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May 4, 2013
Harem adaptations are inherently difficult endeavours. Especially when one needs to squeeze 4-5 haremettes into 13 episodes while managing a coherent plot. To get around the limited airtime, many series either focus on the individual haremette's tale making the show an character omnibus of sorts with a weak or non-existent central plot; or drive the story with the key conflict in the harem but in so, sacrificing much of the remaining cast. Both routes resulted in their share of rotting carcasses littered in the memory of harem history. Which was why I was so delighted to have stumbled upon KoiChoco.

The premise of KoiChoco is, unsurprisingly, read more
Jul 21, 2008
Da Capo is not for everyone. Especially anti-bishoujo vigilantes who'd surely find plenty of flaws to reinforce their misconceptions of a very very misunderstood class of anime. However, for those who are willing to look beyond its sub-tag of 'harem' and "eroge (adult games) conversion", you might just find an anime gem that few in the genre can outsparkle.

Story - 8

Da Capo has a very interesting premise and is a surprisingly coherent story. It achieves this in 2 ways. First, by never forgetting the thrust of the series. It could be an episode featuring one of the numerous side characters or typical high school read more