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Dec 15, 2020
Ah yes, the spinoff about an alien without facial expressions from the main series of haruhi but this time, the opposite. But hey, even aliens deserves to have a happy ending right?

Story - 8

The story has a slice of life romance vibe that you can find anywhere but this time, you already knew the characters. Well, not exactly, as the main protagonist is the opposite of that in the main series as it starts off with Yuki Nagato being shy and reserved.

The manga suffered from a rough start mainly due to the introductions being convoluted and fast paced. I can understand that since everyone who read more
Apr 7, 2015
I feel like I have to make a review for this. And this will also be my first one.

Tamako love story is just like a mainstream romance/slice of life anime at first glance. I enjoyed watching it, but there's something that made me love this more than any other romance/slice of life anime, its realistic and simple story.

Story - 10

This is suppose to be the sequel of tamako market and the development of both male and female protagonists. But I can say that this sequel doesn't need a prequel, it can stand alone by itself. The story is so simple yet you feel the enjoyment read more