buffers. Kinda know most the kanjis, but not really all the readings. (Like soku for foot, that's been just ashi for me yet) and ou was like completely new to me. oo"

Kinda really boarded the motivation train right now. I wonder how long it'll last, haha...
shina_luna Feb 10, 2:44 AM
B-But, it's just I find them ultimately ugly. @.@"

Oh, that's surprising. Is it the same for girls?

Same here. But as Germany loves its burocracy and folks are not all quite well with computers a lot is stuck at paper with no real soon progress in sight. I find it hilarious with with e.g. Identifications. They require you to fill out paper, attach a printed photograph (which of course is a digital image printed), which then later they will scan in again and have some person type in all the handwritten stuff into a computer.

Speaking of which, just got a osusume email from amazon JP, Koe no Katachi appearantly gets released in late may on home video~

Oh I didn't know there was a Bakemono artbook from vofan. =O
Also like his illustrations, although my favorite one is not a Bakemono one. (It's the one with a girl in white dress before a blue background reading and a lot of paper flattering around her. I use it as a ebay profile image~)

Well, what do I need to do to fire up that willpower? =P

I almost hope that's be the same with Gintama. The author already trolled with the second movie (well that was obvious though) and now it's said Gintama were in it's final arc. (Although that may also mean nothing given that Naruto stuck in its final arc for years and years...)

I just had another ~50 items 4.30am session this morning lol. I seem to get used to it, early brain jogging seems to enhance the ability of overall concentration as well~
The last two levels. How mucn do you know? :D
The one I knew was the one for sand, although I only knew the reading suna, not the onyomi sa, sha nor the other kunyomi yonageru...
[The one for uncle was among the déjà vus. Same for kitsune. Kinda schocked I actually didn't really know it. oo"]
But I already see some effect, just a opened a random Japanese manga an was reading a random bubble several split seconds faster, because I recognized just one Kanji at once instead of having the need to double check my vague déjà vue back with the Furigana. I should probably leave all the japanese stuff alone for a couple of month and read it then. Will probably save a lot of time reading it then than reading it now.
shina_luna Feb 9, 6:02 AM
Haha. Well, they also ran away, because my German was too good and my Chinese sucked. =X
Just born and raised in Germany. I'm sure, I would have big eyes, if I were a half. Genetics were totally mean to me. My deceased grandfather was the only one in the family with small eyes and it's not a trait dominant with any of my father's generation's nor in my generation's offspring. Except for me. Gnnnaaargh!
Doesn't make it better, that ANYBODY in Europe has big eyes. T^T

Oh, then you're definitely a giant over there among the men, too?

Well, but at the other hand that comes handy, you don't have to show off your own handwriting skills! (Well, also prevents you from practicing I guess.)
Don't get around to write a lot either. Although it definitely was schocking to see others being even worse than me... I remember the math study in University. The lecturer was old school and did everything with chalk on the board. With a, u, v and n looking very similiar in my handwriting then adding alpha to it, then any of those combined with ', '', *, - and ~ sure was hell with all the formulas.
Looking forward to see some samples!

Apperantly there are two versions of it, at least for the first 4 volumes. One's the general novel cover (real location photos) and there is some Anime-illutration jacket version. Aperantly for volume 5 there is one that has the anime illlutration and the norval on as a jacket that can be reversed. Not sure if that's the only version of it or not. Didn't see anything else for volume 6 though.
If you're over looking anyway, do you think, you might also look for the animation artbooks of Hyouka?
This one:
They are pretty badly out of print. =(
It's also really too bad there aren't any proper Anime-illustration Artbooks out there. The official artwork is all scattered around on the BD/DVD releases and its accompanying postcards, clearfiles, posters, extras goodies and some merchandise. =/

There was a time I was watching a real lot, but I didn't get as much used to it. But anything with Abe Hiroshi in it seems to be at the very least decent, even if it turns out to be basically a one man show of him, lol.

Actually, I think watching One Piece (TV at least) doesn't really add anything over reading the Manga. (Except a little bit for Boa Hancock's very few appearances. Her voice actress does a great job.) It's more dragged and repetitive (like 4 minutes of "what happened in the last episode"), the animation quality isn't really good either. The Manga visuals are far more detailed and impressive. Anime adds some fillers, which are clearly visible as fillers and not so quite interesting. [And personally I find some of the VA rather obnoxiously annoying. *cough*]
With Gintama the Anime adds a lot. The Manga has a huge amount of dialogue and it's like a lot of diffrent people arguing or talking and it's managing by a whole diffrent sort of speech patterns and typesetting to make clear who is who and with what intonation. Of course that transitions even better into Anime that has a really good VA tat more importantly gets enough chances to show their skills off. With the ° season the anime even got some really nice visual aethetics along with some really good animation. (Although that takes like 50 episodes to show up the first time.) Also very good anime-only jokes and episodes a lot of which aren't all that. At any rate, Kagura is reason enough to watch it~ =D

I doubt it will end that soon, there is sitll so much unadapted and this setting feels like somehow that can be exapanded as long as one wishes. Actually I don't want it to end, stories which span over years and also properly feature their lifes as adults are pretty interesting usually. (Because harder to do, so ahrdly ever bothered and the few who bother usually have some skill.)

Btw. -bragging time, :p- finally got to level 4 today. Realized I got really bored without the regular reviews and lessons and just started the subscrition at lunch today and it had me placed on lv4 right away. Also figured I could google for a coupon, and there was actually one working. 50% off, yay~
Now that everythings open to look at I looked at the last levels (60's the last) actually knew one Kanji of level 59. Hah! When I already had trouble with some of level 2, lol. (Sure enough didn't know any of Level 60 though, although I had some déjà vu on some of those.)
shina_luna Feb 8, 9:06 AM
It was pretty crazy when they we all in puberty. I was kind of a late bloomer, so I really only heard about that, when they were boasting about it, or accidential eavesdropping when talking about their past. Could of course also be, that it's hot air, but somehow I don't think it's actually beyond them...

I'm 169cm, seems pretty tall for a woman if 157 is the average. I am already bigger than the average Chinese male average, those guys in university always ran away from me. :D
(Oh my parents are Chinese btw. never mentioned that.)
But I am pretty sure, I don't fit the Asia beauty ideal. I may be tall and have pretty pale skin, but unfortunately I'm about as clichée slit eyed as it can get and big eyes make such a huuuuuuuge diffrence in East Asia.And with lacking fine motorics a graceful comportement also isn't really possible either.

What's the average train/room height over there btw? Being above and able to see and breath is cool. But not so much, if you're too big for your own good. There is somebody above 2m at my workplace, seems like a generally pretty inconvenient trait.

Oh, give me some samples of such notes. The only exposure I have to handwriting is pretty much just manga-buddle-side-notes or author's commentes boxes. But usually I think it's lees an issue of handwriting than the fact I don't know the Kanji in the first place...
kallegraphy is like a whole world of its own. Appearantly there are transition rules, but it's absolute impossible for me to read... Still looks really cool though, when done in all beauty.

Actually, Hyouka isn't a light novel! It's a regular novel, which might also explain, why it is so good.
Didn't see any raws though and I plan to buy it anyway, since it really is good, I want to have it on my shelf. But also tempted for the ebook though. It has of course obvious advantages for looking up Kanji, but then, I really don't like reading fiction and entertainment as ebooks on my phone or monitor that much and I want it in my shelf.
... Speaking of which, in case you find any Hyouka novel books for cheap used, you could get them, read them yourself and sell them off to me afterwards? Having all the access to Books Offs and what not over there. :D
(Pretty sure I saw the first 5 novels being sold on yahoo auction for just a dime. But they all never ever ship outside of Japan.)

Well, back then it was like: This is still Japanese! Just get you regular exposure already! Doesn't hold any meaning to you, obviously. :P Still don't get into Drama that much (because of all the overacting) and day time Japanese TV sucks, so anime it stayed.
I noticed I have wounded up buying Anime quite a lot these recent times. US/UK prices of anime releases are pretty cheap and if it was no good, I can still just dump it off on ebay. Kind of a bit like these lottery things where they turn around and you'll see what you'll get from a set set of what you can expect beforehand. I guess, going on a shopping tour for it like that is already half the fun. :D

There is some other advantage at not watching ongoing stuff, everybody else has tried it out already and you can take the numbers and adjust your own expectation levels. Quite handy, I'm usually not very off with it by now.

Gintama ist great. :D You won't find another show with as much mixed variety as this one with a setting that allows it to do just basically any genre and whatever it wants without breaking the characters, tone and premises. But being doing as much as it does, there are naturally also portions, that are a bit obnoxious, like all these dirty/guy jokes. Took me 5 years and 5 tries to get into it, but since I really like it. And I really like Kagura. Her adult form from the second movie is especially cool and georgeous~ (My profile image.) (Unfortunately, she only has it in the movie. .-.)

I still need to pick up KonoSuba S1. LWA; I don't know why, but I feel asleept with the OVAs, somehow it doesn't ick up my interest at all, despite me realizing, that is guinuinely a good thing. Fuuka is also on my radar, but I still have Suzuka on my shelf, plan to watch that in order.
But before any of that, I still need to pick of the rest of the Monogataris. Still missing out on Koyomimono, too...
shina_luna Feb 8, 3:50 AM
For some reason, I could even image that to be realistics. I had classmates, who were jumping the gun (?) with age 13...

Oh wow, I guess, I must be quite the giant there. :D
Is being tall actually a good thing over there?

Probabably cheaper by litre price I suppose? :D

Ha! Yesterday I fainally broke through the requirements for leveling up. But I'm still stuck on Level 3, but now it's because I haven't unlocked any further levels because I haven't started the paid subscription yet, lol. (Now notoriously having an issue with nama/raw. I keep typing in sei.)

Oh, I'd rather have thought, that the most massive advantage of living there is oral practice. :P
Handwriting is as you said not as much important. I'd deem calligraphy far more of a challenge than handwriting. But both aren't that much for me. Not being very good with fine motor skills, so everything I create out of my own hands looks pretty crude. (And after I hurt my finger rendering it slightly partially numb that certainly didn't get any better). T_T
But nowadays that doesn't appear to be very rare, makes me go under in the masses. But also makes it really hard to figure other peoples handwriting. badly written Kanji sure is quite a challenge, because of every so much more possibilities.
Speaking of which. If you are already surrounded by that, mind taking images whenever you come cross an especially perculiar or hard to read handwriting? Would be interesting to decipher. :D

Also want to rewatch it badly, I even bought the BD Box. But not finding the right time to sit through it and engross myself in it. Aside that, want to read volume 6 of the novels pretty badly, too. (Was just release at the end of last year.)

I'd also become pretty picky... until I became really unpicky. Now I basically try anything out and still watch about anything. (That not obviously just about ecchi.)
I don't really watch all that much ongoing stuff anymore first it started with not enough time and messing up the airing schedules. Then other little things came to it and kind of settled onto that watching all in one piece later (possibly even on BD so with revamped versions) is more enjoyable.
But if I were watch an ongoing series, Gintama would certainly be the most enjoyable. :D (Other than that the season does indeed look weak...)
shina_luna Feb 7, 5:54 AM
I always think I really don't like Asano Inio. But can't help but be impressed in some way, so I end up picking something from him up again. What he's also having in common with Murakami are these notorious sex antics, which really is not for me. Umibe no onna no ko was was like 50% porn, which I really disliked very much. But I was really impressed by the rest. But unfortunately the sex part is also a integral part of the plot, so not really that skippable either. I still can't decide whether I rather hate it or not, have settled onto that it upset me. :D
I thought the exact the same thing about Murakami's "South of the Border, West of the Sun". Those two at least have the whole plot understandably centered around the sex parts, but in other titles it kind of just makes me go "oh not again". @.@"
But still, it makes me wonder, what would happen, if those two men would collaborate for something.

btw, Japanese girls are said to be really petite. Are the ones you see on the street really that not that tall?

Oh, so the cans are usually half a liter? From images it always looked like 0,33. Or are these rather the ones from all the automats?


Although, Wanikani wasn't specifically quizzing the otome reading, but onyomi in general and the Mnemoric given was for the shoujo one. But they'd still have all onyomis listed on the kanji entry. Saw that and was kinda shocked. :D
But I am still stuck on Level 3. They are having a "Wall of shame" section the profiles. Currenlty 午 sits there. I can't believe I seriously got that one ever wrong. @.@"

8k, oh my. I only reached like 76 once so far. :P
the thing with this immigration officice it that it really annoys the heck out of me. Right when I see an "immi" or a "nyuu" in there, I know right at once what to click and it was always right. I still don't know the wort for it, though. x.x"

Probably not that far away. You've got a 10 in your list for Hyouka, too. :D

shina_luna Feb 6, 7:41 AM
If you like Murakami did you ever try Asano Inio's works? Whenever I read either of the two I always thought "those two must be some some kind of soulmates" or so. Quite similiar traits and elements there. (Inio's characters are usually younger though.)

If you ever want to try Higashino, and are not that much into mystery I'd recommend Himitsu and Byakuyakou. (Naoko and Journey under the midnight sun in English). Those don't have mystery as a main focus as bluntly. Himitsu is very much more Drama and Byakouyakou is... a tragic love in the disguise of an epos (?) or so. There is also a Drama TV Series, which tells the same story from a reverse perspective, that one's been pretty good too. (Especially considering all the overacting of Japanese Drama.)

"on some", so not on all? =P
Do the costumes look like these?

I just got curious how it actually costs here on a oktoberfest in relation.
Ended up with this:!/2752/
(1,95DM=1€=~110 to 130 Yen, collumns are the years and from-to prices)
A half liter can from a supermarket is a like 0,29€. Suprisingly the Kombini ones (which i assume are rather 0,33l ones) aren't that much more expensive than here and in that relation the prices between the festivals are kinda similiar, too.
Don't know about the added water though. :D

Is the frequency of a bus going though a route pretty high or do people use them all that much (like because of having cars themselves?) They look cute, but appear a bit small. 400k doesn't sound like that unmany people to me.

Ah I see.

You meanie! :D
Well, I could theoretically watch it, too, but then I'd have to got to one of the screenings in the UK. My motion sickness just said "yuck!". >_<

Shinobu talks pretty cool~ But it's somehow quite rare. The only other baba-loli I know would be Enju from Black Bullet. But unfortunately that anime adaption rather sucked. (But Enjus's really cool and to add, she's a rabbit~!)
Kind of surprised nobody else has picked up on that considering how popular Shinobu ought to be.

I always only knew otome as 乙女 (well that's what they used in all the shoujo manga at least.) I didn't know that 少女 could also be read as otome, when there is already 乙女.

Not all that much (useful) progress here either... I'm still stuck at Level 3, due to mistakes. It's already been 6 days. So much as to wanting to race through it, lol. On one day they had me wait for 6 hours, I got impatient and went for to grinding session on (Jumping from 22k something to 6k something in the ranking.) After getting lower and lowe combos I also completely messed up with my Wanikani reviews. (I can't believe I got shigatsu wrong. Out of all things, shigatsu, when it's not even something irregular. Even if it was in the middle of the night!)
I'm kind of puzzled how immigration office is a vocab of Level 1 on japaneseclass through. :D
Oh and do the hiragana disappear on the higher levels, too by chance? when I unlocked level two the romajis all disappeared all by itself, but I keep stating at the hiragana.
What's been you highest combo over there btw? =D
shina_luna Feb 3, 2:42 PM
I just learned, otome's kanjis is the same as the one for shoujo. (At least one of the two writing types). Sure as hell didn't know that.
(Doing Wanikani lessons right now, it continues to baffle me hoch much I suck, lol.)
shina_luna Feb 3, 3:39 AM
I had read a whole lot of bunch after watching Mawaru Penguindrum. At some point I kind of got really bored, because the main guys are kind off usually always the same it appeared to me...
I really like Honkaku Mystery, though. But there isn't all that much translated. (But they've recently started picking up Keigo Higashino! Ever read something from him?)

Traditional costumes as in the same classic German ones, or something else? That would kind of interest me. The classic german costumes for woman like all require quite the huge bosom, otherwise it looks just plain ugly. Asian's aren't really that famous for big boobs are they. =P
Crazy as in how crazy? I thought any food in Japan is already crazy expensive, if that's even more crazy than that that probably means something. oo

Marshrutka rings kinda familiar, but somehow I have the image of these little dolls in dolls in dolls in dolls before me.
*2 Minutes of googling*
Oh. That was a matroschka. XD
From the images of Marschrutka the cars looks a lot like a minibus though. Isn't that already an English word for it?

Aquariums really don't sound like the most exiting thing, to be sure. The Japanese are quite inventive when it comes to aesthetics and practical little gadget inventions.
Stand up comedy like the manzai sort of stuff?

I've read the first two volumes of Koe no Katachi (it's coming out in German) and I really totally like he anime visuals way more. Although I only know about 6 minutes of footage some PVs and the little 5 minutes peak. (Kimi no na on the other hand has a leaked preview screening tape floating around.) Comparing those two really appears to me like comparing an apple to a pear. Pretty hyped for it, but damn, just no release date. Kimi no Na already has a tentative release date for the UK in october, because people seem to have been bugging the publisher a lot. No such treatment for KnK however. =X

Isn't Kizumono actually rumoured to have a real lack of dialogue compared to the rest? I think I would be fine even without subs, since I read the LN already. In a cinema I fear however I'd have much more of a problem with the missing pause/jump a bit back button, since it's Shaft. XD
shina_luna Feb 2, 6:08 AM
Yeah, reading prose sure takes a lot of time. But at least with Murakami almost anything is translated, so nothing really missed. (Actually Murakami is more or less the only modern Japanese author that every really is translated into Germany. English publishers do a little bit more of an effort, but it's still really a slim selection.)
The Monogatari Series and Zaregoto have been picked up by vertical by the way, in case you didn't know. So that's more conveniently readable now as well. =D
(But in Japanese sure is more fun due to all the homophone plays...)

Oh didn't know about Jade Reader so far. (I don't read too much on the phone.) I've been using rikaichan directly mostly and there is also KanjiTomo. KanjiTomo was an ultimate timesaver, when I discovered that somewhen in 2015 I think, since it works on image basis and not on didital text basis. Scans and cleanly fotographed stuff got to be readable without re-writing all the Kanji by hand~!

5 times a year! Seriously?! We only have two (and they are all about the same time.) O.O
How do their Oktoberfests look like (are they also called Oktoberfest? oo) Here it's like these traditional German clothings, Chicken and these up to 2l/5l bulks of filled beer glasses. I can't quite imagine that to be the same in Japan.

No subway? 400k actually sounds pretty large, how come no subway? (Or simply all done with buses?) Or it it a geographically very large town, but with a low population/m²?

Wow. The images google yield are incredibly beautiful! I never heard of the place before I guess this is something of an insider tip? Should I ever make it to Tokyo I'll definitely take a look at it in real~
Are there a lot more places like that?

Uh... I'm not sure anymore. I think I was browsing through MAL more or less randomly on that day and just spotted your profile image character, who kind of looked familiar while not. Going by reverse engineering it must have been Koe no Katachi. (Given that's your only review and reviews are the only thing featured on an anime page with the profile images.)
Being really hyped for the movie btw. But still no home video release date. =X
shina_luna Feb 1, 3:10 AM
Hmmm, I guess it won't be quite useful as a surrogate then...

Easier Shonen/Shoujo Manga ist pretty fine with me though. As they have Furigana~ :D And I'm sorta fine at context guessing, so with images it's usually not a problem for understanding. But I never really build up vocabulary out of them either. and of course it doesn't really work on prose at all.

But I'm a bit surprised. I would have rather expected you saying, you're not having a collection of Manga and LNs out other practical reasons such as "no space to store them" or because they could just be read at Manga Cafés rather than having problems to read them. :D

Haha, I guess it does. It already does to me, given my stack of reading materials in my shelf.
I then made a quick calculation over how much time I already wasted on dictionaries lookups and slow reading in the last decade. And how much more I probably would have gotten, had I resold a bunch of that stuff after having read them back in the days (a lot of it is certainly one-read-only). Decided 100 bucks shouldn't be an expensive investment.
I'm pretty certainly going for the annual subscription. And then canceling it right away, so that it's for just a year. There was a discount on New year's for the lifetime one, that was 199 instead auf 299, but it ended a little before I started picking it up again. Now the stingy part of me not only refuses to any pay more than the 199, it want's be be reasonably below it. Which means, I'd have to finish a good deal underneath 2 years. Seems like some of the current folks on Level 60 managed it at a few month above one year. The sore loser part of me wants to be even faster than that. :D
(Well underneath 1 year is probably a bit unrealistic though. And even if, to have it make a monetary diffrence I'd have to be faster than 10 month. Which definitely is unrealistic given the current pace of 4-6 days for a Level.)
Not sure, if that'll work for you though. The sore loser part and the bargain hunter in me are pretty strong. This may as well be the first ultimate exception, where those two along with the minimalist, hedonist and sloth parts have one common goal with discipline and reason. :D

Beer fair? There aren't even that much here, which is supposed to be the beer country. That's surprising. oo
I guess Tokyo really is a huge city. Mine isn't the smallest, but there isn't really that much going on here. It's mostly reserved for around the holiday days.
What was the most curious exibition that you've seen so far? =D