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Mar 19, 2011
This special episode is in Komugi-chans' spirit, but lacks that 'every episode a new virus' and instead gives us an insight into Yui's past. It also features 4 (if I remember correctly) songs (!) that are actually pretty good. There's Kyosuke's jrock video, Komugi's silly song about unrequited love, a sort of "anime ending-looking" song and Komugi's and Koyori's upbeat song.

In the end, I gave it a 7, since I think of Komugi as too childish as a character, but if you like the show, don't miss on this little filler episode.
May 19, 2010
Hurricane Live! 2032 can serve as a great preview into Bubblegum series.

If you've seen Bubblegum Crash or any other older sequel/prequel, I recommend you to watch this after some time has passed. You'll be reminded of the great 80's pop-rock music and all the action this anime was filled with, aswell as the characters.

If you haven't seen anything from Bubblegum yet, you might wanna start off with this. It'll give you a nice preview of what to expect, both in terms of action, animation, sound aswell as background music and character design.